Hotel Wake Up

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Big Tits

I’m not sure which I’m woken by – my phone ringing or the sensuous kissing on the back of my neck. But I do know which one I prefer to pay attention to. I feel around for my phone and reject the call, snuggling back and shoving my arse against the familiar hard cock I can feel just within reach. Heaven.

The kissing moves down my spine, and I feel long licks as it reaches towards my butt cheeks. The tongue circles them for a bit, but then goes further, investigating my bottom properly. The tongue is circling my aresehole, and taking little exploratory licks to see how far I will welcome it inside me. It can relax: it’s making me feel really good – dirty, sexy and generally hot. I’m not going to discourage that in any way.

But then my mind slowly gets into gear. This isn’t my bed. My bed is hundreds of miles away. I’m in a hotel, ready for a business meeting tomorrow morning. And if I’m in a hotel for work, then surely – surely? – I left my husband at home. Didn’t I? Added to which my husband has never expressed an interest in licking my bottom. I’ve never pushed him, because I’d never realised how great it felt. These thoughts are suggesting that the tongue – delightful, naughty and extremely welcome though it is – doesn’t belong to my husband, and therefore shouldn’t be doing what it is doing.

No, that can’t be right. It’s the middle of the night and I’m just not thinking properly. My husband has decided to give me a wonderful rimjob – surely the only proper reaction is to stop these stupid confused thoughts and revel in the orgasm that will appear shortly. I reach my hand down Gaziantep Oral Escort to my cunt, intending to help the process along. But I get another shock: I’m a sticky mess down there. He almost never cums in my pussy. Sometimes there’s a little pre cum: he fucks me hard and often, so a little mess is inevitable. But what we both really love is that he cums on my tits or my face: that’s the perfect finish to a good fuck. Sometimes he’ll then lick it up and feed it to me – that’s just perfection. But what I’ve got now is a cunt full of an awful lot of cum.

The phone rings again. This time I decide to answer it.

“Hi gorgeous.” It’s my husband. Somehow he’s managing to both lick my arse and phone me up at the same time. Or perhaps not. The tongue doesn’t stop licking.

“Hi. Sorry, you woke me up. How goes?”

“You sure I woke you up?”

“Er …”

I’m distracted. The tongue is not only managing to talk on the phone and give me such a delightful rimjob, it’s also now kissing the back of my neck again. Three things at the same time. Jesus, what did I take last night?

“It’s just that Jake said that he and Mary were keeping you up late.”

Oh. Oh God. All of my confusion evaporates in a second. I know instantly where I am. And whose tongues are giving me such intense pleasure.

It’s obviously Mary at my neck. I know this because she moves the phone slightly and breezily calls out “Hi Andy”.

“Hi Mary”, comes a cheerful reply. “How’s it going?”

I open my eyes, and realise that this is actually a video call. My husband has been watching my face screwed up and concentrating on the intense physical pleasure I am receiving. He’s seen my gasp as it gets me going. He’s probably watched me cum. I guess he’s been able to make out me shoving backwards to get it in as deep as it will go. And now one of those sharing my infidelity is having a casual chat with him. Just what the fuck is going on?

“Going well. When does your plane get in?”


“Well, it’s already arrived actually. I’m in a taxi now. I only called because I didn’t want to totally surprise everyone.”

Jesus. You discover your wife in bed with her cousin and her cousin’s husband, and you don’t want to surprise anyone?

“Don’t let her freak, will you?”

“May be just a little bit?” They laugh.

“What’s Jake doing?”

“Giving her one of his perfect rimjobs. She’s absolutely loving it – aren’t you, hon?”

My husband smirks at me. “Bet you are! Got to go – see you in 15 minutes. Don’t be good!”. And with that the phone call is disconnected.

“Jake,” Mary asks, “You ready to go again? You shouldn’t really have cum the first time, you know.”

“Sorry. Yes, I think I’ll be able to do as requested.”

“OK.” Mary strokes my hair tenderly, gives one more kiss to the back of the neck and then gently rolls me over. She spreads my arms and I feel them being tied to something. I could resist, but I seem to be in some kind of trance. I’m not drugged – at least I think I’m not – but I seem to have lost all independent action.

I feel my legs spread and similarly tied. I see a soft gag coming towards me, but before it goes on Mary asks me, “Which one will he prefer? Tits or face?”

I know what she means, and also what my husband would want to see. “Tits, I think.” I have great breasts, and they look perfect covered in cum. I don’t know how or why this is happening, but given the choice that’s what my husband would want to see.

Jake enters my cunt. He seems to have a very nice cock. Mary mainly plays with my clitty while he fucks me, but sometimes she bends down and licks her husband’s cock while it’s moving in and out.

“Quickly, he’ll be here. Do it now.”

Reluctantly he withdraws, and straddles me further up. His wife grabs his cock, and quickly masturbates him. He cums, seemingly forever. For someone I know to have already cum sometime in the past few hours it seems a huge quantity. My tits must be covered, and there’s some got on my face as well.

They climb off the bed, and admire – what? Is it me, or just their handiwork?

“You look fucking fantastic, honey,” Mary says. “Just one more thing before we go.” And with that she slips a blindfold on me. It’s a very light blindfold and I can make out the flash as she takes a picture. Then I hear her making a call. It rings just once – whoever it is has been waiting for the call. “Got the picture? As you can see, she’s ready for you. Enjoy!”

She leans over, kisses my lips and says, “See you later. Have fun!”

I hear them walk to the door and leave. I’m alone, waiting for my husband to arrive. He’ll find someone who has had multiple orgasms already. Someone naked, tied up, blindfolded, gagged and covered in cum. He’s obviously planned this out for me. He’s done a great job so far. I hope there’s more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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