House Party


It was early afternoon on Saturday and I was sat in the living room on my own just watching the terrible daytime TV that was on. I had the house to myself, except for the dog, he was curled up on the sofa next to me, his head on my lap and gently snoring. Mum and Dad were out for the day, and my brother was still at University and would not be back for another few days.

My phone had been quite quiet, a few of my friends were travelling back from various parts of the country for the end of term and Hanna, who was my best mate had a newish boyfriend, and she also had her house to herself as her parents were away with mine. I almost rang her just to be annoying, she wouldn’t have been able to resist the call in case there was gossip, but 19 years old, new boyfriend and a house to herself she would be barely able to walk by the end of the day, “Bitch,” I muttered to myself.

I was single and I had been for a few months now. I was not one for one night stands so had been 97 days without sex, not that I was counting. Sex toys and fingers were fun, but actual sex was awesome, and I am not ashamed to admit that I missed it. The real thing that I missed though was the intimacy and the chase. Kissing and cuddling with each other on the sofa, both of you hoping that the evening was going to end with sex, but the metaphorical dance as you got each other in the mood without just coming out and asking “Wanna have sex?” I think that is what is lost in longer term relationships, you know each other, you can read the signals for if sex is on the cards and if it isn’t the chase stops there and then. There is nothing more frustrating than being super horny with a partner who is just sleeping next to you, granted this probably happens to him a lot more than me, promise to wet a guys penis and he is usually up for it, pun intended, but still, the chase is what I miss.

The dog shifted his head and opened his eyes looking at me. “Hi,” I said smiling at him and giving him a fuss on the head. He replied with a gentle lick at the top of my bare leg where his nose was resting and a few wags of his tail. He shifted his position slightly and went back go sleep again.

I hadn’t done anything since I had got up, I was still unshowered and wearing what I had slept in. I had a waist length t-shirt on and a some nondescript white panties. The t-shirt just about covered my underwear if I stood properly, but sat on the sofa with a dog on me and my legs tucked underneath myself my underwear was clearly visible. I didn’t sleep in a bra so I was not wearing one, and the ambient temperature in the room was low enough to make my nipples noticeable through the thin t-shirt. I looked down at my chest and grinned at my perky nipples through the t-shirt and considered going upstairs to play with myself.

I had woken up horny and would have already had a play had the dog not decided to bark to be let out. I had come downstairs a few hours earlier to let him out and was still sat here now, still a bit horny. It was also why the room was so cold as the back door was still open, I had literally not moved for hours, but I needed a pee, so would have to get up soon anyway.

I am 19 years old. My name is Sophie. I have long brunette hair that comes to my shoulder blades. I wear a UK dress size of 6, I weigh around 45kg wet through and I am just about 5 foot tall. My bra size is a 28A.

“Come on then,” I said disturbing the dog, “Come on, up up,” I said more enthusiastically as he failed to move.

Begrudgingly he got up and stretched as he did so. I got up and closed the back door and locked it as I was going to have to go for a shower anyway. My neighbour was having a house party and I had been invited. He had them all the time and I usually didn’t go, but as I would be in and they normally got loud I had may as well go and join in. It started at 4, so I had a few hours to get ready, and play with myself till I squealed hopefully.

I went into my room and took my top off throwing it onto my bed as I would wear it again tonight. I slid the panties down and with my foot I flicked them in the general direction of the laundry basket. “Perv,” I said covering between my legs as the dog sat in the doorway watching me. I kicked the door with my foot so it closed and blocked his view.

I plugged my phone in so that it would have full battery for the evening in case the party never really got going so I would be able to entertain myself with it. I stroked myself at the front to decide if I needed to wax or not, there was the beginnings of hair starting to grow and glancing at the time I decided that I had time. I had had a hairless pussy for just over a year now. One of my ex boyfriends had dared me to do it and much as I hate to admit he was right, it does look cute and it does feel nicer. Sleeping naked for the first time with no pubes feels so sexy, if you haven’t tried it, I would recommend it.

I took the wax from my draw as well as my shampoo and conditioner. If I left the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom every man and his dog used Alanya escort it and I ended up with none left and it was quite expensive. I went into the bathroom and out of habit locked the door even though no one else was in. I switched the shower on and waited for it to get warm as I tested the water with my hand. Glancing at the towel rail I rolled my eyes. It is the small things you miss when you don’t live at home. You run out of toothpaste, and toilet roll and all of the boring things when you don’t have a mother to replace them. Not only that but when you leave your towel in a heap on your bedroom floor when you come to need the towel it is still in a heap on the bedroom floor.

I went back out of the bathroom and collected the towel, still a bit wet, but it would do. I couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs to get a fresh one as the ground floor of our house was very open plan with a lot of glass, and I was currently very very naked. BZZT, echoed around the house as the doorbell went. “Really?” I said to myself as I cautiously shifted the curtains to look outside to see if there was a car there.

There wasn’t so I pulled on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and went downstairs to see who it was. I shut the dog up and he sat behind me as I opened the door. It was my neighbour. “Hi,” I said.

“Hey,” he said, “You coming today?”

“Erm, yeah,” I said, “Just getting sorted.

“Okay, nice,” he said smiling warmly at me, “It is bring your own booze, pizza and stuff will be ordered later.”

“Okay, ta,” I said as he scanned me up and down. I followed his eyes with my own and snapped my arms across my chest when I saw that my nipples were very visible through the thin t-shirt. “Was just gonna shower,” I said feeling the need to explain why I clearly had no bra on. I also didn’t have any panties on, but through jeans there was no way he would know that.

“Yeah, okay, see ya in a bit,” he said smiling at me and scanning right down to my bare feet and back up to my face again. He was pretty cute, he was late twenties so a little old for me, but he was a nice guy. He was 6 foot tall, dark short cropped hair and always wore a t-shirt and jeans. Some how he always managed to make a basic t-shirt and jeans look sexy as well. As he turned around I checked his sexy bum out and smiled to myself as I closed the door.

I went back upstairs, still unable to decide in my mind if having no underwear on while wearing jeans was a nice feeling or not. Try it if you haven’t already, but the central seam goes places that give feelings that are a mix of tingly nice and scratchy annoying, two very different sensations. I am not sure if guys would get the same sensation and still to this day I am not sure if it is nice or not. I stripped again and went into the bathroom. I should have got a fresh towel while I was downstairs, but it was too late now as I turned the shower back on and waited for the water to warm up.

I showered, standing in the water allowing it to run through my hair and down my body. I washed my hair and soaped up my body. I reasoned that I had may as well shave was well while I was waxing so applied the cream to my legs and carefully shaved them. I was not that hairy and if I wasn’t going to a party I wouldn’t have bothered, but it was a confidence thing. Feel sexy and psychologically you are more confident, or I seem to be anyway. I rinsed my legs and sat in the bath with the shower head next to me. “Alexa, set alarm for 3 minutes,” I said as I finished applying the hair removal cream to my intimate area. I will state here that the cream says not to use there, but I always have and it is fine, your mileage may vary and if you end up with third degree burns on your clit don’t blame me.

While I waited I quickly did my arm pits and ran my hands up and down my legs to make sure I had not missed anywhere. I hated shaving and when I had been working I had paid someone to wax it for me, which shows how much I hate it in my willingness to get practically naked in front of a stranger instead of doing it myself. I had never been brave enough to let someone else do the whole lot, but maybe one day.

The alarm went off and I removed the cream, checking that it had worked. Satisfied with the results I rinsed myself off well and turned off the shower. I got out and dried myself rubbing my hair until it was as dry as I could get it. I dropped the towel at the top of the stairs so I would remember to take it down for a wash when I went down before going back into my room. I pushed the door too, dried my hair in the mirror and laid on my bed. I still had 90 minutes before I needed to go, which was plenty of time and I reached into my bedside draw and took out a clit vibrator and a dildo.

I turned on the vibrator and opened my legs, slowly running it around my clit gently teasing myself. “Oo yeah,” I whispered to myself as it vibrated against me. Clit stimulation did it for me and my body quickly reacted to the attention. I sucked on the dildo while teasing my clit, pushing it a tiny bit too Alanya escort bayan far in causing me to gag slightly. Holding the vibrator between my thumb and index finger I rotated my hand which freed up my other three fingers to gently stroke between my legs. I teased myself until I was wet enough and stopped sucking the dildo. Positioning it between my legs I penetrated myself aggressively “Oh wow,” I moaned, arching my back in pleasure as I felt it slide into me.

“Fuck,” I gasped as I pushed it all the way into me. It was 7 inches long and my hand couldn’t fully wrap around the shaft, with the head being a little thicker. “God yes,” I breathed as I slowly started to thrust it in and out of me.

Pushing the vibrator directly against my clit while screwing myself with the dildo my vision flashed and the room blurred for a second. Wow, I loved this feeling, my tummy was dancing and tingling as I played with myself. Wishing that I had three hands so I could play with my nipples at the same time I gently rubbed the vibrator across and around my clit while forcing 7 inches of dildo into myself and wishing it was longer. I couldn’t go longer, I had tried, and I had the 9 inch one in my bedside draw, but it hurt when I used it at full length.

I rolled over onto my front and simulated doggy style as I screwed myself. My tummy muscles were rippling in uncontrolled pleasure and I could feel my orgasm rising between my legs. Warmth and tingling radiated from my pussy as I reached between my legs and swapped hands so the dildo was in my right. Holding the vibrator still I worked the dildo in and out of me. Better co-ordinated with my right hand I angled it up and down to stimulate my g-spot as I inserted and withdrew it. “Ooo yes,” I whispered as I raced for climax, my hand speeding up and forcing the vibrator against my clit at the same time.

I stopped breathing, my eyes wide open as I stared at the door with my head on the bed. My mouth was open as I gasped a breath of air when the room blurred and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. “Fuck,” I whispered, driving the dildo deep into me and holding it inside me as I felt my pussy contract and grip it tightly. I heard myself whimper that was close to being a scream as my body let go, orgasm washed over me, rocking my hips involuntarily as my natural instinct tried to hump what was in me faster and harder.

“Shit,” I muttered as I turned off the vibrator and pulled the dildo out of me. I grinned as I saw how wet it was, glistening in my hand. I rolled onto my back, but got up after a couple of minutes or I would be there all day. I went into the bathroom and just got in the shower again, a quick body shower and cleaning the toys I freshened up, no towel this time I walked naked and wet onto the landing and dried myself and the toys with the towel. I put them back into my draw, hiding them with my book, although I knew Mum knew I had them and I was fairly sure Dad suspected. I was female and 19 years old, of course I would have toys.

I put on a black pair of panties, just so I wasn’t naked while I dried my hair. The panties were plain cotton, and a thong design, there was not much to them, but they covered what they were designed to do and importantly disappeared under pretty much any other clothing. I did my make-up which didn’t take long. I was very fair skinned so always went for dark eye make-up which made my eyes look bigger and wider than they were. I didn’t bother with much other make-up, my skin was pretty good and it was just more to remove later.

Glancing at the time it was already half 3. I considered a dress, but in the end I opted for a white short sleeved t-shirt and a black floaty skirt, I had shaved my legs, may as well show them off. I almost didn’t bother with a bra but checking myself in the mirror you could just about see the darker circles of my areola and nipples through the t-shirt material so I put on a white t-shirt style one. The skirt was mid way between my knees and hips, so pretty short, but no where near a mini. Sexy, playful, but sensible. A good ground to aim for at parties I generally find.

Half 4. I grabbed my vodka and went next door. I took a deep breath before I knocked, checked my skirt and top and tapped on the door. The door eventually opened my my neighbour smiled at me. “Hey, come in come in,” he grinned kissing me on the cheek, “No coat?”he asked as taking my vodka off me and letting me in.

“No, only next door,” I replied. There were already a lot of people here, 15, and they were all in groups chatting and laughing. The only person I knew was my neighbour, and that was only a casual familiarity. He made me a drink and he sat on the sofa with a group of people and gestured to the single seater nearby. I sat in it and smiled at the group of people.

“Sophie,” he said introducing me, “Neighbour.”

They all said Hi and I just smiled back shyly. I wasn’t great in groups of people I didn’t know, not sober anyway and I wish that I had turned up early so I had chance to meet people Escort Alanya as they arrived and not in a big group. I was told names, but I forgot them more or less instantly as I am terrible with names generally.

I chipped in on occasion and sipped at my drink. They were all a fair bit older than me, and the conversation topic showed. Kids, houses, jobs, etc etc which I had limited input in. Still, I liked people watching and just sat listening in with the occasional comment. The door went again and my neighbour, Chris, got up and let them in. he didn’t come back to his seat and instead started to mingle with the other people which left me with a group I didn’t really know. People got up to drinks and the toilet and different people came back in the usual musical chairs that happens at parties. As no one really knew me and I didn’t really push myself forward into the conversation so the group closed, and as I was sat in a separate chair I kinda dropped away from being involved.

I sipped my drink and took my phone out. Checking social media I amused myself as I started to formulate excuses and scenarios where I could just go back home. I had the house to myself at the end of the day, may as well spend it naked amusing myself than sat here bored. I finished my drink and got up heading into the kitchen. I was about to make my excuses when Chris took my glass off me and asked, “Hey, same again?” As he poured me another drink without waiting for the reply. “Here, meet the girls,” he said as he introduced me to a group of girls who were stood together at the breakfast bar.

“Hey,” one of them said scanning me up and down, “Who is the hottie? Well done on pulling this one?” she teased with a smile.

“Yeah funny,” he replied, “Neighbour, be nice.”

He left us to it and we chatted. There were three of them, Jess, who was a blonde with long loose hair down her back, best part of six foot tall, wearing a blue dress and on first appraisal, she had amazing boobs. Alison, who was brunette in a short pixie style cut, she was wearing skinny jeans and a short top and finally Emma, who was also brunette, worn in a long ponytail and was wearing a skirt and t-shirt like myself. I started to relax, being standing and unable to distract myself with my phone the vodka went down quicker, and being in the kitchen the refills were a lot easier.

The conversation was easier and a lot more on my level. Boys, make-up, clothes and at one point even sex toys came up which showed my age. I had them, and they would know that it was highly likely that I had them, but I was still at the age where masturbation and openly discussing such things was embarrassing. Which they all immediately leapt on, teasing and pressing me for more and more detail until I just admitted I had a toy, following up with specs and a rating of 1 to 10.

Laughing and talking the evening flew by, food came and went as did the alcohol. I took care not to drink too much, but even so I was probably on the drunker side of caution. The group of people slowly reduced as people left to go home with excuses such as work the next day, or kids, or whatever. Which reminded me that I had best go and let the dog out, poor guy would be sat cross legged staring at the door with ever pressing urgency.

“Ooo, shit,” yeah,” I said downing he last bit of my drink, “Best let the dog out, be back in a sec.”

“Wow,” Jess grinned at me, “I thought you were going to say you had a kid then.”

“Oh God no,” I smiled back.

A drink was waiting for me when I got back to the party and the door had been left open. There were eight of us left and there were enough seats to go around. The people who hadn’t moved for a while had the various sofa spots, and the rest were sat on dining chars that had been dragged over from the table. The people that were remaining were, myself, Jess and Emma representing the girls, and the boys consisted of Chris, Steve, Dave, Mike and Andy. Steve was super hot, clearly a gym nut and had a body that he could press against mine whenever he wanted. It was maybe the alcohol reducing inhibitions, in fact it was, but he had been checking me out of night, his eyes watching my ass leave and my chest return.

As the musical chairs continued I came back from the bathroom and had of course lost my sofa seat. It had been taken by Steve, who just patted the tiny space next to him. I was small enough to fit in the space that he had left and wriggled myself into it. He helped, and when I say helped, he stroked my ass with his hand while I sat, but I didn’t protest, I did give him a knowing look though as did Emma who was sat opposite.

Taking my drink off the table I sat back onto the sofa, which mainly consisted of me being on his shoulder. Vodka was taking hold now and I didn’t drink any of it, I just nursed it and listened to the conversation happen around me. The layout of Chris’s house was very modern, a fully open plan living room and kitchen-diner was separated from what he had turned into a games room by an open archway. The games room had a large TV on the wall that was connected to a PS4, a full sized pool table was in the middle of the room and a dart board was on the wall. A few of the lads had been playing pool throughout the evening and so the cues and balls were on the table how the last game had ended.

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