How I Became a Sex Toy Ch. 02

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After I bought the dress, and heals we started back to the car only stopping long enough for me to change in a restroom. Once in the car Shayne instructed me to;

“Sit on the edge of the seat with your skirt pulled up, legs spread as wide open as they can get. I want to see that juicy cunt of yours.” Without a moments hesitation I did as I was told.

“When we get to my place, I will have to shave you. And for ever there after, this is how you will remain. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.” The entire way there, he kept his left hand on the wheel, and he used his right hand to play with his new toy. And within just a few minuets, he had brought me to a full out orgasm.

“Did you just cum bitch?”

“Yes sir.” I said ashamed of my actions, as he sounded very displeased.

“Did I give you permission to cum?”

“No sir. You did not.” And after hearing my apologetic reply, he gave my drenched pussy a good hard slap, which made me jump and gasp with pain.

“I didn’t think so. Are you ever going to do that again?” He demanded as he slapped my cunt a second time.

“No sir!” I said with a start.

“What was that?” He said with another hard slap.

“NO SIR!” I yelled.

“Huh?” Was said as he slapped me twice more in rapid succession.

“No sir, NEVER!” I said as tears started to form in my eyes.

“Promise your master, that you will never again cum without his permission. Not even while you finger yourself. Even if I am not there.” He replied as he administered four more quick slaps.

“This fuck toy will never again cum without your prior permission, even when you are not there sir.” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Good. Now I want you to tell me how bad your pussy hurts. How it burns. And how the only thing that can make it better is my cock.”

“Sir, this fuck toy’s pussy does very much hurt, and burns uncontrollably. This fuck toy desperately needs to have your cock deep inside of it.” I could see that my plea had the wanted effect, for it began to stiffen. And he started to use his hand to massage my swollen cunt. First working in tiny circles on my clit, then plunging two fingers into and out of my fuck hole. He was testing me, and I knew it. I also knew I didn’t want to displease him again, if I could help it. So with every bit of my willpower I struggled against the urge to cum. And just when I thought I couldn’t hold it any longer, he paused.

“You look like you want to cum. Do you want to cum?”

“Yes sir.” I said, fists cluched tight.

“Is that so?” He said calmly as he started to once again massage my swollen clit.

“Yes sir, please.” I begged.

“You want my permission to cum?” He said as he quickened his pace on my clit. “You really wanna cum that bad do you?” His tiny circles got faster, and harder. He was drawing every second he could get out of this torture, and I knew he was enjoying every second of it.

“No. You may not cum you dumb slut.” He said as he slapped me six times hard and dead center of my wet cunt. This time the tears did not come. “You always cum after I do. Is that understoond?” He sternly said to me.

“Yes sir.” I said looking for approval.

“Good. Now, suck my fingers clean of your juices.” And I greedily took his fingers into my mouth and started to suck as if I hadn’t been fed in weeks. “Very nice. Very nice…” We pulled up to his house and he told me to get out of the car, and I followed him up to his door. Once we reached our destination, he turned to me and asked;

“Are you ready for this Candice?”

“Yes Shayne I am, I promise. I want to be anything you want me to be.” I said boldly, as I kissed him deeply. I think this action on my part, set him back a little, for he simply wrapped his arms around my waist, kissed me just as deeply back, and opened the door as we walked through.

“Good, because I really, really want to make you mine.” He said with a wide grin on his face once I finally pulled away from his lips. He locked the door behind us and took me by the hand.

“Can I get you anything? I can show you around later, but I want to make you feel at home, so to speak.”

“No sir, I know here is my place. By your side, always willing, able, and ready to serve you in however you wish.” I said as I tilted my head to look at my feet.

“Not yet, but soon. For now, Candice, follow me.” He said as he tilted my head back. I took this to mean that, for this first time between us, we would make love as equals. I didn’t know if this was because he wanted to show me what I would soon be missing out on, or if it was because he loved me as much as I did him. But honestly, I didn’t much care.

I followed him back to his room, looking around as much as I could on the way there. He had a pretty big place. His front room was big and open, with enough room for a fire place in one corner, a couch, love seat, and an over stuffed chair, all in black leather. A glass coffee table, and end tables, and a pretty impressive plasma screen t.v. The dinning cihangir escort room was off to the right, and he had a mahogany dinning table, and a china hutch with what I assumed to be his family crest. The kitchen was just above the dinning room, it was double ovened, and had an island in the center of the room. It was all stainless steal, and black marble tops. All the floors were hard wood. He lead me back to his bedroom, opened the door, and picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I could feel his strong arms supporting my waist, and his gentleness as he laid me on his bed. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, all the while his hands roamed my entire body, and mine his. Very tenderly he un-did my dress, and pulled it down off my shoulders, off my arms, to my waist, then my hips, and finally off my legs. He trailed kisses from my mouth, to my neck, to my right arm, and then each finger in turn, then the palm of my hand, back up my arm. He paused at my right breast, and sucked my hard nipple into his mouth, letting his tongue play with it, lightly biting at it, all the while massaging it with his hand. Then he kissed the side of my waist, which tickled a little, and I laughed. He then kissed my hip, and the calf, the top of my foot, the bottom of my foot, back up the calf, to my inner thy. Then without any sort of warning his kiss found my vagina, and shortly there after he was working me with his tongue. Flicking at my clit with it, stabbing it deep inside of me. He sucked on my clit, and stroked it, never once touching me anywhere other than my hips, he brought me to climax. My legs tightened, my toes curled, my hips flew off the bed, and I screamed;

“OH GOD YES SHAYNE!!! OH SHAYNE!!” All he did was to tighten his grip on my legs, and pull me in closer to his face, as I came over and over again, coating his face with my cum. Once I had nothing left, and I was left to tremble and shake from the sheer force of the orgasm, Shayne started to kiss down my left leg, and back up in the exact same manner and places as his kisses found on my right one. Then my waist, which still tickled, and breast which got the same explorations as the other, which sent shivers down my spine. To my left arm, then neck, and finally back to my mouth. Then I felt the tip of his cock rub against my vagina, and I broke the kiss to gasp.

“It’s okay, Candice, I’m going to go slow. I don’t want to cause you any pain, if you want me to stop we’ll stop.” He reassured me.

“I’m okay, it felt good, I trust you.” He gently massaged my vagina with the head of his manhood. Slowly inching it deeper and deeper inside of me, and pulling out ever so slightly over and over again, until he came to my hymen, which made him pause.

“Ready?” He whispered.

“Yes.” I moaned. And that was all the push it required for him to plunge through my hymen. It did hurt as his swollen cock filled my virgin hole, he even managed to give me a nice tear. But just as quickly as the pain came, it went as I was taken over by a brand new wonderful feeling. Suddenly I became aware just how good penetration felt. I enjoyed every inch he had to give me, I felt every wrinkle and blood vessel, even every ridge. I felt how deep he could get inside of me, how it felt like he was in my uterus.

“Oh God! Shayne! Your cock feels soooo good.” I moaned out as I arched my back, and let the orgasm have me.

“Good baby. You’re so tight, I had forgotten how amazing it is to fuck a girl like you… That’s it baby, cum all over my cock… It feel sooo good when you squeeze it like that.” He moaned in return as he quickened his pace and vigor.

Sweat started to form over both our bodies, and our breathing became labored. Then he pushed in really deep, and adjusted his angle, which caused another mind blowing orgasm for me.

“Oh God Shayne, I’m gonna cum again… Oh fuck me Shayne!!” I cried out as my body shook. I dug my nails into his back, and pulled my hands across it. I must have drawn blood because shortly thereafter I could smell the faint scent of iron. But from his reaction, I don’t think Shayne cared.

“FUCK!!!” He grunted out, and started to really pound in and out of me. “Keep doing that, and I’ll pound you into the ground.” He said, so I scratched his back again, harder this time.

“AAARRRRRRGGGGG!” He grunted through his teeth, and true to his word, he went deeper, harder, and faster than he had previously, and bit into my breast at the same time cutting into my tender flesh. Needless to say I let out a shrill shriek of pain. But I did not want him to stop either, so I dug my nails into his back again, and let my hands go over the width of his back. And had another massive orgasm.

“Oh God Candice, I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna…. Oh God YES! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” He growled through clenched teeth. And I felt him release load after load into me. After he came, he sort of collapsed there in my arms, still hold my breast in his mouth. Sucking mecidiyeköy escort gently at my wound. He laid like that, and I underneath him, lightly caressing his bloodied back until he went soft inside me and slid out.

“Oh Candice, that was truly some of the best sex I have gotten in the past three years. Thank you. God the things I’m gonna do to you…” He said as he lifted himself up to look me in my face.

“I’m sorry? And I can’t wait.” I said.

“Why are you ‘sorry’?” He inquired.

“I’m sorry that you’re girlfriend is such a sucky lay.” I said before I kissed his neck tasting his salty wet flesh.

“Mmmmmm… What girlfriend?” He moaned.

“In the car, on the way to the mall you said something about ‘your girlfriend”.” I reminded him.

“Heh, fuck, I’m sorry. She and I split about seven months ago now. I haven’t been with anyone till now. She was a good lay. Just not the best I’ve ever had.” He said before kissing me.

“Oh.” I said. “Who’s the best lay you’ve ever had?” I asked half hoping he would say my name.

“A woman by the name of ‘Phoenix’. She’s the one who trained me, and since then I’ve never had sex that could compare.” He said as he got out of bed turning his back to me.

“Oh.” I said slightly hurt and disappointed at his response.

“Don’t worry, you were in the top five.” He said as he turned to face me and let that sly smile cross his face again.

“Top five? Huh?” I said with a look of sheer determination on my face.

“Yes, the top five. Now, get up, we should shower and I have to get you home before they think we’ve both been kidnapped or something. Remember you still have to be groomed.”

“Well, I’ll just have to change both of those.” I said as I got up and walked into his bathroom.

“Good luck with one of those. The other women had more experience than you do, and I’m not easy.” He teased as he grabbed my waist, and pulled me back to him, with my back to his chest he hissed; “And you need to learn the rules for this lifestyle, and until you do I will never be 100% satisfied with you. I don’t have patience for obstinate rich bitch sluts, now I take hot showers, so get used to it when you shower me.”

“Yes sir.” I said as we stepped into the shower, and he turned the water on.

“Now, with anything this involved, there are methods of stopping it without hurting the mother board, so to speak. Things like ‘safe words’, or ‘safe actions’. I don’t want you to always be my nasty little cock whore. Say like when we’re out in public, aside from a club or party that I may take you, but I’ll tell you about that should we even get that far. But if we’re on a date, or with your family I want you to call me Shayne, hunnie, baby, fuck-nuts, anything you’d like. And I will never punish you for doing so. The same goes for certain days where I will want to be intimate with you, but not your master. But those times you will have to earn, you will have to be such a good, sweet cum dumpster for two weeks in a row before you get to be my equal again. I will never again leave a mark on your body without permission, and I will never do anything to you that you are not comfortable with and willing to do as well. I will never lay with another woman like I just laid with you while I lay claim to you, unless you are some how involved. And even then, I would never do that if you weren’t okay with it as well. Not I’m not naïve enough to think that I will claim you forever, but while I do you are to never lay with another man unless I command you to. Is that understood and agreed upon?” He finished as he started to wash my body.

“Yes, what words and actions should I know to communicate with you when I’ve had enough?” I requested.

“Yellow is the word for when you don’t want to continue on what it is we are doing, or about to do. Red is the word for when you want to stop playing the game, if you say that you go back to being Candice, my girlfriend, and I go back to Shayne, your boyfriend. Snap twice on the left hand is the action for the word yellow, and two snaps from your right hand is the action for the word red. You can snap from both hands, right?” He said as finished washing me.

Snapping both my hands at once, I said: “Of course.”

“Good. Now take this razor and shave that bush off. I like my cunt smooth.”

“Yes sir.” I shaved my pussy, and after ever rinse, Shayne was there to give it a good inspection, and if he didn’t like what he saw and or felt, he would slap one of my breasts, and tell me to shave it again. It took five slaps before he was satisfied.

“Took you long enough! Is this how you please me?” He commanded.

“No sir, it isn’t.” I replied humbly.

“Then my dumb slut, show me how it is you please me. Get on your knees, and suck my cock!” He spat at me. I immediately did as told, taking his softened member into my mouth and sucking it back to life.

“Not too bad of a little cock sucker are you? Yeah, you must have sucked cock before. Bet you think you’re something kurtuluş escort fucking special now. Well get that stupid thought out of your head. You suck dick like shit. Fucking take it all the way in your fucking mouth. Gag on it… No, not like that, like this!!” He said as he grabbed the back of my head, and rammed it down his cock till my face was buried in his pelvis, and I choked on his cock. “That’s a good girl. Hold it there, right there…” He trailed off as he rammed into my mouth like he had done with my cunt just moments ago.

“God I could fuck that face of yours for hours now, just like this…” He said as he broke his hold, and let me pull my head off his cock to catch my breath, before pushing my mouth back onto his cock. “Keep sucking that cock. Look at me. Tell me you’re mine with your eyes. Make me believe it with your mouth… That’s a good girl. Yeah, you suck cock like you want a mouth full of cum. Do you want that you cock-sucking whore?!”

“Mmmmm hummmm.” I muffled out.

“Take it all the way into your mouth now. Choke on it, that’s it… Mmmmm, quicker…Faster…. Oh yeah… You ready for my cum? You better swallow all of it like a good little cock sucker…”

“Mmmmm hummmm.”

“Ohhhhh, y—e—a—h… Here I cum… Fucking… Fucking swallow it all… Swallow all of it! Fucking slut! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” He hollered out. And I did, I made sure that I swallowed every time he shot into my mouth. And when he was finished he took his cock from my face, and slapped me in the face with it as he said; “That’s a good little cock-sucking bitch. I want you to lay down now, and finger yourself, while I watch and wash up.” I got down into the tub and laid there, spread my legs, and my lips with my left hand, so he could see everything I did. And used my right hand to rub my clit, and fuck myself. It hurt a little to hold it open and play with it right after sex, and the hot water burned my delicate skin, but I wasn’t about to stop.

“Oh yeah, that’s a girl. Oh yeah play with that sweet tight cunt. Now, slap it.” Slightly shocked that he wanted me to slap myself, I did as I was told and gently tapped my exposed cunt.

“No, you can slap harder than that. Slap it harder.” He scolded. I slapped myself again, this time a little harder.

“Now, is that how I would slap you? Slap yourself like if you were me. Slap it harder.” I slapped myself again, this time twice as hard as before knowing that he would have me continue to do such until I slapped myself to his satisfaction.

“I’d slap you harder than that dumb cow. Now fucking slap harder!!” I slapped my cunt as hard as I could, and he said; “Good. Now do it again. And again. And again. And again. And again!” He said in quick repetition. And I did as I was told. He bent down and put his face to my face.

“Now, next time I tell you to do something, you will know to do it, or else you will be punished as I see fit, for as long as I see fit. Fucking bitch.” He spoke as he slapped me across my face. His face looked so mean than, that I wanted to cry. “Get up on your knees, turn away from me, I want to see your ass in the air while I rise off.” So instead of crying, I turned over, and got on all fours.

“That’s a good bitch. My little bitch in heat.” He said shortly followed by the water being shut off. We got out, and before I could dry myself, I was instructed to dry him. Then we both got dressed.

“If you carry a pad on you, you should wear it for a little while. You can still bleed a little bit after your first time. I’m going to change the sheets.” He said as he left the bathroom. I felt what he meant, so I put the pad in my panties, and gingerly followed him to the bed room.

“Do you need any help?” I asked as I put my bra on.

“No, you’ve done wonders for me already Candice. I’ll give you a few days to recover before I have you again. Out of curiosity, are you on any form of birth control? Or do I need to get you some?” He asked.

“No, I’m on the depo shot, Dad had me put on it as soon as I got off the plane when I was 16. He was convinced that I was going to just suddenly start to fuck everything I could. Don’t know why, but it was awkward having that talk with him, and than having him take me to the doctors. But I’m glad he did, it’s made my life have to potential to be pretty awesome.” I blushed.

“Great. Tell your dad thanks for me, would ya?” He said as he winked at me.

“Don’t be a loser face.” I said as I shuddered at the thought. He simply laughed at me, and pulled out his phone and within second he was on the phone with my mom.

“Hey Mrs. G., got Charlie, she forced me into going to the mall with her, so now I’m going to force her to sit through dinner with me, while I coax out all the latest details of her life, before I bring her home. With a new baby around, I doubt I’ll get another chance to do so for a long, long time. Any time Mrs. G. any time. I don’t know where I’ll take her yet, do you like sushi? Wonderful, can I grab you anything as well then? No, no trouble at all, after all the snacks and such you sent home with Brendan! We never went hungry in college, in fact I think we both gained weight. Alright, I’ll grab those before we leave and send them home with Charlie. See you later Mrs. G.” and he closed his cell phone, and started the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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