How I Became “Butt Sniffer”

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Bite Penis

I arrived on campus that Saturday morning, wide eyed and ready for the world. Even though I was in the car with my parents, I felt like I was truly moving on, and ahead in my life. High school was just a distant memory at this point, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Don’t get me wrong, I look back on those years fondly, now. But, at the time, it was four years of awkwardness, thick glasses, and braces. I was always involved in sports, yet never the team superstar. I always did well in school, and got good grades, but never was a 4.0 student, nowhere near the valedictorian. Basically, what I mean is that I was always kind of stuck in the middle in high school, and never felt like I was making a huge impression. I went in to my first year at college with the mindset that I was going to change that and come in to my own.

Over the summer, after high school, I made some big changes. First and foremost, I turned 19. Although 18 is the legal age that parents no longer have control, I still lived with them, and so this birthday was more of a milestone to me. Knowing I was now old enough to do what I wanted, and make my own decisions, gave me a new sense of confidence that I was really lacking. I finally, after four long years, got my braces removed. Instead of having a mouth full of metal, and a sheepish grin, I now had a mouth full of gleaming white teeth, straighter than ever before. The third significant change I made was my glasses. After years and years of staring through thick lenses, hiding my face and eyes, I switched to contact lenses. All of a sudden, I went from looking like an extra on Revenge of the Nerds, to looking like Brad Pitt. Ok, maybe that is a stretch, but needless to say, the loss of glasses and braces, together with my new found confidence had me feeling like a brand new man.

I was accepted to a number of different schools, universities and colleges, around the country. I decided on a small private college just a couple hours from home. I figured the small student population would allow me a better opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, which I was really looking forward to. My parents helped me get moved in to my dorm room and we took a walk around the campus. I was terribly excited as I saw all the other students moving in to their dorms and apartments. The possibilities for friendship were endless. Of course, all the new women were very welcome as well. I wasn’t shy, and had plenty of girlfriends in high school, but seeing all of these new, beautiful faces made my heart race. After the walk, and a small bite to eat, my parents bid me farewell, and good luck, and just like that, I was on my own.

I returned to my dorm room and we greeted by my new roommate, Jeff. We hit it off instantly; both of us had similar backgrounds and were looking to turn over a new leaf here at college. The first weekend in college was very memorable. Jeff and I just roamed the campus, bouncing from dorm room to dorm room, from party to party. Everybody was just letting loose, and looking to meet new people. It was great to make a new friend, in Jeff, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I really was looking forward to meeting new women. Luckily for me, there was no shortage either. I felt completely different at this time talking to girls, than I did in high school. I was always polite, and complimentary, but now I kind of had this new brash confidence, and the girls really responded to that. Instead of feeling like I was chasing them, I started to get the feeling I was being chased, and that made me feel like a million bucks.

Weeks passed, and we were about a month into the new school year. Jeff and I were getting along great, and had made a nice group of friends. I had met some new girls, even managed my first ever one-night stand with a girl I met at a party. Jeff was really falling for a girl, Lindsay, who lived right down the hall from us in our dorm. I couldn’t blame him. She was a tall, leggy brunette. She had a very athletic body, not terribly curvy, but very feminine and very sexy, just perfect for Jeff. They spent a lot of time together, which was just fine by me, as I was developing a little crush on Lindsay’s roommate, Shannon.

Shannon was the yin to Lindsay’s yang. She was short, petite, and very curvy. She had cute, curly blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. She would always wear tight little sweat pants, shorts, and tank tops around the dorm, drawing hidden stares from any guy in the same room. Whereas Lindsay was a really laid back girl, Shannon was the opposite, a true fireball. She was always laughing, arguing, and doing something crazy, and that independence and confidence really made me interested. Of course, her ample, perky breasts and perfect bubble butt definitely piqued my interest as well. Shannon was the type of girl who intimidated men because of her good looks, her smarts, and her attitude, but I couldn’t get enough of her, and looked forward to being able to tag along with Jeff and Lindsay, just on the chance Shannon would Gaziantep Olgun Escort be around.

It was a Thursday night, or “Thirsty Thursday”, as it was known at school. Jeff, Lindsay and I were hanging out after a night out, talking about plans for the weekend. I didn’t have much to offer as I hadn’t heard of any parties, and actually should have hunkered down a little, as my studies seriously lagged with all the extra temptations about. Jeff suggested we pick someone’s dorm room, get a small group of people together for movie night, or something like that. It sounded like a plan, and we recruited some of our friends from around the dorm. Jeff and I decided to take it to the next level, and actually turn our dorm room into a mini-movie theater. We rearranged our furniture, grabbed a couple couches from the lounge, and just like that, we had transformed our room into, as Jeff called it, a “make-out palace”. I knew that Lindsay was spreading the word to the girls, so I was anxious to see who would show.

Around 8 o’ clock on Saturday people started to show up. It ended up being a total of 6 guys and 6 girls, and much to my pleasure, Shannon showed up, and looked amazing. Since it was movie night, everybody was very casual, most people even coming in pajamas. Shannon had on a tight “wife-beater” tank top, hugging her tits, accentuating them perfectly. She had on some cute pajama pants, kind of loose, except at her ass, where they tightened up, clinging to her hips and following her curves. Unfortunately, as the host, I made sure everyone was comfortable and set with drinks when the movie started, so I got the worst seat in the house, and didn’t get to sit next to a girl. Although Shannon would have been my top choice for a girl to sit next to, every girl there was very attractive, so I couldn’t have gone wrong, and I was bummed out.

The movie ended, and the whole group was pretty lively. Between the beer, the bottles of wine, and the pot being passed around, every one was feeling pretty loose, and soon enough, our movie night, was turning into a party. We were having a blast, playing drinking games and just enjoying life. We were playing the timeless drinking game “Asshole”, until someone made the suggestion that we turn this into a game of strip poker. Obviously all the guys were game, as any guy would risk getting naked for the chance to see girls do the same. Surprisingly, all the girls were game as well, and the game commenced. We played 5 card draw; worst hand removed a piece of clothing. As the game progressed, a couple girls were down to bras and panties, and guys were in nothing but boxers. It was at the point where the next person who lost would have had to show the privates, and the girls all decided that lingerie was enough so the game stopped.

I thought this might end the night as well, but then Lindsay suggested we start playing kissing games, like spin the bottle, two minutes in heaven, etc. Everyone was drunk, feeling good, so we started. Spin the bottle was the first game we played. My spin narrowly missed Shannon, but landed on another good looking blonde, Amanda, and our kiss was all I could have hoped for. After everyone got a turn, we decided to play a new game, and Lindsay suggested a game she knew, called “Who Kissed Me?” The point of this game is that someone puts on a blindfold, and is kissed, then must guess who kissed them. Again we moved around the circle, everyone taking turns, and the spit was flying. Kisses were becoming deeper, and when certain people in the group would kiss, there was more than just a game on their minds. This was definitely turning increasingly sexual, and I awaited my turn eagerly.

When it was my turn, I noticed that every girl had kissed a guy up until now, except for Shannon. I got butterflies thinking that it was her I was going to get to kiss. Considering how the game was progressing, the next kiss was bound to end up in an all out make-out session, and if I could have had that with Shannon, it would be a dream come true. I put on the blindfold, and got ready to be kissed. The room went silent and I heard some shuffling. Jeff’s voice came out of nowhere, and he told me to lean forward, to get my kiss. I leaned in, and instead of feeling a girl’s mouth, I felt something else, that felt like a cheek, so I turned my head a little and the room erupted in laughter. I ripped the blindfold off to see Shannon pulling up her pants. She had pulled her pants down and stuck her ass right in my face. When I shifted my position, my nose actually went into her butt crack. I didn’t know what to think at the time, but based on how everyone was laughing at me, I felt embarrassed and humiliated. Everyone started yelling at me, calling me Butt Sniffer, and I tried to play it off, but inside I was burning.

After that night, I had the distinct privilege of being known as “Butt Sniffer”. It only took a couple of days, and everyone in the dorm, as it seemed, had heard the story and started calling me Butt Sniffer. I was so confused at the time. Here was a girl I still had a huge crush on and she humiliated me. I didn’t know whether to be excited that she would do that, maybe it meant inside she liked me, so she was just having fun, or was she just a mean spirited person, who, as they say, burned my candle out to make hers burn brighter. All of my new found confidence and swagger was out the window as I became (no pun intended) the butt of my dorm’s jokes. It was a very weird time for me, but as it turns out, this single event, and nickname, would lead me to something I never knew I was really interested in, and that is my sniffing fetish.

I was embarrassed that I was being called Butt Sniffer by people I didn’t even know, but secretly, inside, the thought of actually sniffing a girl was really beginning to take a hold of me. As a joke, someone left an issue of a porn magazine on my bed. The magazine was called “Tailends”, and has now become one of my favorites. This magazine is full, end to end, of pictures of beautiful women’s asses. Blondes, brunettes, big, small, all kinds of asses are represented. The women will be bent over, or on all fours, spread for the camera. In this particular issue, and the crux of this joke, was a section fittingly titled, Butt Sniffers. There were 4 pages full of pictures of guy with their noses buried in girls’ butts. The picture opened to on my bed, was a full page picture of side-view of a guy whose nose was directly touching a beautiful little asshole. He looked like he was in a dream state getting to experience that sensation. There was note on the page that said, “This is you!” Instead of getting mad, like I had for the past month since the incident, the feeling was totally different, I was turned on.

Seeing the man’s face buried in this beautiful girl’s behind, knowing that he was inhaling her scent, and that she was in to it, it really affected me. I didn’t rip the magazine up, and throw it away. I locked the door, and paged through the magazine and jacked off repeatedly that day. The sight of all these beautiful assholes, on display as they were, turned me on so much. A couple days before this, I would get embarrassed when someone would approach me, or I would hear “Butt Sniffer” from a distance. However, now that I saw this, and knew that somewhere in the world, someone else had this same fetish, I kind of built up some new confidence and the jokes didn’t bug me anymore. I embraced my role as a Butt Sniffer and things kind of returned to normal for me and my friends. When someone doesn’t get bothered by a joke anymore, it fades away, as did my title of Butt Sniffer, although every now and then I would still get it, for the most part, I got past that.

I was feeling good about myself again, but now, a new problem arose, and that was figuring out how to satisfy my fetish. At first, looking at pictures online and chatting with others who shared my fetish was sufficient, but after time, I wanted to try it myself. A person I was chatting with online suggested to me to try sniffing panties. I had never thought of that, but living in a dorm, I knew there would be plenty of opportunities. I sat in my room and thought about the best way, and I figured I could check the laundry room. If the machines were full, people would leave their clothes down there, so they didn’t have to haul them back and forth. The weekends were always busy days for laundry, so I decided to wait until Saturday. I went into the laundry room and there were two open machines, so I quickly filled them with clothes. I went back up to my room for 15 minutes, and returned and sure enough, like a fish biting the bait, there was a laundry basket full of clothes sitting right there.

I looked down the hall and saw nobody coming, so I checked the clothes and they were a girl’s clothes. I couldn’t tell whose they were, nothing really stuck out to me, but as I dug, there they were. A nice pair of pink cotton panties emerged from inside the clump of clothes. I checked down the hall again, and seeing no one, I put the panties to my nose, and what I smelled made my knees wobbly. With the exception of the Butt Sniffer incident, I had never smelled a woman like that. Sure, I had done oral on a couple girls, but it was always pretty much for utility, doing what I had to do to get a girl ready for sex. The smell emanating from the panties was just intoxicating. I didn’t know who’s they were but the combination of her sweat, her pussy, and her ass, all on the gusset of her panties, was just incredible. I rushed up to my room, and lying on my bed, panties covering my face, I came all over. It was so intense, and I wanted more.

From that day, my number one activity after class would be to find panties to sniff. My laundry trick worked alright, every once in a while, but I wanted to go right to the source, so I knew who I was sniffing. I started to make study dates all over the dorms, so that I would have a chance to get into girl’s rooms and access to dirty panties in their laundry. It seemed like clockwork, sometimes, that after an hour or so of studying, girls would have to go to the bathroom, leaving me alone in their rooms for a couple minutes, and I would always take advantage. I begin to think of girls around school by their smells. I knew which girls had very heady odors, and which one’s didn’t. The range of smells was very intriguing and I was always looking for windows of opportunity to sniff different girls’ panties.

It was a Saturday night, the school year was one third over, and we were just getting ready for Christmas vacation. A lot of people were leaving, but as Jeff and I lived close we didn’t have to leave so early. There weren’t too many people around, but Jeff and I managed to find a party and get pretty drunk. We returned the room and smoked some pot and Jeff passed out on the couch. For whatever reason, I wasn’t tired. My mind began to drift, and soon enough, I started to think about panties, and trying to get some to sniff. Our college was a tight-knit community and it wasn’t out of the ordinary to leave a dorm door unlocked, so I decided to go explore. I made up an excuse in case someone saw what I was doing and set out to the girl’s floor. I tried a couple doors and on my third try, I found a door that was unlocked. I opened the door slowly, and seeing nobody around, I let myself in.

There were some street lamps outside that provided light through the window, and I could see fairly well. I knew the layout of the dorms so I went to where most girls keep their laundry baskets, but there were none. I began to feel defeated, thinking that possibly the girls took their laundry baskets home with them. I had made some noise in the room, enough to make me think that if anyone was in the room, they would have woken up. I turned on the light in the room, and was nearly mortified – there was a girl in the bed! It was Annie, a very good looking Asian girl. I had seen her around; she was very fit, with a great body. I tip-toed into the bedroom of the dorm room, and was greeted by a pleasant sight. Not only did I see two full laundry baskets tucked behind the beds, but Annie was sleeping naked, well, topless at least, as her pert little tits were fully exposed to me.

I was making my way around her bed to get to the laundry baskets when the smell hit me. Annie reeked like booze and cigarettes, I mean, she smelled like she licked the floor of a bar. I had come to know that smell very well, it meant that somebody had been out partying. Considering how she was laying in her bed, I figured that she wouldn’t wake up with a little noise, so I went behind her bed and found the object of my desire. She had ripped her clothes off and fell in bed, her outfit from that night lay in a pile. The panties were still wrapped in her pants, as if she pulled them both off in one motion, then hit the bed and passed out. She had worn a nice silky black thong; the thought of her wearing them was overwhelming. As if the thought wasn’t enough, the smell was immaculate. It was everything I hoped for. Her panties smelled as though they were shoved in her pussy and butt crack all night. I was hard almost instantly sniffing her panties.

I grabbed some of her lotion and sat down on her couch, while she slept away. I was getting ready to jack off, when something amazing happened. Annie rolled on to her side, and pulled her blanket with her, completely exposing her backside to me. Sure enough, she didn’t bother to put on panties when she went to sleep, as she was totally naked. Her ass was perfect; nice and tight, with the right amount of bubble to it, and it was completely on display for me. The panties in my hand became an afterthought as the real thing presented itself to me. Although I had snuck sniffs off of girls when I was in bed with them, since my fetish discovery, I had never really had a girl give herself to me, to sniff. I walked over to Annie, and shook her shoulder, but there was no response, she was in a deep, alcohol induced slumber, and I didn’t think she would wake for anything.

The way Annie was lying in bed, on her side, in the fetal position, put her ass in a perfect position for my desires. It was hanging right on the edge of the bed, so as I knelt next to her, it was face level, and damn was it beautiful. I shook her on the hip, and seeing no response, I went for it. I moved my face down right near her ass, sniffing from the top of her crack to the bottom and I was overcome with lust. All I wanted to do was bury my face in this passed out girl’s ass, but I bided my time. Gently, I spread her ass apart, exposing her entire crack to me, and her little rosebud looked so appetizing. As I pushed my nose into her crack, it was sensory overload. The way she felt, looked and smelled, at that time was amazing, and I had to taste her. After I felt content with how her ass smelled, I went for the taste, pushing my tongue against her asshole. With my tongue circling her cute little anus, I began to jack off and shot my load all over the floor and side of her bed. I quickly pulled myself together, and covered my tracks, on cloud nine from that experience.

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