Humbling Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Note: This is fiction, intended to entertain readers. It has graphic lesbian sex scenes. There’s also domination and submission in this story. If you can’t legally view this, please don’t! Any resemblance between these characters and any person is coincidental.


It was another 25 minutes, even with the light traffic, before we arrived at my two-level, four-bedroom house. I showed my slut which door went to my room and I showed her “her” room in considerable detail. Her face fell somewhat at that; she’d assumed we’d be in the same room. Still, she appreciated her own space and got started filling the large closet. While she was working, I asked, “Would my slave like some Chinese food?”

“Yes, Mistress, a slave is a little hungry.”

“Come to the kitchen when you’re finished here; I’m going to order from my favorite Chinese restaurant. What would my slave like?”

“Kung pao chicken and diet cola, Mistress.”

“Noted.” She was getting wine tonight, but I would come through with the kung pao. I had a feeling she wouldn’t mind the substituted beverage.

I placed the order. Footsteps on the stairs meant I was about to be joined. I stood near the foot of the staircase, watching her. “I have some information and a rule or two. Change into the pink cupless bra while you listen–and only that bra.”

She blushed hard and started taking off her skirt. She went upstairs and came back in just the new bra and a gorgeous scarlet blush. Good, it was important to remind her of her situation: I hadn’t humiliated her in almost 40 minutes. “I am your mistress but I am also your hostess,” I began, motioning her to sit in my leather recliner. “What’s mine is yours, essentially. But don’t enter my room without explicit instructions. Do not bathe or shower without telling me; I will usually join you. I like a clean slave, and I can cleanse you very well indeed. Do not try to get into my good graces by doing favors or such. I will tell you what I want done. Don’t answer my door or phone unless I order you to do so. I’ll tell if I think of any other rules or if there are any changes; those are all for now. Are your instructions clear?”

“Crystal, Mistress.”

“Okay. I’m going to show you more of the house once we’ve eaten. Right now, I’m going to see how well you move.” I put on “The “Blue Danube Waltz.” I held out my hand. She took it. We started dancing: I, fully clothed, she, practically naked. She was a competent dancer. The doorbell rang while we were still dancing, and she and I stopped and looked at each other.

“Answer it; here’s the money,” I said.


“Why do you insist on talking instead of doing?”

She was trembling, and exposed as she was, it was very easy to smell her awakening arousal. Her nipples hardened impressively; they had to be at least 3 cm long and looked a shade darker than usual. She opened the door and hid behind it, just poking her head around it to look at the delivery guy. I had to hand it to her; she played it pretty cool and when she had paid and gotten the food, she didn’t slam the door in panic.

“Well performed. Take that stuff to the table and let’s eat.” She did as she was told and I poured the wine for us. We had a cozy late supper, listening to a performance of the opera “Carmen.”

We finished and stared at each other. “How do you feel?” I asked.

“Mistress, a slave feels…alive!”

“Excellent. This has taken a lot of courage, and I appreciate that. I want you to feel safe and appreciated.

“I also want you to stay sane. We’re going to step out of ‘Mistress’ and ‘a slave’ for a few minutes and talk just as Aurora and Hei Sook, starting now.” (This is another place where I differ from most self-proclaimed dominatrixes; I am confident enough in my command abilities to let my sub or subs see that I will look after their welfare and their emotional health. I know they won’t mistake it for having a “soft spot.”)

“Hei Sook? What a pretty name!”

“Thank you, Aurora’s really cool too. I have to ask you if you have any medical conditions I should know about.”

“Just an allergy to bee stings,” she said. “I’ve been healthy all my life. You?”

“Nothing at all,” I told her. “Except for an obsession with beautiful, submissive women. I’d also like to tell you a few things about myself. I’m a musician; I read a lot of poetry; and I haven’t been in a romantic relationship for 18 months.”

“It’s been nearly three years for me. You were dead on–I just never could get the spark to grow into a flame. I sell dresses, but özbek escort I dream of designing them. I read a lot of different stuff.

“And you know my name.” Her statement was really more like a question.

“I read your diploma, hon. Impressive, graduating summe cum laude.

“What’s more, you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen; I love the sound of your voice; and you smell and taste glorious,” I said. She glowed. “You’re so sweet! I love your voice, too, it’s so sexy. Tell me a little bit more–maybe about your family, if it’s not too personal?”

“They kind of kicked me out and I kind of left when I was 18. My dad is very conservative, and he was mad when my girlfriend accidentally revealed the nature of our relationship. No brothers or sisters. How about you?”

“My dad died about six years ago, I guess, of emphysema. My mom and my aunt live in Utah, and my brother lives in Brussels, Belgium. I don’t see any of them very often. That’s no big deal; we always gave each other lots of space.

“I’m really curious, Hei Sook; what instrument do you play?”

“Half a dozen, but my specialty is the viola,” I replied.

“Would you play for me?”

“I will, later. I’d like to indulge you, but there’s other stuff that should be done first.

“For instance, let me tell you something really important. I meant what I said earlier, I want you–and me with you, naturally–to have a fantastic sex life from this day forward. And although I may deserve bat wings and a pitchfork, I will never purposely hurt you. I will not put you in a position where you could be hurt. I will keep a close eye on my friends around you, and I’ll make it clear that they are not to abuse you. If I ever go too far myself, just say, ‘Past the line, Hei Sook,’ and I’ll stop what I’m doing.

“As far as what I have been doing goes…it’s been fairly effective, has it not?”

“‘Fairly?’ It’s a good thing you didn’t allow me to wear panties; I would have had to change them every five minutes. I’ve hated it, but I’ve loved every instant! I’ve been at or near orgasm since you touched me in the music store. I can’t believe how good you are!

“And now I’m seeing this side of you,” she continued. “You’re kind and thoughtful and an artist and a goddess of sexual pleasure: …I think I love you.”

“Aurora,” I said gently, “you’ve told other women that, only to realize a month or two later you didn’t really. Give us some time, please. I don’t think you’re lying; it’s just that you’re a passionate person, and you hardly know me yet.”

“I know what I need to; I know that you’re fucking amazing!”

“Thanks, you’re amazing too, lover. You have such fire. I think I could fall in love with you.”

Her eyes lit with joy. “You’ll give me a chance, then?”

“Don’t you ever doubt it.”

“I keep thinking this can’t be real! How did you know I’d be receptive to your advances? How did you discover that you like to dominate like this? How did you get so good at it?”

“I can’t tell you that yet. So…ready to continue being my slut?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

I smiled lewdly. “Follow me to the playroom, and bring that juicy cunt and those exquisite tits, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Don’t think that because we’ve talked, things have changed. This is not a game. I still know what’s best for you. I still own you. Your body is my toy. You will degrade yourself any time and in any fashion I tell you to do so.

“Take a look around, slut; you’ll be in this room more than once.”

Her eyes grew wide. There were mirrors, cushions, and pillows everywhere. There were a few restraining devices here and there, more for decoration than for use. (My slave didn’t know that, of course.) There was a costume rack too; I think every playroom needs one. A shelf displayed a few dildos and vibrators of greatly varying shapes and sizes. There were hundreds of candles, and bottles of lubricants and massage oils. I had a mini-fridge in one corner (she likely didn’t know what it was, but there was a breast-pump on top of the fridge,) and a computer with camera, mic, speakers, and 44-cm flat monitor in the opposite corner. “Put on a cheerleading uniform and start familiarizing yourself with my vibrators and dildos. I won’t be a minute.” (I know the cheerleader get-up sounds trite, but try it! It’s quite effective when you or your partner is wearing it.)

While my slave carried out my instructions, I looked at my computer. Good, was online. I contacted her and told her to get ready for mecidiyeköy escort what I guessed was 55 kg (121 lbs) worth of seductive surprise.

“I’m going to introduce you to one of my friends, so get over here,” I said in the direction of my slave. To my e-friend, I said, “This is my new toy. When she heard I was going to contact you, she immediately asked if she could spread her cheeks and show you her tight little rectum. Right, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aurora managed to reply. She stood next to me, turned around, bent over, and did as I’d indirectly commanded.

“Ooh, how precious! What a cute pink anus. What’s your name, cherie?” Maman asked.

“Address her as ‘Miss Maman’,” I interjected.

“A slave has no name, Miss Maman,” my slut replied.

My slave was doubtless horny as hell already. Maman said, “You’re so lucky, having a toy like that.”

“Easy for you to say. She’s misbehaved a few times today. We were just shopping, and she practically thrust her pussy in our poor salesgirl’s face. She’s climaxed in public twice in the five hours I’ve known her, without a hint of remorse. Anything turns her on! Now she’s introducing herself to you ass-first! Well, that’s the last straw. She needs a spanking.”

Maman and Aurora both held their breath in anticipation. “Take off your jersey. Now, over my knee, slut,” I commanded softly. Her proud breasts looked so firm and full, it was hard to keep myself from touching them.

Chaudmaman breathed, “She’s perfect,” her voice awestruck.

“Count the strokes,” I told the brunette on my lap. I lifted the back of her skirt. I put my left arm around her waist, positioning my hand deliberately, resting my fingers just above her clitoris. Whack!

“One, Mistress,” Aurora panted.

Of course, every time I smacked her ass, her pussy got indirect stimulation from my other hand. “Six, Mistress! Oh! Seven, M-Mistress!”

“This is too hot!” Maman said. She’d pulled down her jeans and panties and was frigging herself roughly. She’s Quebecois, with short blonde hair and a body so lean and strong it’s hard to believe she’s 38. Watching her get off while spanking my super-hot slave’s backside was enough to get my juices flowing, to put it mildly.

“Ten, Mistress!”

“Lose the skirt, bitch, and show Maman how your ass looks now.”

It was gorgeous. Cherry red, quivering, her juice making her protruding lips gleam in the soft light. I had used much more friction than force: the spanking sounded loud and made her skin red-hot, but had caused almost no pain. Maman truly appreciated my slave’s considerable charms. “Thank you, Sooki; you’ve renewed my interest in finding and training another sub myself. I envy you a little; she’s adorable, even if she is a perverted little cunt.”

“She wanted to show you a few other things: give you a lingerie fashion show, have me tie her up, and so on, but I told her she would have to wait until Marianne was around so she could watch with you. As it is, it’s getting pretty late.”

“Good call: Marianne adores big-titted sluts; she’ll love your slave! I’ll try to have her around next time. By the way, I recorded the excellent performance she just gave us; I’ll edit it and send it as an attachment, so you and she can watch it together, or with more friends, whenever the fancy strikes you. She really has got that slutty cheerleader act down, and those tits just won’t quit! Bonsoir, you two sexy bitches.”

“Good night, Maman.”

“Good night, Miss Maman.”

I severed my connection. “Yes?” I said, turning to face my sub.

“Mistress, a slave won’t…really have to do that, right?”

“Oh yes. What’s better than an audience? A big audience! Of course, you’ll be performing a bit more than you did tonight. I can smell your pretty whore cunt overflowing just thinking about it.

“And I suppose we’d better do something about that.” I turned her away from me. I fondled her swollen breasts with one hand and slipped two fingers into her tight, soaking pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” A massive tremor passed through her; she bent at the waist and at the knees; she put her hands on her knees to keep from falling. I noted again how responsive she was, and how much I loved that. My long, talented fingers located her G-spot and massaged it with a little pressure and a lot of speed.

“Ah! Oh–damn! Ah!” In spite of her posture, she did fall as an incredible orgasm ripped through her. Lucky for her there were cushions all over the place.

She looked so blissful. Her eyes had that post-climactic azeri escort glaze. I took a little pity on her and didn’t start playing with her clit. Instead, I got the breast-pump, hooked it up, and powered it on.

“Oh! Mistress, what is this?” she cried, the suction pulling her out of her stupor.

“You’re a healthy adult woman. You might be able to produce milk by getting regular sucking stimuli; and this breast-pump will help achieve that.”

“It hurts–and it feels good…but–“

“–Trust your mistress, slave. Also, did I tell you you could cum?”

She looked at the floor again. “A slave couldn’t help it, Mistress,” she mumbled.

“‘Couldn’t help it?’ You need more discipline, that’s obvious. I am your mistress and you will mind me. You’d better find some way to keep your slutty nature in check until I say you can cum.”

“A slave understands, Mistress.”

“Not yet, you don’t. But don’t worry; you will.”

“A slave is very…sorry, Mis-tress. Mistress…a slave’s…n-nipples!”

“Incredible, isn’t it?” I asked. I turned off the pump and playfully pushed her until she was lying on her back. I licked one nipple, then the other, getting a groan both times. “Can’t let a machine have all the fun,” I said. I’d been wanting to suck those gorgeous breasts and hard, giant nipples. They were quite as good as I’d hoped they would be, and Aurora squirmed and writhed, clearly enjoying herself.

Once I’d had my fill of her chest, I stood again. “We’re going to take quick showers and go to bed. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow and we’re already tired.”

“Yes, Mistress,” my slave answered, rising–half in a daze–from the cushions.

“Tonight will be an exception. You will shower alone. Go.”

After about ten minutes, I was done. I stuck my head into the other bathroom. “Be done and dry in two minutes and report to my bedroom, cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I went to my bedroom, chuckling. She would definitely not be expecting the shower experience she was going to have tomorrow. I sat on my bed. I was more tired than I’d thought.

Wrapped in one of my huge, fluffy towels, my slave arrived. “What’s with the towel? Go hang it in your bathroom and come back.”

When she reappeared, she was naked. “That’s better. Get into bed, like a good girl.”

She displayed jumbled emotions when she heard the command: happiness, but also disappointment. “A slave is honored to sleep with her mistress–please, is a slave allowed to lick her mistress’s pussy now?”

“You came without permission; I’m not going to reward that. Get some sleep.”

She must have been even more tired than I was. Before I fell asleep, I already heard her deep, even breathing. I hugged her warm, soft body a little tighter and then I, too, was peacefully slumbering. My dreams featured a curvaceous cave-dwelling woman captured by a tribe of wily amazons and forced to endure shackling, tattoos of slavery, sexual servitude, and treatment as an animal.

I woke while it was dark. My clock said 0108. I was roasting. No wonder, I was wrapped around Aurora, and I hadn’t remembered how hot it got in my bed with someone else in it.

Sweat–I was actually sweating! Yet, my slave looked completely comfortable. The difference had to be my nightie, then. That made sense; it was silk and it didn’t breathe very well. I could take it off, but I would have to make sure I was up before my bedmate if I did; I didn’t want to let her see me naked: not while I was asserting my psychological dominance.

I tended to wake before my alarm; my internal clock worked that way most of the time. Could I trust it to wake me? What choice was there? I couldn’t sleep while I was so bloody hot.

I pulled back a bit from my lovely slave. I quickly doffed the negligee and let it fly into the darkness. I considered my panties; nah, I’d keep them on, they wouldn’t make any real difference.

I lay next to my companion. She was older than I was, but her inexperience made her comparatively naive (or dare I use the word innocent?) She’s taller than I am, and she’d been wearing much higher heels than I had. She looked almost small now, delicate…maybe even vulnerable. She seemed content beside me. Having this power over her was a huge responsibility. I had given her more than one escape route, true; but who doesn’t hesitate before pulling an alarm? And since she really believed she loved me, it would be hard for her to say no to my whims even when she ought to. I wouldn’t purposely put her in such a position, but different people have different things they can’t tolerate….

“I’ll be careful with you,” I whispered. “I care about you.”

She shifted a little and made a cute, indistinct sound. I drifted back to sleep.


Ending note: Please let me know if you are enjoying this.

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