I, Candi Ch. 12: Plan Be


Yawning vividly, Candi Palmer outstretched her arms to increase their circulation. After a good nights sleep she felt refreshed. She had taken four days off after her gangbang with the Condors and the Huskies. This gave her a chance to recuperate from her maddening workout.

Between the two football teams and her Father-in-Law’s sudden appearance that same night to clean her up she needed the time off. That gave her sufficient time to send Damian all of her videotaped footage. She hoped that he found it appealing. A letter back would make her morning.

Hopping out of bed she stretched dramatically and put on a pair of fuzzy slippers shaped like a cat. Nothing else was worn. She rather enjoyed being naked more often these days. She was becoming more confident in her body. As if she needed to feel insecure. She had a hard body and perfectly balanced 34D tits. No sag what so ever. Youth does that.

Prowling to the bathroom first to relieve her bladder she washes her hands and scurries downstairs.

It took less than a few minutes to fire up her laptop and enter her e-mail. Sure enough Damian had gifted her with a letter. Giddy, she opened the mail and settled back on to her sectional sofa.

The letter began with, “INCREDIBLE!!!!!” in big bold letters, then led into, “Hey Beautiful! I think I’ve managed to watch every video you have made so far. All I have to say can be heard an ocean away. Whistles and applause! That gangbang wasn’t quite what I ordered up, but regardless it was Hot as Hell. I think you’re becoming quite the slut over there.”

She stops reading to brightly gleam her pearly whites, “Thanks to you my ever so demanding Hubby. I never wanted to be a slut. Nympho yes! Slut to the world’s eyes, No! But, I am what you want me to be. So, Slut I am!”

Returning her thoughts to the letter Damian continues, “Mark messaged me to let me know that his building additions are going as planned. Won’t be long and you can practice all that Massage Therapy you went to school for and dropped out. LOL”

She frowns at his banter knowing that she had wasted his money when she did. She would make up for it soon enough.

“Just to let you know I have a Security company coming in this week to install cameras in every room of our house.” She immediately dropped her jaw.

“From this week on I will know every dirty deed you perform. If I once spot you overly dressed you can bet on repercussions.”

“As I told you before, there will be lots of changes in your life. These are only the beginning. The camera’s will be linked to Mark’s new office which as you know should be finished by week’s end. Well hidden and only known by He and I. His Father Earl will have his own office so there won’t be any questions. He can show you the system once it’s installed. Dad knows what my plans are. He may not approve but he knows that this is our lives. Not his! Once he comes to grips with who I am now on the inside then he will embrace it. All in good time.”

As Candi read the letter she heard a shrill ping telling her that she had just gotten mail. A quick glance to the bottom right hand corner of her monitor she realized that it was her stripper friend in St. Louis, Kody or better known as she would find out in the mail, Cordelia Rhodes. She overlooked the mail for now. This was Damian’s time.

“I want you and Mark to discuss your wardrobe at the gym. As long as Earl doesn’t get bent out of shape I want you in nothing more than a bikini or something athletically sexy. Mark told me he would let you get away with as little as possible clothing wise. If the members get offended that’s when Mark can enforce you wear more. You might need to convince Earl that you might brighten that gym up a little. LOL.”

She giggles at that comment, “Yea, right! Earl’s the biggest old pervert out there. But, if push comes to shove I’ll find handy ways to change his mind.” She chuckled at herself shaking her hand like she was giving a hand job. Then, just as quickly she frowned, “Ewww! Earl’s like 70.”

His letter continues with, “Buy more skimpy clothing as needed. Also, I want you to find more and more ways to give me equally as exciting video’s as you’ve been sending. Get more and more creative. Another trip to that strip club might be a good start. See if Dad will take you back there.”

Candi grins sheepishly at the thought then quickly recalls the e-mail earlier, “Hmmm!” Downsizing Damian’s letter she locates the “Cordelia Rhodes mail and opens it.

“Hey Fluffy. It’s Kody from the club. When are you coming back? You can’t begin to imagine how many of our regulars are asking for you. I sat down with our Owner “Pony” after he heard from the bouncers and other strippers how good you were. Business here needs a jump start. You could be the answer, Sweetheart. Any chance you can come back?”

Candi sits amazed by the timing of her letter.

“Here’s my cell number Kritter. If there’s anything I can do to help let me know. 618-555-6968. Bring that sexy Father-in-law back with you. I might bursa escort give him a lap dance. Peace, Fluff.”

Candi nods to herself as she returns to Damian’s letter.

The remainder of Damian’s letter is purely rave revues and expectations. She types back her reply, “Yes Sir! I just got an e-mail from that stripper Kodi. I’ll enquire about dancing again. I won’t fail you my loving Master.”

Sealed with a kiss she sends off her mail. Just as swiftly she returns to Kody’s e-mail and locates her cell number. A swift journey to get her cell from its charger she punches in her number and waits for the other side to answer.

“Hello? This is Cordelia. Who is ya?”

“Kody? It’s Fluffy. I mean Candi. Hi!”

In awe Kody’s voice brightens up, “Damn Kritter. You must have been online when I sent my letter. How have you been?”

“Great! I was just talking with my Husband about a return visit. Small world. I would love that. But, I have conditions that need met or my Husband will say no.”

Kody pauses. Candi could tell that the girl was smoking. “Run those conditions by me. I’ll talk to Pony. He’s in his office in back.”

Candi raises an eyebrow, “You’re at work this early?”

“Yeah! I help set up the bar. Seriously, run it by me.”

“Okay! I need to go way bolder than I did last time. The bouncer’s can’t stop me or I’ll have to decline.”

“Bolder? As in?”

“Totally nude. I have to be allowed to touch myself and let others touch me. I have to be able to leave the stage and work the crowd. I must be able to videotape every move I make. “

“Slow down, Kritter! So far so good if it’s planned out right. Pony kicks back the local Cops to stay away. Last time you were here it was necessary to learn who you were. That you weren’t a risk to the club. I’m pretty sure Pony will agree if it ups his business. Might need to mentally promote your return to the big spenders.” She chuckles.

“Sounds good! I must be able to dance until I feel I’m done for the night. 2 songs or 20. Whichever. If I want to use a vibrator and cum for the crowd Pony must let me.”

Kodi sighs, “Wow! You’re turning me on.”

Candi smiles vividly, “I’ve never been with a woman. Want to play with each other for the crowd?”

She could hear Kody’s hesitation, “Crazy! Might as well have an orgy.”

“Is that a No?”

Kody holds her breath and exhales smoke, “I’ll consider it. I’m not Bi! But, I might make this one exception.”

“Pony can’t renege on anything I want to achieve. I’ll leave it up to him how he deals with his crowd. But, unless I’m being hurt I don’t want him or his bouncers to interfere. Let the crowd enjoy me.”

“Sounds to me like you have one crazy Husband. To let you do all that.”

“I love pleasing my man.” Candi prides herself.

“Anything else I can jot down on my napkin?”

“Yes. I need to be able to get the crowd involved. If the men are willing I want control over their dicks. That means hand jobs. Blowjobs if I feel comfortable. And possibly letting them stick it inside me just for the show of it. No condoms then no penetration though. If they’re unclean I’ll back off. Men can use a dildo on me. Can you get Pony to allow this?”

“Sweetie, what you want is dangerous.”

“I’ll bring my own bodyguards.”

“Okay, let me call you back I’ll go talk to Pony now.”

“I’ll be here getting ready for a jog. I have to go talk to my employer too.”

“Give me 30 minutes?”

“You’re the best, Kody.” She giggles, “Hey what’s all this Cordelia business?”

Kody groans, “My parents were stoners. Don’t ask.”

Laughter finishes their conversation.

In the meanwhile Candi jumps into a quick wake up shower and dries off.

Scouring her outfits for her jog she chooses a yellow string bikini top that barely covered her bulging breasts and super tight white stretchy shorts. Donning them she admires herself in the mirror to note her nipples stabbing through the bikini top. Her shorts were gently transparent due to her tan. Perfect she thought.

Pinning her hair back into a ponytail she finishes her attire with a Huskies ball cap.

As she primped her cell rang. Picking up she noted the number as Kody.

“What’s the good word?”

“Hey Fluffy. Pony’s here beside me he wants to talk to you.”

“Sure. Put him on.”

After a brief silence she hears a gruff voice, “So, you’re the notorious Fluffy. I’ve heard good things about you. Some performance you gave for an amateur.”

“I love to dance for my Husband. I like feeling sexy.”

“Good to know. This is some list of demands here. Might be better to just make this a private party. Invitation only.”

“More the merrier. I want all the attention on me during my dances. However I don’t want to get your dancers mad at me either. It’s just very important that I succeed in pleasing my Husband over in Iraq. Can you accept my demands if I give you any money I make from the crowd? I don’t want money from this because I’m not a bursa türbanlı escort prostitute.”

“Interesting proposal. So you essentially want fucked on stage in my club?”

“By you if you’re brave enough. I’ll agree to that.”

“My,my my! What a tempting offer. Bet you didn’t know I’ve been in a couple dozen pornos in my time. I’m far from afraid.”

“Wear a condom and my holes are yours. Just let me do anything I desire without so much as a negative resistance.”

“When do you want to do this?”

“Give me two weeks to gather my entourage of bodyguards and cameraman. I’ll call Kody and name a few windows for you to plan. Deal?”


“Awesomeness! Can’t wait to ride you, Pony. See you soon. Tell Kody I’m off for my jog. Bye for now.”

Conversation over she trots down her staircase feeling her 34D’s bouncing wildly in the bikini top. It takes her two minutes to don her shoes by the front door and dart out of her house.

Stepping from her wooden front porch and out into her front yard she stops long enough to stretch and loosen up before her jog. Noting the mid morning traffic as quiet and subdued. With a gentle huff she sprints out on to the sidewalk and heads toward the Gym that she works at.

A number of neighbors are spotted mowing their lawns and washing their cars. She notes a number of men watching her every jiggle and she cordially waves at each of them as she passes by. Luckily for her that school was in session and there were no kids out to observe her morning tease.

Impossible not to notice her she also found a number of appalled women who wished they were remotely as fit as Candi was. Stop signs were the best as She jogged in step while men stopped their cars. If they were alone she would either blow them a kiss or tug at her bikini top as if fanning herself against the brewing temperature.

She enjoyed her morning excursions immensely. It helped her self esteem to the breaking point of total confidence. She knew she was stunning. Why not flaunt it? Right? Right!

Her detour led her to run directly in front of the city firehouse. Outside were parked two big red fire engines that the on duty volunteers were washing. She greeted the four firefighters with a brilliant smile and a devilish squeeze of her tits. In her temptations one of the firemen whom she knew named “Rusty” used his hose to spray a long distance arch at her. She slowed up just long enough to let it sprinkle her and shiver. In turn Rusty motioned her over, “Hey! Come here Hotstuff.”

She fanned herself and took a break to bend over and place her palms on her knees. Catching her breath she smiles, “Only have a minute. Gotta get to the gym. I haven’t seen you there much lately. Give up on building those biceps?”

The forty something man curled his arm and chuckled, “Maybe I just need something prettier to lift.” She in turn giggles and moves in to face him, “Trying to pick me up, Rusty?”

“Sure! How about a couple hundred repetitions with me?” They share a laugh as the other three men gather around her. She shares a glance with each of them as Rusty introduces, “Miles, Edgar, Felix? This here is the towel gal over at the gym. Candi Palmer.”

“Hi Guys. Beautiful day to shine up those big red trucks.”

Felix Ramirez grins sheepishly, “Grab a bucket and help us. Beautiful day to watch a Senorita suds up.”

She puckers in thought. “Now that idea has possibilities. I might have to wax all four trucks up for you tomorrow if you’re still out here. My day off tomorrow too.”

“Miles” a lanky black man of his late twenty’s nods, “Oh, We’ll be here. Wearing the matching bikini bottoms tomorrow?”

She winks at him, “Maybe less if you Gallant Warriors will help a girl out with a pet project.”

Rusty holds his water hose to his side as he raises an eyebrow, “Less? You gonna wash our trucks and skinny dip at the same time?”

She pouts her lower lip, “If you can videotape me doing it, sure. It’s for my Husband over in Iraq.”

Miles perks up, “Awwww Hell! I’ll bring my camera to work in the morning.”

She pats her ass for them to see, “And, I’ll bring my dental floss bikini. It’s a date?”

Rusty shakes his head, “For the whole world to see? What if the cops see that. We lose our jobs and you go to jail.”

Candi chuckles and rolls her eyes, “Been there, done that! Out of Jail free card. Don’t stress it Rusty. Just have fun and go with it. By the way, did you notice the renovations out at the gym? I get my own massage parlor when it’s finished. You four can be my first muscles.”

In awe the four men mumble amongst themselves. She enjoyed their ideas. Finally, she leaned upward on her toes and kissed Rusty on the cheek then followed through with the same for each of the others.

“See you at say 9:00 AM?”

Their nods were answer enough.

Pounding the sidewalk once more her jog carried her past a Grocery Store and a few local Pubs. She grinned to herself that maybe kestel escort she should risk going to a bar or two here in town. Who knows what she might manage to achieve for Damian’s pleasure. Thought’s for another day.

Nearing the Gym she slowed down noticing the number of cars outside. There were also Carpenter’s working on the addition out back. Mark’s Camaro was sitting right up front. Beside his Father Earl’s Ford F-150. She hadn’t spoken to Earl since he got home from vacationing in Aruba. She bit her lip wondering just how well he was going to take her attire. Earl was a perv some days but a business man at heart. That took priority.

Reaching the front doors she looks over across the lot to notice that two of the Four Horsemen were there working out. Rusty and Clarence.

Taking a deep breath she opens the door and enters the lobby. Her fellow employee “Rodney” was working the front counter. Once she entered he dropped his jaw at her bouncing chest under the yellow bikini top. She stuck her tongue out at him and walked right past his station.

Moving through the weight and cardio room she spots Clarence laying down and bench pressing barbell’s. She grins evilly and eyes the other members to avoid being caught with her mischievous move.

Feeling safe she swiftly walks by and leans down to pinch his cock beneath his shorts. He nearly dropped his barbell as he looked at her with a moment of shock.

“You trying to kill me Girl?”

She kisses her palm then plants her hand on his lips.

“Sorry Manaconda! I need to ask you and Rusty something before any of us leave. Gotta talk to Mark and confront Earl first. Wait for me?”

“I’ll be here!”

Rusty turned around from his leg press to greet a mimicked kiss by her palm and grunted, “Sexy top there.”

She stops in her tracks to hop up and down twice to let her titties bounce. “Thanks! My wardrobe gets better if I can convince Earl that nobody will bitch. Defend me Guys.”

Whirling on her heels she continues to the back offices just beyond the hot tubs and shower room.

At Mark’s door she knocks on the threshold until the door opens. Mark swiftly opened the door to see her waiting. His eyes immediately went to her chest, “Oh, Dad’s gonna have a coronary. Get in here before he comes inside.”

She darts in past him as he shuts the door and returns to his swivel chair. “Ready to get back to work?”

She sits up on his desk and plants her hands on the edge of it. “Ready as I’ll ever be. Have you had a chance to talk to your Dad?”

“A little! He was kind of pissed off about the new addition. When I showed him the blueprint of his new Office he shut up. I explained my reasons as wanting to boost our business by adding a Masseuse.”

“Does he know it’s Me?”

“Yes and No. When he found out you don’t have a college degree he told me I was crazy. He doesn’t see the changes in you. Remember, he knows the shy reserved girl who always wore frumpy clothes. Not you the Playboy bunny. I think you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with my Ole Man. Just be careful what you say. Don’t let on just how much you really have changed.”

“Ok. I can do that. When he comes back in I’ll go to his office and get his permission. Wink wink!”

Mark groans, “Careful I said.”

She smiles, “Trust me, Pimp Daddy!”

He chuckles, “Might as well be.”

She fidgets for a moment thinking about her words, “Mark? Where is Damian getting all of the money he’s using to finance me? The Military has a base pay. He sends most of that to me for the House payment, utilities, food, etc.”

He nods, “This addition is my money, Candi. He’s going to be a Business partner once he gets back from overseas. Dad’s planning on retiring at the end of the year. That will make things easier here.”

“Yes, but this morning he wrote that he was having a Security Company come put in cameras all over our home. That must cost a fortune.”

Mark puckers, “Now that is his money. I think he wants to know you’re safe now that you have lots of company.”

“I’m feeling like a real pornstar these days. All the cameras. I can’t pick my nose without being watched.” She giggles with a pinky up to her right nostril.

“Not my decision. I just monitor you. Send him the juicy stuff. Just enjoy life and forget those are there.”

“I have no choice.” She peers out the one way glass of Marks south wall. “Earl’s coming in.” She drops her feet to the floor standing up. “Wish me luck.”

Opening his office door she steps out then glances back, “He seems chipper today.”

Mark shrugs, “Piranha with gray hair. Go chat!”

Door closed she steps out into the walkway directly into Earl’s sight. She instinctively crosses her arms over her chest. She knew her nipples were perky from the air conditioning. Earl spots her and stops in his tracks to raise his eyebrows.

“New uniform?”

She smiles, “It can be. Can I talk to you?”

The six foot 280 pound man nods, “My office.”

“Lead the way, Boss.” She bats her eyes.

Beyond Mark’s outer office lay Earl’s slightly larger domain. He opens his door and goes on in letting her follow. She closes the door behind her as he takes a seat in a big leather chair he had in the corner of his office for relaxation.

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