I Circle Around You

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I circle around you, inspecting you with my eyes, and as I do I the minx inside awakens. Yes, here is a fine one. Yes, it will be a challenge to get you to submit but it is one I am looking forward to.

I go over to the table and slip on my metal nails with a grin. Yes, these work so nicely. I pick up the restraints and the blindfold. You are standing still right where I asked you to. I tie the blindfold about your head and make sure it covers your eyes.

The restraints are slipped about your wrists and securely fastened to hook over your head. Your ankles are encased in leather and securely fastened to the bolts in the floor. I smile as I inspect this handy work. Yes, you could break free if you really wanted to but half the fun of this is to see how far you will let me proceed.

I rake the metal nails across your exposed skin. You groan as they touch your skin. I slide a set of nipple clips on your exposed nipples tightening them. You notice that a tiny metal weight dangles from it, its coolness touching your flesh. I admire the new addition and smile.

I nip at your flesh here and there. I circle around you and go back to the toy bag left on the table near by. I chuckle as I unwrap my favorite toy. You hear a snap of leather and you jump a bit for you did not expect this.

I cross over to you and dangle it across your skin. I circle behind you and step back a bit but not after running my nails down you flesh once more. I look at you with my eyes all a glimmer, and let the first crack of my whip hit your back side. I wait to see your reaction and….

the crack of the whip landed smack across your back, stinging as it did. I smile as I see you try to avoid its lick against your skin. It encourages me to continue. Have no fear I am not one to simply crack the whip at ones bottom oh no for I was taught better than that.

I circle around running the leather of the whip across your skin. Letting you breathe in my scent. I run my nails across your skin, licking and nipping at your back before cracking the whip once more against your skin. Mmm, yes this is beginning to be some fun.

I let you feel the sting of my whip a few more times, and then I check on you to see how you are doing and to make sure your skin is holding up well to this. I do not seek to mar your flesh…but rather to make it sing. When I think you have had enough for the time being I go back to nipping at your flesh.

I have the whip tucked into my outfit as I stroll over to the table once again to pick up yet another toy. I know now that you need this more than you were willing to admit…even to yourself.

Oh yes, I have done this many times. I’ve just hid well in the shadows, perfecting my skills with the willing. I take out something that will cause no pain…or will it? I cross back over to you. Stopping behind you I reach out so you will know that I am there.

I run the soft fur over your body, letting it coolness and silkiness caress your body, and from time bebek escort to time I swing it against you letting it hit you with a snap.

“Meet my bunny fur flogger,” I say with a chuckle and an evil grin.

With my other hand, I continue to scratch at your exposed skin. I was enjoying watching you become engulfed by the flames of your desires; the pain though intense was just awakening them even more. I come to a stop in front of you and lean in to place a sweet kiss upon your lips.

Unexpected, oh yes, it is but when have I done anything you expected since this dance began? I drape the flogger on your shoulder letting it rest there. I start once again to bite at you, letting it enflame you even more. And then…

as I lean in to nip at your sweet neck I feel you move suddenly against your restraints knocking the flogger from your shoulder onto the floor. It hits the floor with a resounding thud. You look at me with a bit of fear in your eyes. You know you have just done something you should not have.

I know very well that it is my skill that has made you do this but none the less I can not let you get away with this tiny infraction…yes that it what it is. I lean in and bite at your flesh hard enough that I know you will cry out.

“Do not ever let a toy fall to the ground again.” I start to say bad pet, but then I remember you’re not Mine…yet.

I circle around to your back and pick up the dropped bunny fur flogger. I rake my nails across your flesh some more, loving how you squirm beneath this touch.

I nip at your flesh here and there. With a smirk on my face, I cut away the material from your body. The look on your face tell me that you didn’t expect this either. You didn’t think you could keep your clothing now did you? *chuckles*

I walk around admiring the view. I can hear you grumbling at being so overly exposed now. I smack your ass hard with my whip. Enjoying the sound it makes as it hits you. I turn to nip at your flesh some more, dropping down to my knees to bit at the flesh on your inner thigh.

Didn’t expect that now did you? I rise once again to my feet. I go back to the toy bag once again and retrieve a blindfold. I come back over to you and start to place it about your head anf…..

I let the one that had been about your head falls to the ground as I untie it. It is soaked with your sweat. I feel your heart beating faster as I touch you. I lean in and kiss your sweet lips to calm and soothe you.

I don’t want for you to feel distress. I run my hand over your body. I see you try to stifle a moan but it crosses your lips none the same. I release your legs from the bonds for just a few moments. You didn’t expect what I did next. I slide your pants off you and reattach the restraints.

You blush as soon as you realize you are no longer hid by the pants. I lick my lips a bit at your beauty….I am after all one who appreciates the human form in all shapes. I run my nails mecidiyeköy escort down your newly exposed flesh and listen to you gasp as I do. Mmmmm such a sweet sound to my hear.

I lean in a bit once again and whisper in your ear to say, “I do not shed your clothing to embarrass you. I do it so that I may gaze upon what my touch does to you.” *purrs softly into your ear*

I walk around where you are bound to the floor, my nails softly scrapping your skin. You can feel me but you can not see me. I feel your hear beating. You don’t know what to expect next. The next thing you feel is the sting of my whip against your bottom. You gasp sharply.

Your breaths become a bit shallower as I reach to touch you with my hand. I offer you comfort from my touch, and soon you feel the caress of the bunny fur against your skin once more. You start to lean into towards it which brings a wicked smile to my lips.

“So you think you want the sweet feel of that do you?”

My whip kisses your back side once again. I wait patiently for you to come to the realization that all this teasing can come to an end simply if you beg for it to stop. I rake my nails down your inner thigh and then back up again. You arch your body towards my touch, your cock brushing against my hand.

I chuckle at you and rub the bunny fur along your member. A groan crosses your lips as I do. Does someone like the feel of that? A wicked grin crosses my lips as I continue to rub it over you. I see your tongue dart out across your lips.

You pull against the restraints as if to test their strength, but to me it means you will soon say the words I have been longing to hear from your lips. Surely you can’t withstand that much more of my teasing or the kiss of my whip. Or can You? I know better and soon enough my waiting is rewarded. I hear you speak finally.

“Please, I have had enough. You have shown me what it is to be yours. I am yours now…but please no more of this now. I can not take any more”

I smile as you say those words. First I undo the blindfold covering your eyes and let it slip to the floor. I undo the leg restraints first, and then the wrist restraints. I set my tools upon the work table as you idly rub when the restraints had been. You clear your throat and I turn back around to see you kneeling upon the floor.

“Please my Lady, it would please this humble servant if I could please you. Your desires are the only importance.”

I grin at you. I know how far you have come in just a short while to have said those words in that way. I cross the distance between us and….

I motion for you to wrap your arms about my waist. I softly run my hands through your hair. I look into your eyes and let you see the pride that I have for you there. I lean over and kiss your sweet lips. You close your eyes and simply enjoy my sweet touch.

I tap you on your shoulder and you rise to your feet. I take your hand and lead you into the bathroom. A hot shower would florya escort feel nice right about now for you. I turn to leave you there but you draw me in with you. I chuckle softly at you because I was still dressed and thankfully not in leather but in silk.

You peel the silk from my body, and let your hands roam over me. I relax to your touch. Softly you ask me for permission to touch and kiss me and I grant that to you. I gather up the soap buff to wash your body with, but your hand swiftly takes if from me saying you’re not quite ready for that.

I look at you for a moment and wonder what it is you are up to. Soon enough I know as I feel your hands roaming over my body, tempting and teasing me awake at your touch. You drown my lips with your sweet kisses as you hand reaches between my legs to flick over my hard nub.

You know that you will find it all ready hard and my slit wet for teasing you – teases me as well. It isn’t long before you are drawing a moan from my lips. I run my hands down your body softly caressing your contours before coming to rest upon your cock.

You are hard and wanting for my touch. You stop my hand from touch you and tell me that this is my pleasure not yours. I smile at you as you say those words for you are truly learning what I meant. You slip two fingers inside me and….

slowly move them rhythmically inside of me. The touch sets my body all the more on fire. A moan crosses my lips as you continue to awaken my body with your touch. You don’t tease…no you know better than to do that. Teasing me at this point would be a very bad idea.

You some how sense that. You kiss along my neck, finding the spots that drive me to passion. I rest a bit against you, my legs not supporting myself well due to your pleasurable touch. You whisper in my ear all of the things you felt bound as you knew what it would do to me.

Never did I truly think you would actually submit as you have. Softly I pull your lips from my neck. I find my heart racing now. I lean back against you and feel your hard cock resting softly against my cheeks. I move a bit as if to tease you and you hold my hips firmly and remover your fingers from within.

You gently maneuver me so that you can have better access to my pussy from behind, and lay my palms flat against the time. You run your cock between my lips and lightly tease me. I push back against you trying to impale myself on you. I am done with all of our teasing. I tell you to stop this teasing and before I can finish those words your cock is inside of me.

The feeling is so sweet. Softly you thrust into me know I won’t be able to take it like this for very long. I cry out from the pleasure you are bringing to me. With little warning you turn off the water and guide me to my bedroom. You coax me onto the bed and quickly follow to resume our bit of fun. You grip my hips in your hands and pull me to your every thrust.

It doesn’t take long until you bring me. The orgasm is quickly crashing down around me. I rake my nails down your back which brings you to the point of no return. You hold me close as you spill you send into me. You are truly mine now…in every way. Spent you curl next to my body and hold me close.

You whisper in my ear, “Thank you my Imzadi”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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