I Want Ch. 01

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Authors note: originally designed for my pyl, she suggested I post here, so I have. A.K.A. I don’t mind any comments you make about it. Be as blunt as you want.


“Yes Master…” you half-moan, half-whimper as I tell you that I want you to kneel. You get down on your hands and knees in front of me and stare longingly at the bulge in my jeans. But you know better then to reach for it without my permission. “Please Master. Please let me taste you, please…” you beg as you look up to me with lust and longing.

I smile at you for a moment, enjoying the sense of power, before giving you the command, “suck me off, my slut, I want your lips around me, and I want to feel how much you need it, how badly you want me in you my slave.”

You reach out slowly and unzip my pants, freeing my dick, and you lick your lips, before humbly sliding your tongue along my shaft, and then wrap your lips around it. I grab the back of your head and move you along it at my own pace. I slide myself all the way into your mouth, and then slightly down your throat before I growl down at you, “swallow my cock, my slut, I want to feel your throat muscles contract around me.”

You do so willingly, again and again until I can’t stand to remain put in your hot and wet mouth any longer. Then I slide back out and start to fuck your face with more enthusiasm. “Touch yourself my slut, and spread your legs so I can see you do it.”

You moan at the command and rapidly position yourself to do what I asked, all the while sucking greedily at my rock hard cock. I feel my balls tightening, and increase my rate of fucking your face my slave…


I wake from my dream and feel the need for you to be here to give your body to me and my desires. But I know that you’re thousands of miles away. I sit up and walk to my computer. I open my e-mail and read the messages you left for me. I read the first one saying you’ll be at my feet doing my will in six more months. I smile at the thought, and my mind begins to daydream.


You’re standing alone in the mall, looking around expectantly, but you haven’t seen me yet. I decide I’ve made you wait long enough and walk up behind you. I slide my arms around you and whisper seductively into your ear at the same time, “Hello…. my pet….”

I feel you shudder slightly, and I hear a quiet moan escape your lips before you respond, “Master….”

I pull you closer and kiss the side of your neck before whispering into your ear again, “I love you, my slave… I also want you”. I add as I rub the growing bulge in my pants against you.

You shudder again, and skin becomes covered in goose-bumps. I grab your hand and lead you towards a deserted hall-way, away from all the hustle and bustle of the main areas. You follow me without a word, the fear, lust, and excitement evident in your eyes.

I take you around a corner, out of sight and out of sound of anyone else. I pull you close and gently kiss your lips. Another quiet moan escapes you as my hand quickly slides inside your shirt. I smile slightly as I find that you’re not wearing a bra. You grind your hips against me and arch your back as my hand finds your erect nipple and begins to slowly pinch, twist, and pull on it. “Please Master, fuck me… please… I need to feel you inside me… please…” you manage to whimper in between moans

I feel your fingers digging into my back, scratching me, turning me on even more. I use my free hand to pull them away and raise them above your head as I push against the wall behind you. “I want you to come for me my slut, I want you to come hard, come fast, come now.” I command you and then bite down on your nipple through your shirt.

Those words were all you needed, and I feel you writhe beneath me, your moans reaching a crescendo as you go into orgasmic bliss. The feeling of my hand inside your pants, making slow circles on your clit, brings you back to earth somewhat. I’m looking into your eyes with lust, my cock is freed and pressing against your pants, where they are covering my hand. “Please Master… Please… levent escort I need you inside me… I need you to fill me… Please Master… Please, I want you so bad…”

I lean forward and nibble on your ear-lobe before whispering in your ear, “That’s it my dirty little slut, beg for it. Let me hear how much you want my cock in you.”

You can only moan pleadingly in response. Satisfied that your body is mine I slowly undo your pants, pressing hard into your wrists above your head. I finally slide them down to your ankles along with your soaking wet panties. I use my fingers to spread open your pussy lips, and slide the head of my dick up and down your slit. Slowly coating it in your juices, the air permeated with the scent of your desire. “Please… please…” you manage to gasp in between moans, fighting the urge to push your hips forward and take me inside you.

I whisper into you ear, “I’m about to take your virginity my slut… Ready?” the commanding tone dropping for a second on the last word, being replaced with caring concern.

You slowly gulp and then manage to nod your head in response. I kiss you lovingly, and then drive myself inside you with one thrust. You yell out in a mix of pleasure and pain as I break your hymen. You then whimper in protest as I pull out again, till only my head is left inside you. Then I ram myself home again, barely managing to think straight due to the amazing heat, tightness, and wetness I feel engulfing my shaft, and the moans of pleasure I get from you with every thrust. Each time I fuck you a little faster and harder, burying myself to the hilt inside you; filling you like you’ve been filled before. And you moan your thanks and enjoyment of it.

I feel your muscles tightening around me, your back arching, and then I hear what I’ve been waiting for, “Master please… let me come, I need to so bad… Please Master, please…”

I can hear in your voice your struggling to hold on, “Not yet my slut, not yet, a few more seconds,” you moan even louder, barely holding on, but you obey my command.

“Please Master, please let me do it, let me do it now; I need to so bad. I can’t hold on much longer. Please…” you beg my breathlessly, your eyes closed in intense pleasure.

I wait a couple more seconds before giving the command, “Come for me again, my slut, come for me now, make me feel you…” and you’re over the edge. I feel your muscles pulse around me, trying to milk my cock for all you can.

I feel my balls tightening, the sperm boiling in them. You hear the change in my breathing, telling you I’m close, “yes Master, come in me please, I want to feel you release inside me, I need it Master, Please, Master Please…”

But I pull out and push you to your knees instead. I see the disappointment in your eyes, but you do what I tell you to do. You open your mouth and take my dick inside, sucking for all your might. I drive myself in and out of your mouth with the same force I drove into your pussy. Unable to hold off any longer, I shoot load after load of my comer into your mouth, and you greedily swallow every last drop.


I sit in my chair until my breathing returns to normal, and then I stand and grab a towel to start cleaning up. I just finish putting the towel into the dirty clothes pile when I hear the familiar chime, telling me you’ve just sent me an e-mail. I open my account again, and read the new one you’ve sent me. “I want you. It’s raining out, and I want you soo bad…”


“I want you soo bad Master…” you beg me, your naked body bound spread-eagled by the ropes attached to the cuffs on you wrists and ankles. The rain coming down on top of you, coating your in a thin mist of rain water, the rivulets running against your naked sides and pooling on the truck bed beneath you creating a contrast against your warm skin. I look down at your beautiful body, and decide it’s missing something.

I pull out my rope flogger, and quickly bring it to bear against the top of your breasts with a loud wet smack. You moan and whimper in pain and pleasure, struggling against mecidiyeköy escort your bonds trying to raise your breast higher to give me an easier target. Your breasts turn a beautiful rose pink color, contrasting against the rest of your fair skin. “You like that don’t you my slave?” I ask you.

“Oh god yes Master… I love it, I want you hurt me Master, need it, please Master, please…” you moan, you eyes filled with lust.

I slide the tails of the flogger over your wet skin, sliding it across your stomach, until it rests between your spread legs, the tails covering your wet pussy. Suddenly, I flick my wrist and make a light hit against your cunt lips. Your hips buck slightly as you let out a cry of passion that fades into a pleading moan of ecstasy, “Please Master… Please, I’m so wet… I need you…”

I take my hand and slowly slide it against the wet skin on the inside of your thigh. You pull against the ropes harder, trying to slide your cunt closer to my hand as I make my slow progress towards your intimate flower, “Please Master… I need you in me… Come in, in my mouth, on me, whatever you want; just please stop teasing me… Please, I need to feel your hardness inside me…”

I smile and continue my slow journey, enjoying your litany of desire, and the control I have over you. Finally my fingers are at the entrance to you. They’re already soaked by the streaming rain coming down on us from above, but I can still feel your own wetness seeping from you in droves. Coating my fingers in the warmth that accompanies your liquid desire, I spread open your lips, revealing your entire flower to me.

Then I take my other hand and slide a finger into you with ease. Your begging is interrupted by a long lustful moan as I slide it all the way in. And then I add another one, stretching you. Your eyes screw shut in pleasure, your hips move as far forward as your restraints allow. Arching your back, your shoulders rub against the rough surface of the truck bed. I lean down and slide my lips around your clit, sucking it into my mouth, running my tongue over it as my fingers begin to move inside you.

I feel you rapidly rushing towards the edge. I pull my mouth from your slit long enough to say, “I want to come my pet, I want to be-able to taste how much you want me.”

Then I bite down on your clit, driving you over the edge like a stampede. You orgasm around my fingers that are in you. My tongue runs over the tip of your clit as my teeth press into the tender flesh. Just as you begin to come down from your high, I pull my fingers out of you, and impale you with my tongue. The sensation causes you to come again, coating my lips with your juices. I slide up your glistening body while the storm around us gets worse. The sound of thunder covers up the sounds of your occasional light moans for a moment. I kiss you on the lips, causing you to taste yourself on me.

Then I whisper in your ear; “My naughty little slave, you came without permission.”

You shudder slight as you pant out of breath, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry Master… I’m sorry…”

I chuckle before replying, “It’s okay my slave… but you must be punished…”

You whimper slightly, but more in expectation then fear. I sit back up and pick up a small crop from beside me. The sky is darkening to the point where you can barely make out my silhouette against the sky. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashes across the sky as a line of white pain, and the particular pleasure that comes from it flashes across the skin of your breast. I hear you cry out in ecstasy again, and then another line forms on your other breast. In the sound of the storm I can hear you begging me again, “Oh Master! Please! I need you in me! Please…”

Unable to hold off any longer, I position myself between you and drive myself into you; faster and harder with each thrust as the storm around us reaches a crescendo. I only see your naked body during each flash of light. Your skin outlined against the dark back-drop of the truck bed. I see you straining against your bindings; a look of extreme pleasure chiseled into your face by the harsh shadows cast by the bolts of lightning.

Then we’re in darkness again. The kağıthane escort inability to see only heightens our other senses; the feeling of our wet bodies gliding against each other…the pleasure emanating from where I drive myself in you…the sounds of our breathing, your moans of passion, filling the air. “Come for me my slave, come now, come as I pound my load into you, releasing inside you.” I manage to command between labored breaths.

And I feel you orgasm around me, the ability to hold back stolen as you milk my cock inside you. I drive my self as deep and hard as I can as I shoot load after load of my hot sticky come into you, pumping it into you as deep as it will go. I pull out and move up your exhausted but content body, the storm begging to weaken around us rapidly. “Suck me off my slave; I want you to taste the mix of my come and yours on it.” I order you breathlessly, as I position my dick at your lips.

You suck me in instantly, wanting to taste me. I ride your face and come another time before pulling out and collapsing on top of you.


I answer your e-mail, telling you how much I wish you were here. How I want you at my feet. How I wish I could wake up each morning to the feeling of you sucking me off. I finish it with the words, “I love you so much” I log-off and look out the window towards my car. I notice it’s raining here, too.


I bend you over the hood of my car, your nipples rubbing against the wet metal as I spank you repeatedly until your ass turns a wonderful crimson. A moan escapes your lips with each hit. Then I lean over you, the head of my dick rubbing against your already-dripping lips. I whisper into your ear, “Moan for me my slut, because I’m about to fuck you, and I know you want it…”

You moan pleadingly as you lay down more against the hood, raising your ass and placing my cock right against your opening. I slowly push inside you, reveling in your wetness on the inside as our bodies are soaked by the slow rain on the outside. I increase the speed of my rhythm, making you call out my name in betweens gasps and moans.

Too soon I feel you getting close, so i pull out, and flip you over. “Get on your knees and suck me off my slave. Suck like your life depends on it.”

You slide off the hood of my car and kneel in front of me. You slide your tongue along my length, before taking me into your mouth. When I feel my balls begin to tighten, I tell you, “Finger yourself, imagine I’m fucking your dirty little pussy as I fuck your face my pet.”

You do so, eagerly, your moans vibrating my shaft and running all the way down into my balls, causing them to boil. “Come with me my slut.” I command you, and I feel the rising culmination of your moans as you go over and take me with you, shooting more and more into your eagerly-waiting Mouth. I shudder slightly as I feel your tongue sliding over my head, seeking every last drop of my come as our bodies are washed clean by the gentle rain.


I look back to my computer-screen as I hear it chime again. Once more I open my mail, and I read your response. “I want you Master, I want you now. The summer is too far away.” I can almost hear your voice in the back of my head pleading with me as I read it.

I know, my Love. I want to hold you in my arms, cuddling against you. I wish I could feel your heart beating so close to mine, to fall asleep to the sound of you breathing. I love you soo much, I want you. I want to feel the soft, yet firm flesh of your breasts in my hands. I want to taste your lips, your tongue, and your desire. I want to feel your warmth and wetness engulfing my fingers… My shaft… I want to feel myself inside you, filling you up for the first time… But above all else, I want to hold you in my arms and look deep into your eyes and see my love for you mirrored there. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms knowing that I never want anyone else, and that you will only ever want me…

As I type all of this, telling you what I want my slave, my e-mail waits patiently to send it. When morning comes, you’ll no-longer be my slut, but the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. At night I may want to fuck you, but once the sun rises, I’ll only want to make love to you… and you my love? What do you want?


“One moment……. message sent….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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