I’m Awake, Mom


The mother and the son lived alone in the three bedroom split-level house that used to be home to all four members of the Morrow family. Now, there were only two of them left.

The twenty-five year old daughter was married and living happily halfway across the country. The husband had moved out a couple of years ago, having gone through a mid-life crisis of sorts while finding love and affection in the arms of a woman his daughter’s age.

The wife, 48 year old Tabitha Morrow, had forgiven her husband when he admitted his transgressions, but Ken Morrow hadn’t told his wife in order to seek forgiveness. It was his way of telling her that he was through, and was going to move in with his bimbo.

“You and the boy will be fine,” Ken assured his soon to be ex-wife as he moved out, and while he continued to send some money to keep the roof over their heads, he was out of Tabitha and “the boy’s” lives.

The boy in question was no longer a boy, although he looked it in many ways. Elliot Morrow was now nearly 19, and was finishing his junior year in college, having skipped first and fourth grades and whizzing through an accelerated program in high school.

While being a boy genius was great in many ways, it had left him with a rather stunted social life. He was 15 when he graduated from high school, and girls his age were just starting there.

So he became a recluse of sorts, immersing himself in his studies, and when he wasn’t doing school work he was lost in the world of Harry Potter. In his mind, he saw himself as the lead character, even though there was no handsome actor behind the glasses he wore.

So the worn-out middle-aged woman, who worked long hours at the local Applebee’s restaurant in addition to holding down an office job during the week, and the nerdy college student had formed a bond as time went on.

That bond evolved to where it was on March 19, 2011, where our story takes place.


Waiting for his mother to come home, Elliot must have fallen asleep for few moments, which was unusual for him on a Saturday night – a Saturday night that was about to become Sunday morning. He had been asleep when his Mom made her first late night visit to his room, but even since then, he had been awake, hoping that she would return.

Maybe his dropping off was a sign that he was beginning to expect his mother to come into his room every Saturday night, but that didn’t mean that he was any less excited about it. In ağrı escort fact, he felt like he was dependant on that door opening, which is why he forced himself to stay awake as best he could in his darkened room.

When the door finally did open, Elliot’s eyes were wide open, and as the dim light from the hallway filled his bedroom, she saw his mother standing in the doorway, looking like an angel with a aura around her.

Elliot wished that his eyesight was better, because he couldn’t see that well in the murky light, but he could see well enough to know that she was naked.

“Elliot?” he heard his mother ask as she closed the door behind herself and immersed them in the comforting near-darkness.

“I’m awake, Mom,” Elliot replied.

“How’s my baby?” his mother asked as she climbed onto the sheet that covered her son and cuddled up behind him, treating him like the Mama’s boy he was and probably would always be.

“Okay Mom,” Elliot said as he felt his mother curl up behind him. “Tough night?”

“All college kids,” his mother lamented, and Elliot knew that their presence usually meant a lot of checking proof, loud and obnoxious behavior and lousy tips. “How about you?”

“The usual,” Elliot said of his weekend job stocking shelves at the local Price Chopper, and after they exchanged some more small talk, there was a period of silence.

In many ways, this was the best time for Elliot. The tension built with every passing moment, until it became almost unbearable, and this night was no exception. After feeling nothing but his mother’s warm breathing on his neck for about 20 minutes, Elliot felt her soft hand on his bare shoulder.

From there, Elliot fought to keep his heart rate steady as Mom’s hand moved downward, from his skinny arm to his side, where his mother’s hand went under the sheet and rested on his rib cage. All the while Mom kept breathing on his neck and shoulders, her breath scented with a combination of Jack Daniels and the mints she used to unsuccessfully mask the aroma.

Elliot had a surprise for his mother tonight, because tonight he wasn’t wearing pajama bottoms like he usually did. They only got in the way, and made it awkward for Mom to fumble in the dark.


Elliot remembered well that first night several months ago, when his mother struggled to try to get his PJ’s off of him. That was in part because she had woken her son up and he was confused and aksaray escort scared, and when his mother had finally gotten Elliot’s pajamas off that night and grabbed his dick, it had retreated like a turtle going into the shell, and Elliot had been so ashamed that his mother saw how little his penis was that he couldn’t get hard for the longest time.

Mom didn’t get mad that, or laugh and him, and instead just kept gently tugging at his manhood. When at last he began to relax and the blood began to rush into his organ, Mom’s soothing voice became filled with pride.

“Oh my!” Mom exclaimed as she found herself stroking a penis that was slender but much longer than she must have suspected, given the size it had been when she first held it. “Honey, you’re so big.”

Elliot had ejaculated when she heard the pride in his mother’s voice, but she told him that it was alright, and that she knew he could get erect again, and real fast too. Thanks to her, it happened.

When her pulling began to make him harder, she went back to stroking his slender prong, and after she got him fully erect she rolled her son onto his back.

“Mom?” Elliot said, his voice reflected how scared he was, but she told her son that everything was going to be alright, and then he felt the warmth surround his dick.

Mom had ridden him that night, while he simply laid beneath her and did nothing. He got nervous when she started breathing heavy, but after she came, he began to understand.


“Mmm,” Tabitha Morton sighed when her hand reached Elliot’s hip and found bare skin instead of pajamas. “What a good boy you are, Elliot.”

Her hand slid slowly down from her son’s bony hip her fingers dancing down through the tuft of hair that grew over his manhood until she reached his cock. Elliot was hard, just like she had expected, and she rolled her son over onto his back while sliding down the bed.

“Ooh!” Elliot moaned when he felt his mother’s moist lips slide down his cock, and her mouth had barely reached the base of his dick when he erupted into her mouth and throat.

He always came fast, so Tabitha had taken to getting her boy off once before mounting him. Now, after he spat his load down her throat, her lips began the work of getting him up again.

It was a tribute to her son’s virility as much as it was a testament to her cock-sucking abilities, that Elliot was always able to get hard again so fast after amasya escort that initial ejaculation, so Tabitha’s mouth began stretching his limp noodle up as far as she could while playing with his balls.

Elliot made all sorts of noises as his mother sucked his flaccid dick, and sure enough, within 5 minutes his dick was just as hard as it had been before. After continuing to go down on her son for a minute longer, she climbed up and straddled him while he held his dick up straight for her to mount.

“Ahh!” they both sighed, and then Tabitha reached over Elliot and grabbed the headboard just above his head, like she had grown accustomed to doing.

Elliot’s hands came up and cupped the long pendulous breasts that dangled near his face, and as his mother began moving up and down his dick, he kneaded the pliant teats roughly before taking the left one in both hands and suckling on it much like he had 18 years ago.

“That’s it baby,” Tabitha sighed as Elliot nursed on her breasts one at a time before resting his head back on the pillow and cradling her breasts in his palms.

Elliot fought the urge to cum as Mom started riding him faster and harder. He slid his hands up under her arms, supporting her as she began bouncing up and down, and his thumbs slid up and down her moist armpits, caressing the faint peach fuzz that graced the hollows.

“Wait… almost,” Tabitha huffed, imploring Elliot to keep from cumming just a little longer, and her son bit his lower lip hard, straining to fight off his orgasm until Mom came.

“Yes!!!” Tabitha screamed as her body convulsed, her pussy clamping down on her son’s penis as she came, and then she felt his dick jerk inside of her, filling her womb with his hot seed.

His hot and possibly potent seed, Tabitha thought as she felt Elliot’s dick shrivel up and slip out of her pussy, remembering that she hadn’t had her period in a couple of months.

Could she be carrying her son’s baby? The thought both frightened and excited her. What would Elliot think? Should she say something? He was too young and immature to be a father, but he was so self-conscious about what he considered to be his less than manly body, that maybe that would convince him that he was a man not only in years but in every way.

“Love you baby,” Tabitha said to her son, kissing him softly on the lips, and like always Elliot returned the affection in spades, his tongue dueling with hers as she kissed passionately.

“Was it good, Mom?” Elliot asked, just like always, and just like always Tabitha told him yes, because it was true.

“You’re my man, my only man,” Tabitha said as they embraced. “You’re always good. You make your Mommy cum so good every time.”


thank you for reading

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