I’m Having Your Baby, Boy!


I’ve participated in the latest and weirdest reality TV-show there is. I was recruited some time ago and tested for a zillion things. Medical and blood tests, but also questionnaires about anything and everything. It was a new dating show, so a lot was about my preferences and my life thus far. The show was going to air on cable, primarily because the impact was hard to predict, and even more because the show was going to be a bit risqué I was told.

Two month before the planned broadcast date I was summoned to the studio for screen testing. We were going to shoot several items and game sets and I don’t know what. It was obvious some game elements were going to be sexual. A king size bed was a central element in the studio.

At the end of the day the sick nature of the show showed itself. Before I was sent home they put me in a dark room. When my eyes got used a bit to the dark I saw I was not alone. Well, I was the only person in the room as such, but someone’s behind stuck through a hole in the wall. It was a chick alright. She lay naked in doggy position on a bench which disappeared through the hole, her feet this side on the ground with only her legs and butt inside the room. A voice said I had to show my willingness to participate fully with the show, even when the assignments would become a bit more risqué. Would I please feel up the chick’s pussy and check if she’s wet. She was.

“We have to know if you’ve got what it takes to be successful on our show. Now get your cock out of your pants, make it hard, and put it in her box,” the voice ordered.

After my initial shock I though what the heck, what should I care, I won’t freak out from this silly show. It is a dating show after all, so it should lead to sex eventually one way or another. I really want to be on the show, and I’m not easily upset. So I did as I was told.

I started stroking my hard-on, and nudged the tip of my spear between the labia of that pussy. The girl moaned and started to breath audibly. I pushed my hot rod forward and sank into her wet vice. Bottomed out to my root I stood still for a while, leaning against that butt. I drank in the hot feeling etching this moment into my memory.

Weird as it was, this was going to be some hot erotic show. No way they’ll broadcast this any other way than on cable. I picked up momentum and started screwing in and out of that sloshing gash. Her sounds became louder, and my own breathing picked up speed as well. Because of the dim light I enjoyed the ass more by touch than by sight. I lost myself in that scorching pit holding on to the hips, and finally sprayed my wad deep inside that unknown cunt.


Two months on I found myself in the studio again. So did three other candidates. And a life audience of some hundred people.

“Welcome in our brand new dating show, where we explore the sexual side of relationships. My name is Mat Sterbator, and this is my assistance Mona Lot.”

The audience roared as the blonde bimbo stepped into the spotlight. She wore a skimpy pink bikini which was partly covered by a short mesh dress.

“Tonight we will see four candidates compete for the date of their life. We’ve done extensive surveys and inquiries, so we do know everything there is to know about their backgrounds, wishes and preferences.

“Let’s introduce the four contenders now. Behind the desks you see our four brave frontrunners: Adam, Benjamin, Charley and Daniel.

“In this show we’ll explore if the girls we have picked for them from our extensive pool of nice ladies are compatible with the boys, and if we can find that magic match!”

Me and the other three candidates each set behind a desk on the side of the podium.

“We’ve put the contenders through our extensive test program and we’ve matched each of them with a beautiful hot lady from our wide array of girls who are all thoroughly researched. The matches for tonight are in this sealed envelope and Mona Lot will keep it secret for now. It’s to our candidates to decide with which girl they want to mate. Eh… date!”

Mona took the envelope from Mat and attached it to a wire which took it up in the air, remaining hanging at some ten feet, out of reach but for everyone to see.

“Let’s welcome our four brave date-nominees. I must stress that all girls are here strictly by free will. I can’t give you names, so let’s name them by the colours of their bikini’s: miss Blue, miss Green, miss Red and miss Yellow. And very fine bikini’s they are I must say. All clothes the girls wear on the show, including our dear Mona, is made available by one of our sponsors: Wicked Weasel.”

“For all audience members we have a goodie bag containing one of their sassy thong bikinis, a sexy hot one-piece suit and a naughty sheer panties.”

The first girl paraded on the stage in front of our desks wearing a white bath robe. Half way our desks the blonde goddess discarded her bath robe to reveal a smashing yellow thong bikini. Twirling around she showed her bare escort bayan buttocks divided by the thong. And her confined C-size tits. Her stiff nipples tried to escape but were kept afoot by the sheer fabric. I was sure there was no male left in the studio without a boner. At least mine was trying to escape my trunks.

Before long four smashing chicks were parading their wares in front of our eyes and those of the audience and the viewers at home. Cameras followed the girls around the stage and zoomed in close. Miss Red I estimated to be a nice redhead around 6 feet high with perky B-tits. A smallish black-haired chick with Asian features wore a blue bikini and sported great C-cup breasts. The lady in green was a busty brunette with probably D-sized knockers. Her butt size was also a bit too much to my liking.

The more revealing shots were taken as the chicks stopped walking around and took position in front of our desks. Four positions were marked on the floor. As the beauties in their flirty bathing wear smiled at us, their legs something like two feet apart, cameras took in the merchandise from all sides.

A monitor in my desk showed the images that were projected on big screens in the studio and probably viewed by numerous horny viewers at home. Next to the monitor were four buttons in the colours green, blue, red and yellow. I pushed the blue button which started to light blue. The image on my monitor switched to a view of the Asian girl in blue bikini.

“Our candidates can switch from chick to chick. To observe up-close the date-nominees, but later on also to indicate which babe is to their liking. Let’s see what Adam is looking at now…”

The big screens switched to the image on Adam’s monitor. In the bottom a green light was blinking. The screens showed miss Green in her tight skimpy green bikini, in alternating images from her front and her back, zoomed in to her big tits, and a full screen blown-up crotch view showing a very tasty cameltoe in her tight minikini bottom. In the floor between the brunette’s legs was another camera which made a mesmerizing shot of the gusset between her thighs, stretched taught over her juicy pussy lips.

I pushed the yellow button next to my monitor and similar shots of the hot blonde girl in yellow swimwear filled my screen. As I pushed the red button my cock stirred as the gorgeous redhead in her super tight red bikini showed up on my screen in all her beautiful titillating details, in alternating views from all sides.

“The matches which have been made through our scientific program take into account a wide range of factors, like preferences, habits, background, education, whatever. But not sexual attraction and compatibility. In this show we will be testing this extensively and we will find out which combinations boil with sexual chemistry. So LET THE FUN BEGIN!!”

The audience roared their appreciation.

“First our candidates will make out with the four date-nominees each. A draw has assigned Benjamin to go first, so Ben, please step up front and give our four beautiful babes a kiss…”

Benjamin came from behind his desk and stepped up in front of miss Yellow. She held her arms straight next to her slender body and looked Benjamin in the eyes with an inviting smile. He took her face in his both hands and planted his lips tenderly on the blonde’s mouth. All screens showed a side view revealing both kissers closing their eyes as they started to lose themselves into a real soul kiss.

The audience started to howl until Mat Sterbator broke the bewitchment saying “It’s time to move to the next nominee Benjamin. You only need to find out how they kiss, you don’t need to overdo it.”

Benjamin stepped to the next position in front of miss Red, and in no time he smooched that gorgeous creature as he had miss Yellow, again holding that pretty face with both hands against his mouth. Again he penetrated her with his tongue exploring the insides of her mouth. Miss Red never twitched an arm, looked Benjamin in the eyes and replied his action with a tongue dance. Miss Green and Blue got the same treatment and gave themselves into Benjamin’s kiss.

As it was my turn Mona took my arm and pushed me towards miss Yellow. Standing before this beautiful creature I could only think: ‘Wow, she really does smell smashing great!’ I put my lips against hers and hesitantly pushed my tongue inside. She accepted my intrusion and kissed me back like she meant it.

As Mat told me to step on I took position at the most beautiful redhead I had ever seen. As I sealed my mouth on hers I let my hands wander downwards along that heavenly body, feeling her back, her hips, and finally her butt. I let my hands rest on her firm behind, gripping that amazing ass and pulling her firmly against my groin. She answered my action by pushing her mound against my boner and grind it from side to side. She was apparently just as eager as me for some naughty action…

Mat stopped our fun much too soon saying “Stop altıparmak escort that David, you’re only supposed to kiss her. For now!” I tried to restrain myself with the last two chicks by concentrating on the kissing, although I did feel up their asses as well by resting my hands on their buttocks. Intensely kissing those four beauties left me somewhat breathless, my cheeks flushed and my dick longing for action.

“We’re heading to a short break, but stay tuned for there’s some steamy action coming up you certainly won’t want to miss…,” Mat told the viewers.

Artists filled the floor to touch-up the make-up of the ladies while tight models in sexy Wicked Weasel outfits filled the screens in the studio.

“Welcome back all you beauty lovers!” Mat lisped. “Let’s see how our candidates have fared so far.”

All screens showed reruns of the more saucy moments thus far. I gaped at my own moments with the lady in red. Of course me grabbing that delicious ass of hers was sharply displayed. And the audience loved it as well as I and Ruby did.

Four lounge chairs were wheeled onto the podium floor. “Brave men, please come and sit down here,” Mat said. As we were seated down on the comfortable chairs a curtain was lowered ending over our bellies. We were denied any view on our lower bodies.

“Ladies, will you please unpack the tools of our candidates and give them a blow-job.”

I felt my belt loosened and my pants pulled down, just as my boxer shorts. A silence descended over the studio as if the anticipation I felt was experienced by everybody. My cock was standing at attention with the prospect of what it would soon experience. A warm mouth kissed my tip, and then wrapped itself around the crown changing the kiss to a gentle sucking. A hand gripped the base of my boner, another cupped my balls. As the hands tightened their grip the mouth started to engulf my cock. Because of the hand that held my cock it could only reach the entrance of her throat. The tempo was increased as I felt the bobbing of the head over my rod.

The entire situation, being in a studio and watched by god-knows how many, being involved in a live sex act, it all got to my head. I felt a bit dizzy, but the sexual stimulation immediately brought me back. I tried to relax and give in to the amazing feelings that washed over my body. The tension didn’t flow down. A little bell sounded.

All of a sudden I felt my cock naked again. I could feel air flowing around my hot member, probably from the airco. But before long it disappeared again in some hot orifice. Another mouth started to work on my penis. The earlier sensations came back almost immediately. With the first attack I already almost lost it. As the second attacker took off where the first had stopped there was clearly no chance for me to prevent from coming. And I did. The lady who provoked my ejaculation managed to gobble it all down.

I was not the only one. Apparently we all had lost it. And all four chicks had made one of us tip over the edge.

“We’ll take a short break to give the boys a little time to recover. But boys, how are you going to survive this night when you all go bonkers from only two blow-jobs? You realise you have to perform tonight, and this night is still young…

“For now, go to your desk and indicate which of the two blow-jobs was the best.”

The buttons at my monitor were now numbered. I pushed in the first. After we all had made our choice highlights were run on the screens. It was pretty weird seeing those explicit shots knowing some of them contained my own dick. At a few shots I recognised my own device, but certainly not all the time. I did recognize miss Blue being one of the chicks that had already hung on my dick. But was she my

thus far?

We were ordered back in our lounge chairs, and when the curtain was in place again my dick was attacked for the third time. Because I already had reached an orgasm I endured both attacks this time, as did the other candidates. It was again a very pleasant experience. Choosing the best was difficult though; again I opted for the first of the two,

“Okay, you’ve all done pretty well so far. From now on we’ll change again the sequence; you will perform after each other, so there’s more time to recover. It’s not a goal to orgasm, at least not till the end of the show. And there’s still some tasks to fulfil, so my advice to you all is to take it a bit easy, for yourselves and for the girls.”

“Now you will all do some rollin’ in the hay. Get on the king size bed and cuddle with the girls. You can kiss them, lick them, use your fingers wherever you want, but not your cock. We’ll call this heavy petting.”

We all got a turn with the four ladies, one after the other, resulting in 16 steamy encounters. We were switched continuously so we had intermittent time to recoup. And part of the fun is to watch each other going at each other. Although I must admit I experienced some jealousy mudanya escort seeing some of the girls with the other boys. But all over it was a crazy and very enjoyable experience. After we had sampled all the dolls in intimate cuddling we had to indicate our preferences by pushing two colour buttons. Meanwhyle I had felt up the four pussies really good, tasted them all, sucked on four pairs of tits and manipulated the corresponding clits. But most important we had very pleasant and intimate necking sessions with the four possible date buddies. And of a character you normally never experience on your first or even second date. We now experienced this sexual exploration before our first date, even before it was decided who the first date was going to be…

Having test sex to decide who my date was going to be was really mind blowing.

There was another commercial break after we had logged in our preferences. There was a bit more time needed for touching up the make-up. And for getting the chicks into clothes again. They had all lost their bikini’s during the intimate cuddling. As the show went live again the girls were topless but wore nice skimpy bottoms again, in the appropriate colours.

“We’ve seen the ladies in the flesh, and the boys in their full glory. But we haven’t seen the real thing yet. Let’s get the show to the next level!” Mat hollered at the excited audience. The audience was restless and clapped in the hands. Mona Lot stood next to Mat Sterbator who had a big grin on his face. Mona lifted her dress up revealing a pink high cut panties. Mat pulled the garment down revealing her very bald pussy. With the camera zoomed in to her crotch Mat stroked her labia, and then pushed two fingers inside that wet snatch. The audience roared their approval. Retracting his fingers Mat had two little beads in his hand. Showing them to the camera it was clear one was blue, the other was the letter C.

“The first round is for Charley, who has the luck of being lined-up with the beautiful Asian miss Blue. So darlings, may I invite you on the king size bed. The floor is yours to really enjoy each other, and to provide us with a sizzling show!”

They both eagerly stumbled to the middle of the flour and crawled on the high bed. Nestling in each other’s arms they started kissing and cuddling again.

“Darlings, I must point out you will each enjoy three more encounters after this, as will all the others. There will be another 15 scenes. Even though you look pretty hot going at each other I must insist you skip the foreplay now and concentrate on the hard core action. Charley, you have only five minutes to test that nice tight twat so I suggest you do two positions, maybe three. You’re both heated up enough to bed each other right away, so I suggest you take her like a dog first and then she can ride you cowgirl.”

And so we all saw miss blue get on all fours as Charley pulled on his rod. With one push he buried his tool in her box and went for it for two minutes. The camera picked up every sordid detail. Pulling out a slimy thread kept a connection between the two genitals. Charley got on his back and black beauty squatted over his hips facing him. She lowered her pussy over his dick until she sat squarely on his lap, and then pumped slowly up and down showing him her dick-filled fanny.

Too soon a gong sounded. Mona stood ready next to Mat with her dress lifted up. Again he fished two beads out of her sex showing green and D, which indicated round two to be a bout of sex between me and miss Green.

The voluptuous brunette got on the bed in her ridiculous small green bottom. I stepped up front pushing my trunk down on the way, letting my tool jump free. Miss green lay on her back, her legs already spread open. I jumped between them and guided my cock in her wet and open pussy. I fucked her missionary for something like a minute, meanwhile staring deep in the eyes. I didn’t leave her cunt but got on my knees shoving them under her buttocks, lifting her up a bit. I pulled on her shoulders getting her upright pulling her crotch firmly in my lap, my cock nestled deep inside her vagina. I lifted her up with my hips and shoved my legs under her to get lying down on my back. Miss Green sat down and rocked her cunt back and forth on my cock. She got on her feet and rode me cowgirl style, including a jell for good measure.

Before the last minute I threw her off to the side, got on my knees and pulled her hips up from the bed, positioning that big ass in front of me. My hard cock still wet from her juices pointed straight forward, so pulling her into my crotch made my spear disappear inside her fat cunny again. I fucked her hard in doggy position holding on to her magnificent hips. The five minutes were nice but way too short to get into real danger. And she wasn’t really my type…

A rush of encounters followed. The fierce five minutes were tight time slots in which we tried to make the best of it. In the flow of changing sex partners my second was the long legged redhead with the beautiful small titties. She happened to have a really tight snatch which almost took me over the edge as she wrapped her thighs around my hips, my fuck stick deep inside her scorching furnace. What a sizzling hot sucking vice that was.

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