In Love with My Stepmother Ch. 03


Stepmother invites stepson to sleep with her in her bed.

Reviewed, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 02:

Suddenly, it was the dawn of a new day. With the sun streaming through the kitchen window behind her, and with her not immediately realizing just how sheer and practically see-through her nightgown was, she was giving her stepson quite the naked show of her sexy and shapely body. When she stood in the bright light of the kitchen, especially when she stood in front of the kitchen window, with him seeing the complete silhouette of her naked body, her stepson could see her as if she was naked.

Whatever he didn’t see of her, he could surely imagine the rest. With her still not wearing a robe, she was a voyeur’s flashing image dream. With the bright sunlight streaming through every window and in every room in the house, no matter where she stood in the house, she continued flashing him all that he could see through her sheer and sexy nightgown. As if she was naked, and, no doubt, she indeed felt naked, he never removed his eyes from her. Never had her stepson seen as much of his stepmother’s nearly, naked body.

Even more revealing, than the light from the refrigerator, when she walked in front of the television screen, the light from the TV in the darkened living room lit her up as if she was naked. Not only was she clearly sexually aroused from flashing her stepson but also, she was sexually aroused that he was looking, staring, and leering. Obviously, for him to have a throbbing and pulsating erection and for him to flash her in the way that she had been flashing him, he was just as sexually frustrated and horny as she was.

Too late to turn back now and put on a robe, he had already seen everything of her that she normally wouldn’t want him to see. Indeed, as if she was naked, clearly, he could see the shape and the size of her naked breasts through her nightgown. He could see her nipples, her areolas, her patch of blonde, pubic hair, and her ass crack. With Paul a horny, nineteen-year-old, young man, it didn’t take much to make him sexually excited. As she was already witness to, it didn’t take much to give him a noticeable erection.

In the way that she wished he’d touch and feel her through her nightgown while kissing her, French kissing her, she’d love to touch and feel his big, erect prick through his underwear while kissing him, French kissing him. He had already seen her nearly, naked ass, her nearly, naked tits, and nearly, naked pussy. In the way that she was staring at the bulge his erect prick made in his pajama bottoms, taking two to flash, she’d love to see his naked prick. In the way that he, no doubt, wished that he could suck her nipples, clearly, she wanted to suck his cock.

Something she never wanted to do before but, seemingly, she wanted to do now, she’d love to give Paul a blowjob. She’d love to stroke him while sucking him. She’d love him to cum in her mouth.

She always loved sucking cock but it’s been such a long time since she had a hard, erect prick in her mouth that she was making herself so very horny. Only, this wasn’t just any young man, this was her stepson. Something so very forbidden, it was obvious that she wanted to have sex with him.

In the way that she was flashing and sexually teasing him, no doubt, she’d love for him to strip off her nightgown. She’d love her stepson to strip her naked. She’d love for Paul to see her totally naked body. She’d love for him to touch and feel her everywhere. She’d love for him to take her in his arms and kiss her while having his wicked, sexual way with her naked body. She’d love for him to make love to her. She’d love for him to fuck her. She’d love for him to fuck her hard and fast enough to give her a sexual orgasm with his big prick.

# # #

After seeing so very much of Kathy’s 41-year-old sexy and shapely body, while imagining having sex with her, Paul masturbated over her every night and every morning. Something he knew would never happen, nevertheless, he’d love to have sex with his stepmom. After seeing so very much of her nearly, naked body, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to touch and fondle her naked body while kissing her. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to have forbidden sex with her.

Yet, unbeknownst to him and fortunately for him, his sexual excitement wasn’t one-sided. Seemingly, she was just as sexually aroused flashing him as he was sexually excited seeing so much of his stepmother’s, nearly, naked body. Then, with one flash leading to another flash, he started returning the favor of her exhibitionism with his exhibitionism. In the way that he secretly leered at her, she stared at him. Obviously, she was just as interested in seeing his big, hard, naked dick as much as he was interested in seeing her big, firm, and shapely breasts.

While making his flashes appear accidental, he acted as if he was unaware that he was exposed. When she wasn’t flashing him bits and pieces of her sexy and Escort bayan shapely body, he flashed her peeks of his naked prick. Instead of looking away with embarrassment, she stared at his exposed prick with sexual arousal. In the way that he sexually stared at her, she sexually stared at him. Finally, part of flashing one another and much better than just flashing one another, they grew even fonder of one another, and closer than they ever were before.

Not limiting their relationship to just flashing one another, they watched TV together. With them both competitive, they played board games, Scrabble, Rummikub, and Backgammon. They did everything together. They ate together, went for long walks, went food shopping, shopped at the mall, and went out to eat. Hoping to take the next sexual step, he wanted to kiss her, French kiss her, while touching and feeling her through her clothes.

Something he knew would never happen; he’d love to strip her naked. He’d love to French kiss her while touching and feeling her naked body everywhere. He’d love to put her soft, warm hand on his hard, erect cock. He’d love for her to stroke him while sucking him. He’d love to cum in his stepmother’s beautiful mouth before cumming in her warm and wet pussy and before ejaculating a second load all over her pretty face.

# # #

Chapter 03:

Hoping to take the next, sexual step from stepmother and stepson to lovers, but an impossible giant leap to make, he’d love nothing more than to sleep in the same bed with his stepmother. He’d love to hold her, cuddle her, and spoon her as she slept. Then, once she fell asleep, he imagined touching her and feeling her everywhere through her nightgown.

Yet, asking for trouble, just as a stepmother should never sleep in the same bed with her stepson, a stepson should never sleep in the same bed with his stepmom. It’s wrong. It’s nasty. Yet, it’s so sexually hot to imagine sleeping in the same bed with his stepmother. Besides, she’d never sleep with him. She’d never allow him to hold her, cuddle her, and spoon her and touch and feel her while she slept.

Racking his brain, not wanting her to think that he wanted to have sex with her, he wanted her to think that he innocently wanted to sleep with her. He had to come up with a valid reason why he needed to sleep with her in her bed. He had to come up with an excuse why he needed to share her bed.

He needed her to feel sorry for him. He had to play on her sympathies as an excuse why he to sleep with his stepmother. He needed something that would tug at her heart strings for her to feel sorry enough for him to invite him to share her bed. Only, he couldn’t think of anything to convince her to invite him to sleep with her without him looking like a pervert.

Of course, rather than just sleeping, he had ulterior, sexual motives on his mind. He knew that, eventually, especially with them sleeping in the same bed, one, sexual thing would, hopefully, lead to another, sexual thing. When they cuddled and spooned, he’d be touching and feeling all that he hoped to touch and feel of his MILF of a stepmother. Then, when she finally fell asleep, he’d be lifting the back of her nightgown to feel her naked ass. He’d be sticking his hand down the front of her nightgown to feel her naked tits and finger her erect nipples.

‘I hope she agrees to sleep with me. I’d love to touch and feel my stepmother through her nightgown while she’s sleeping,’ he thought.

Then, later, while she lay sleeping, he imagined taking sexual liberty with her nightgown clad body not only with his horny hands but also with his naked cock. While she lay sleeping, he imagined touching her and feeling her in her sleep. While she lay sleeping, he’d slide his cock along her pussy lips and along her mouth. While masturbating himself with the thoughts of sexually abusing his stepmom, he imagined feeling her nightgown clad ass and breasts as she slept. Only, he needed to come up with a way for her to invite him to sleep with her.

# # #

Hoping that it would work, as if he was walking in a funeral procession, he walked to his stepmother’s bedroom sad and teary eyed. If he was staring in a movie, with his acting performance believable, he’d be up for an Oscar nomination. Truth be told, he never got along with his father. He hated him. Not feeling guilty for thinking it and not feeling embarrassed for saying it, he was glad that he was dead. The only good thing his father ever did was to marry Kathy 10-years ago and make her his stepmother.

Always sexually attracted to woman his age, a little older or a little younger, he never looked at a woman who was more than twice his age. His Dad, on the other hand, was sexually attracted to younger women, women young enough to be his daughter. Yet, no matter her age, Kathy was a true MILF. She was so very beautiful and had the sexy and shapely body to match. There’d be something mentally wrong with him for him not to be sexually attracted to his stepmother.

“Paul? Bayan escort What’s wrong? You look so sad.”

He wiped nonexistent tears from his eyes and blew his nose on a tissue. Acting the role while playing his part, he needed to show a good enough performance to not only make her believe him but also for her to take pity on him. As if his dog had just died, he hung his head in sad sorrow. Now or never, going all in and playing his cards, and putting everything on the line, this was his only chance for her to feel bad enough for him to invite him to sleep with her.

“I can’t sleep. I miss Dad. I can’t stop thinking of him. Today would have been his 60th birthday. I keep having nightmares of him dying that night. It makes me afraid that I’m going to die, too,” he said. “I don’t want to die,” he said while staring up at all that he could see of her. “I want to live. I want to sleep without having nightmares.”

She was so pretty. She was so sexy. She was all that he’d sexually want in a woman. He’d give anything to sleep in the same bed with her. He’d give anything to hold her, cuddle her, and spoon her. He’d give anything to have sex with her. Then, as if he willed it to happen, as if she had opened the gates to Heaven and mistakenly invited the Devil inside, she pulled back the covers.

“Sleep with me tonight, Paul,” she said innocently. “I’ve been missing him, too. I’m so very lonely without him in my bed. We can comfort one another,” she said with a long pause while biting her lip and before making her sexually, revealing confession. “Worse for me, it doesn’t help that you look so much like him and constantly remind me of him.”

# # #

Now, with the hard part done, and with her inviting him to sleep in the same bed with her, a sacred place he never imagined being, he climbed in bed with her. Only, suddenly feeling awkwardly uncomfortable sleeping with his stepmother, he kept his distance. Other than feeling sexually excited, not imagining how he’d feel before, his ruse to take sexual advantage of his stepmother, bothered him now.

As if she was an innocent virgin, which, clearly, she wasn’t. Other than for his money, what 30-year-old beautiful woman would marry a man who was old enough to be her father. Obviously, she married him for his money. Nonetheless her motives for marrying his father, he felt like such a despicable pervert to even think of taking sexual advantage of his stepmother. Then, as if she was a magician and said the magic word, ‘Abracadabra,’ she said what he was hoping she’d say.

“What are you doing way over there? I won’t bite you. Come closer and cuddle me. I’m cold,” she said with a shiver.

‘Cuddle her? My stepmother wants me to cuddle her. She’s cold. Oh, my God,’ he thought while moving closer to her.

He moved close enough to her to warm her body up with his body.

“Put your arm around me and hold me,” she said. “Your father used to always hold me. I miss being held. I like being held.”

Already having an erection, he wondered what else his father did that she missed. When she leaned back against him, a perfect fit, his pajama clad cock impaled her nightgown clad ass. He was so tempted to hump her but not wanting to ruin things but rushing things, he didn’t hump his stepmother.

Nonetheless, with forbidden sex on his mind, he was so tempted to feel, squeeze, and fondle her shapely ass through her nightgown. He was so tempted to reach over her and touch, feel, fondle, and grope her big breasts while fingering her erect nipples. Only and again, not wanting to rush things, he didn’t want to ruin things. It was enough that he was in bed with her. He’d feel her shapely ass and big breasts while she was sleeping.

“There,” she said taking his arm and moving it around her waist.

Not realizing how big and how heavy her breasts were until she rested them on his forearm and on the back of his hand, he was consumed by her big and heavy breasts. All he could think about was turning his arm and cupping her big tit in the palm of his hand. He’d love nothing better than to feel Kathy’s big tits. All he could think about was feeling and fondling her big breasts while fingering her nipple. He’d love nothing better than to finger her nipple.

“How does that feel?”

‘How does that feel,’ he thought? ‘I’ll let you know after I grope your big tits and finger your erect nipples while humping your shapely, naked ass.’

“Thank you. This feels very nice. It’s very reassuring. With you comforting me by allowing me to sleep with you in your bed, I should sleep like a baby tonight,” he said.

# # #

As soon as she lay sleeping, with his arm still around her, he turned his hand and stealthily cupped and felt her big tits, first one and then the other. He couldn’t believe he was feeling Kathy’s big breasts. As if she was his date instead of his stepmother and they were at a movie, he felt and gently squeezed her big, nightgown clad breasts. In the way that Escort his cock was already erect, as soon as he fondled her tits, her nipples erected themselves.

‘She has such big nipples,’ he thought to himself. ‘I wish she was turned facing me so that I could see them and suck them. I’d love to suck Kathy’s nipples while she stroked me.’

Then, when her nipples pushed against the palm of his hand, encouraging her nipples out even further, he slowly slid his hands across them. Then, with her still sleeping, growing bolder in his sexual assault of his stepmother, he gently fingered her nipples. When she still didn’t awaken, while wishing that he could suck them, he gently pulled, turned and twisted her erect nipples.

Then, carefully removing his arm from her breasts without awakening, he felt his stepmother’s nightgown clad ass through her thin nightgown. Ever so slowly and ever so gently, as if her ass was made of glass and was breakable, he lifted the back of her nightgown to see, touch, feel, fondle, and squeeze her naked ass in the dim nightlight. With him finally having access to his stepmother’s naked ass, he groped her naked ass with his horny hand. When she still didn’t stir, he slowly slid his hand all over her backside and gently squeezed it.

‘I’d love to lick her ass. I’d love to tap her ass. I’d love to fuck her ass,’ he thought. ‘I’d love to have anal sex with my stepmother.’

Then, while making sure she was fast asleep by deliberately poking her shoulder with his finger, he reached his arm over her and rested his hand on her naked breasts again. When she still didn’t stir, taking a risk that he’d awaken her but worth the risk, he stuck his horny hand down her nightgown top and ever so gently fingered her erect nipples again. With her still sound asleep he’d ever so slowly lift the front of her nightgown, moved his hand in between her shapely legs, and fingered her pussy while rubbing her clit.

In the way that he wished she’d masturbate him, he masturbated her. Something that he had always imagined doing, while she lay sleeping, he continued masturbating his stepmother. He rubbed her clit while gently fingerfucking her pussy. As if she was dreaming, she softly moaned from him masturbating her. He’d love to hear her and watch her cum in her sleep.

As if he was her husband or her lover instead of her stepson, he touched and felt her everywhere on the pretense that he was cuddling her and spooning while she lay sleeping. Instantly making her wet, he rubbed his erect cock along her pussy. He’d love to slide his big dick inside his stepmother’s war, wet pussy but not wanting to rape her, he didn’t dare. Still, a sexual fantasy that he always had, he’d love to make love to her before fucking her.

# # #

Yet, sexually shocking him, his sexually abuse of his stepmom wasn’t all one way. When she turned the other way and he turned the other way with her, they turned as if they were physically connected to one another. Then, while still cuddling him and spooning him, she rested her hand on his penis through his pajama bottoms. As soon as she rested her fingertips on his erect prick, as if beckoning her to stick her hand in her pajama pee hole and wrap her fingers around his stiff prick, his cock throbbed and pulsated.

Ever so slowly and ever so gently, she fingered the head of his growing prick through his pajamas. His cock throbbed harder and pulsated faster to show his sexual excitement. He wondered if she was still asleep or wide awake.

Perhaps, with her thinking that he was fast asleep, and with him not wearing underwear, she took sexual advantage of him in the way that he took sexual advantage of her. She stuck her hand inside of his pajama pee hole and wrapped her warm and soft fingers around his hard and erect. Then, as if she was doing a magic trick by pulling a snake out of a hat, she removed his stiff prick from his pajama bottoms.

Slowly stroking him before stroking him faster and harder, she masturbated him in his sleep in the way that he had been masturbating her in her sleep. Then, in the way that he stopped before she had a sexual orgasm and awakened, stopping before he ejaculated warm, oozy cum all over her hand, she ever so slowly stroked his prick while fingering the head of his cock. Then, before removing her hand, she reached down to cup and gently fondle his testicles.

With her pretending that she was asleep, she pretended that she was unaware her stepson felt and groped her nearly naked body. With him pretending he was asleep, he pretended that he was unaware that his stepmom fondled and stroked his naked cock. Never had he been as sexually excited to touch and feel his stepmother where he should never touch and feel her. Never had he been as sexually excited to be touched and felt by his stepmother where she should never touch and feel him.

If this became a nightly routine and if they continued sleeping in the same bed together, it was only a matter of time before they’d be having forbidden sex, having sexual orgasms, and cumming. It would be only a matter of time before he’d be fingering her, licking her, and fucking her. It would only be a matter of time before she’s be stroking him, sucking him, and making love to him.

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