In The Family Ch. 2


Stacey sat in bed, surprised at what had just happened. She had just licked her beautiful blond haired cousin Sarah’s pussy while Sarah was telling her how she had seduced Stacey’s step-father James. She found herself extremely horny at the thought of James and Sarah having sex, and even hornier when she licked her lips and tasted Sarah’s pussy juice. Stacey told Sarah to continue with her story. Sarah smiled and said “Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, when he finally stopped eating my pussy he got on his knees in between my legs and I could see his 7-inch cock standing straight up and hard enough to cut diamonds!” she giggled as she remembered how hard it was.

“He moved up closer and closer until I could feel the head of his dick rubbing up and down the outside of my pussy lips. He slowly slid his cock into me, and I mean slowly. It seemed to take forever before I felt his testicles resting against my ass, and I swear I never felt so full! Then he just as slowly pulled himself out until only the head of his penis was resting in me, then he again slowly slid into me. He maintained this slow pace for a long time as he held his upper body off of mine. Hell every other guy I fucked just laid on top of me so I couldn’t even breath and just hunched me like a damn rabbit! But not James, he made sure I enjoyed every sensation, and with him holding himself up I could watch as his dick slid in and out of my pussy.

“God what a sight! Gradually, he sped up. He got faster and harder, pulling out to just his head and ramming into me to the hilt with each stroke! Oh it was incredible, I just kept getting higher and higher towards another earth shattering orgasm when he stopped for a second and grabbed my ankles and moved my legs onto his shoulders. When he did that my back Escort bayan arched my hips into the air some and the sensations in my pussy changed, his strokes got even deeper! I swear I felt his head pounding into my cervix with every stroke!”

Sarah noticed Stacey had her fingers rubbing her silk panties as she described her first sexual encounter with her uncle. She marveled at the amount of hair she saw covered only slightly by her panties. She now understood how the term bush was used to describe a woman’s pussy. Stacey had thick dark curly pubic hair that peeked out of the top of her panties and the legs. She never really looked at another woman’s body in a sexual way before, but she was really getting excited by Stacey’s moderately sized breasts and large nipples, and her slim curvy hips, flat stomach and shapely legs. Sarah looked into her cousins pretty green eyes and continued her story.

“After pounding me into another orgasm, he rolled over onto his back and waited for me to catch my breath. All the while he kept stroking my stomach, legs, and breasts. When my breathing slowed, he told me to get on my knees. When I was in position, he slowly inserted his cock into my pussy again, I was still so wet he had no problem sliding all the way in on the first push. He worked his dick into me faster and faster, I pushed back with every stroke and we had a really good rhythm going when I burst into another orgasm! I just kept cumming and cumming until I lost all the strength in my legs and fell forward. James stayed with me and never missed a beat, even with me laying on my stomach, he kept slamming his wonderful cock into my cunt.

“Somewhere in all of these incredible sensations I was feeling, I also felt his cock swell up and Bayan escort his thrusting became even more intense as I felt his orgasm building. He must have remembered he wasn’t wearing any protection because he pulled his cock out of me before he came. When he did that I managed to turn around and put his cock in my mouth just as he was exploding in his orgasm. It felt like he was using a pressure hose, his hot cum splashed into the back of my throat so hard I couldn’t swallow at first and a lot of his jism leaked out around my lips, but he had plenty left for me to swallow as he just kept pumping what seemed like gallons of sperm into my mouth, and I hungrily swallowed all of it!”

While Sarah was telling Stacey all of this, Stacey had been rubbing her pussy. She started with rubbing her pussy through her panties, making them wet with her juices. Then she pulled them to the side with one hand and rubbed her slit with the other one. She slowly worked her index finger into her hot wet pussy moving it in and out at the same tempo her cousin was saying her step father used on her.

She noticed Sarah looking at her masturbate and got more and more excited. She used the hand holding her panties to the side to rub her clit while her other hand plunged in and out of her pussy. She slipped two then three fingers into herself. She never tried that many fingers on herself before, but DAMN she was horny. When Sarah finished her story, Stacey had brought herself to her second orgasm. As Sarah watched her beautiful dark haired cousin orgasm for the second time, she couldn’t stop herself. She reached over and grabbed her cousins thin silk panties and ripped them off her body.

When Stacey felt her panties suddenly ripped off of her body, her orgasm Escort peaked again. Then she felt her cousins hands move her hands away from her pussy and replaced them with her tongue. Sarah licked and sucked her clit until it felt one hundred times larger than normal. Her tongue alternately lapped at her pussy lips and clit. Her pussy felt like it had turned into a fountain as more and more of her womanly fluids poured into her beautiful blond haired cousins mouth.

Sarah never felt herself so out of control as she did now. Never had she imagined herself with another woman, and here she was eating pussy like it was something she did every day. As Stacey’s hips bucked and gyrated into another huge orgasm, Sarah kept her lips firmly planted on Stacey’s clit, sucking it for all she was worth, her mouth never once leaving her cousins pussy.

Stacey had one mind ripping orgasm after another, flailing her hips around uncontrollably. Wave after wave of intense pleasure engulfed her, carrying her to places she never reached before. Finally she had to plead with her cousin to stop. As she lay there panting, trying to catch her breath, Sarah moved up next to her and held her closely.

“God that was incredible!” Stacey said when could finally catch her breath. “Man, just listening to you describe what you did with daddy made me hotter than I’ve ever been before.”

Sarah smiled wistfully and said “It felt even better than I could describe.” Her smile widened as a thought came to her. “How would you feel about trying to get some of that wonderful cock yourself?” she asked.

Stacey stared at her for a moment and asked her” Are you serious?” “Of course I am” Sarah said. “I was just thinking that James might not be able to control himself if he was to see two gorgeous young women together.” Stacey looked at her cousin with a puzzled expression. Wondering if she dared try to have sex with her own step father! She thought about it until she slipped into a deep sleep.

To Be Continued…

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