Indecent Connections Ch. 19


My lips curled into the most unsympathetic smirk as I finally got the chance to try out another new rule. Without giving any command I stood up and went to the kitchen. Ava followed along clearly unsure if that is in fact what I wanted. Part of this had to be learned over time I knew. Ava was doing a wonderful job so far but both of us would have to find a good rhythm so this all flowed naturally. I started preparations on our food while Ava stayed in the kitchen with me. At first it was fine but then, on purpose, I bumped into her and pretended to be really mad.

“Ava, what are you doing under my feet!” She winced thinking that she was in a lot of trouble. “Go to your bed, foolish little one. I am making dinner right now.” She backed away slowly but I wanted her to go faster so I gave her another warning. “Ava, go to your bed.” She searched the kitchen and was relieved to find the dog bed near the back door. In quite a rush she headed over and curled up there. Feigning like nothing had happened I went back to my dinner preparations. I finished making something for myself while I felt Ava’s eyes following my every move. By now she must have noticed how there was only one plate present. I could imagine her mind thinking of what I had said earlier about meal times. Firstly I put my plate down on the table and then went to the cupboard to get two items in particular.

I took out cereal that I had bought, which I intended to look like dry pet food. Next I took down a pet bowl I had bought that I had Ava’s name engraved onto. There were two bowls so I filled one with water and the other with the cereal. Still completely ignoring Ava lying in her bed I went to one of the kitchen’s bottom cabinets and took out the food matt I had gotten. I placed the matt near the back door where I could see Ava eating while I was sitting at my own chair. Lastly I came back for the two bowls and put them down on the matt for her.

“Come on Ava time to eat.” She stepped off her bed and crawled over to the food dishes. Ava gave me a look like she was embarrassed to be doing this. That was the point anyway so I just walked away and sat down at the table to start eating my food. I didn’t look at Ava in the hopes that my nonchalant attitude would reassure her that everything would be fine. Shortly after I started eating there was a clinking noise coming from Ava’s direction. I glanced up and was pleased to see her eating the food and taking short breaks to lap up some of the water. She was struggling with the water so I made a mental note to find something more accessible to her since denying her water was not something I intended to do.

When my food was finished I put the plate in the sink and headed back into the living room. Ava wasn’t done with her food so I left her to her business. I was sure she didn’t even notice me leave. While I was waiting for Ava to finish I watched some more TV. Eventually Ava did come looking for me and made her way to the living room. Before sitting down I had moved the dog bed out from underneath me to see what Ava would do. She did at first walk to the bed. Just as she was about to step onto it she seemed to have had a change of heart. Ava walked right past me the bed to sit next to me on the carpet. Instead of lying down Ava sat so that she would rest her head on my leg. I had been watching her every move while pretending to watch the TV; but when her head went onto my leg I looked down at her. Ava’s big brown eyes looked into mine with a plea behind them.

“What? Does my little girl want to play?” She picked up her head and meowed. I swore that if she could wag that tail she would be doing it at that moment. I reached down and pet her which she gladly accepted. When I finished petting her I got up from the couch and turned off the TV. She meowed again and got up off the floor to trot over to the hallway with me. I knew she was following me so that she would know exactly which room we were going into. I stopped just in front of the playroom and looked down at Ava. She had a big smile knowing just what was coming. I had a few things that I wanted to go over with her though.

“I believe this is the last set of rules that I have to go over for now Ava; so pay close attention so you remember all the ones that I went over today. Inside is no longer the spare bedroom that you once slept in. It has been completely redesigned to be a play room. You will never be in this room alone. If I want something from here to use in one of the other rooms then I will go get it. This room will be thoroughly cleaned once a week by you and I will tidy it up after use. When we go into this room you will be the first in and the last out. I’ll go over everything else inside so I can show you everything.” I opened the door and ushered Ava inside. Once we were in I closed the door loudly and locked it. Ava must have noticed my gruff demeanor now but stayed close by me.

“But my whore you don’t really need me to show you everything because you have already been in erzincan escort here haven’t you?” I had noticed it quite a while ago but didn’t want to give myself away to her. The lingerie she was wearing was definitely from one of the drawers in here. I hadn’t had time to move any of them to my room yet.

“In my note did I mention to enter this room to change?” Ava’s head very quickly shook out a ‘no’ for an answer.

“Why did you think that was Ava? It was so that you would not enter this room without me. Simply because you didn’t know about the rule yet does not mean you will be forgiven for breaking one. You will be punished my pet.” I made sure to call her my pet so she understood exactly what punishment she was getting; a caning. Ava whimpered and tried to gain forgiveness from me by nuzzling against me. I dropped the subject and continued listing the rules of the room.

“As you can see there are many things for us to play with in here some are for my submissive, some are for my pet and some are interchangeable. In here I expect verbal responses unless the situation is that your ability to speak has been compromised. Playroom etiquette is that my name is never used here; only sir or Master is allowed to be used. Restrictions on orgasms are not a necessity here; you may cum as many times as you want without permission. However, when you do cum you will inform me with the proper response. This response is to tell me that you are cumming, and then give me the reason behind why you are cumming. Be warned though, my slut, for every one orgasm you have in this room you will have to give me two and keep the count of orgasms you need to give me. If you do not completely say these before you cum you will be punished. So what are the three things you are required to tell me before you cum?”

“I must inform you that I am cumming; give you the reason why and how many orgasms I owe you for allowing me these orgasms.”

“Very good Ava, remember this every time you cum in the play room. Moving on, there is a bed but you will not use it unless I allow you to. Over here there is also a kennel for you.” I walked over and leaned against the large cage. It was much bigger than an average cage because I had wanted it this way so Ava would not be extremely crunched inside.

“Tonight pet as part of your punishment you will be sleeping in here; and you have lost the privilege of a two hour free period I was going to give you. Do you understand little girl?”

“Yes sir, this whore understands and will accept her punishment graciously because she knows that she was wrong.” I appreciated her response and pat her on the head to acknowledge her well-formed response. Then I knew it was time to get things started so I went to lift up the skirt of the bed to get the sybian I had bought. I glanced at Ava’s response which was very wary since she I had said she was being punished; but this was a tool for pleasure. Ava wasn’t in need of an explanation so I continued collecting things for me to use. This included rope, body oil and the key piece being the crop. When I picked it up off the wall rack Ava seemed to curl up in fear. I hung the crop from its leather loop on the bed where I had installed a hook for these things. The sybian was placed in front of a board that I had secured to the wall but still could be moved around if I ever decided it. This board was important because it had several hooks and attachments so I could tie Ava down.

“Ava mount the sybian; leave your underwear on but remove your top.” She did very swiftly and I was so excited to see her nipples again. Her nipple rings popped out from behind the fabric causing my cock to harden at seeing them. I knelt down to inspect them. Ava jumped back a little when I reached out to touch them. I gave her a warning glare.

“Ava that was unacceptable. Two more swats from the crop will be added to your punishment for that. Next time, and any time you flinch away in the future I will take away an hour of your leisure time for the next day.”

“Yes sir, I apologize but they are still very sore and my body reacted without my full control. This whore will accept this addition to her punishment with understanding.” This response was more than I had been expecting from Ava but I loved it all the same. My inspection of her nipples continued and then I stood back up to my full height. This left Ava much lower than me and showed my dominance over her.

“For future punishments such as this you will be given twenty hits from the crop. Ten will be to your tits and the other ten to your bottom. Since this is your first punishment you will only be receiving ten so, don’t expect them to be light. Your tits are still healing so you will get the first five hits to your hands for this time and any time between now and when I feel your tits have healed completely. Now since you were foolish enough not to trust me and flinched away from me you will now get six hits to your hand and six erzurum escort hits to your bottom. But, first Ava I want you to spread your pussy lips so that the sybian has access to your clit.” She did so and looked uncomfortable on it, but only for now. My next task was to take the rope and tie her down.

I did a frog tie on her legs to keep her kneeling down on the sybian; I tied her wrists together so that her palms would be facing up. To finish off my rope ties I laced a new rope that I had gotten specifically for what I was going to use it for right now around Ava’s neck. It was more of an elastic type rope; where it would be easy to pull off if need be. I then tied the end of this rope to the board behind Ava. With Ava completely tied up I stood back to admire my work. She was looking up expectantly dragging her eyes between me and the cane hanging near her. It wasn’t time for that just yet so I didn’t pay much mind to quell her fears. Instead I knelt back down so she was eye level with me.

“This is very important so listen closely Ava. While you are getting your six hits to your hands you will be expected to ride on the sybian and to choke yourself. This rope will allow you to do that by leaning forward. Present your hands to me while leaning forward.” She went to go do it but I stopped her.

“Not just yet my dear first you are going to be warmed up.” While keeping this eye contact with her I turned on the sybian underneath Ava. She jumped in surprise before realizing what was going on. She eventually leaned onto it and let the excitement flow over her. It was not long before she started moaning and closed her eyes. I took this as my chance move to the side of her. While she was lost in her sybian exploits my hand came down on her ass cheeks. She looked at me but was quickly distracted when I turned up the setting on the machine. That was when I let another smack come down on her cheek. This cycle continued for fifteen hits until Ava started straightening up to grind harder on the sybian. I could see that she was preparing to orgasm so I turned up the sybian’s power even higher. She jumped forward and nearly screamed.

“Master your whore is cumming because you have given her intense pain and pleasure. This slut now is giving you her body to have two of your own orgasms.” With that she started shaking uncontrollably with her ecstasy. At some point she had leaned forward probably to get away from the sybian’s vibrations only to start choking herself and make the orgasm more intense. After a short time I turned the torturing machine off and let her come down from her high. I could see that just this one round had nearly tired her out to the point of falling asleep right at that moment. I didn’t give her the time though by demanding she put her arms out and grabbed the cane. Ava shakily opened and extended her arms forward while choking herself on the rope.

“Don’t forget to count them out my bitch.” I warned her. Normally I wouldn’t give a reminder to her that was as simple as that but in her current start of fear and excitement I thought it would be best. She nodded her head and I started lightly tapping her hands with the cane. Ava understood that these were just light warm ups so she kept her mouth shut. Then I let the first one fly, rather lightly since it was her hands. Ava winced and pulled her hands into fist; while in a raspy voice she gave me the mantra.

“One, thank you for punishing your whore Master”

“Put your hands back out Ava or I’m going to add more swats.” She quickly complied realizing that I was not playing with her. I started lightly tapping the palms of her hands again before letting another harder hit grace her palm.

“Two, thank you for punishing your whore Master” Another one came down on her so I congratulated her on being halfway through. Then I turned on the sybian again and started watching her squirm. I didn’t bother telling her to stop moving because it was clear that she would not be able to and she was keeping her hands as still as possible. As more hits came down her hands were started to get red and show the lines created by the swinging of the cane. The last one came down on her hand and Ava sat up straight to grind on the sybian.

“Six, thank you for punishing your whore Master. Master your whore is cumming from being choked…” She stopped and started shuddering because I turned the machine off on her. Ava’s pleading eyes looked up at me as I gave her a sadistic smile. I spoke to her gently as I started untying her to change her location in the room.

“You are still free to have that orgasm if you can.” I reassured her knowing full well that she was not going to have it now. When Ava was freed from all her bonds except her wrist I picked her up to her feet by pulling her hair. She winced but still went with me without a fight. I pulled her into the middle of the room where there was a large matt. When I let go and walked away Ava knew right way that eskişehir escort she was not supposed to move from where she had been put. I grabbed one of the ropes and threw one end through an eye hook in the ceiling. Then I laced it through Ava’s tied hands so that her hands were securely above her head. It even raised her up a little on her toes so that she would be off balance.

I picked up the cane again and started lightly tapping her butt without giving her a warning. She clenched her cheeks in preparation. So to slid my hand down to her pussy and started fingering her clit. Ava leaned forward and in the process released the tension in her cheeks. That was when I struck hard on her ass. She jumped away from me and howled in pain trying to find the words she was meant to say.

“One, thank you for punishing your whore Master” Her eyes connected with mine and saw that I was not going stop this torment so she corrected her posture and I started with the light taps. The second one came down and basically the same thing happened to her. But I was proud she kept her count. Her last hit was the toughest for her because her cheeks had become so tender. She took it as best that she could and I let the tears fall.

“Six, thank you for punishing your whore Master. This slut has received twelve strikes to her Master’s body. She has learned to follow Master’s orders to the letter and not deviate from them in any way so that she will not break master’s rules.” I patted her head and gave her a kiss reassuring her that she was a good girl. The cane was put away first so Ava could be at ease then I got the oil that I had taken out earlier. It was to calm the stinging sensation on her ass. I dabbed some of it into my hand and then rubbed it into Ava’s cheeks. She relaxed against my hand and her tears gradually subsided into sniffles.

“Master it really hurts.” She sniffled and clenched her ass cheeks. I stood up close to her ear and continued to rub her cheeks with the oil.

“I never said it wouldn’t” I told her trying to soothe her with my voice as much as my hands. When I was done rubbing her cheeks I stood back to see the work I had done on her ass cheeks. There were red lines striking across the cheeks showing just where she had been hit. With the oil on it now the light reflected off of her cheeks giving a soft glow on her ass. I came back up behind her and started suckling on her neck while pulling her against me. My hands curled around and started to fondle her tits. I was massaging them but I was careful to stay away from her tender nipples. Ava moaned and grinded into me no doubt noticing how hard my dick was. She shuddered grinding into me even more.

“Your cheeks look delicious with all the red streaks lining them. They’ll be there for a while, every time you sit down and lay down you’ll remember this. This is will hopefully teach you that the only thing you should do is what I tell you to. You won’t ever get away with even the smallest of insubordination.” Her head fell back to lean against my shoulder and she kissed my cheek.

“I understand sir; I love that my punishment will be there to remind for a long while. Master I’ve had the pain and have learned my lesson, so please can I have your dick now.” She kept kissing my neck and cheek because that was the only places she could reach. One of my hands dropped down to unzip my fly and take out my cock. My other moved down from her tits to rub on her clit.

“Open your legs more Ava.” I told her and she quickly shuffled them apart from each other. Her pussy was dripping wet from all that had transpired. I had to move her tail out of the way so it fell to the side and out of my way. My dick was settled between her legs at first while I rubbed my hands up and down her thighs. After a few more light rubs against her clit with my dick I grabbed hold and positioned before her hole. My arm snaked around and took hold of her chin. This gave me the ability to keep her face forward as I plunged into her awaiting pussy. She yelled in excitement at the sudden intrusion. Ava couldn’t move very much with her hands still tied up by the ceiling but she did her best to bend over and give me more access to her pussy.

I pounded into her pulling at her shoulder and hair. Ava was moaning at the sheer force she was getting pounded with. My nails scratched down Ava’s back causing red marks to appear that matched her rosy red ass stripes. Compared to what Ava had just endured the nails running down her back was an arousing pain. Her back arched as her body tried to comprehend all that was coming about. Her body couldn’t take any more and she screamed out hoping that it would help her with all the feelings that were coursing through her.

“Master I’m coming because you’re fucking me so good. Please use me so that you can cum four times. Your slut is praying that you allow her to enjoy your cock while you use me for your own orgasm.” I kept going getting more turned on by my sister’s begging, orgasm and just the adrenaline that was coursing through me after beating my sister with the cane. Ava was so tight after her orgasm that I could barely pump in and out of her. I lifted my hand and slapped Ava’s already sore ass. Ava yelled out feeling the sting of the hand on top of her already battered bottom.

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