Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 07

Asa Akira

I somehow consoled her, she said nothing but jumped from me and saw the wet spot on my pant and increased weeping. I was scared that I had hurt her physically or emotionally, and if she says this to anybody what will be my fate and rapport. I asked the reason and pleaded to stop her weeping, she said sorry and repeated it many times, I was in real confusion. I sat up and lit a cig after few puffs, transferred it to her lips, she dragged it between her sobs and at last she asked me are you angry with me.

Me – for what

She – for what I did to you.

Me – you did what.

She – pointing to my wet pant, still I could not catch what she was saying. I put cig in her lips, she smoked, and after exhalation, she had recovered a bit. At last, she said sorry bro for wetting your pant.

It’s ok sister. It is no big problem.

She – I should have controlled but I could not hold and pissed on you.

Me – you pissed on me. You fool you have cummed on me, how did you feel while doing so.

She – I was on cloud nine.

It is not piss my dear sister, you have climaxed and shred your pussy juice.

Climax is only on intercourse


We have not done it, so how can I discharge.

We completed smoking, still her doubt was not cleared. Have you ever masturbated?

She – what is that?

Me – have you played with it indicating to her vagina.

She – I have never touched it except while bathing or washing after pissing. How do you know about fucking?

It’s natural to for girl of my age. I know about bees and beasts.

Me – why don’t know about masturbation that is about playing with vagina by yourself.

She – I am not aware of it do other girls do it? Even none of my friends have ever mentioned about it.

Me – do you discuss about sex.

She – not very often but surely, we discuss about it and even some of friends have had experience of intercourse.

Me – so some of you friends are fucking.

She uttered oh bro what a dirty language you speak. I said meaning of both terms are same, it’s not biology class to use such terms, in practical life it’s called fucking only. With whom your friends fuck.

She – with boy friends or neighbors, but I don’t know details.

Me – anybody is doing with relatives or in their houses.

She – it’s not proper with relatives except kids of mothers brother or kids of fathers sisters as it is accepted in our society to marry in such relation, but I have never heard with any other relatives.

Me – now a days, in blood relation like brother – sister or mom – son also has become common. Does not mean that everybody is doing but it exists.

She – are you serious or just joking, I can’t believe it. First time I am hearing of such relation.

Me – some of your friends may be doing with their own brothers.

She – I don’t know, but no one will tell, even if they are doing.

By now, she was getting hot due to the sexy talks. I asked her to show her panty so that I can tell her whether she had pissed or not. She kept silent,

Therefore, I lifted her skirt and felt her panty. I tried to put my head at her crotch, she was shocked to see it. Oh bro what are you doing.

I can say what it is by smelling saying I inhaled, it was sweet scent of fresh cunt juice, and this was something different from my sister. I nudged my nose between her crotch. She was getting frustrated bro you have felt it no, now leave it. Instead of leaving her I pulled her panty, she was trying to push me but I pulled her panty out.

Oh brother what you are doing I am ashamed, you are making me nude and closed her choot with her hands, I saw her panty as if I am examining her panty. Have you never seen girl’s panty.

Me – see Shwana feel the smell and tell me, it’s not piss smell, but it’s different. In addition, brought panty to her nose, she pushed it aside, but I was reluctant to show it, just see the fragrance you will come to know and held it against her face, any way she inhaled musky aroma of her panty, which had mixed smell of piss and cumm.

Yes, bro it is different she agreed.

You were saying that without fucking girl would not discharge but I will prove that how wrong you are. I started massaging her bare thighs and slowly my hands traveled all over her legs to her thighs and finally reached her virgin vagina. Out of shame fear and excitement, she closed eyes while hugging and giving smooch.

Her hand still had covered vagina I slid her hand, which she was resisting feebly, I caressed her crotch, which had small hairs like silk, and by size, I could make out, she had never shaved there. Her skirt was covering her waist like a band, searched for hooks of skirt and unhooked them, I slid it slowly, when it had struck at her bums she slightly lifted her buttock subconsciously, and I threw it aside.

Stopped smooch and started kissing her entire body leaving wet trail on her. Spent highest time on boobs and slid towards her tiny belly button then reaching hatay escort to her groin. Pulled her small golden colored hairs by teeth,

she hushed oh bro do not do it oh oh oh.

I continued downwards journey to her cunt very pink in color had scarce hairs. It was a beautiful sight, which I had never seen in my life, not even blue films. Found small aperture on separating lips.

My mouth was automatically drag to her vagina like magnet, when she felt hot tongue and breathing on her fuck hole, she saw me what I was doing. She was shocked on finding my mouth on her love hole she pushed my head with full force and said oh shit it’s dirty place, I don’t even touch it where as you are putting your mouth and licking that place.

Bor please leave it and do something else.

I asked her to Wait and see how you are going to feel. It is not dirty but its heaven.

she did still not believe my words and continued to protest. I pushed her hand, which was covering her mound and started licking it like hungry dog, she was shivering like hell and soon started shouting, and her hatred has replaced by pure lust. For her the feeling was something extraordinary as she was being licked the place, which she scarcely touched even.

Juice started oozing, which tasted like honey, her moans were increasing every second, she was twitching on the bed like wounded tigress. Within short time, her moans were change into shouting.

I was piercing my tongue into her tiny hole while playing with her clit and twisting it with thumb and forefinger. After an window shattering shout started coming, but I didn’t stop went on slurping her juice and she was discharging spurt after spurt and at last fell like a log.

I shifted myself beside her and went on kissing her madly. I was sure I had brought her to ecstasy.

When she gained some strength after breath taking series of orgasms she opened her eyes, smiled at me, and blushed at the same time covered her face with both of her hands.

How did she feel I enquired?

She kept mum, but on repeating, she asked me not talk about it she is feeling shy.

Whether it was good, ok, or bad, at last she opened her mouth and accepted it was marvelous, I had never ever dreamt that it would be soooo good. She came into my arms to conceal her face from my eyes.

After some rest she raised her head to see what I was doing, I was lying idly but caressing her naked body and was waiting for her to recover from tiresome episode. She had almost forgotten that she is lying very naked in her brother’s arms. Still she was floating in heaven.

I lifted her face by holding her chin, she opened her eyes, and closed instantaneously,

I enquired , are you satisfied?

There was no response, but she smiled which carried the entire message.

Oh, Shwana you are sleeping after most satisfied condition, leaving me high and dry.

She – what does it mean, I can’t follow.

Me – you had said girl would never discharge without fucking, I think you know that you discharged without even touch by penis. Mutual satisfaction is only on fucking. As I have taken you to tour of heaven.

She – sorry I was not aware that you too need something. But I don’t know what I am supposed to do.

Me – very simple, what you have to do is copy of what I did to you.

She – you want me to put my mouth on yours, never I can’t do it. I can’t lick the place of pissing. Say something else.

Me – ok then if you don’t want then don’t do. I will never force you in my life to do the things, which you don’t like, or what is not good for you.

When I was licking you, I was also as horny as you were, I would have fucked you then only, and I was sure you would not have stopped me. You were also equally crazy and you wanted to relieved, but I didn’t make even slightest effort to do. Now I want to relive you find your own way.

She – what do you do when you are horny?

Me – I means, I do it with my hand.

She – then do it now also.

Me – I can do it myself, but I expect it from you. At least do it with your hands.

She was relieved of tension, and was willing to do more than that. And asked me to teach her as for the first time she is going to look male organ. I asked her to remove my pant and guided her how. She took my instruction and followed to bare me.

When she saw my monster, she shouted what a beautiful thing it is. But I can’t imagine that such a big pole can enter into any ones pussy. Whether it’s always like this.

No only when excited it will be like this otherwise how anyone can carry tenting pole inside his trouser.

She touched it with initial hesitancy and started caressing. I asked her to move the skin back and forth, she did as if it was fragile and it will break if mishandled but I went on demonstrating and she went on doing it. It was wonderful sensation to be handling by tender hands.

When she was settled with its feeling, I asked her have its smell she made ığdır escort a face but still inhaled and commented it’s something different which I have never come across and I can’t compare it to anything else, and continued to give mild strokes.

I asked her to taste the tip after she said no. See I too don’t know how it actually tastes, I am curious to know. Just try it and tell me, after bit hesitation she kissed the bulb and pulled back her head, again she took the head into her mouth and licked it for a brief moment and took out. I asked her opinion, it tastes little salty but smell is different neither I liked it nor it is repulsing still I don’t want go ahead, but definitely I will do with my hands. I am enjoying the silky feel of it and I want to continue playing with it.

Me – see I licked your pussy till you climaxed and now you are not returning the favor.

She – I had tried stop eating me but you were bent upon doing despite of my warning. It was your choice or rather liking, I had never demanded. And now don’t compel me to eat yours. If you want, you can fuck me but I don’t want your rod in my mouth.

Me – no I don’t want to fuck you, I want to spare it for your future husband that’s my B-I-L. Let him have the privilege of taking your cherry.

Shwana – who knows the future, but I wish you to inaugurate.

Me – let us see, but I am against it but I can fuck you even after your marriage if you wish to.

I think it is better to reserve IT for him.

Oh baby you are doing just fine do it take the skin back and move it, to and fro, yes like that oh, oh increase the speed. Oh sister I am lucky to have such a wonderful and understanding sister. Yah nice go ahead and pump like that only, but at any cost don’t stop, if you are tired just change hands and keep fist fucking.

I started kneading her tit’s, she was totally involved in fucking me with her hands and she was eager to know how the men cumm.

When I was near to orgasm, I took hold of her hands and started pumping in such a speed to overtake bullet train. I exploded un announced the first spurt jumped over her head and landed somewhere second spurt landed on her head and third one coincidentally entered her mouth, which she had opened to moan loudly. Unknowingly she closed her mouth, when she tasted it and came to me,

Me – no baba it’s not like that, what I mean is till you get married and go I will not take interest in other girls.

She kissed me saying sweet broand hugged.

I kissed her back. I took her mobile and said what a lousy handset you have. I was under impression that you own a good high-end set.

Shwana – we are not as rich as you are, I have to contend with what we have.

Me – you have got good fortune in the bank and you are pretending to be poor. (I wanted to extract some good information from her.)

Shwana – No, we don’t have any deposits.

Me – I have seen you coming out of Maharashtra bank some time back with your dad holding a carry bag containing few receipts, don’t try lie I know everything. [Shooting in darkness]

Shwana was stunned to hear it, and immediately accepted and said. That way we have little.

Me – little means how many lakhs?

She said couple of lakhs.

I was speaking while I was playing with her breasts, and so was more concentrating in erotic act than our talk.

Where else have you deposited. She thought for a while before opening her mouth and said. Why do you ask these questions.

Me – simply, I was thinking with so much of wealth why do you carry all cheap things with you, further I had to learn the proportion of spending to the wealth. I have to learn art of living and budgeting as in my house my father do budgeting, and in my B-I-L house, he has lot of money there is no need of it. I can spend money as much as I wish. My family is also middle class I need to learn how to spend and on what. If you don’t trust me, no need to tell. I know your parents must have cautioned not to reveal regarding the property matter.

As I consider myself in the family.

I asked. Ok leave the matter I am no more interested in this regard, it’s you and your family matter.

She was little annoyed with my answer and she said the banks names where they have deposit’s. I did not ask for the details but asked about investment in shares. She said they have invested in shares and she is not aware of the details.

We changed topics and talked some more time and before leaving, we smooched again dressed and left the place.

For a week’s time we didn’t meet, I was bit worried as why she has neither came to shop or called me, whether she felt bad for asking the financial matter.

I was wrong same day she called me and asked to take her.

She was standing near market with school bag and a carry bag, and headed to the room. Once inside room she jumped on holding my neck and placed her both legs on my waste, started smooching me like a kid who had found her lovely toy after missing ısparta escort it from long time. I carried her to bed while smooching, her nubile body was pasted me. Once we broke the kiss, I took out a cig and light it and shared it on rotation.

She had become expert in smoking and was learning to make smoke rings. Once the cig was over, I started pressing her mounds. She was half lying on me.

Suddenly she asked me to get up from bed and she too stood. Opened her carry bag and took out flowers, started decorating the cot, I was amazed to see what she was doing.

I asked what she is upto.

She said can’t you see what I am doing. That’s why I am asking I replied.

Better, you understand the occasion when a cot is decorated. Once she finished decorating, she turned towards me and I started un buttoning my shirt. She stopped me and said today let me have privilege, today I am going to take active part, and you are going to passive one. Today only my orders to be followed. She came to me and kissed me passionately and started unbuttoning my shirt then unzipped my pant and one by one removed everything me to make me nude.

Now started strip teasing herself, she was swaying as if in cinema. I was getting more excited than previous episodes by her sensuous movements. I tried to pull her but she escaped.

I was waiting anxiously sitting nude on the cot. At last, she came in my arms and started kissing me, she took her hanky and clean wiped my cock, and for my astonishment, she kissed the red bulb of my cock and slowly it entered into her mouth.

She took it inside as far as she could take. Slowly started mouth fucking, it was the most sensation I ever got. It was better than my sister’s performance though Shwana was performing for the first time. I took her into my arms and lay beside me and went into 69 positions. She stopped me and said let me complete first. I want to enjoy eating and getting eaten at different times, so that I can enjoy both independently. I lay on my back and she kneeled on the cot she continued giving head while I caressed her body. It was most thrilling, I encouraged her to take more and more. She took it till she gagged. She coughed and there was small flow of tears. After taking breath she went ahead to take it again with a smile. I was amazed by her acts today, is it the girl quarreled the other day for the same reason. She did not stop, I could see her jaw muscles were straining and fatigue on her face. She went on mouth fucking me, this time I didn’t last long by getting repeated shocks from her. At last, I exploded in her moth she half drank and half spilled.

She sprawled over me and kissed my lips, as I opened mouth to welcome her she spit small amount of my cum in my mouth and sealed with her lips. Thus for the first time I had to taste myself.

It was my turn to satisfy. I started kissing from her forehead to toes and back to cunt. I licked her clit and cunt inserted tongue in her tight canal. She writhed and groaned, I went on lapping her vagina till she had series of orgasms.

Once she gained, strength she sat up had some water and lit a cigarette after couple of puffs she transferred to me thus silently completed the fag.

We went on talking on non-specific matter. I asked why you either didn’t call me or met me. She said she was bit busy and after a pause, she said she had period so she didn’t invite me. After spending some time, she started caressing my rod it responded very fast. Within no time it was as hard as steel. She took her purse and took out a sachet, I was watching eagerly, she cut the sachet and squeezed some liquid on my ramrod and spread it on entire rod, which I found out to be coconut oil she smeared it on her hole and lubricated her opening. I asked what you are up to,

she said Don’t you understand, wt I doing?

and you are going to fuck me now and inaugurate my canal from tight passage to a highway.

Me – dear sister it’s not possible, I don’t want to popup your cherry. I want to keep it intact till you get married. Don’t hurry we can enjoy orally maintaining virginity. It’s my humble request don’t take hasty decision while my hands were playing with her assets and bringing heat into her.

Though my words discouraged her, my hands were making her want. Inserted a finger in her oiled and lubricated cunt taking her to ecstasy she started moaning and requesting to enter her, she was pulling my dong and asking to mount her for which I was waiting for ages. I wanted her to believe that whatever we did was all due to her and she should be never in a position to blame, but I want my lust to be fulfilled.

Shwana – bro!!! please fuck me, I am dreaming about our first night rather first day should be memorable one. I have been planning since a week to get fucked by you. You are my sweet bro. My lovely bro please fuck me.

I can’t control myself any more. That day only I wanted to get it but you denied telling some false moralities, today I don’t want to hear anything other yes to fuck. In fact from the moment we entered room I trying to arouse you so that you only will force me enter in me. But I don’t know what you are thinking about me. I know you too love me but I can’t understand why you are refusing, do you think I am unfit for your love or I am not upto your expectation or am I ugly.

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