Initiation Ch. 04

Big Dicks

This is the continued story of Mike and Jenny and their family fun at their family’s estate. Mike is now a member of the family and they have one day left before returning home. This episode though is about Steve and Laura, Jenny’s uncle and aunt and Kim and Ben her cousins (Kim was adopted and both Kim and Ben are black) when they got together in Florida. I have added a cowriter and editor, a dear friend, lover, and soul mate, FBB.


Mike here, the first two days of our visit to the family estate were very structured with my initiation and the trip into town the next day. The days seemed to slow down as some of the family needed to catch flights or drive back home. We would be leaving the next morning since we burned a lot of our vacation with the wedding and honeymoon.

Most of the day we relaxed by the pool. Sitting on the chaise and enjoying a drink with Ben and Kim who stopped by and dropped their towels on the chairs next to us. “Hi guys how was your evening?” “Oh it was great. After returning from town we took it easy, but Laura and Steve dropped by our room to catch up. It is amazing how sexy they are, don’t you think?” Kim said she had been with Steve before and it was an amazing experience it seems he has a tongue that drives the ladies crazy!

Kim went on to tell us about their encounter: Steve and Laura had traveled to Florida and were staying at a resort near where Ben and Kim live. Ben and Kim invited them to go out on their boat, a 35-foot cabin cruiser. After pulling from the dock and clearing the harbor Kim told us that Laura stood kilis escort in the back of the boat and took off her suit top and then reached for her waist band and said “We are all ok with nudity aren’t we?” Of course, we were and Kim stood and was soon just as naked as Laura was.

Kim walked back and stood with Laura, they looked forward to where Ben and Steve who were arranging the lines for the trip out to sea. Laura and Kim indicated with their eyes that it was time for the guys to drop their trunks as well. With a shrug of their shoulders all four were soon nude. Laura, with a sway as the boat rocked, traded places with Steve as he moved to sit on the bench seat next to Kim. Ben put the boat on autopilot, took Laura’s hand, and led her to the forward lounge to give Kim and Steve some privacy.

“Laura, I think you are the most beautiful and sexy member of our family!” said Ben as he straddled her legs, which put his cock square in her face. She took it with both hands giving the tip a light kiss. Laura baby, have you had a black cock before?” With Ben’s cock at her lips, she shook her head back and forth. “No…”

Ben pushed his cock a little bit passed her open lips and felt her tongue running down his shaft making it grow both in length and girth. His hands reached for the sides of her head, forcing more of his cock into her mouth. “My god,” Laura screamed as he pushed more of his cock into her mouth! It was amazing. She had Ben’s entire cock in her mouth and was not gagging as so many others did when they first tried sucking kırıkkale escort his massive cock! Laura slid her hands along Ben’s cock as she used her tongue on his growing pole. Ben yelled how good she was making him feel, oh so good; he could not believe what she was doing to him. Her mouth was the hottest he had ever felt!

“Suck me Laura, yeah baby you know how to do it. Suck that black cock!” Feeling the rage building I pulled back to keep from shooting my cum too soon.

Laura slid down from the bench and was lying on the carpeted deck with her knees in the air and her legs spread showing me all she had to offer. She lay on the deck with her legs now over Ben’s shoulder. He first kissed around Laura’s navel, moving slowly to the top of her pussy licking down until her lips began to spread and Ben found her clit and with a light bite. Laura gasped with an orgasm building inside her. She slid her body closer to Ben’s mouth arching her back to push her pussy to his mouth. Ben sped up licking her clit as her breathing quickened almost to a pant. Ben felt her legs tighten around his head and he felt as though she was on the edge of cumming. Her juices were pouring from her pussy and Ben tried to swallow every drop!

She let out a yell, Steve and Kim heard surely heard as Laura’s body shook as the orgasm rolled through her body. Recovering, Laura licked her juices from Ben’s face and they kissed like two teenagers. ..

Meanwhile, Steve looked at Kim sitting on the bench seat and Kim said, “It sounds like they are having kırklareli escort fun!” With that, Steve locked the boat on its track and went back to sit next to Kim. She is always a hit since she is the only black lady in the family, she was adopted into the family as you may recall.

Kim took Steve in her arms, bit the tip of his ear, and told him, he was to please her! She pushed him down to his knees, and pulled his head into her pussy. Steve had no choice but to start licking her. After a few strokes of Steve’s tongue, she began to roll over and soon her ass was in his face instead of her pussy. Steve put his arms around her and started running his tongue up and down her ass cheeks, smelling the musky scent of her ass…! Kim pushed her hips back until his tongue was sitting over her beautiful pink hole and he started swirling his tongue in and around listening to her moans. “Oh, my God!” she screamed as Steve pushed harder into her hole, then, moving his face away he inserted his finger into her beautiful ass! Moving it in her ass, she squirmed as he started kissing her breast around the cold studs in her nipples. It was remarkable to see her cum while he kissed her and held her with his finger in her ass; an experienced she never had before.

Over the sound of wind blowing, Kim kissed Steve’s face and whispered that she felt fantastic. What he had done to her ass and how she had never orgasmed from being fingered there before. The door to the cabin opened and Ben and Laura joined them on the stern bench… Steve looked at everyone and motioned that they should head back to port since the sun was dropping and they didn’t want to be caught out in the shipping lanes after dark.

Turning the boat, Ben picked up a new heading that would take them back while they all started to get dressed before they shocked the tourist that normally lined the pier around sunset.

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