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I paced my hotel room, my blood burning with lust, as I waited for the escort. This was the highlight of my business trip. I grit my teeth in excitement knowing that soon, I’ll be on my knees, sucking off some hunky stranger. Muscular, I had told the escort company. Aggressive. All night package.

The doorbell rang. Nerves and excitement shot up my spine. I opened the door, and smiled at my 6 foot, muscular, dirty blond plaything. Oh yeah, I thought to myself.

He got in and locked the door. He walked toward me.

“So,” he says. “I hear you like to suck dick”. He began to strip.


“FUCK!!!”, he said as I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. “Yeah, I love that…suck my cock!”

His eight hard inches of thick delight slipped in and out of my wet, hungry mouth. “Suck it hard bitch…yeah!.” He held my head with both hands and pushed down. “Suck it, suck it, suck it!!!” he said, hissing with pleasure. His cock was gorgeously hard and I loved sucking it. I closed my eyes to savor every Gaziantep Escort Reklamları second of the exciting, filthy act. It turned me on to picture myself at that moment – flicking my tongue under his cock head, making his cock go pop out of my mouth and slamming my head down to suck it in again, sucking so hard my cheeks ached.

“Yeah!” he said. “You suck good cock!”

Taking his time, enjoying and prolonging the tension, he languidly slid his cock in and out of my mouth, coating it with my spit, sighing and hissing with pleasure. Sometimes he’d pull out his hard length from my mouth, just to hear me whimper in frustration.

My hands explored up the muscular ridges of his torso, his strong, hairy forearms, his dark nipples. My tongue licked every hard inch of his cock between strong, ferocious sucks. He placed both his large hands on my head and moaned, and I mewled and whimpered in joy and satisfaction.

He pulled his cock out from my mouth and tapped it thickly on my lips a few times. “Get on the bed, I’m gonna skullfuck you” he said.

Delirious with lust, I got on the bed and lay down on some pillows to prop my head up. Grinning, he climbed on, the bed heaving with his strong body. He straddled my chest with his big, hard thighs, his cock poised inches from my mouth. He gripped the bed head for support.

“Open wide” he said, and slammed his cock deep inside my mouth. The thick head nudged my tonsils at the opening of my throat and I gagged involuntarily. He fucked my mouth relentlessly, his powerful thighs driving his dick with great force. I couldn’t touch myself but I was nearly euphoric with lust, totally helpless as he violated my mouth repeatedly, groaning softly with pleasure while I choked on his cock.

His torso shone with sweat. He stopped fucking and reached across the nightstand for his phone. He pressed something and aimed the camera down.

“Suck me” he said. I moved my lips up and down his cock, still lying down, while he filmed it on his phone, a huge grin on his handsome face. I sucked him with half closed eyes, teasing and slutty, licking languidly and looking straight into the phone camera. He swore loudly to make sure his voice was recorded too, and it nearly drove me over the edge.

“Yeah, suck my fucking cock you little slut! Open up that mouth and suck! Harder! Yeah you like hearing me talk dirty? Yeah?

“Suck my COCK. SUCK MY COCK!!!!!!!!!!” he roared.

After a while I heard the beep as he saved the clip, and I hoped he’d show the video to his friends. He slipped his cock inside my mouth again. Then, he started to ragefuck my mouth so hard I thought my jaw would break. I gagged with every single thrust. His sweat soaked the sheets. My jaw ached numb. I closed my eyes and submitted to his cock.

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes I thought.

By the time he was done, standing by the window smoking a cigarette, his cock glistening, all I could taste in my mouth was semen. It hurt to open my mouth and my neck was sore. He walked over and rummaged through the nightstand. He found what he was looking for. It was a rubber.

“You ready to FUCK now?” he asked, grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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