Interrogation Tickle Ch. 02


Joey was looking forward to 5 whole days off. He had made it through the academy and had been working as a cop nonstop for a while now. His first obligation was to stop by and see his grandmother. He wasn’t about to make that mistake again. His car was in the shop, so his mother, Joan dropped him off.

Joey was happy to visit his grandmother, but not happy when she and Joan informed him he would be serving as butler to his grandmother’s bridge club.

“But I’m supposed to go out with Kate tonight,” Joey said.

“Don’t worry, I told her you would be here and I’ll bring her over after the bridge party,” Joan answered logically.

Joey agreed, but he also caught a smile between his mother and grandmother. Something was afoot.

After a couple of hours making snack trays and plenty of alcohol was ready, Sylvia’s friends started arriving.

Helen. Judith and Maureen. They all seemed nice and around his grandmother’s age late 50’s early 60’s.

It wasn’t long before the groping started. It started when Sylvia kept saying how proud she was of her policeman grandson.

Joey didn’t even think about how his tight shirt bulged at the muscles in his arms and shoulders and chest. All the women felt his arms and shoulders. Joey was starting to get red with embarrassment, which caused the women to grope and tease him more.

Joey was starting to get excited. By this point they were touching his ass and brushing his crotch. Sure, the women were old, but still attractive to a degree.

Helen had curly blonde hair and medium sized tits, but she wore a loose blouse and Joey could see tan lines on her breasts.

Judith was pretty with gray hair and small breasts, but it looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her button down silk white blouse.

Maureen was heavy with red hair and huge breasts. The biggest out of all the women there.

Soon the bridge game was forgotten and the women started asking about self defense and how to counter an attacker or multiple attackers.

Joey showed bursa escort then some simple moves, doing some payback groping of his own. Touching every woman’s breasts, butt and crotch.

“What if you’re on the ground? Do you know any wrestling moves?” Sylvia asked.

Some furniture was moved and Joey proceeded to wrestle the women and pin them, then showed them how to get put of the same pins. Even when all the women attacked at once, they couldn’t hold Joey down.

“He’s just to big and strong for us,” Helen said.

“Even with one arm tied behind my back you couldn’t hold me,” Joey bragged.

“Let’s make a bet, if we can hold you we get to tickle you and do anything else we want,” Sylvia said.

“And if I win?” Joey asked

“You can have all the cookies you want. I made a fresh batch yesterday.”

At first, Joey was able to fight them off, but he started getting tired.

Suddenly all four women were sitting on him. Judith on his face, Maureen on his chest, pinning his one arm down. Helen on his crotch and Sylvia on his legs. He was utterly immobile.

Soon Joey was thrashing around, because he couldn’t breathe.

“Don’t make him pass out. We still want to have fun with him,” Sylvia said.

“I’ll give him something even better than air,” Judith said and lifted up her skirt and rubbed her bare pussy on Joey’s face.

Joey couldn’t believe it. Not only was she braless, she wasn’t wearing panties either. Joey only got a couple of licks in before she pulled it away.

“Looks like you lose,” Sylvia said and all the women started tickling him. It wasn’t long before Joey was worn out, but rock hard. And that’s when he was stripped of his clothes.

Before he knew what was happening, Joey was tied up between the living room and dining room. His grandmother had added some eye bolts to the archway, so his arms were above his head and his legs spread apart.

At some point all the women had gotten undressed also. They all had varying degrees of pubic hair, and bursa escort bayan were surprised that he didn’t have any at all. Each one getting a good look, touch and lick of his cock and balls.

Then the tickle attack started. Helen was behind him tickling his armpits, Judith and Sylvia were on each side tickling his ribs, and Maureen was on her knees in front of him, tickling his thighs and sucking his cock. They all took turns in each spot. They all were great cock suckers, and he could have come in each mouth if possible.

Finally they let him rest, even untying him so he could pee.

Once he was tied up again, Sylvia handed each of her friends a wet wipe and they all washed his cock and balls to make sure they were clean. Of course this gave him a huge erection again. Then she gave them all a long soft ostrich feather and the tickling continued. Soon they were concentrating on his cock, balls and asshole. Everytime some precum leaked out, someone would lick it off until all had tasted him. Then they decided it was time to let him come. Helen tickled his balls, while Judith stroked his cock towards Maureen’s huge tits and Sylvia licked and fingered his asshole.

Joey once again couldn’t believe how turned on he was. Seeing them nude wasn’t as gross as he thought it would be. Sure they had a few more wrinkles and a few extra pounds, but man were they wild. And he was about to shoot his load on the biggest pair of tits he’d ever seen.

“I’m gonna come!” Joey said and boy did he. When he finished shooting, each women sucked his cock. When that was done they all proceeded to lick his come off of Maureen’s huge tits and suck on her nipples.

They took a break and Joey was untied. His grandmother even let him have a cookie for being such a good sport, even though he lost. Then his grandmother relayed the story of his interrogation and what he’d done to her and what she and her daughter had done back to him. Joey was really embarrassed and all tthe women looked at him with bursa bayan escort disappointment. Another spanking was in order, they decided and Joey found himself laying across four sets of laps. Starting with his grandmother and ending with Helen. By the time he got to her his ass was red and his cock was hard. As further punishment, he’d have to make each one come twice, with his tongue and his cock.

Judith sat on his face, while Maureen rode his cock. She was really tight, but very wet. She was doing all the work on his cock, she he concentrated on licking Judith’s pussy. Using his fingers he squeezed her lips together and sucked on her whole pussy, then he would let go and shove his tongue inside as far as it could go. As soon as he stated sucking on her clit, she orgasmed. Maureen soon followed. Then his grandmother fucked him while Helen sat on his face. They both squirted when they came.

Since Joey hadn’t come yet, each woman straddled him, so he could suck on their tits as he fucked them.

Helen’s tits were nice and he liked the tanlines. After she came it was Judith’s turn. Her tits were small, but her nipples were long and pointy. They were also dark brown. Her whole tit fit in his mouth. He sucked her tit into his mouth like a vacuum, then gently bit down and pushed her tit out of his mouth, using his teeth on her the whole time, until her breast was out of his mouth, then he would do it again. It didn’t take long until she too came.

Maureen’s tits were the best though. With big areolas with bumps on them and big nipples too. Joey couldn’t even get half of her breast in his mouth.

His tongue was touching every bump on her areola and when she asked what he was doing, Joey replied, “Connecting the dots.” She came shortly after that.

Joey had all the women line up on the couch with their asses out and he proceeded to lick and finger their asses and pussy’s. Then he fucked each of them in the ass, finally coming in Judith’s ass. She may have the smallest tits, but she had the tightest ass.

Soon the women got dressed and left. By the time Joan and Kate got there everything looked normal and Joey and Kate had a good time on their date. The only downside was when she asked if she could tie him up and tickle him, he refused. She was a little miffed and wanted to know why. If you only knew, he thought.

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