Into The Realms Of The Unknown

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90% fantasy, before l start… But the initial encounter did happen.

As per normal we went to a club on a Saturday evening, these places didn’t start, or warm up at least till midnight, so Saturday for me at least had to involve a relaxing day and often l would try to lay in till going on mid day.

This Saturday went exactly to plan and Maggie had been to the market and brought home a bundle of clothing that she had bought for me. It was a warm time in early June so although the evening’s were cold the clubs we visited were often very over heated.

After running the iron over them Maggie was always like a kid with a new toy displaying her treasures she had got for me. “This will look beautiful Pat”, or “Wow!! look a this”. Either way, I wouldn’t argue and it was almost always something that Maggie had decided on for me that I ended up wearing.

Was going on around nine when l finally was ready and making my ‘grand entrance’ to the rest of the gang was always greeted with wolf whistles and shrills and an open armed hug from Maggie. I always felt silly, but they were a lovely bunch and although never dreaming of liking any of them ‘that much’, their youth always made them look ten times better than me, but as I was always the last to appear, it was probably something to do with the numerous amount of empty wine bottles lying around that helped in their enthusiasm.

Will never know how I managed to get eleven, sometimes more into my seven seater car, but as long as l was comfortable I didn’t mind. Although eleven left, it was only two or three that would return and our flat was always quiet on the Sunday morning as the girls filed in, quiet and hung over during the day.

This Saturday was somewhat different in every way though, for a start it was a gay bash and quickly the dance floor separated into them and us and being my first at such an event, I was somewhat taken aback by the obvious going’s on, was used to seeing ‘us’ but the men, that was a first for me and I remember Maggie keeping a close eye on me and realising that I wasn’t happy this night, soon took me over to the bar area and away from those sights.

All of a sudden I was happy mixing with our group again, it was usual for me to part with them and go my own way so to speak. There were a few couples in this area, one of those were a very attractive pair, the guy was a lovely hunk and with little to choose from anyway was happy to see our eyes meet and a piercing smile from his dark eyes sent a shiver down my spine as I hopefully repaid it with one of my own to him. Maggie, always one not to miss a trick, followed my wandering eyes and followed my eye contact over to this couple. Almost embarrassed, I looked away as if nothing happened and carried on listening to the conversations going on between the girls.

Then a warm hand rests on my shoulder, instinctively l knew it was Maggie and through the loud noise I feel her close into me and whisper something in my ear.

Maggie is a man hater, and hates it when one approaches me, most of the places we visit the men and woman for that matter know Maggie and treat her with the respect she ‘demands’, and the men keep their distance from her… So I was shocked to hear her whisper that I had an admirer and it was George. “Go dance with him Pat”, Maggie asks. Looking completely puzzled with her request and not answering her I look over to the couple and sure enough, he has an expectant smile on his face and as our eyes meet then he leaves his wife and comes over to me. Hand in hand we make it to a very packed dance floor, again I was engulfed in these men, mostly in their leather jackets, dancing and kissing with their partners. We hugged, closer than I have hugged a dancing partner before I think, my face buried in his chest and hardly talking he guided me around the dance floor. I wasn’t enjoying this place at all, think George must have realised it also, but not saying anything, and probably thinking it was him, he seemed happy in just letting the dance finish.

Then ‘that’ hand was on me again, in the same sort of place as earlier, a comforting porno hand and one that has given me lots of comfort in the months that I had been staying at her place. “Hello dear”, was quickly followed by a kiss, a kiss that only she knows where and how to plant, a kiss that always sends my neck into spasms and goes down to the end of my toes. Always nice to know she is close by and looking out for me I turn around to her. With a smile, I should have guessed, George’s wife was under Maggie’s spell already, and I know there had to be a motive for Maggie wanting me to dance with George.

Leaving that club very early, Maggie knowing I wasn’t happy there, and she had her prize and went to great lengths to warn our friends to stay away from the flat until tomorrow.

Walking out into the cold night, George with his arms around me keeping me warm and the giggles and innuendo’s coming from the pair behind us. It was a ten minute walk to our car and each person we passed made me want to hide my face, as Maggie and Julie carried on with no fears of passer byes.

Was relieved to finally get in the car and while George got in the passenger side, looking back the other two fell into the rear and were soon carrying on their game as we drove home. Having one eye on the road and the other looking at Maggie and Julie was off putting for me. Exciting, yes, but off putting none the less. Together with George’s closeness to me and his hand rubbing and caressing my inner thigh that I was opening a little so as to feel his finger’s just tantalising as they brushed the satin of my already damp panties. A strange hand came over from behind my chair, it wasn’t Maggie’s for sure, but I had to brush it off as she searched inside my top and was able to stop her before any damage was done… To the car I mean!!

This was going to be some night, l thought to myself as we pulled up outside Maggie’s house and still those two like a pair of kids together. George wasn’t being left out and in the hall as Maggie and Julie started to grope and paw at each others clothing George was quick to pin me to the wall with his body and the whole sexuality of the situation took over. Hurriedly George lifted my top up and with my boobs exposed, was quick to leave off kissing me and felt his rough chin, like sand paper suckling hard on my nipple. Almost begging for help, I looked over to Maggie as George’s hands, one pulling my hair to keep my head in position, the other was crudely pawing and pulling the gusset of my panties open and I quickly felt his fingers roughly entering into me. It was rough, somewhat painful, but ultra exciting and although fear must have been showing on my face, Maggie, for once was unconcerned and it looked as though Julie was getting the same sort of treatment being dished out to her as was happening to me. Only Julie seemed to react to the situation and fighting with her husband’s hand that was holding onto my hair, she took over and pulled my face to hers and all of a sudden had Julies face on mine and in a sexual frenzy our lips met and her hot, panting breath was suddenly on mine and for the first time I was kissing Julie in a torrid of excitement. George was pushing all the right buttons but the sheer excitement that Julie was transferring over to me had my body in a frenzy and all of a sudden could feel George’s fingers inside me being saturated by my juices as that embarrassing noise took over telling everybody that ‘Pat’s juices are flowing freely’.

George’s fingers soon left me then, almost as a disappointment, and the next l saw of his fingers were when they were being presented to Julie, as if it was a prize and l could both see the light glistening on them and smell my personal juices as Julie, almost teasing me, or George, opened her mouth, inches from mine, and her pouted lips firstly kissed them and then engulfed them into her mouth and with a loving smile on her face, sucked on his fingers as if it had been George’s erection. Silence filled the hallway, as if we were all waiting for the results, then once again Julie leaned over and kissed me and at the same time her tongue glided anime porno into me releasing my taste into my mouth. Still silence, and George joined us now and if Maggie hadn’t have said something I don’t know what the next move would have been. ” Come on, lets get comfortable.” She quipped, probably in fear of being left out.

The plan was for George and I to go to my room, but that was soon banished as I was lead by all three to Maggie’s king size bed. Excited by the whole situation, I felt nice, I felt wanted and above all I knew that I was going to cross new barriers this night as Maggie, comforting me with both her hands holding my arms, in a whisper asked whether I was comfortable with the situation. I nodded my approval, and with that she left me alone and got about her business with Julie.

With that George, who was only inches from me held onto me again. Soon we were taking up where we left off, this time however it was much more restrained and only the noises of Maggie and Julie were to be heard as slowly my temperature started to rise again in the arms of George. This time it seemed that George wanted some foreplay and we were standing for a while and he seemed happy just running his hands slowly through my bedraggled hair and the heat was rising inside me as his hands brushed over my nipples, they had been sensitised moments earlier by the attention he had given them. Listening to Julie’s breathing increasing and her groans of approval aimed at Maggie, made for a very exciting feeling flow through my body. It was only a few days earlier that I too was singing out those exact words to Maggie when all of a sudden it was me taking the initiative away from George and my hands reached down, feeling his erection and clumsily with both hands started to undo his tight jeans and soon they were free and together with his boxer shorts I was soon lowering them down his legs.

It had been a while since I was in this position, one of excitement, and one of fright, my hands fumbling with his shoes and clothing, his erection standing out proud awaiting for me to close my lips around it. As if miles away now, Maggie was still making Julie scream out her name, that was exciting me also and when I finally stopped admiring George’s erection I held it firmly with both hands and shutting my eyes took the hard head of him into my mouth and started to suck on it and quickly feeling George’s encouragement made me enjoy doing it that much more. I had this man, someone whom I didn’t know only an hour ago, his powerful weapon deep inside my mouth, I was giving him the ultimate pleasure I could give anyone. All I could hear were groans of “OH Pat…. Pat…” His wife repeating him, but she was praising Maggie. Not knowing my next move, not caring either, was this to be the shortest night of love making I have experienced? I wasn’t sure what George wanted, still in his dominant position his hardness was now twitching violently deep inside my mouth and knowing that this was his climax held onto him tightly with my hands and at the last possible second felt his hands tighten around my face and to my surprise almost pushing me to the floor leaned over his wives breathless face and I watched as he emptied his love fluids over her as she tried to open her mouth around the tip of it. I was knelling by the side of the bed almost in a trance, Maggie exciting Julie no end and probably unaware what was going on above her as George’s now half placid manhood was being sucked by his wife and l could see George scooping his spent come off Julies face and Julie was sucking on his finger’s as if they were miniature phallus’s.

George was calming down, it seemed the only person now having fun was Julie, I knew how she felt, twisting and turning on the bed, her once neat hair style now just a shadow of what it was. Then George helped me up off the floor and guided me onto the bed, on all fours I was suddenly close to Maggie and our eyes met for the first time in ages and the glee on her face told me that she was in her favorite position. Not needing to know what my next move was as George soon arap porno started to move my legs closer to Julie and helping him I was soon astride her, open, exposed and with a hand on my lower back from George I soon lowered myself onto her. Julie was as good as Maggie and her deep sexual tongue was expertly exciting me. My arms soon buckled and I was left with my face only inches away from Maggie’s and the closest I had ever been to another woman’s excited aroma’s as Maggie lifted her head from Julie and her face, covered in Julie’s juices as she came close to me and suddenly I was reaching that extra few inches and with Julie’s expert tongue sending spasms through my body, was soon tasting Julie from Maggie’s face and tongue as we kissed and I licked at Maggie’s face to lap up Julies juices from her.

Resting my face on Julie’s body, her pubic hairs tickling me. Maggie still in her favorite position had Julie wide open with her hands and I watched in amasement as Maggie’s tongue licked and entered Julie and I could feel that same feeling that overcomes me in that situation as Julie’s inside shimmers while I rest my face on it. Added to this I was still in the same situation and Julie had now slowed, deliberately now, making long slow movements the length of me, each time hitting the right spot and sending shudders into me.

Then for the first time in a while I saw George appear, holding his erection, he roughly drags Maggie aside by her hair and l am only inches away and as if in slow motion I watch as he guides his erection slowly over Julie’s soaked outer lips and a sudden jump by her makes me jump also as George again roughly pushes the whole of himself into his wife. Leaving it there, trying to push extra inches that he hasn’t got into her. As Julie suddenly stopped licking on me, l could feel her breathing become once again a pant and George

was working himself, slowly and deeply into her, each time he pushed himself deeply I could almost feel him in there as I laid with my face on her slim stomach.

Each time I saw his manhood exit from Julie it was covered in her juices, Julies pungent aroma, filling the air around me. Wondering whether the smell was to be acceptable to my taste, knowing that George’s erection was only inches from my lips. Unsure what I was to do next was suddenly given no choice as George’s erection was suddenly wet in his hand and taking hold of my blonde hair pulled me closer and closer until I had him firmly in my mouth. The taste of Julie was surprisingly nice and with Maggie now taking over from Julie I could feel that wonderful tongue of Maggie start to caress me and trying to concentrate on George’s erection was now proving very difficult.

George by now was alternating between my mouth and his wives open and extremely aroused opening and with Maggie now working faster suddenly had my hand holding his erection, being greedy and wanting more and more of him. But that wasn’t to be as he pulled out of Julie for the final time and my hand, still holding him was left saturated in Julie’s juices as he disappeared from our view.

In the mean time I could once more concentrate on the attention Maggie was giving me, but sensing the presence of George again, I soon felt Maggie being pulled away from me and being replaced with George’s lovely man-hood. It really was rock hard and with no finesse he was suddenly deep inside me and feeling Julie below me, could feel her face and lips being battered by the force at which George was entering me. I could feel my hair being pulled from it’s roots and his erection feeling wonderful inside me. Wishing these feeling’s would last for ever as his powerful man-hood increased it’s tempo and suddenly I was wide open as his erection left me suddenly. Knowing he was coming but unaware at the time that he was emptying himself again over his wife.

Knowing, and half hoping now that George was finished, I gingerly lifted myself off Julie, our bodies saturated in each other’s sweat and body fluids, for the first time I looked around. Maggie was sitting on the bed, her hand gently resting on my stomach. Julie was still unable to move and her husband was walking around the bed, surveying the situation he had put us in. As Maggie pulled me from her bed and walking me into my room where we stayed, leaving George and Julie alone in her room……

Pat xx

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