Jake and Janey


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Jane was where she said she’d be: in front of Walmart. The sun made her dark blue hair stand out; it was tied back in a ponytail that hung to her shoulder blades. Her body was average, and she was ’bout 5′ 4″, her skin lily white. She had on a green t-shirt, cut off blue jeans, and flip-flops. By the way her t-shirt hung, she wasn’t wearin’ a bra: she hated the damn things, and wore them only when her Granma made her. Musta been 15 minutes into her lunch hour, but I din’t feel sorry for her: she loved killin’ time in Walmart. The High School was next door, which was handy when she wanted to skip out. A bag of potato chips was in her hand: she loved salty stuff and din’t eat too much..

Took me a few minutes to get to Walmart, but we still had ’bout an hour for fun. It was my lucky day: we were fixin’ a road justa couple miles south of town. It’s hard work and I was sweaty, but I knew Janey din’t care. Glad it was May at least, the weather in south Missouri was pretty nice that day, warmer than usual, which meant all the girls were wearin’ less. I love that.

Pulling up, I opened the door by leaning across the seat. She stepped in with a sour look on her face, swinging her huge handbag around, almost hittin’ me in the head: “‘Bout time you got here! Been waitin’ ferever. Damn, won’t git back to class on time, you shithead.”

I slapped her knee lightly. “Don’t give me that! I know you ain’t goin’ back to class, they don’t let you dress like that for school. You changed in Walmart. Not that I mind, Janey. ” Always best to give Janey back what she gave ya.

“Hmph!” She crossed her arms over her boobs and I pulled away and drove back to the main road, which was pretty empty. “Guess ev’rybody’s at ole man Haskins’ funeral.”

“Yep.” Shit, din’t want to feed that subject.

“What ain’t you there? Wasn’t he close to your folks?”

I turned on the blacktop going away from town. “He was close to ev’rybody’s family. That bastard was so close to mine, he repossessed Dad’s farm in the 80’s, not three years after beggin’ him to take out loans ‘n buy more machinery he din’t need. Don’t care how much money he gave the Baptists, the Devil prob’ly just repossessed his sorry soul and he kin burn in hell for all I care.”

“Sorry.” Erenköy Escort She turned on the radio, and Buck Owens was singing. “Hey, din’t he sing with Dolly Parton in the old days?”

“That was Porter Waggoner.” I clipped.

“Oh.” Pulling one leg up to put her foot under her thigh, she pulled down the sun visor and started checking out her face in the mirror. “Damn, another zit.” It had company: it made a triangle on her right cheek and there was a big one smack in the middle of her other. “Gotta use more cream.”

“Don’t care. Still think you’re beautiful,” blowing her a big kiss with attitude. She hit me hard on the shoulder, and sat back glaring at her new zit while Buck sang of lost love. Just missed smackin’ me in the chops that time.

Turned into the drive of the Open Heart Church of Jesus’ Love a couple of miles outside the city limits. I cut the grass there most weekends, so seeing my old car there wasn’t too strange. I knew the pastor was working on another crew on the other side of the county. Pulled up next to the shed out back, away from the road and out of sight. “Well, baby, we’re here.”

She sniffed. “Sooo romantic. You gonna take your cock out or ya gonna make me suck it through your jeans?”

“Wow, what a tease!”

“You forgot what day it is, anyway…” She shook her head, disappointed.

“No, I din’t. You only turn nineteen once.” Reaching in my right front pocket, I pulled out a gold chain with a small heart on it. “Happy Birthday, princess.”

Her face turned three shades of red while her mouth opened wide in surprise. “Really? For me?”

“You betcha. Got lucky one day: it was lyin’ by the side of the road by Miller’s Creek, barely missed it. Was dirty and messed up, but it cleaned up pretty good. Even has ‘Jane’ engraved on it.”

She took it and put it around her neck, her face thirteen kinds of happy at once. “I’ll never take it off, Jake, never, never, never…oh, how can I show you how much I love this?”

“You had a suggestion a minute ago…”

I slid my pants to the floor, my underwear going with them, and my pecker started moving. Janey started stroking it, cooing: “It’s so pretty, Jake, almost as good as if you bought it for me. You are so good to me, I kin hardly stand it.” She bent over and licked the head, making it good and wet, Göztepe Escort before she gave it a few more strokes. He got harder and redder, and my balls started to tingle. “There’s my little man, showin’ me how much he loves me.” Her mouth went down, and my cock was in heaven.

Moving her t-shirt up, I found out for sure she wasn’t wearing anythin’ underneath. She had two soft boobs, just big enough to fill my hands, and I started kneading them. “Damn, why don’t you use hand cream once in a while?” she complained around my cock.

Well, hell, I’ve done rugged outdoor work all my life, and don’t always remember to put on gloves. “Oh, I don’t know. I think you really like my tough old hands on your tits.” I rubbed them harder and she went up and down on my mouthful of fun. Finding her left bud, I pinched it, pulled it, and gave her tit a hard squeeze. Shit, she squealed and I almost came in her mouth right then and there.

“Jake, think you wanna marry me?” That surprised me, making me sit up with a jolt, and the little tease kept licking me, trying to persuade me right then and there, just like the woman in the old Meat Loaf song.

Well, I shoved my cock was back in her mouth and gave her funbags a double titty twister, and she gave me a scream that went on forever. It was completely amazin’, her screamin’ on my cock, and I pushed her head down, and kept squeezing her other little bud. My balls blew up and I held her head while I filled her mouth. She kept squealing as she gulped my sperm down, and when I let up tears were comin’ from her eyes.

Well, I had to make it up to her, so I stuck my hand in her shorts, ran it over her butt and down her asscrack, and plunged my finger in her soggy slit from behind. It was such a surprise, she din’t say anythin’ but pushed her butt up on the seat so I could get my finger all the way in and pump her hard. My shriveling cock went back in her mouth, it was good to feel her response to my finger fucking. I reached up and squeezed her nipple and within a minute, she was screamin’ like a banshee and shootin’ a wave of her joy juice all over my hand and the front seat.

“Dammit, man. What would I do without you?” She sat there, breathing heavy, and I waited for her trip to the mountain to pass. “By the way, thanks for lunch,” she said in her normal voice. “I’d call Acıbadem Escort this a Happy Birthday for damn sure.”

I patted her thigh and started the car. “It ain’t over yet, baby. We’re goin’ to Springfield later. Gonna stay overnight. I’m gonna lick your cunt ’till you peel the wallpaper.”

She gave me a huge grin, sat up, and pulled her shirt down. “Take me over to the beach. I wanna lay in the sun fer a while.”

“Better not get sunburned.”

Smiling, she gave me a bratty kiss on the cheek. “I’m smarter ‘n you think, got sunscreen.”

I turned and stuck my tongue in her mouth for a minute. A thought crossed my mind and I asked:”You got everybody accounted for tonight?”

“Yeah. Momma gave me a twenty for my birthday, she’s gonna cruise the bars again tonight tryin’ to get laid. Granma’s over with her sister in Joplin. Jenny’s havin’ a slumber party with her girlfriends, probably getting drunk an playin’ with each other’s tits a while. Nobody’ll know I never came home.”

I put my car in gear and went down the gravel drive back to the road. “You better not skip school anymore if you wanna graduate in a coupla weeks.”

“No problem.”

“And the day after graduation?”

She smiled. “We go to Kansas City an’ get lost. Right after all the parties.”

I nodded as we went back toward town. “My transfer to Cass county went through. We got a place in Peculiar, nice duplex. You’re gonna love it.”

“Peculiar? There’s really a town with that name?”

“Yep. There’s lots of places you kin work.”

She looked out the window and put her arms in front of her tits. “Great. Nobody’ll know we ain’t married.”

“Nobody’ll care.” She turned on the radio, and Tammy Wynette’s voice filled the car.

“Where you want me to take you?”

“The beach, remember dumbass?”

“All right, all right, my mind always gets fuzzy after a great blowjob.” Shit, I hadn’t even remembered to pull up my pants; my cock and balls were still wavin’ in the air.

She sneered. I looked at the time: it was gonna be alright gettin’ back to the job site. Janey looked at her zits again, as if lasers from her eyes would make’em go away. We pulled up at the beach, and it was empty. She looked around after hopping out of the passenger seat, and seeing nobody, changed into her swimsuit right there. God is good, and there’s nothin’ prettier than a nekkid woman.

She leaned back into the car and puckered her lips. “See you later, princess,” I said, before giving her a deep kiss and tit squeeze.

“See you later, Daddy,” she replied. “I love my necklace.”

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