Jan’s Ride Pt. 03-04

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Part 3

It had all began months ago, when Emma had brought home her first boyfriend, Seb. He was a little shorter than Emma, who at five foot nine, was tall for her age. He was nice boy, friendly if a little shy, she thought. Jan could still tell who wore the trousers between them and it wasn’t Seb. She was concerned that sex might be on the agenda the first night. Even though she had specifically allocated Seb a room of his own opposite her own door and some way from Emma’s room, she expected him to sneak out before midnight, to join Emma in hers.

Jan could not sleep and tossed and turned. Sure enough at about 11.30 pm, she heard movement in Seb’s room. Jan was up quickly and at the keyhole to her door. About a minute later she saw young Seb emerge, dressed in singlet and boxers carefully turning the handle as he went and moving slowly and carefully across the landing floor, under the light. His singlet and boxers were supposed to be loose fitting and might have been, in his earlier days. However they now clearly needed replacing with a bigger size. She watched him pass her door and the sight of his tight buns departing across the polished timber floor towards Emma’s room. The enjoyment she began to feel whilst watching his movement slightly disturbed her however. He looked like he needed disciplining hard and wondered if that was what her daughter had in mind for him when he reached her.

Jan cast her mind back to when she had begun to be aware of her new yearnings. It might have started during a summer party at the house for her daughter and some of her college friends. It was a hot day and a water fight soon broke out. Water pistols of all shapes and sizes were soon procured by one of the boys. There was much screeching and shouting, loud laughter and complaints as the water flew around. It had started in the yard.

Jan was lying out on one of the sun loungers and clothed but soaking in the summer sun. She was reading a trashy, slightly disreputable novel and was hardly aware of the commotion around the other side of the house. Her peace was disturbed however, as two of the girls, and her daughter came rushing through the gate to the high brick walled garden where she was. Jan paused and looked up. Behind them was a tall youth carrying what looked like two large saggy ballooned water bombs. He was clearly intent on soaking one or more of the girls who, it seemed to Jan, had remained so far amazingly dry.

Whilst Emma went into the house, her two female friends remained outside. They dodged away behind where Jan was lying. It very quickly seemed that she had become some sort of barrier behind which they were pausing, trying to keep the boy and his water bombs beyond. He lunged, he jumped, and hopped, turning back and forth, but the girls laughing and screaming wildly, moved faster. At last, tiring of this, he took luck in his hands and sent one of the bombs flying in their direction, intending for it to pass over Jan’s prone form and hit one of them straight, full on. He missed. He slipped, and he mis threw. It went only a fraction of the way. Instead porno it landed right on top of Jan’s chest. It exploded and ice cold water flew up to her face and down to her skirt. She cried out in surprise at the commotion, the cold and then the wet.

Jan sat up quickly, gasping, and almost sobbing in shock. It was just when Emm was re-emerging from the kitchen with two large jugs of iced water, one in each hand. She screamed and then shouted. Emm, checking briefly if her mother was ok flew into a rage and shouted at the shocked girls.

“Get him girls.”

They stopped moving and looked up at Mike who was also shocked and already mumbling an apology to Mrs Dunstan.

By now the cold wet had soaked through to her bra, and as the cold began to soak in. Jan’s nipples, sensitive to such sudden cold, began to rise and crispen.

Jan was wiping the water out of her eyes when the boy was brought towards her, each arm held firmly by the two athletic girls.

“Oh err… Mrs Dunstan I am so sorry.” Was all Mike could repeat aimlessly.

“Hold him girls.” Emma was assuming command in her usual way.

“Bring him forward.”

Jan was standing now and about to go inside the house to towel herself off.

“If that doesn’t deserve an ice cold pitcher of water over you, I don’t know what does.” Said Emma coldly.

Mike was surprised and struggled.

“Mum I think its your entitlement to administer this punishment,” said Emma to her mother.

Jan was hesitatant. She was still clearing water as her long brown hair hung which clung to her face.

The boy was brought forward.

“Take his jeans off first Emm,” suggested one her hockey friends holding the lad fast.

Emma smiled and handing over the jugs to her mum approached the lad. Her hands went to his waist and he struggled as she unbuckled his belt. Now he was moving around and as Emma pulled on his jeans he spread his legs so that it was physically impossible to slide them down any distance.

“Emma I don’t really think is necessary.” Said Jan a little nervously.

Just then another of Emma’s friends, Rosie, entered through the arched gateway. She quickly assessed the situation.

“Having trouble Emm, that’s not like you!” she said smartly.

“Hold him still.” Said Rosie.

Mike could hear the voice behind him.

Jan couldn’t really see what she was up to, but Rosie was approaching the lad from behind, his legs still splayed whilst Emma taking a break from her struggle.

It was then that Jan saw Rosie draw back her right leg and bring it up and forward. The next Jan knew was the sight of the white toecap to a dark red converse trainer, being brought up smartly between the boys thighs and into his crotch. It was fast but not hard.

The boy yelped and sagged and as he did so he closed his thighs.

“Always best from behind, you can just catch them underneath” Rosie advised the assembly.

In a moment Emma had his jeans off and was presenting her mother with a pair of tight boxers. Pouring water on him now, might be japon porno a mercy, thought Jan and, with that, she came forward. Her daughter ever helpful held open the rear and then the front of his boxers, while her mum carefully poured one and then other other jug of iced water inside the waistband. The boy yelped again, louder this time, as the ice cubes hit him and lodged.

The girls let him go and he sank moaning to the ground, his jeans pooled around his ankles, his soaking boxers clanking with iced water, chilled testicles and one shriveled member. The girls were howling with mirth, whilst Jan was curiously aroused by the power she now exerted over this young man at her feet…

End of part 3

Part 4

Perhaps one of the earliest recent events was when her properly, and smartly spoken friend, Carmel, was over. Carmel’s older husband had become progressively uninterested in her over the last decade leaving his now 50 something wife, increasingly alone and frustrated. Whilst she loved and cared for her partner, she also had other needs that required satisfaction. Carmel sported a large coiffure of auburn hair cascading over her head. She wore a ready smile, which often broke into a cheeky grin, despite the ‘posh totty’ image which she promoted.

The two women were sat at the dining table sipping fancy coffee from Jan’s new machine and staring idly into the large grassed courtyard garden. when Emma and her latest boyfriend wandered into the space and began to knock about a shuttlecock. Emma an increasingly keen sportswoman at the local college and had quite suddenly become popular with the boys. May be it was the way she could handle a shuttlecock, with the light touch of her racket, but anyway a steady stream of new beaus had been following her around and now she had started bringing them home to the farmhouse.

It was a warm sunny day and with the efforts of the youngsters with their rackets, it wasn’t long before the lad slipped off his sweatshirt.

“What’s this ones name then Jan?” asked Carmel glancing at the lad as he ran around.

“Luke, I think” said Jan, and added, “it’s hard to keep up, she does seem to be getting very popular these days, and I’m pleased for her, even if she does get through them quite quickly.”

“Well I’m pleased for you too.” Said Carmel.

“How do you mean?” Asked Jan slightly puzzled

“Well Emma is getting much more sociable, mixing more, you know.”

“True that is a good thing,” Jan nodded.

Carmel paused, and looking again at the boy outside, she continued.

“That, …and her mum gets to see a lot of young totty on her doorstep.”

Jan laughed, slighty embarrassed.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing a stream of nice young men around my place.”

Carmel paused to look outside again as Luke reached up inside his t-shirt to scratch an itch on his smooth chest. In so doing he lifted the majority of his shirt up to expose his midriff. The sheen of sweat on his body glistened in the bright sunlight.

“Mmm, that’s nice.” She said lezbiyen porno gesturing to the lad, “I would.” She added.

“Would what?” Asked Jan puzzled.

“You know,” said Carmel smiling, “I’d do him.”

“Do him?” Queried Jan.

Carmel laughed. “Take a look for yourself.”


“Him. Judging by what I can see now, he would definitely be worth checking out further.”

Jan looked out too. He did look nice, she had to admit to herself.

Something fresh and firm, eager and juicy, they were all like that around nineteen, full of raging, coltish hormones, packed with energy. Now it was Jan’s turn to laugh, noting that his jeans look like they had been poured on him.

“All I can say is lucky Emma…!” said Carmel laughing, and then mumbling, added, “And… lucky mum!”

The women continued with their idle and supposedly disinterested stares at the boy as he moved about outside.

“Now what is Emma up to?” asked Carmel. As she spoke she noticed she was reaching up inside her short sleeved blouse and fiddling with her bra straps. In a few quick movements she was slowly drawing the uncoupled small white bra out of her left arm sleeve.

“Oh that old one… ” said Jan. “She likes to slip off her A cup support if she can in the warmer weather, its more comfortable.” She knew that the lads liked it too.

Emma paused outside and shouted to her boyfriend,

“Lets swap ends so you can have the sunshine in your face too.”

He dutifully obeyed so that he was now nearly facing towards the ladies in the kitchen.

Aye aye, someone’s getting perky, thought Carmel.

Braless, Emmas nipples, subjected as they were to her many and rapid movements as she leapt to reach the soaring shuttlecock, were now rubbing their sensitive nubs against her cotton blouse. It didn’t take long for them to harden. Now they showed up in their aroused form for her playing partner to see, and enjoy.

“Your daughter is a very naughty girl,” added Carmel.

And, glancing at the lad she saw what Emma was doing to the poor boy. One good erection deserves another it seemed. Just as her bullet nipples stiffened and protruded, so the tight jeans of the boy filled out. As his ‘meat’ swelled, taking up what little space remained in his jeans and revealed the shape of itself and of his two ‘new potatoes’ just beneath. Both women’s pairs of eyes, involuntarily dropped slightly and briefly observing the lads arousal.

Its not helping, thought Jan, laughing.

He going to make a great target, thought Carmel.

Jan smiled and turned away, back to the room.

Then there was a sudden yowl from outside. They both shot a glance out once more. Luke was on the ground rolling over. He appeared to be in pain.

“Do you think he’s ok?” Asked Jan.

“Looks like Emma got a direct hit,” said Carmel

Right in the nuts, thought Jan.

Carmel stood up. “Perhaps I should go and see if he is ok… I am nurse after all.”

Jan looked up surprised.

“I thought you worked in a dentists?”

“Yes.” Said Carmel getting up from her chair and making for the back door, “but a dental nurse is still a nurse.” She added.

Jan wondered whether Carmel would have been so ready to help, had the slim, but athletic lad, not been so attractive.

End of part 4

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