Jeri’s Love… Ch. 02

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“Gah Jeri, how much longer will this take?”

“Keep it together Jeri, just a bit longer,” she thought as she narrowed her eyes, trying to give her sister the best “don’t fuck with me” look she could muster.

“We’ve been here for two fucking hours…and I will not go into that bathroom so if he isn’t here soon I’m going to cop a squat in the corner”

“Go ahead Zoey, maybe they will put you in jail”

“Well, least in jail I might get a little,” the older girl quipped.

The girls looked at each other and the tension instantly flew away. Zoey scanned the arrival board while she looked around at the sea of humanity that moved through the terminal.

“Ooh Jeri, look at her,” she whispered as a tall, buxom blond in a short business suit walked by pulling her suitcase. “That Jacquard dress and those heels cost her at least two thousand,” Zoey whispered, “Oh my god she’s gorgeous”

“For someone who dresses like she slept in the donation bin you certainly know a lot about high-end clothing sis,” Jeri smirked

Keeping her eyes trained on the approaching beauty hoping to catch a glance Zoey murmured out the side of her mouth, “Zoey knows what Zoey likes” Then as if on cue the blue-eyed stunner cut her eyes at Zoey, gave a dazzling smile and kept walking. “Oh, my fucking god,” she hissed to Jeri, “I just got so wet”

Zoey had only recently come out to her parents. She did not fear telling them as such but the older of the two sisters was always reserved at home. Only Jeri knew of her orientation. And she would have kept it that way longer except for that visit home ten weeks ago when all of the family secrets were revealed.

Just a couple of days after Shawn left for the military, Zoey came home for the weekend. Her classes were going great and she wanted to see her sister and her friends. When she got there Jeri regaled her with the entire account of just how close she and Shawn had come. Jeri recounted how she was in the throes of a mind-numbing orgasm when the parents came home.

“So, Shawn sucked your cock huh, nice”

“No, I came from him rubbing it through my pj’s”


The playful banter continued all day as the sisters caught up on their lives. Zoey had become something of a slut away at school, she was dating three different girls, only one of which knew about the others. Steve and Laura loved having the girls together but on this day they had to break some news. They had decided that it was time they told the girls that their mother died in childbirth and that Laura, the woman they called mother their entire lives was not only their stepmother but a transsexual as well.

“Girls, come in here,” Laura called after the dishes were done” the girls ambled in the family room. “Coming mother,” they cried in unison. When they saw the looks on their parent’s faces though they knew something was up. Steve, somber-faced and red-eyed stood there with a picture in his hands while Laura sat on the end of the sofa, arms crossed looking out of the window.

“You girls know we love you both very much”

Zoey cried, ‘oh my god you’re getting a divorce”

At that Steve began to shake. He showed the picture to the pair. Jeri and Zoey studied the beautiful blonde-haired woman.

“Who is this dad?” they asked almost in unison.

Steve told the whole tale. He and Jane married right out of college, she was already pregnant with Zoey. As he worked for his father he built his own company and they were very much in love. She got pregnant again just fourteen months after Zoey’s birth and died giving life to Jeri. She suffered from a sudden onset of gestational hypertension. The girls were dumbstruck

“Mom,” Jeri implored “you’re not our mom?”

Laura, a woman who was trained to handle situations like this with cool passive professionalism, ran to the girls and hugged them as tightly as she did when they were small and frightened of a storm or ghosts or the mean kids in the neighborhood.

“Do you think I’m your mom sweetie?” the woman asked tears flowing down her face.

THe look on the girl’s faces told Laura all she needed to know. The three sat hugging and crying for several minutes as Steve answered their questions as best he could over the three. Later the three went outside to sit on the patio swing for some fresh air and girl talk. Emotionally spent he sat in the living room and remembered his time with his Laura…he remembered that the worst time of his life was followed by the best thing in his life…

He met Laura when Jeri was six months old, in the grocery store. She had just gotten out of a long-term relationship with a college professor and she was down on men altogether. But the sight of this sweet man shopping with two kids just melted her heart. They were shopping in opposite directions and kept meeting each other in the aisles.

She helped him pick the best noodle for spaghetti… he told her about Janes death. He’d rarely spoken of it but there was something Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort about this woman that made her so easy to talk to. She was so moved by his story that she invited them to her apartment for dinner. The dinners continued for a while and Steve was becoming quite stricken with this dark-haired beauty. His parents came to visit one weekend and begged him to go out and do something for himself while they babysat. He could think of only one person to call.

She was so excited about his visit and in a bit of a panic as well. She couldn’t imagine that he could be homophobic, but she had no point of reference, she could not be sure exactly how he would react but she did know one thing, she wanted this sweet man badly. He arrived with a bottle of wine and flowers,

“oh my god, so stinking cute,” she thought.

They ate her delicious garlic clam linguini and drank Steve’s wine, which did not pair by the way but was so delicious. After dinner, Laura excused herself for a moment and returned wearing a black satin robe. Steve, a lifelong fan of all thing’s lingerie, eyed the robe with sheer delight as he pondered what could possibly be underneath. They sat on her sofa, watching a movie and eating the scrumptious cheesecake she had purchased from a local bakery.

“This cheesecake is the bomb,” Steve said.

“Why thank you, I picked it out with you in mind..oh you have a little on your face,”

She reached out with a napkin and dabbed the offending cream cheese off of his upper lip. He instinctively moved his face toward her hand. She dabbed all around his lips then on his lips over and over almost as if she were in a trance. He reached up to her hand and grasped it, pulled the napkin away with his other hand and started kissing her fingertips. She gasped. He threw his arms around her and the kissed, softly at first then more passionately with each return. Their tongues played a bit, he tasted the sweet cherry that had been atop their cake. He was beside himself with desire.

“Come to my bedroom Steeeve,” she was literally purring like a cat. He rose quickly with his arms still about her spinning her form on the supple leather. As he bent with arm extended she, with her knees, bent slightly, raised both legs in unison. He ran his arm under her knees, and while appreciating the tactile smoothness of her satin touch thigh highs, picked her up in one fluid motion. She whooped with delight. His cock stiffened.

“I’m going to carry you like this on our wedding night,” he blurted out as they rubbed their open mouths together, “which way babe?”

Laura pointed then threw her head back and moaned loudly as Steve’s teeth found the bump of one of her nipple and proceeded to bite it through the fabric. “Oh god baby,” she purled “, I’m going to fuck you dry.”

He burst through the bedroom door, ran to the bed, set Laura gently upon it then took just a moment to relish his prize. She lay on her back, bent at the waist, with her elbows propped under her and her perfectly aligned legs still bent at the knees, her toes pointing down. Her hair, which was jet black at the time flowed down like a waterfall, from her forehead to the luxurious silver comforter that topped her bed. And her face was that of an angel. He could not believe his great fortune. Steve climbed onto the bed on his knees trying to strategize a place to start when Laura rolled toward him and used her free hand to massage his bulging, straining cock. Steve pulled her silky robe open to discover that a pair of black panties was all she was sporting this night. He beheld her luscious, heaving breasts. His hand squeezed each one in turn with his thumb flicking her sweet nipples. Their mouths fell together again. Laura had managed to get his pants unbuckled by then and she pulled his throbbing cock free. It sprung out and pointed at her mouth. As Steve continued to massage her pretty breasts she kissed the tip of his cock. The saltiness of the precum tasted so good it made her hungry. She forced her slutty mouth onto his cock a little at a time as Steve moaned,

“Goddamn girl, you are amazing”

She had begun an up and down motion, each thrust driving Steve’s cock a little deeper into her willing mouth. Her thrusting mouth was met with countered by the thrust from Steve’s hips until his cock started hitting the back of her throat. He looked down into her gorgeous eyes and said,

“Damn baby, that’s as far as I can go.”

Without taking her eye off his or her mouth from his cock she reached up and grabbed his left hand and guided it down to the back of her head. She pushed his hand against the back of her skull hard, he’d rarely seen a woman this strong, she was forcing his cock down her throat.

“You want me to fuck your throat baby,? He asked

‘Mmmhhmm” she answered back.

He happily obliged thrusting over and over while pulling her closer with the hand cupped behind her beautiful head. His free hand hungrily Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort explored the beauty’s body inching ever closer to her crotch. Laura suddenly realized that she had never done this before. She was always open with potential lovers concerning her gender and had been planning to tell Steve tonight but they were both so very caught up in the passion there was no stopping now. She considered that she could halt the proceeding temporarily and explain things but then she realized that there was no denying it…She was not going to let Steve’s cock out of her mouth until she tasted his cum. She decided for once to let the chips fall where they may.

Steve was on the edge. His cock was pulsating wildly as he ran his hand down, caressing her supple body. He reached her panties he ran he ran his fingers over them, they were so soft and silky, but her legs were still tightly closed together.

He said, “Oh god Laura, I want your pussy so bad,” as he pushed his hand into her silky panties.

She moaned and spread her legs, he smiled and pushed his hand down, expecting soft folds and smoldering wetness but… Laura often tells Steve that this was the moment she fell in love with him… he ran his hand down, hesitated momentarily with a puzzled look on his face, the turned to look at Laura.

“Stop,” he said…Laura let his cock slide from her mouth as he withdrew. Still holding her gaze he crawled down to get a closer look. He pulled her sizable tool from her satiny panties, leaned over and grazed it with his lips.

“Oh Steve I want your mouth so fucking bad”

He kissed her sweet cock then picked her leg up and over winding up with her ass cheeks against his shoulders. Her cock was as big as any he’d ever seen except in porn. Steve loved women but had become enamored of shecock in college. Some of his fraternity brothers got him a shemale movie on VHS for his birthday, as a gag. What they did not know was that Steve had worn the tape out by time by the time he graduated and had a stash of several more. As he took her smooth, dusky cock into his mouth he marveled at just how beautiful this woman was and just how much he adored sucking her. He started bobbing his head up and down while massaging and squeezing her orbs with one hand and exploring her luscious tits with the other. Laura moaned softly,

“Oh Steve, I’m about to cum baby.” He looked at her and smiled…as well as any man can smile with a huge cock in his mouth. Her breath quickened, she drew her legs back a bit to gain new leverage then pushed them down hard as she arched her back and screamed,

“I’m cumming baby, oh god you are so fucking good.” Steve felt her all of her passion through her cock as she drew in and held a deep breath, arched her back even higher and started convulsing. Thick briny gobs of semen rushed into his mouth…so much of it that some spilled out of the corners of his mouth and some went down his throat. Laura cupped her hands behind her lover’s head and thrust over and over until every precious drop was deposited into her new cum sluts willing mouth. When she opened her eyes, she saw her sweet Steve, the man she loved, was looking at her still holding her cock in his mouth. She said,

“Don’t swallow, not yet come here and kiss me, I want to taste my cum in your mouth.” Steve did what he would continue to do every day and night thereafter…he obeyed. He crawled up between her legs, cum dripping from his lips and his rock-hard cock scraping against her body as he went. They kissed deeply, tongues swirling until all of Laura’s love seed had disappeared. Her emotions were screaming as felt his body on top of her.

“I feel your cock hon, it’s so hard…fuck me, please. There is lube in there,” she pointed to her bedside table. Steve bounded over and was in the drawer in two seconds. Laura squirmed over toward him as if she were reluctant to be more than inches away. When he retrieved the lube and turned around she was right beside him. He stood up and positioned her crossways on the bed. He lifted her legs as he knelt on the floor. His tongue tickled her pink boi pussy. It puckered in response as Laura moaned lustily. His licking intensified, he was so happy to be pleasuring this goddess. He stiffened his tongue an thrust it as far as he could into her tight little fuck hole. She was literally in tears from pleasure.

“Fuck me Steeeeve, oh god fuck me please.” He stood and squeezed a bit of the lube on her beautiful pussy. He swirled it in tight circles. This action made his love scream with lust. He squeezed a bit onto the head of his sweet cock and used it to match the motions that his digit performed just moments prior. He swirled the tip of his cock on her pussy then pushed in a bit. He withdrew, swirled, pushed in further and repeated again and again until his cock was buried to the hilt. Their eyes were fucking each other with more fury than their privates. Laura squealed,

“Oh Steve you Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort feel so good baby, don’t stop.” Her prominent tits were bouncing up and down with each thrust.

“Oh my god Laura, where the fuck have you been all my life,” Steve gasped, His thrusting became faster and faster…he couldn’t recall being so turned on in his life. He felt the orgasm building… “Laura, I’m cumming”

“Cum inside me baby…I want your cum so bad”

Those words were all he needed, He came with such ferocity that his knees buckled from a sudden weakness. He fell on top of his luscious mate still shuddering. Laura detected a small almost imperceptible whimper emanating from behind his clenched teeth. With his cock still in her, he returned once again to her full soft lips…they kissed as though they were one.

He felt a slap across his face…This was real. Jeri was standing over him with a look of disbelief he had not seen since the whole Santa Clause revelation years back.

“Mom has a cock,?” she screamed.

“I see you’ve told them…good, I’ve had enough for one day” Steve muttered as he closed his eyes As those words exited his mouth he felt the sting of Jeri’s hand again,

“Mom …has…a …COCK?”

“Yes Jeri, she does…stop hitting me”

He looked toward Laura for support. She stood in the thruway between the kitchen and family room, arms crossed with her “I’ve got nothing” look.

“I think she’s pissed dad” Zoe offered as she sat next to Steve on the sofa.

“We didn’t tell you guys because we wanted your lives to be as normal as possible,” Laura said, stepping closer to the couch. So many of the kids were mean at first and we didn’t want to give them any additional ammunition”

Jeri jumped to her feet and rushed toward Laura, stopping just inches from her face,

“You know how confusing it’s been for me and you could have been helping all along.”

With that she turned and ran toward her room. Laura stood there, tears streaming down her cheeks. After a moment she walked down the hall to her own bedroom, leaving Zoey and Steve on the couch. He turned to his elder daughter and with a tone of near utter defeat he said.

“Zoey, you know we did what we thought was best, right… you understand don’t you?”

“Sure dad…by the way I’m a lesbian…I fuck chicks”

“I’m going to work on my car,” Steve said.

Laura was exhausted. She had been encouraging Steve to do this for years, rip the band-aid off as It were. Now, she wished they had taken it one step at a time. In fact, that was exactly what she planned to do from the beginning but when the chat outside with the girls was going so well she decided to get it all over with. The news was met with wide-eyed mirth from Zoey and by amazement turned to anger by Jeri. She’d had enough for one day.

She slipped out of the jeans and the top she’d worn that day and stepped into the shower. The water was so nice and warm, the body wash smelled of lavender and the water of chlorine. The mixture was intoxicating to her. She poured a spot onto her exfoliating sponge and tried to wash away the troubling events of the day. As the sponge caressed her nipple it stiffened. She made circles with the sponge the lather growing and running down the entirety of her body. The other nipple received similar treatment as she employed her free hand to pinch and pull at the first. Her luscious cock pulsated in rhythm with the manipulations of her fingertips upon her sensitive nipples. She put a spot of shampoo in her hand and worked it into her hair working up a nice lather. Soon she was rubbing her hair with on hand and her gorgeous cock with the other.

“Oh, Steve baby,” she murmured “the things I’m going to do to you tonight.”

“Oh, nice cock mom.”

“Jeri” she gasped as she tried to hide her stiff dick, “what are you doing?”

“No more secrets mom!!” The girl was in the shower with her. “I wasn’t to see it.”

“Jeri, no,” Laura protested, turning her back on the girl.

“Mom…let me see. I’m the only girl I know who’s never seen her mom naked”

Laura felt embarrassment combined with relief. She’d seen her own mother naked many times, why should she be embarrassed? She slowly moved her hand away from her crotch and withdrew the arm that she was holing across her breasts. She sighed and turned to face the girl arms down at her side. Jeri stood transfixed, staring at her mother’s huge cock.

“It’s so big.”

“It is what it is sweetie, I have no control over it, neither does anyone else.”

I have so many questions, mom. You have no idea.”

I think I may have an idea, Jeri,” she said as she dried off and wrapped a towel around her hair, “I was in your boat once, only my parents weren’t so very nice.”

Laura tearfully told her of her childhood. How she was shunned by her own family, how she spent time in lockup for drugs then got her diploma during her eight months stay. She emerged with a plan. She lived with a sympathetic cousin while she worked at a bar at night, attended junior college during the day, and worked on transitioning 24/7. She always had a soft face and to her delight, by simply growing her thick hair out a bit and styling it she looked absolutely feminine. The makeup, clothing, nails, and hair was simply icing on an already tasty cake.

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