Jill and Bethany Ch. 02


This is the follow-up to my story, Jill and Bethany. It can be read as a stand alone piece, but works better if you read Jill and Bethany first.


I crept back to the living room in a daze. The whole situation felt more and more unreal to me, almost like it had all been a dream. Of course I knew it was no dream. I had just helped my girlfriend’s 18 year old daughter masturbate, while she was fantasizing about me. What’s more, I had to admit I enjoyed every minute of it. Whatever the consequences of my actions, I was deeply aware I couldn’t turn back. I was just as deeply aware I didn’t want to.

While Bethany slept, it was time to check on her mom. Enough moonlight filtered through the window to reveal Jill sleeping peacefully on the couch in the same spot where she had passed out earlier. She had slumped down into the cushions a little, causing the towel to loosen from around her and fall away a bit. I was taken with her loveliness and feeling even more guilty.

I was tired both from the emotional and physical impact of being with Bethany. I wanted to curl up alone somewhere, sleep and figure out how to deal with my new reality. Instead, with some effort, I managed to get Jill off the couch and into a semi-standing position. She mumbled something unintelligible, leaned against my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me. Despite the strain of her supporting her weight, I stood there for several moments, savoring her soft skin and breasts pressed against mine. I don’t remember exactly how, but I somehow got Jill back to our bedroom without dropping her, running into walls, or tripping over any furniture.

As I tucked her into bed and collapsed beside her, I caught the scent of Bethany on my fingers. My heart was pounding. I flicked my tongue across my lips. I could still taste Bethany’s nectar as her mother lay there sleeping peacefully unaware. Feelings of dread alternated with those of intense excitement. I sat there unable to move. Jill stirred and reached for me. She was coming around and she seemed to want to make love. I was incredibly aroused and very confused. As you might guess, however mixed my feelings were, I was unable to resist Jill’s charms.

I surrendered eagerly…maybe too eagerly. Jill was wide awake now and couldn’t get enough of me. I wondered if she could taste any of Bethany when we kissed…or smell her on my fingers. If she could, she never gave any sign. The possibility and risk inherent in the situation, made me crazy with lust. We carried on for sometime until we both fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning I was awakened to the scent of bacon and coffee wafting into our room. Despite the fact we were both a bit hung over, Jill was in a cheerful mood. She gave me a big, sloppy kiss. “Don’t you ever get enough?” She laughed and suggested we hop in the shower. “Then,” she said, “we could have some of that breakfast that Bethany is cooking.” Thoughts and feelings about the previous night overwhelmed me. I felt as though someone had kicked me in the stomach. I took a deep breath and dutifully followed Jill into the shower, admiring her all the way,

The shower did wonders to revive us. It was all we could do to resist getting back into bed and making love again. Jill was radiant and particularly lovely. God, could I feel any more guilty! The short, terry bathrobe she pulled on highlighted her legs. I remember thinking I hoped that I looked as good in mine! I took another deep breath as we entered the kitchen.

Bethany was sitting at the small dinette table reading the paper. Her long, soft, chestnut hair was pulled back into a ponytail, making her look impossibly young and innocent. She was wearing a t-shirt without a bra and her snug, little volleyball shorts. Her feet were bare. She was wiggling the toes on one foot while she concentrated on the paper. I felt a familiar, warm ache between my legs.

Bethany looked up and our eyes met. I tried hard not to tremble. I have to say she was a very cool customer! She looked into my eyes just long enough to let me know I wasn’t dreaming about last night. “I didn’t know if you two sleepyheads were going to get up today or not.” Bethany turned toward the stove. “I made some coffee, bacon and eggs. Help yourselves.”

We were both famished and the breakfast hit the spot. Jill returned to the table first, leaving the chair between her and Bethany vacant. I sat down rather uncomfortably between them. I wasn’t sure whether this circumstance was a random bit of heaven or some kind of devious torture! Bethany continued to silently peruse the paper. Jill and I were too busy eating to talk much.

Jill, still feeling sensual from the previous night, brushed my upper right calf with her bare toes, then languidly slid her toes down my leg and rested her foot on mine. I think I squirmed a little. Just when I thought I had my arousal barely under control, I felt Bethany press her leg against my left leg. I wasn’t sure, at first, whether she meant to or not. Any doubt I had was soon erased, however. Alanya escort She lightly brushed my calf with her soft little toes and rested her foot on mine. Like mother, like daughter.

To say I was overwhelmed would be a vast understatement. I felt like a deer trapped in the headlights! The tension was incredible. Would I scream or just melt into a puddle under the table? The fact that neither Jill or Bethany was aware of what the other was doing, made it even more intense. I could feel the warm wetness bubbling up between my legs.

Jill stood up abruptly causing Bethany to quickly move her leg away from mine. “I’ve got to go get some stuff taken care of, but I should be back by lunch.” Jill looked at me wistfully, as if she preferred to go back to bed instead. I wondered what mysterious “stuff” she had to take care of, but I followed her back to the bedroom without comment. As a rule, we were both pretty independent and didn’t question each other much about stuff like that.

I chose to remain in my robe. Why should I get dressed, anyway? After all, I was on vacation. Jill finished dressing silently, then gave me a goodbye kiss. “See you in a bit.” She was gone before I had time to follow her to the door. I heard a slam and I turned back toward the kitchen.

Jill’s kiss left me aroused and every bit as confused as I had been since last night. I wandered back to the kitchen hoping to encounter Bethany. Being the sweetie that she was, she was bent over the sink busily finishing up the dishes. I took a moment to let my eyes travel over her bare feet, up her smooth, tan, muscular, young, legs and come to rest on her tight little butt. My eyes lingered so long, she became aware of my presence before the silence was broken.

She hung up the dish towel and spun around. “Good timing, Becca. You missed all the work.” Her pretty face broke into a smile and her eyes sparkled. I noticed her hair was slightly mussed and I could see a little dampness on her forehead from the steam of the dishwater.. I remembered last night…and how good her leg felt against mine at breakfast. I was having those thoughts again and feeling very uncomfortable.

“Well,” she continued, “I’m glad you aren’t running errands this morning.”

I instinctively reached for her hand. It felt soft, warm, and very feminine. “You’ve been doing all the work this morning. I think you deserve a break.”

She surprised me by leaning toward me and giving me a little peck on the cheek. “You’re very sweet. Let’s get away from this stupid kitchen. Come on, I have something I want to show you.” Bethany led me by the hand toward her room.

After we entered her room, she let go of my hand and started rummaging through her top dresser drawer. I found myself looking at her little, bare toes sinking into the thick carpeting. She was wearing a deep, burgundy shade of polish and a toe ring or two glittered occasionally in the sunlight. Her voice broke my reverie. “See, I got that book you wanted me to get.” She made sure I saw it then tossed it on top of the dresser. “..and here’s my report card. See how much you helped! I would have never gotten that A is you didn’t show me that stuff.” I blushed a little. She threw the report card back in the drawer and pushed it closed. I thought I heard something in the other room. It was probably just the water pump and heater for the hot tub cycling on.

Bethany plopped down on the bed and I followed suit. She slid closer to me until our legs touched. I felt light headed. I could smell the scent of her freshly washed hair and the fruity body splash on her flawless skin. The outline of her little nipples pressed against the soft, cotton t-shirt. “I guess I just wanna to talk…”

I found myself slipping easily into my understanding-adult-willing to listen-mode. “You know I always have time to listen to what you have to say.” I was feeling more comfortable and in control of the situation, despite my lust. It was a pleasant and familiar role.

Then she broadsided me. I should have been more prepared. Bethany’s youthful directness and honesty was always something I liked in her. “What I wanna talk about is last night.” I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I sucked in my breath. I’m sure my face turned red.

Bethany hugged me pressing her face into my shoulder. I could feel her warm, soft breath. “I’m..uh…well……I’m glad it happened. It was nice.” She paused waiting for me to react. I remained silent, trying to stay calm. “I probably sound like some stupid teenager or something. Were you…uh…OK with it Are you OK with me?”

I patted her head. “I’m always OK with you, sweetie. You’re wonderful and I care about you a lot. But there’s also my relationship with your mom. It kind of complicates things. I don’t want her or you to get hurt. I guess it’s a bit late to start worrying about that, though.”

Bethany sighed. “I know and I guess it worries me, too….but I like you, too. It doesn’t seem like there should be anything wrong Alanya escort bayan with that. I…mean that I like you too..uh….I never felt anything like I felt last night either. I don’t want that to stop. You aren’t going to push me away or make me feel stupid, are you?”

I hugged her close to me. “Of course not, sweetie. You are a very special young woman.” She looked up at me and I couldn’t help but bend down to kiss her. Once again she surprised me by grabbing the back of my head and pressing my lips hard against hers. We abruptly crossed the line from affection to passion. I knew there would be no going back this time.

Bethany made up for her inexperience in kissing with her youthful enthusiasm. I could feel her kisses down to the tips of my toes. The top of my robe had gapped open exposing one of my breasts and a big, hard, nipple. It did not escape Bethany’s notice. Her little, warm hand slid into the gap and her soft fingers curved around my breast. A moan escaped from her lips.

I slid my hand over the front of her t-shirt pinching those hard little nipples and caressing her firm, teen, breasts. I lifted my bare breast forcing my hard nipple against her young lips. “Suck it, sweetie,” I moaned. “Suck if for me!” She eagerly complied.

While Bethany busied herself with my breast, I tugged at the bottom of her t-shirt. I was very impatient to see her supple, young, breasts again. I slid the tight little shirt up under them, revealing her hard, flat tummy and navel piercing. She paused to release my breast and help me pull the troublesome shirt over her head. Her pert little breasts jiggled deliciously as she disposed of the shirt.

At that very moment, I felt another pair of hands slide my robe off my shoulders. My heart was pounding as panic set in. If I was every going to have a heart attack, this was the time. I could feel heavy breathing on my neck. It was Jill! Now I knew what that noise was I had heard earlier. Apparently the slam was someone next door and Jill had never left. Bethany was as startled as I was. Her eyes were open wide. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. Our lives were passing before our eyes. Clearly, there was no escape. We were terrified and frozen in place. Nothing good could come of this.

Then…absolutely nothing happened. What was probably seconds, seemed like hours. The silence was deafening, the tension intense. Jill’s breathy voice finally broke the spell. “Isn’t she beautiful, Becca? Isn’t Bethany so pretty?”

I was startled. “Oh yes!” I whimpered. “She’s lovely…just like her mom.” I couldn’t believe I actually said that!

Jill’s hands were on my breasts now…caressing them….pulling at my hard nipples. “I know you want her. I know you’ve thought about my sweet Bethany.”

“Did you know that, sweetie? Did you know that Becca is really hot for you?”

Bethany managed to whimper, “Oh mom…….I…I…wanted her to be…but I didn’t think so. I thought about the two of you sometimes…you know wishing I was you…and with Becca. I felt kind of silly….thinking she would probably not be interested in me. I was kinda jealous of you actually.” Bethany’s face turned a deep shade of red.

I could feel Jll’s excitement growing. “Sweetie, I don’t blame you for liking Becca. Don’t you think I could tell that you adore her…and that she feels the same about you? I’m not stupid you know! Anyhow, I adore her too!”

Bethany smiled. Jill continued. “I’m glad you like Becca…and, well, glad that you like girls. I want your first time with a girl…a woman…to be special. You deserve that, sweetie. It’s much too wonderful a thing to waste…and you’re my little girl. I want Becca to be the one for you. I know you want it too.”

“Becca,” Jill turned to me. “I want you to be the one to show Bethany how good it feels. I want her first time with a woman to be special. Please…please…for me.”

I was flabbergasted. “I…well…I mean I’d love to….if Bethany thinks that’s OK.”

“Oh god yes, mom!….” Bethany blurted out. She could hardly retain her youthful sexual energy. Her little nipples were jutting straight out and her lips were parted slightly. Once she realized her mom wasn’t going to kill either of us, she practically dove for my breasts. JIll lifted one to her daughter’s lips. “Suck it, sweetie. Suck Becca’s big tit.”

Jill slid my robe the rest of the way off and dropped it on the floor. She was caressing my butt and my thighs while her daughter suckled my breast. Bethany was a natural with her lips and tongue. I was in heaven. I think I could have been happy to just let this moment be frozen in time. However, I wanted this to be for Jill and Bethany…especially Bethany. She was special.

Jill watched intently as I laid her lovely daughter back on the bed. I began kissing and sucking her firm, little breasts. He nipples stuck straight out and were very sensitive. She moaned and squirmed while I nibbled and sucked on them. I couldn’t resist sliding my hands up Escort Alanya and down her smooth, tan legs. The way she squirmed, wiggled her little toes, and made girly, sounds was incredibly erotic.

I parted her knees and slid my fingers inside the leg of her shorts, teasing the tender inside of her luscious thigh. I could feel the heat from her aroused little sex. Jill’s fingers were toying with my clit and my moist labia. She slid a finger up inside me. I could feel her moist, hot breath on my neck as she moaned. “Take off those little shorts, Becca……Take them off. I want to see her pussy.”

This all had an air of unreality to it like a dream. It was intense and erotic…and too good to be true. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more aroused in my life. Here I was taking this lovely, young teen, girl while her mother urged me on…her mother, who was my lover. It was stranger than fiction and much more pleasurable.

I kissed her flat little tummy and nibbled at her navel piercing while I slid my fingers into the waistband of those volleyball shorts. The elastic made it easy tug the tight little shorts down over her hips. Bethany squirmed with delight. I could feel two of her mother’s fingers up inside of me now, and another finger rubbing my aching clit. There was nothing under her shorts except a thong.

I intended to take things slow and savor every square inch of Bethany’s supple skin. However, the intensity of my desire made it increasingly difficult to be patient. The shorts slid easily over her small, tight, butt and down her long, creamy, smooth legs. She wiggled her toes with delight and I slid the shorts over her feet and tossed them on the floor. In the meantime, mom Jill’s fingers had already brought me to a climax more than once.

I grabbed Bethany’s feet and began kissing them hungrily, running my tongue across the arch of each foot. Then I set about sucking and nibbling on each of those cute little toes. Jill had produced a toy…a gel filled cock and she was enthusiastically fucking me with it.

After I feasted on her daughter’s toes, I worked up my way up her supple, well muscled calves. Then I lingered briefly on her perfect thighs. I could see the brief triangle material of the thong clinging to her wet, young sex. A couple of soft, chestnut curls escaped from their luscious confinement.

Mom Jill was pumping me with that girl cock now. The wet sounds of the toy sliding in and out of me mixed with her sounds of pleasure was quite exciting to me. Daughter Bethany was definitely fascinated. I could see her eyes riveted on her mother’s toy, watching intently as it slid in and out of me and glistened with my juices.

Jill began admonishing me again to let her see her daughter’s pussy. I peeled the little thong from between Bethany’s butt cheeks. The cotton triangle in the front was wet and clinging to her sex. I continued peeling the damp, twisted material until I could slide it down her legs. Bethany was impatient and kicked it off onto the floor.

I was now greeted by the tastiest little pussy I’d ever seen. Her natural, chestnut brown curls framed her moist, pink labia. I savored the pleasant memories of the night before I reached down to kiss her. I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her sex and pressed my lips against her moist labia, brushing the tip of my tongue across her hard little clit. Bethany reacted with more intensity than I was prepared for. She thrust herself into my face and wrapped her thighs around my head. I almost fell off the bed. I offered no resistance and grabbed for those tight, tender, butt cheeks.

Like her mother, Bethany loved having my tongue on her pussy. She bucked and squirmed making those lovely, girly sounds again. The harder I sucked on her clit, the harder she came. I could feel the ripples of her orgasm flow through her body, one after the other. “Oh my god, mom…” she moaned. “Oh my god….”

“Eat that sweet pussy, Becca. Eat my daughter’s sweet little pussy.” Jill was so excited I could feel her cum as she rammed that girl cock up inside me. She paused long enough to get something out. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but then I realized it was a strap-on. It was the same harness we had used on numerous occasions. However she had exchanged the dong this time for a much more modest one. I was terribly excited when I realized what she had in mind and that she had been planning it so far ahead of time.

Mom Jill’s fingers quickly and expertly slipped the harness on me. Daughter Bethany watched in fascination. I noticed her lovely eyes riveted on the girl cock. She reached out and curled her fingers around it. Bethany was clearly curious about how it felt. Seeing her pretty, young, feminine fingers wrapped around it, really turned me on. Not that I needed any more help! I watched excitedly as she played with it, running her fingers up and down it and pausing to squeeze it.

Despite all that had happened up to this point, I was surprised to hear Jill’s voice again. “Suck it, baby…suck Becca’s girl cock for mom. I know you want to.” Bethany bent forward, bringing her pretty face close to me. I watched in fascination as she kissed the tip, then wrapped her lovely lips around it. The girl cock glistened with her saliva as she attacked it with all her youthful energy.

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