Jim’s Girl Friend Ch. 01

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George Box set the cardboard carton on the porch and unlocked the door to his son’s house. The package was addressed to James Box at the house he had shared with his father until a month ago, and George’s intention was to drop it off for him. He knew Jim was at work because his car was not in the usual spot, and he wanted to leave the package inside for safekeeping.

Once in the house, George was surprised to hear the shower running in Jim’s bathroom. He left the carton on a table by the front door and tiptoed into the master bedroom. As he approached the bathroom door, the water stopped. Seconds later, he heard the shower door open and slam shut. Cautiously, George peeked around the edge of the open doorway.

There he beheld a beautiful sight. A naked woman was standing on the bathmat, drying her face with what he recognized as one of the good bath towels Jim had taken with him when he moved out. She was short, just over five feet tall, with truly lovely breasts and blonde hair that reached her shoulders. He couldn’t tell whether she was a natural blonde or not because her pussy was hairless, having been either shaved or waxed.

As he looked at her, his thoughts were mainly of how he would love to go down on the gorgeous body of the woman in his son’s bathroom. George was quite confident she was not a burglar or other kind of desperado because, for one thing, she was too beautiful and sexy and, more important, such a person would never have stopped to take a shower. He didn’t say anything, preferring to watch the erotic sway of her succulent breasts as she finished toweling her face and neck.

“Hey!” Susie blurted out as she lowered the towel and saw the unknown man standing less than six feet away. Quickly, she held the heavy cloth in front of her nakedness and wrapped it around herself, even though she knew he had already feasted his eyes on her tits and cunt.

“Who are you?” she challenged him.

“George Box. I’m Jim’s father. Now, who are you?”

“My name’s Susie Cue and I’m his girl friend.”

As Susie looked closer, she could see the family resemblance. George had the same pale blue eyes she admired so much in Jimmy, several shades lighter than her own. The two men were both just over six feet tall, and had the same athletic build. She was quite taken with Jimmy’s receding hairline, having something of a fetish for baldness, but George far exceeded his son. There was a great, sexy sweep of skin extending from his eyebrows, with just two narrow strips of hair above his ears. She also noted his mustache and had a sudden deliciously wicked thought of how she would love to be lying naked on her back, looking down at that bald head between her legs while George’s mustache tickled her clit and his tongue licked her swollen labia. Susie had gone to have her cunt waxed that morning, and she hoped and expected that in a few hours she would have Jimmy’s tongue caressing her smooth, ultra-sensitive bare skin, but she had no objection to somebody else licking her there first.

She wondered if George could eat pussy as well as his son did, and fervently hoped she would have a chance to find out. She and Jimmy had discussed the possibility of including his father in a threesome, but Susie had been a bit reluctant. She liked the idea of being in the middle of two or more men, and had done so many times, but it seemed rather quirky to be fucking a father and son. After seeing the man who had been proposed as their partner, her reluctance disappeared. In fact, just then she wanted nothing more than to persuade him to join her on the bed in the adjacent room for some one-on-one sex. The next time she saw Jimmy, she would agree to the threesome but first she wanted a chance to try George out on her own.

“I can see the family resemblance,” Susie continued. She released one corner of the towel she was holding and it unfurled itself, exposing her lovely body to him again. To make sure he got an even better look at her tits and cunt, she spread her legs and moved her other hand, the one that still held a corner of the towel, as far from her body as she could.

“Oh, excuse me. How clumsy I am,” she said, obviously without an ounce of sincerity. Grinning at the man in the doorway, she stood there for several seconds, giving him a good, long look at the sexy body that he couldn’t help but know was available to him, before slowly starting to wrap the towel around herself again.

“That’s okay. Would you like me to dry off your back?” George stepped forward, sure of an affirmative answer.

“Oh, how sweet of you. Yes, that would be nice.” Grinning even more, Susie unwrapped the towel from her body again and handed it to the man who had made such a considerate offer. Slowly, she turned her back toward him, making sure he got another good look, from all angles, at the luscious curves of her ass and her firm, natural breasts with their light pink nipples. They were starting to become erect at the thought that escort bursa soon she might be looking down her body at his delightful baldness between her thighs.

George quickly toweled off the water from Susie’s back and, when he was done with that, his hands caressed the smooth skin of her succulent hips and ass. “Jim sure knows how to pick girl friends,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her and held himself tightly against her naked back. His hands rested on her sexily plump belly and started slowly moving upward.

Susie could feel his cock through his pants as he pressed against her. She relished the way it felt against her body, so big and hard, especially knowing it would soon be pressing her in other places, although she wanted his tongue on some of those other places first. Obviously, he wanted to have sex as much as she did, so she abandoned even the least semblance of modesty or reluctance.

“Oh?” Is that right?” Susie turned around and stood facing George, hands on hips and smiling an unmistakable invitation at him as she thrust out her breasts. “Then how come I’m the only one here that’s naked?”

“Good question. Let us go into this bedroom here, and I will rectify the situation.” Susie hung up the towel and stepped through the doorway. George caught up with her and walked beside her to the bed, one hand resting gently on her hip and caressing her smooth bare skin, while the other was unzipping his jacket.

The bedroom was dark, with the blinds covering the open window, so she turned on the lights. Susie likes to see things that happen to her body, particularly when it’s a bald man who is doing them. George admires beautiful and sexy women like Susie, especially from up close so he made no objection to the illumination. She pulled the coverings off the bed, leaving only the bottom sheet, and sat down to watch George take off his shoes and socks. His jacket and shirt quickly followed but, when he stood up and started unbuckling his belt, she put her hands on his to stop him.

“Let me.” She finished unfastening his pants, letting them fall to the floor, and smiled at the big bulge in his jockey shorts. Carefully, she worked the waistband of that last garment around his stiff cock, letting it spring free as George’s shorts also slid down to around his ankles. He raised his feet and kicked aside his clothing.

Susie fondled his shaft and lightly kissed the head. “I hope you’re not in too much of a hurry to use this. You know, a girl likes to be coaxed a little first, if you know what I mean.” She smiled, kissed his stiff cock again, and drew it into her mouth to stroke it a few times. It felt good as it glided between her lips, but she knew it would feel even better in her cunt, so she took it out of her mouth before lying down on her back.

If he hadn’t already known what kind of coaxing she wanted, he learned quickly when Susie slid over onto the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide apart. With her head resting on a pillow, she cupped her breasts in her hands and waited for George to join her.

“Well, that’s good, because I really love coaxing, and I hope I know what you mean.” He knelt on the bed beside her, bent down and started licking the nearest of her nipples. It quickly became fully erect, so much so that he could feel the tiny ridges against his tongue, and the pebbly texture of her areola.

“Mmmmmm, yeah. That’s what I mean. Keep doing that.”

He didn’t exactly keep doing that. Instead, he moved his mouth over and to lick her other nipple. To Susie, his tongue felt as good there as it had on her first tit, and she cooed softly from the pleasure he was giving her, luxuriating her head in the pillow and anticipating an extremely enjoyable session. Her hands continued holding her tits upright and she gazed at George’s tongue moving back and forth between them, enjoying both the sight and the marvelous sensations.

As she watched, George drew one of her luscious globes into his mouth and started sucking on it. While he sucked, she felt his tongue continuing to caress her nipple and areola. Susie could feel the connection being formed between the nipple and her clit, which always happens when she is becoming aroused. He switched his mouth to her other tit and the connection became a triangular one. As he moved his mouth back and forth, she could feel and smell juices starting to trickle from her cunt.

George could smell it too and, when he looked down her body, he saw her pussy squirming and the lips shiny with fresh juices. Although he was having a great time with his mouth on her breasts, he knew he would have much more fun eating her hairless pussy. After kissing either nipple, he started licking and kissing his way down her smooth belly. She was soft and slightly plump, just the kind of body that turns George on, and what he knows his son also lusts for in a woman.

When he reached her navel, he pushed his tongue in and swirled it around. bursa merkez eskort Susie giggled but was glad he didn’t stay there very long. His mouth continued meandering down her body until he was licking her mons just above her clit. She hoped he wouldn’t swing his leg over her into a 69 position. If he did, she would suck him off, and Susie knew she would enjoy it, but she would rather have him eat her cunt first so she could concentrate on one pleasure at a time. With combined feelings of joy and relief, she saw him pick up the other pillow and climb off the bed. She was even happier when she saw him get back on at the foot and move forward on his hands and knees, moving the pillow in front of him, until he was between her legs.

Susie knew what the pillow was for and, when he pushed it toward her, she raised herself off the bed so he could slide it under her ass, putting her cunt at the perfect level for him to eat. When he leaned forward, she raised her legs and he ducked under them to let them rest on his shoulders. So far, she noted, he was using the same moves as Jimmy always used, and Susie really hoped he would be just as good with his tongue and lips.

George’s arms were wrapped around Susie’s thighs and his face was inches from her pussy. Before starting to do anything else, he breathed in her delectable aroma. She had one of the best smelling pussies he had ever experienced. One of the most beautiful too, with her very fair skin and her pink inner lips, dusky with her engorgement. She was absolutely smooth and hairless, apparently from waxing. Although he didn’t care one way or another, he believed she was probably a natural blonde, judging from her ivory skin and the blue eyes he had noticed earlier. Fresh pussy juicy juices had trickled onto her thighs and he licked them off. They tasted even better than they smelled.

He gently separated the inner lips of her pussy and gazed, enraptured, at her delightful pink hole, wet with the nectar that was bubbling up from within. The incredibly concentrated aroma of those juices rose to please his nostrils and George was unable to keep his tongue away from her any more, nor did he want to. Starting with one of her outer lips, he licked slowly, tremendously enjoying the soft, ultra smooth texture and the vibrancy of her pussy. As he licked, he could hear Susie cooing happily, pleasing the fifth of his senses.

While she lay with her legs draped over his shoulders and her cunt eager for his mouth, Susie couldn’t help thinking George was taking a long time getting started. He seemed more interested in looking than in licking. She appreciated what she knew was his admiration, but she would have appreciated even more having him using his tongue on her cunt. Finally, he gently separated her inner lips, and she shivered with joy at the touch of his fingers, but he still seemed reluctant to get into what she wanted. At last, she felt his tongue running along one of her outer lips. Although the area he was licking is usually less sensitive than other places, her recent waxing had changed that, and she felt pleasure rippling through her body along the path his tongue was taking.

For a few minutes, his tongue caressed the first outer lip, all the way to the end. The second outer lip was treated the same way, and by the time he was through with it, Susie could hear herself cooing loudly, and she could feel her cunt squirming under George’s face. Not only was his tongue giving her extreme pleasure, his head was a visual treat as well. She was glad the lights were on and the window was open because she could admire the freckled pink skin of his head between her thighs, and watch the small wisps of hair being blown around by the breeze. Even though George had just begun, Susie anticipated enjoying a great climax from having her cunt eaten and, hopefully, another from fucking the nice, hard cock she had fondled and sucked earlier.

She could tell he was bringing her along slowly, taking his time and letting her level of pleasure build slowly until it reached ecstasy. That was what she liked too, because it would mean a longer period of exquisite pleasure and a more intense orgasm when she finally climaxed. After he finished her smooth outer lips, she felt his tongue sluicing up the fresh juices that were trickling from her.

“Susie, your pussy smells great but it tastes and feels even better. I hope you’re not in any hurry because I could spend all day down here between your thighs.”

“I’m not in any hurry and I love what you’re doing.” Just as she spoke, his tongue probed into her pink love hole as he finished devouring the nectar that had been dribbling out. Susie started from the sudden contact and she could feel her cunt humping up against the face between her legs.

His head moved slightly and she felt his tongue gently caressing the very sensitive area between the lower ends of a pair of inner and outer lips. She could bursa sınırsız escort even feel his mustache lightly brushing those same labia. Slowly, he worked his way upward, probing the seam between the lips, sending shivers of delight swirling through her body from wherever his tongue meandered. Susie moaned with bliss and nestled her head even more luxuriously into her pillow, as her body writhed on the bed.

She moaned even louder when the pleasuring tongue started caressing her clit hood. “Yes! Lick my clit!” she pleaded with the man who was taking so deliciously long to eat her cunt.

George raised his head and smiled at her, his face wet and shiny with her juices. When his mouth returned to where they both so much wanted it, he started licking between her other pair of pussy lips. The small twinge of disappointment she felt was quickly overwhelmed by the torrents of joy that washed over her as his tongue and mustache treated these labia the same as they had the first pair. Her moans started ending in whimpers from her intense pleasure. This time, when his tongue stroked her clit hood, Susie’s ass almost lifted off the bed as she rammed her pussy into George’s face.

“Suck my clit,” she interrupted her loud expressions of pleasure to beg again. “Make me cum!”

This time she felt his tongue curl under her clit hood to fondle the sweetest of her many sweet spots. She was already so engorged there with lust that her clit had almost crowded its way out from under its protective covering. With the utmost delicacy, he licked all around, using just the tip of his tongue, sending tidal waves of pleasure crashing through her body. Suddenly, just as she was about to reach the point where she would start to cum, he was gone again.

He didn’t go very far and he wasn’t gone very long. Once again, Susie felt George’s tongue licking up all the juices that had gushed from her cunt and stroking the rim of their source. This time his agile tongue continued to probe, thrusting against the edges of her pink hole, eliciting fresh spurts of what he found so delicious. As her head tossed from side to side on the pillow and her hips swiveled under George’s face, his tongue slowly worked its way up the opposite edges of the dripping hole. Susie’s body thrashed on the bed while her legs pistoned back and forth over his head. George’s tongue continued exploring, even under the inner lips, bringing her closer to what they both knew would be supreme ecstasy.

“Suck my clit! Please, please suck my clit!” Susie begged, and this time she got her wish.

When his probing tongue reached the top of her love hole, George looked up and saw how frantically Susie’s body was churning up the bed. He heard her incoherent moans and whimpers and felt the way her pussy was jamming itself against his mouth, as if she were trying to wrap it around his face. Susie’s clit was swollen almost out of shape and had pushed its way entirely out of its hood. He could tell her level of ecstasy had reached its apex and she was as ready to cum as she would ever be. George opened his mouth wide and moved his face up slightly, just high enough to engulf her delightfully engorged love toy and start to suck on it. While he sucked, his lips formed a seal at the base and his tongue caressed the sides and top.

“Yes! Yes!” Susie cried out joyfully. “Suck my clit! Suck my clit!” Her movements became even more frenetic as, this time, George did exactly what she wanted.

“Ah! Ah! AH! I’m cumming!” Susie howled ecstatically after just a minute of her favorite caresses. Her thighs squeezed his temples and her hands grabbed George’s delightful bald head to jam his face even harder against her cunt. She did not, under any circumstances, want to lose the contact that was inundating her body with such bliss.

George was equally determined to keep Susie’s delectable clit in his mouth and he clung to her thighs with his face pressed against her. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” she continued to whimper in time with the thrusts of her pussy, as her ass bounced up and down and her legs swung wildly from side to side. As expected by both George and Susie, she continued cumming for at least five of the most intensely pleasurable minutes either had ever experienced.

When Susie climaxed, her whole body convulsed, before relaxing completely, with her hands releasing George’s head and flopping at her sides. Her legs no longer held him prisoner, but were still draped loosely over his shoulders. George devoured most of the great pool of delicious juices that had been produced, leaving enough inside her love hole to provide natural lubrication for his cock. He had an urgent need to fuck the delightful pussy he had just finished eating and was sure Susie would want the same. When he was through with his feast, he backed away, leaving her flat on her back, her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face.

George went to the bathroom and wiped Susie’s juices off his face. They tasted almost as good licked off his fingers as they had from her pussy. After using a towel to remove the leftover, he returned to the bedroom and saw Susie, still lying on her back and smiling blissfully but with her eyes open.

“That was wonderful, George. Your son must have learned from you.”

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