Julie’s Journal Ch. 03


May 15

My brother will be here in six days. In the meantime, life goes on.

I know I’m going to fuck him, but now that the time is getting closer, I’m starting to panic a little bit, because I haven’t developed my strategy yet. Maybe I’ll talk to Carrie, see how seduced her brother.

Big surprise–Tom called me today. “I really liked being with you, Julie. I’d like to see you again.” Maybe Carrie was wrong about him being a “fuck ’em and forget ’em” type of guy?

“I liked being with you too, Tom, and I’d like to see you again.”

“Can you come over this evening, and we can spend the night together again?”

Well, I started to get hot just thinking about it; he is such a wonderful lover. And such a hunk. Any girl would be proud to be seen with him. But that’s the problem, because if all we do is stay in his room and make love, nobody will ever see us together.

“I’d love to spend the night with you again. But I don’t want to be just your fuck toy.” Which was kind of a lie, cause I’d be really happy to be his fuck toy. Actually, he could be MY fuck toy, even if we didn’t do anything else.

“If we’re going to get together again, I want to have a real date.” I held my breath, because I was sure he was going to kiss me off.

“Sure. How about dinner Friday night? We can go to the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel.”

“I’d love to go to dinner with you.” Wow! A real date! Then I had a new worry; what was I going to wear? The Oak Room is the fanciest place in town. I hope Colleen has a dress I can borrow.

When I saw Carrie in school, she seemed really surprised. “Tom said he asked you to dinner at the Oak Room. You must have really made an impression on him; I can’t remember him ever doing that before. I think he really likes you.”

“I hope so, because I really like him, too.”

“Hey, by the way, you said you’d teach me how to do that vajayjay squeeze thing you do.”


“Vagina. Pussy. Cunt. Twat. Snatch. Cooze. Box. Gash. Pick one.”

“Sure, I can do that. When do you want to do it?”

“How about after school today? By the way, there’ll be a bunch of us; everyone who was at the slumber party wants to learn it.”

Wow, look at me. A month ago I didn’t even know what an orgasm was, and here I am a sex educator.

Well, when I got to Carrie’s house, there must have been a dozen girls there waiting for me. The word had spread, and it seemed like half the girls in the senior class wanted to learn how to have a tight vajayjay. (I really like that word; I think it’s soo cool.) At least the ones who admit to being sexually active, that is.

Debbie had spread the word about the KegleMaster, because everyone there had one. She ordered them off a website that provided overnight delivery.

The KegleMaster is plastic gizmo that looks kind of like a dildo. It’s about eight inches long, and it comes apart so you can put tension springs in it. You slip it in your vagina, then turn the knob so it fits your inner diameter.

Then you squeeze your PC muscles until it contracts. The springs go from one to fifteen. One is the beginner’s tension, and if you get to fifteen, you can crack walnuts with your cunt. Well, almost.

So, in my best schoolmarm demeanor, I said, “First we need to find our PC muscles. Pretend you have to pee, and squeeze the muscle that shuts off the flow. First, I guess we all need to take our pants off. Then lie on the mats, bring your knees up and spread them about two feet apart.”

Wow, it was quite a sight looking at all these girls, with their bare pussies exposed. I was starting to get a real tingle in mine.

“When everybody thinks they’ve located the muscle, I’ll come around and check you out. Um, I guess you’re going to need to get your vaginas wet first, so I guess we need to masturbate a little bit before we get started.”

“I need to rub my tits, too,” somebody said.

“Me too.”

“Okay, so let’s all get naked.” So they did. All of a sudden there was a whole room full of girls pinching their nipples and frigging their clits, if you can picture that. Debbie was picturing it, cause she had her iPhone out and was snapping away.

Boy, it sure was aromatic there. Twelve girls, twelve wet pussies, twelve different scents. Pheromone city. I was soaking wet and I didn’t even touch myself.

Okay, it was time to check everybody out to see if they found the right muscle. Heather was first, so I spread her lips apart and slipped two fingers into her vagina and told her to squeeze. She found the right muscle, and she put some pressure against my fingers.

She was so wet and so silky smooth inside. Her pussy was so pretty I wanted to kiss it, but that wasn’t what I was there to do. She grabbed my hand and worked it in and out, so I was inadvertently finger-fucking her.

She was so swollen, her clit was sticking out of its hood, and she was rolling it between her fingers. I felt her shudder, then she screamed and flooded my hand.

I escort bursa went all around the room, putting my fingers in a dozen different cunts. They were all different. Some girls had little-bitty clits, others had big ones; some of them poked out a lot, and some stayed hidden behind their hood. Their lips were all different too. Some of them were all crinkly and kind of rolled up, and a few of them were smooth and looked like mine, pretty rose petals. Janie’s were really big, and you could pull them out a couple inches.

I felt kind of like a gynecologist, except a gyn probably would have worn gloves, or at least washed her hands between probing. But I didn’t, and boy did I have an interesting smell on my fingers. One girl had eaten garlic, and you could smell it on her pussy juice. Probably could have tasted like it too, but I didn’t go there.

All around me, I could hear different moans and groans and shouts and hollers as the girls made themselves come. This wasn’t supposed to be an orgasmic gathering, but it sure turned out that way. I did it too. It was all the more exciting to do it in front of a bunch of other people.

When I was sure everybody had found the right muscle, I kind of let a cat out of the bag. “Hey, you know guys can do these exercise too; it makes them last a lot longer before they come.”

“Say what?” Debbie said, and reached for her iPhone. She got ahold of her boyfriend and told him to get his ass over here right now. She told him to call up all the other guys and tell them to come too. “Jesus, this will be great; my boyfriend is a thirty second wonder.”

Before long, we had a dozen guys standing around with their mouths hanging open, watching all these naked girls playing with themselves. It was like “boing, boing, boing;” you could watch all their pants tenting out.

Debbie went over to Jim, who was her boyfriend, unzipped his pants, pulled them down, and his hard penis slapped him in the belly. “If we’re gonna do this, all you guys have get naked too.”

Clothes started flying in every direction, and in an instant, there were a dozen naked guys standing there. They all had a hard-on, and I was so turned on, there was juice running down my legs.

I couldn’t put my fingers in a guy’s vajayjay to check out his PC muscle, because he doesn’t have one. You can feel the muscle through his perineum, that little area between his scrotum and his asshole. So that’s what I was going to do.

Art was the first guy I got ahold of. Literally. I got down on my knees in front of him so I could reach the right spot. And there was this beautiful hard cock right in front of my face. He was staring at my boobs and his penis kind of bounced with every beat of his heart.

I gently lifted his balls so I could find the right spot behind them, then pressed my two fingers into his perineum and told him to squeeze the muscle that would shut off his flow of pee. His sac felt so soft, I kind of fondled the skin a little bit, and maybe I rolled his testicles a little bit with my fingers. He let out a little groan.

“I can’t, um, er, I can’t pee when I’m like, uh, like this.”

“You mean you can’t pee when you have a hard-on?”


Well, that looked like kind of a problem, and when I sat back to think about it a bit, my nipple rubbed against his cock. “Oh, Jesus,” he said, and it pulsed a little more.

“Oh, Jesus,” I said as the sensation ran from my nipple right down between my legs. His cock was so pretty, I had to pet it a little bit. And then give it a little kiss. And lick it around the head. Just a little bit. And maybe put it in my mouth and give a little suck. Just a small one.

“OH GOD!” I could feel it coming because I still had my hand around it, so I took it out of my mouth and aimed it a little lower. He shot a huge wad all over my right tit, then more over my left one.

I started to rub it in, because I heard that semen is really good for your skin. Then Art took over rubbing it for me. His hands were so gentle on my breasts, that he made me tingle all over. When he massaged it in into my nipples, they got hard as a rock and I came again.

Now that his dick was limp, I lifted his balls and pressed my fingers into him again. This time, he was able to squeeze, and I could tell he found the right muscle.

I moved next to Tony. “Hey, Carrie says you do really neat things with your pussy. Just what does that feel like?”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to describe, but if you lie down on your back, I can show you.” He flopped down in an instant, and I climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto his cock. He had a nice fat one and it felt really good inside me.

I started to squeeze and release. Squeeze and release. I only did it about three or four times, and he went, “UHH,” and came inside me. “Wow! That was awesome.” It may have been awesome for him, but it didn’t do a lot for me. These guys really need some help with control issues. But I guess that’s what I’m bursa merkez escort here for.

It was quickly decided that as long as these guys were so hot and horny, we weren’t going to get the lesson done until they got their rocks off, one way or another. Like, here they all were, standing with these giant erections, while all the girls were masturbating right in front of them.

I suggested the guys all jerk off to ease their tensions a little bit, but I came to find out most guys don’t want to masturbate in front of each other. I don’t know why, because they all do it. Some kind of homophobia thing or something. Girls don’t have that problem, just look around the room.

Anyway, it looked like someone was going to have to do it for them. I got in between two guys that I hadn’t even met, and took one of their cocks in each hand. I thought it would be fun to see which guy would come first, so I whacked away at them like crazy.

It was really cool to watch their faces. At first they were fixated on me, cause the way I was doing it really made my boobs jiggle. The guy on the left let go first. His eyelids drooped to half-mast; he threw his head back and growled when he came. The second guy was right behind him and he shot a giant wad about three feet straight out.

Heather sat up and watched me, and she says, “Hey, you can’t have all the fun,” and she grabs the first cock she could get to. I had already done four guys, so there were eight left, and the stampede was on.

Some of the girls did hand jobs, some of them did blow jobs, and Carrie, with her nice big breasts, titty-fucked Brad. There was a cacophony of grunts, groans, and moans all around the room. And the smell of jism.

In the end, it did the trick, cause I was able to get each guy to find his PC muscle, and figure out how to squeeze it. By the time I was done, all of the guys were hard again.

Then it was time for the girls to work with the KegelMasters, and the guys all wanted to watch. I think I had as much fun watching as they did, as each girl spread her lips apart and inserted the plastic device. There is a wide flange on it to keep it from going in more that four inches.

“OH GOD’ I LOST MINE!” It was Marla.

“What happened?”

“It didn’t stop where it was supposed to, and it went all the way in. And I can’t find it.” Well, if Marla can take on Meat’s giant penis, she must have a cunt as wide as the Grand Canyon. No wonder it went in.

I hadn’t even tried to put my fingers in hers, mainly because it would take a search team from the Royal Canadian Mounties to even find it. A giant roll of belly fat covered it from the top, and there was so much meat on her thighs, it would almost take some tire irons to spread her legs apart.

Well, two people held her belly roll up, and two more spread her legs apart. Then there was the hair! Jesus, it looked like the briar patch Br’er Rabbit got thrown into. You couldn’t even see her pussy under all that black thatch.

We tried to get some guys to help us, but none of them even wanted to look. Meat loved her, but Meat wasn’t there. We finally wrangled our way thru the hair and spread her fat lips apart. God, her minora looked like Dumbo’s ears.

Debbie shined a flashlight into her snatch, and we could see the blue plastic gizmo waay back in there. I stuck my fingers in there to try and grab it, but I couldn’t reach it. Probably could have got my whole hand in there, but what if it got stuck and I couldn’t get it back out?

Carrie saved the day. She ran upstairs into the kitchen and got a pair of salad tongs. Voila! We got it out.

From there, the evening kind of turned into one big orgy. I fucked two more guys and it was a lot of fun. I’m glad Tom wasn’t there to see it, because I want him to think I’m really special.

Carrie thinks we should have another sex lesson. Teach the guys how to eat pussy. That would be fun.

May 16

My brother will be here in five days. In the meantime, life goes on.

Aliyah and her mother came over tonight. Her mother’s name is Raheemah, and she is really beautiful. Her black hair is waist-length, just like Aliyah’s, and she was wearing a short white peasant dress, with a scoop neck that shows off her ample cleavage.

They look more like sisters than mother and daughter, but Raheemah has bigger boobs. (Aliyah says she wears a D-cup). She has the same olive-toned skin and a flawless complexion. She was wearing long dangly earrings with really pretty stones in them.

She acted like she was really nervous about coming here. “It’s really awkward for my Mom to talk about sex,” Aliyah said. “That’s not a subject that’s even discussed in our faith, even between husband and wife.” Raheemah blushed and turned her face away.

“Sex in our culture is not about a woman’s pleasure. She is just a vessel to be used by her husband. Aliyah did all the talking, as her mother was too embarrassed.

“She’s thirty-six bursa yabancı escort years old; she’s never had an orgasm, and she’s never seen a zeb.”

“A zeb?”

“Sorry, that’s Arabic for a penis. A vagina is a cuss, and a breast is a pizz.”

“She’s had five kids; how come she’s never seen a penis?” “It was always done in the dark. When my father wanted her, he came to her bed, lifted up her night dress, and shoved it in her.”

“Did she tell you this?”

“She didn’t have to, we slept in the same room. All the women slept in one room and the men slept in another. He never saw her naked. I could hear him grunt and groan and go ‘UUH’ when he was finished. And I could hear my mother cry when he left the room.”

“How can we get her comfortable with nudity?” Colleen asked. “Swimming? Hot tub?”

“Why don’t we try swimming. We can all undress in private and wear one of the terrycloth robes. We can lounge around the pool until she feels comfortable. I know it worked for me.”

“We had our honeymoon at nude resort. After awhile, it becomes perfectly natural,” Nathan said. “I didn’t even have a hard-on after awhile,” he laughed.

It was weird to talk about Raheemah like she wasn’t even there, because this whole day was about her. Nathan mixed up a giant pitcher of screwdrivers, and after we’d all had a few glasses, everyone was pretty relaxed and we all went and changed into robes.

We went outside and sat around the poolside table, and Nathan barbequed hamburgers. We chatted with Raheemah about her plans for the future. She had an LVN certificate and hoped to go to work at the local hospital. And we had some more screwdrivers.

It was a really warm day. “This robe is getting hot,” Aliyah said, and she stood up and took it off. Her mother’s eyes got big as she looked at her daughter; she had never seen her naked either since she was a baby. Colleen was next, then I followed her. The three of us stood nude together; two golden blondes and one girl with raven black hair. All of us had toned bodies and firm, ripe breasts. All three of us have waist-length hair, and I think it is soo sexy to see tits peeking out from behind a silky hair curtain.

I love looking at women’s bodies, and I could feel my nipples getting erect and there was a tingle between my legs.

Then Nathan stood up and dropped his robe. We could tell he was using all his will power to keep his cock from getting hard. He was slightly aroused, because it was swollen a little bit, but it still dangled between his legs.

Raheemah was fixated on him. It is hard to believe that she is thirty-six years old, and had never seen a penis before.

“Okay, Mama, it’s your turn now,” Aliyah said gently. Raheemah stood up slowly, clutching the robe around her. Aliyah unfastened the tie, and slowly slid the robe off her shoulders.

At first, she tried to cover up her breasts and her pubes, but suddenly dropped her arms to her sides, threw her shoulders back, and thrust her chest out.

She is absolutely gorgeous! She has large breasts that don’t sag anymore than a teen-ager’s, with brown silver dollar sized areolas and really long nipples. Her black hair is parted in the middle and hangs all the way down to her hips. She is really curvy, with a small waist, flaring hips, and a magnificent firm ass. Nathan stared at the four of us, the height of female pulchritude, and I could see his cock start to rise. He turned away and quickly dove into the water to hide it.

We all followed him into the pool and swam a few laps. Colleen came up with a beach ball and we threw it around to each other. We were standing in shoulder deep water, and it was fun to throw the ball over someone’s head so they had to jump up to catch it, and their boobs would pop out of the water. Once again, Nathan was in titty city.

We all got out of the pool and lay out on a chaise lounge in the sun. “This feels wonderful; I feel so free,” Raheemah said with a smile. It was nice to see her lose her inhibitions. Once we were all dried off, Aliyah took her mother’s hand and led her into the bedroom.

The massage oil was heating, and we had her lie face down on the bed. We decided to start off with a standard massage, and let it progress into a sensual one, until we slowly built her toward an orgasm.

With eight hands working on her, we could feel her body relax, and she let out a series of “ummm’s” and “ahhh’s” as we stroked and kneaded the muscles on her back and legs. She started to squirm around a bit when we got to her glutes.

As we knelt over her, the sight of our young hanging breasts, swinging and swaying, was too much for Nathan; he sprang a giant boner. I really really wanted to put my mouth around it, but that’s not what we were there for. Drat!

When Raheemah rolled over on her back, the first thing she focused on was that big hard cock. Her eyes got huge. Although she had never seen one, she had certainly felt her husband’s, and this one was much bigger.

“Touch it, Mama,” Aliyah said. Tentatively, she reached a hand out and stroked the length of it with two fingers. “Put your hand around it, feel all of it. Touch the head, feel his balls.” She did all of that until Nathan pulled away. He didn’t want to come yet; he wanted to be inside her.

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