Kama Yoga

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(This is a work of fiction and all participants above the age of 18 years)


He was doing his yoga, as she came into the room, the temperature going up by a couple of degrees. She walked up to him sexily, her hourglass figure accentuated by her cute belly button visible in the center of her curvy stomach. It was difficult to concentrate on his breathing, in the face of such temptations, as she bent down bringing her cleavage in line with his face. She stared into his eyes, hers limpid pools of green that he would love to drown in, and whispered sexily.

He was so busy noticing her full red lips and taking in her perfume, that he was bamboozled. She had to repeat what she was saying, breaking into a slight frown, jolting him out from his reverie.

She asked him if he knew the hot yoga moves, and would he demonstrate them to her. He was delighted and said that he would try, the expression on his face, that of a man who has struck the jackpot at Vegas.

The room was covered on three sides by full length mirrors, and a fourth wall of glass, overlooking the lawn, as the sunlight streamed in. He said that hot yoga was essentially performed nude or with minimal clothes, so as to work out a sweat. Before she could back out, he quickly went full Monty, getting out of his tracks and singlet in a jiffy, flashing his erection at full tilt to her stunned eyes, mouth opened wide in surprise.

She was mesmerized by it’s length and girth, and though embarrassed couldn’t take her eyes off him. He stared at her as if challenging her to follow suit. She blushed as she hadn’t worn any underclothes, but complied, shedding her garments without further ado, covering her loins and breasts with strategically placed hands.

He smiled and said, that the first prerequisite of yoga is to relax and be comfortable with your own body. lf she felt too self conscious, she could back out, he wouldn’t mind. But she was game and dropped her hands to her sides, revealing her full creamy breasts with puffy red areola and nipples aroused to points. Lower down her pubes were bare, with a landing strip leading down to her puffy lips, a hint of pink flesh visible through her crack. He could smell her arousal halfway across the room, as his organ twitched, straining at full length. He went around her, inspecting the curve of her back and her rounded derriere on the bronzed body, the tan lines of her undergarments clearly visible.

She was simply transfixed at his member, engorged and hard, in contrast to the softness of her intimate folds.He asked her to sit cross-legged on the mat, as he sat down on another before her, gaining a glimpse of her inner jewels, as she spread her legs, and she of his ball sac, below his upright rod.

He asked her to bring her hands together in a Namaste and close her eyes as he repeated a small prayer. The prayer was one of gratitude, and in his mind he thanked his lucky stars for allowing such a golden opportunity to fall in his lap, his organ rising in obeisance too. It was also a prayer to help both teacher and taught, to remove obstacles in their way, so they could progress together. He couldn’t resist a sly smile, at all the obstacles they had removed from their bodies, and the progress he he was looking to make with her by the time the class was through.

The very same thought was going through her mind as she snuck a peek at his lithe body and his rising manhood, through her half open eyelids. The prayer done, it was action time and he got down and dirty without delay.He stood up and motioned for her to follow suit, starting with a series of stretches, first demonstrating them and then correcting her pose. Not that she needed much correction, she was an obedient student and a fast learner too. But it afforded an opportunity to get close to her, and touch her soft alabaster skin in so many ways.

He helped spread her legs to the one foot distance, adjusting her feet to make them parallel, his face level with her groin, inhaling her musky aroma with half a mind to stick his tongue in those tempting folds. He next adjusted her hands, using every opportunity to brush against her belly, breasts, and behind, making her mouth water, as she viewed and visualized his taut physique from various angles. She felt a sexual current, especially when he stood behind her, his arms guiding her in front, and his member gliding between her butt cheeks.

After these head and neck exercises were done, he motioned her to sit cross-legged on the floor, in a Sukhasana pose, giving him much sukh (pleasure) as well as a wide view of her pleasure pot. He instructed her in the art of a facial massage (Kapaalrandradhauti), taking care to demonstrate it, caressing her face. A sigh escaped her sexy lips as his fingers ran across them. Her breath was ragged, so he emphasised the art of equal and proper breathing to her. Although as he viewed this vision of beauty and grace, she too took his breath away.

Proper conditioning Antep Bayan Escort was essential before they started with the Asanas(poses), so he began with the Yoni (womb)mudra. He first got her to sit in Padma asana (lotus pose), his hands brushing her pudenda, as he adjusted her legs. It was the best pose for maintaining an erect spine, he told her, as she noticed his own erection looming before her eyes. He made a mental note that her nether lips were raised and uncovered, open wider in this pose as compared to the Sukh asana.

He was relishing his devotion to the pursuit of knowledge even in the throes of pleasure. He guided her, that in this pose one must strive to close all the sense organs, reminiscent of going back to the womb. The hands to stretched out at the shoulders, elbows bent inwards, thumb and finger tips covering her ears, eyes, nose, mouth and skin, more symbolic than real. He noticed another organ wide open to his gaze, her bud at the top of her slit, erect with excitement. She had to hold this pose for around ten minutes, and he used this opportunity to examine every part of her, subject it to his strict scrutiny from tip to toe. His tip was oscillating wildly as he circumambulated around her. He gently lifted her elbows as they dropped, noticing the fuzz on her underarms emitting her pheromones in a sexy sweat. He took a deep whiff from both, tickling her, curiosity peaking, as she was allowed no peeking.

He sat down opposite her giving her strict instructions to keep her eyes closed, inspecting the smooth vulva in great detail, intoxicated by the musky scent that emanated from her moist lips as a pool of her milky lubricant dripped on to the mat. He scooped some up and relished her sweet batter.

His member was leaking too from his arousal and he wiped it gently against her curly’s on her landing strip, making a glistening path as he moved upwards lingering at her bellybutton, her cleavage, topping both her red cherries with his custard. She was electrified, a current of arousal coursing through her. At the same time, a little baffled at the sticky wet feeling she received, wondering if he was licking her, afraid to open her eyes. Then went higher up, on the neck, past the chin, and into her closed lips framed by her delicate fingers.

She darted her tongue out hoping for a kiss, but surprised to find something bigger and covered in a sticky goo, a piquant savory taste, she hadn’t experienced before, smacking her lips, enjoying the flavor. He snapped his fingers and she opened her eyes to find his wet dick a couple of inches away from her face, realizing what it was that she had just tasted, relishing it. She blushed when she realized that she was leaking too, and a pool of her feminine secretions was coating her feet and dripping on to the mat.

He now motioned her to get up helping her up with his hands under her armpits feeling her soft breasts squish against them. He explained to her that the two most important components of Asanas were the breathing rhythm as well as the Bhava(feeling). If done with the proper attitude, would make it a multi sensory and enriching experience. She found this too philosophical as she had only a one track mind when undressed, and watching him in a state of arousal too.

They started with the four versions of the Tadasana (tree pose), going up on the toes and simultaneously raising the hand straight up as if touching the sky. The first with one hand, then both hand, the third sideways joining at the top in a Namaste and lastly with hands crossed in front. He enjoyed the view as her calves and thighs strained with the stretch, breasts jiggled and her underarms released her musky aroma. He took every opportunity to make small corrections, licking her armpits enjoying her sweaty, salty flavor. She suppressed a giggle to find his organ reaching up to the sky too, wondering what to label it.

The next on the list was the Utkatasana, standing on the toes, feet parallel, hand stretched out in front and going down on the haunches, holding the pose, before returning again the same way. He demonstrated it to her and asked her to follow suit standing in front for guidance. She got down on her haunches, but her knees spread wide opening up her love gates, exposing her inner core to his gaze. It took all his will power to make her knees parallel and he asked her to try again.

She made another effort but got distracted by his naked form, stumbling forward, grabbing wildly at anything to steady herself. She latched on to his erect member, jerking it, making him discharge a quantum of his virile ointment into her hand. She apologized profusely, but when she thought he wasn’t looking, licked her hand clean, enjoying his protein shake.

He asked her to concentrate her gaze on a single point to prevent future mishaps and she fixed her gaze on the tip of his glans, making him blush. He enjoyed seeing her squat, both from front, her pussy dripping, and behind, suppressing an urge to pinch her broad ass. She in turn, licked her lips in anticipation whenever she came came face level to his erect cock.

It was getting hot and sultry, so she requested a water break. She drank from above and rivulets of water flowed down, coating her with a trail of crystals, glistening in the sun. His throat parched at seeing this seductive sight, in need of something stronger than water.

He quickly went on to the next two versions of the Konasana (angle pose). This entailed a sideways bend, feet placed wide apart, the first with one hand at the hip rising to the armpit as the opposite shoulder dipped, head turned, eyes following the dipping shoulder, the hand going to the knee, the second, with hand raised above the head, bending sideways with eyes forward.

Her pubes spread wide apart, he grabbed the opportunity to insinuate his penis between her thighs from behind, her lips molding across it as his tip emerged in front. Her breasts were swaying too, and her belly was too enticing for words, as he guided her through the pose. She was finding it difficult to concentrate on her breath, due to constant distractions. Her liquids were pouring out of every pore, gland and orifice, neural transmitters going crazy from the sensory and sensual overload.

He too was having a difficulty in reining in his passion, afraid that he would have to abandon the class midway, as their arousal peaked. The standing Asanas done, she didn’t have to worry about her knees giving way, as they squatted on the floor once more. He demonstrated to her the Bhadrasana or butterfly pose. Starting with both her legs stretched in front, to bring her legs in a Namaste pose to the groin, flapping her thighs like a butterfly to facilitate flexibility. She found her loins afire once more as blood flow to her pelvis increased. The flapping movements were generating friction between the labia and her clitoris, and a fresh wave of lubricants to seep out of her. Watching her from behind he saw her booty shake, as she moved her legs.

He scooted over to the front, applauding her efforts, flexibility and application, mesmerized by her flailing jugs and moist, puckering lips. He surprised her by giving her a personal reward. Sitting on her lap, his legs around her waist, penis drumming a beat on her navel, while her nipples poked twin holes into his chest, bringing his lips closer to hers in a long passionate kiss. She kissed him back with an equal ardor, her energy levels rejuvenated.

Up next was the Vakra asana (twisting pose), starting out the same as earlier one, no movement of the legs, but of the upper torso twisting from side to side. To motivate her some more, he stood at her side allowing her to lick his dick, as a reward for a good stretch.

They now moved to the Asanas to be performed lying down. They started with the Pawan mukt asana . She followed his instructions, lying down on her back, and then bringing the legs up to the chest, exhaling and holding it there. He aided the pose, by pressing the legs down towards the breast. While doing this his prick brushed her cunt and a current of arousal coursed through their bodies.

As he moved her legs further up she expelled a noisy fart as her stomach was compressed, making her blush with embarrassment. He put her at ease saying this is what the Asana meant to accomplish. Her labia had molded themselves around the glans of his penis and he was sorely tempted to push it further down her hole, but that would have signaled a premature end to the session, there itself. She was enjoying the sensation too being held down, almost like in bondage, his strong arms cradling her legs not allowing any scope for movement as much as she wished to envelop his penis within her folds.

They next started with the Sarvangasana, one of the most difficult poses which entailed lifting the entire torso against gravity up from the shoulders and then slowly moving the legs behind the head. She moved in for a closer look as he was demonstrating it, fascinated with not only his yoga prowess, but with his constant state of erection. She had to quickly sidestep to avoid a collision as his legs moved back.

Now was her turn to try but she couldn’t lift her back off the mat. He moved in to assist her, as she was hoping he would, giving her a unique perspective as he used his arms to pull her legs up. Beads of sweat glistened on her entire body, making his grip slip a couple of times. Finally she was able to rise up on her shoulders and he helped guide her legs behind her head enjoying the top up view of her breasts as they moved up a close up of her very wet vagina and a whiff of her arousal too. She moved her legs back up, and he demonstrated a variant to her. Spreading them wide apart at that point getting a birds eye view of her as the lips parted to reveal her clitoris standing erect. His penis brushed against her clit as she brought her legs back in together, almost clamping around it before he moved back, their fluids forming a sticky bridge connecting them though apart. She eased back down again her chest heaving as she caught up with her breath.

He watched her relax, his dick aching, balls blue wondering how much longer he would be able to hold out before he came. She was wondering the same thing, how to take care of the urge before it overtook her completely. He proceeded next to the Bhujangasana or cobra pose, telling her to flip over on her belly and then raise her upper torso, like a cobra rears its hood and look at the ceiling.

She complied, rubbing her groin ever so imperceptibly against the mat for some relief. He noticed this, as also her shapely ass wiggling seductively, making it all the more difficult to maintain his poise. He sat on her derriere, under the pretext of correcting her pose, his dick nestling between her ass cheeks. As he raised her shoulders up he moved backwards his penis moving into the gap between her thighs brushing her moist lips as it descended. She moaned feeling him near her entrance; thinking the pose was hurting her, he relaxed asking her if she was okay. She could only nod, sliding lower to meet his cock head .

He told her to relax in Makarasan or crocodile pose, arms akimbo forming a headrest with her palms, legs angled inwards which revealed glimpses of her pussy again. He lay next to her on the mat too enjoying the blissful look on her face, as well as a rest for his long standing cock too. She opened her eyes only to stare into his looking tenderly at her.

He asked her to sit down next as he demonstrated the Tratak or eye exercises. She suppressed a smile, knowing that his eyes must be straining from the continuous unblinking stare at her many charms on full display. She couldn’t ever tire of looking at his virile masculinity. He asked her to follow the tip of her shifting thumb, which she found difficult as her gaze was centered on another tip lower down.

The Asanas were now done and they started with the Pranayam (life force), or breathing exercises. First was the standing Pranayam of equal breathing. He watched her lithe body and her perky breasts rise and fall with each incoming and outgoing breath.

Next they moved on to Kumbhak, a sitting Pranayam focused on emptying your breath completely and suspension immediately after, shifting focus from the mind to the breath. He couldn’t but help notice the tremendous control she had, almost like a belly dancer on her navel muscles as she exhaled and held the pose.

The third Pranayam was lying down focusing on deep equal breaths through the stomach, hand placed on the belly to experience the rise and fall of the breath, knees raised but feet apart. He couldn’t help notice her dripping cunt between her shapely thighs framed between her curvy calves as he adjusted her feet.

The session was coming to it’s end and only the final conditioning of Shavasan (corpse pose) remained. He asked her to lie on her back, relaxed, feet spread out, hands at the side, and starting from the toes, moving up to her head consciously relax every part of her body till she was like a rag doll. Giving mental instructions to every part, his soothing voice soon had a magical effect removing all the stresses and tension from her body. He told her to come out of it by turning to the side and getting up gently when done as that would conclude the session.

He lay down on the mat next to her in serious need of some relaxation himself and soon was transported to a different realm altogether. Meanwhile she was done and opened her eyes to find him next to her in the same pose. Apparently he was deeply into it, as his cock which she had always seen erect had now fallen asleep. She turned to her side and looked at his supine form affectionately, grateful for this wonderful experience that left her feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

She had come there with the express purpose of flirting, teasing and seducing him, but he had provided her with so much more. She was wondering how she could express her gratitude to him, as he began to stir. It was if he telepathically deduced that he was in her thoughts.

Before he could open his eyes, she was sitting astride him. His penis rising again as if resurrected from the dead, brushed against her bare pussy as she bent over to kiss him square on the lips, tongues wrestling. He was now wide awake and pleasantly surprised at this turn of events. He hadn’t expected her to be so forward, to take the initiative. She rose a little, positioning herself over him and lowered her dripping cunt over his tumescent dick. It was a perfect fit as she engulfed him in the warmth of her womb. Her hair flying everywhere, breasts swaying as he tried to latch on to them, she rode him moaning and screaming as he grabbed her buttocks, meeting her descent with thrusts of his own. Suddenly he shuddered, spurting his potent seed deep into her, as her vagina contracted around him, flooding him with her own love potion. They orgasmed together, blissfully achieving the union of love (kama yoga), two bodies merging into one.

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