Kelly and Her Mom Ch. 01


Kelly and I had recently begun talking over the internet. She was a few years younger than me, (OK more like 15) and I found her very interesting. She was 18 years old at the time, very attractive with long legs, large breasts, blonde hair, and a sexual appetite that I could not resist. She would email me most everyday, and sometimes she would leave me hard and wondering what she was doing with herself. She had explained to me on several occasions that she and her sister, also very attractive, fooled around a little and this will get a guys mind racing a mile a minute, as well as his cock rising. Kelly would send me pictures regularly, and I shared a few pictures with her. Kelly was amazed with my cock. I sent her a picture of my cock, and she could not stop thinking about it. She would tell me once a day how she had thought of that hard cock penetrating her tight little pussy.

Kelly lived pretty far away, but being in the business industry allowed me an opportunity one weekend to visit her. I did not tell her I would be in her city on business and continued with my travel plans. We stayed in touch, and I would write her hot stories of aggressive sex, which would make her wet and play with herself. On the weekend of my arrival, planning on being there for four days, I wrote Kelly a story about what I would do to her if I was there, and she replied in an email about how she would love every minute of it. I then played a game with her. I told her I had sent a present to a hotel within her city for her, and she should go get it before somebody finds it.

I told her to be at the hotel at 5 PM to arrive on time, and to take the first elevator on her left to the 12th floor, once there she was to walk to the end of the hall, and find the tree that had yellow flowers growing on it. Behind the tree she would find the gift I had someone drop off for her. Kelly was very excited when she replied to my email, and wanted to know what it was. I told her she would have to find out when she picked it up.

That night at 5 PM sharp Kelly walked through the front door. I recognized her right away and only confirmed my suspicion that it was her when she immediately began looking to her left for the elevator. Kelly entered the elevator quickly and I followed her on. We were the only two on the elevator. I know that if Kelly would have studied my face, even though I was wearing dark sun glasses, she would have recognized me, but she was too eager to get her gift.

“What Floor?” Kelly asked..

“14” I replied.

Kelly hit 12 first and then pushed the 14 button. I stood behind her admiring her young firm little ass. I was amazed at how big her chest really was. Sure she told me in our frequent communication that she had big breasts but I never expected this. Kelly was rocking from leg to leg as the elevator lifted to her floor, and it was causing her ass to jump from side to side. My cock began to inflate. Now not to brag but I am hung pretty well, with a 9 inch hard cock it is hard to hide when it begins to rise so I stayed as quiet as possible in hopes of her not turning around. When the elevator stopped on 12 Kelly almost ran out and headed straight down the hall. I followed. Her pace increased when she saw a tree with yellow flowers. Just as she was bending over the tree to look behind it, I grabbed her around the waist with one hand and clapped my other hand around her mouth pushing my room door open at the same time pulling her in with me.

I kept Kelly’s back to me as I forced her into my room. Once inside I whispered into her ear, “I will tie you Escort bayan up and gag you if you scream. I will remove my hand from your mouth but only if you promise not to scream. Do you promise?”

Kelly shook her head yes, and I told her, “Good girl!” I stayed behind her with my hand around her waist grinding my hard cock into her tight little ass.

“What do you want?” Kelly asked quietly.

“I think you know!” I said, as I continued to rub my clothed cock against her ass and small of her back.

“Who are you and why me?” Kelly asked again.

“SHHHH!” I whispered into her ear and began to pull her shirt off of her body.

Her breasts were very large, firm and in need of a touch. I slowly walked Kelly to the bed, and told her to turn around. Her tits were magnificent, and I knew we were going to have some fun. Kelly looked right at my face and stared. The lights were off, and my glasses were still on. Kelly still did not recognize me.

“We are going to have a little fun. If you behave and do as you are told I will let you leave safely. If you put up a fight, I will tie you down, have my fun, and then leave you here. Is that understood?” I explained.

“Yes!” She said, with a very frightened look on her face.

I told her to stand up and remove the rest of her clothes. Kelly stood up and removed her clothes very quickly. Almost too quickly, I was a little disturbed by this and then realized how sexual she really was. I began taking off my clothes and when I removed my under shorts and my cock sprang up and hit my belly Kelly awed and her eyes became very large.

“You like this?” I asked waving my cock in her direction.

“It is big!” Kelly said.

“Crawl over here and suck my cock!” I said as I sat down in the hotel chair. Kelly got on her hands and knees and crawled to me very slowly. Her tits were swinging from side to side and I could see the outline of her perfectly shaped ass as she continued her crawl.

Kelly crawled up between my legs, and ran her hands up my thighs to my cock and grabbed it around the base with both hands. Kelly’s little hand would not reach all the way around my hard cock, and I love the feel of her soft little hands on my cock.

“That’s it.. good girl, now put it in your mouth.!” Kelly wasted no time; I could tell she was obviously excited now. She ran her tongue from the base of my cock all the way up to the bulbous head and then back down again. Kelly inserted the head of my cock into her little mouth and I loved watching her lips stretch to accommodate my girth. Kelly began to slowly stroke my cock with her hands as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Kelly sank down her mouth until I could feel my cock head pushing agisnt the back of her throat, there was still 3-4 inches of my cock left and I wanted to try to get it all in. I pushed forward and felt my cock begin to slip down her throat, Kelly gagged and shoved my hips down as she pulled her head away.

“Too Deep FUCKER!” She yelled at me, and I exploded. I shot off of the chair, and pushed her over backwards straddling her chest. My cock was lying perfectly between her large breasts and resting on her chin. Kelly had a shocked look of terror on her face.

“Listen, little girl, One) I give you the rules, not you give me the rules. 2) Next time you yell out you will wear a gag the rest of the time. 3) If I want to shove my cock down your throat I will, and you will enjoy it. Understand?”

She just shook her head and the tears begin to fill her eyes. I was Bayan escort fully aware of the situation she was in, and with my cock laying the way it was I thought I would have a little fun. “Open your mouth slut!”

Kelly opened her mouth and then I pushed her tits together and began to slowly slide my nine inches up and down between her breasts, inserting my cock head into her mouth with each upward thrust. I was soon at a pretty good pace, and Kelly was moaning along with me. I think she was beginning to enjoy this. I grabbed her hands and put them where mine were. Kelly readily pushed her tits together for me to continue fucking her chest. I reached back and slowly inserted a finger into her pussy, she was soaking wet, and tight as hell. I knew I would not be able to stay long in this position as I could already feel the cum rising in my cock. I fingered Kelly to orgasm and as she cried out I jumped up off of her before I shot my load.

“Get on the bed on all fours, I need that pussy now!”

Kelly climbed up onto the bed a assumed the position I told her. Her pussy peeked out at me, and glistened with her juices. Such a nice tight little pussy, I thought to myself as I approached her from behind.

I sank down to my knees and buried my tongue I her little pussy. It was so sweet tasting I could not get enough of her nectar. I continued to run my tongue around her clit, and then as deep into her tight hole as I could push it. Kelly started moaning and pushing her pussy back onto my face. I began running my tongue from her asshole, which she jumped each time I did, to her clit, and then I would run it the other way and do it all over again. Soon Kelly was moaning as another orgasm took her body. I felt her pussy clamp down on my tongue as she began to shake in convulsions. Kelly’s fluids began to run out onto my tongue and down over my chin. While she was in the middle of her orgasm I sank my first finger knuckle deep into her tight little virgin ass.

“OOOHHHH FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD!” She cried out shoving her head into the bed.

Kelly continued her orgasm for a good five minutes while I continued to finger her tight little ass and suck on her clit.

When her orgasm subsided I stood up behind her and ran my cock head over her pussy. Back and forth, up and down the slit I ran it. Soaking my cock head in her juices Kelly shivered. Kelly’s body shook every time I ran my cock across her slit.

I slowly pushed forward and 4 inches of my cock sank into her tight pussy. She was so tight and hot, I didn’t think I would be able to continue without cumming.

“OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!” She cried into the bed.

“You like that? You like my hard cock in your tight pussy? You want it all?”

“TOO BIG!” She yelled between gasping breaths.

“Relax baby it will feel good in a minute.”


With that I sank my whole nine inches into her with one aggressive shove.


I just stayed there I did not pull out. I stayed motionless, enjoying the feel of her tight pussy wrapped around my hard cock. I looked down and saw the lips of her pussy stretched so tightly around my cock they were turning white. I loved the sight of my hard cock protruding from her tight pussy. Her asshole was even stretched open a little from my girth pulling it down.

After about three or four minutes Kelly began to moan pleasure moans again, and her hips began to move from side to side. This was my cue to continue. I slowly began Escort to pull my cock in and out of her pussy with about 3 inch strokes. Soon she was shoving back onto my cock and cumming all over it. I could feel her juices squeezing past my cock as her tight lips rode the length of my hard cock.

“MMMM YES, it feels so fucking good, I love the feel of that hard cock in me!” Kelly cried out.

I continued the slow steady short strokes until Kelly had orgasmed twice and then I began to increase the length of my strokes. Pulling my cock almost all the way out and then shoving it all the way in again. I could feel my cock head pushing her cervix up into her pussy wall with each down thrust. As Kelly once again began screaming that she was cumming I inserted my finger into her ass again and picked up the pace. I was not running nine inch lengths into her tight pussy with very fast hard strokes. Kelly was cumming all over my cock and her juices were running down her legs. I could feel my cock head with my finger in her ass each time I pulled most of the way out of her.

As I approached my release I flipped Kelly over on the bed, and straddled her chest again. I squeezed her tits together and fucked those magnificent globes until I covered her face and tits with my hot load. Kelly scooped some of my cum up and tasted it as I continued to squirt stream after stream of hot cum onto her face and chest.

“Get up, and go take a shower!” I told her as I backed off of the bed.

Kelly left the room. While she was in the shower I cleaned up and got dressed, and stuck my last email to her on the door of the bathroom. At the bottom I had hand written on it. SURPRISE!!!!

Kelly got out of the shower and I heard her take the note off of the door.

“JOHN!” She yelled..

I just started laughing. As she realized it was me in the other room. Kelly came shooting out of the bathroom and jumped into my arms. “Asshole, I was so scared!” She yelled as she hit me in the chest.

“Yeah, but you loved every minute of it!” I laughed.

Kelly and I had some good sex after that where I was a little gentler with her. She shoved me back onto the bed, and dove down to my cock again. Slowly sucking my cock into her mouth and stroking the base with her hand. My cock was hard in less than a minute. Kelly looked me in the eyes as she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could.

“It is bigger in person that it is in the pictures.” She said as she licked from the baser to the tip.

“Come here, and ride it baby!” I said as I pulled her up my body.

Kelly positioned herself over me and slowly sank her tight pussy onto my length.

“MMM GOD IT FEELS SOO GOOD!” She said as she finally got all nine inches into her again.

Kelly began to slide up and down my length and was crying out in passion when all of the sudden the door to my room flew open.

“What the Fuck!” is all I heard as I saw a beautiful blonde with huge tits standing there with a gun in her hand.

“OH FUCK, I thought, this lady saw me pull Kelly in here and she thinks I am raping her.”

“Mom stop!”, yelled Kelly as she shoved my cock back into her and laid on my chest.

“What the hell is going on here?” The blonde yelled.

“I made a mistake mom, I was calling you when he sent me to take a shower. I did not know who he was. It was a surprise, I know him.”

Kelly had used her cell phone that she kicked into the bathroom with her when I told her to go take a shower. Sneaky little slut, not letting me see her do it. Kelly had called her mom and told her she was being raped in a hotel room, and told her where and what room. The hot blonde just stood there with the gun, not knowing what to do or believe. I finally sparked her back to this world when I said, “Shut the door and take your clothes off.”

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