Kelly’s Love

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Big Clit

Authors note..

So I wrote this after a conversation with an American who has moved to London and become a close friend. Names have changed and so has the timeline. However it is a real story and fairly factual to my knowledge. I publish this with full consent and at no point is there underage sex. ALL parties mentioned are of legal age where sex is described.

On another note, it’s not the best I have written and I have tried to keep to the facts as told to me so my usual artistic licence has been a bit curtailed on this one. However please don’t treat any inconsistency’s badly as I’m NOT an American and have little real experience with that culture other than films and friends.

As always I hope you enjoy and have fun reading it. For me it was really nice to try and capture my friends story and deliver to you a bit of romance.

Please comment and give feedback if you wish to.

Lots of happy thoughts.



Kelly’s Diary…


Dear Diary.

Daniel was looking at my boobs again. Tee hee. It’s funny the way he looks away from me when I see him doing it. His blushes are really cute. I wish he would ask me to prom, I like him so very much. It’s such a shame that he’s a geek because I know if he asked I would have to turn him down and make it really public to shame him. At the same time I wish I could just be myself and say yes. It would be nice to be normal and not so popular that I can’t like the boy I really like… Like it’s weird and so fucked up that I can’t just stand up and say I want to be with Daniel and stop dating Nick.

Nicks soooo pressing me to DO IT with him and I’m not sure how much longer I can say no. All the other cheerleaders have done it with their guys and I’m getting freaky looks from them when I say I haven’t yet.

I feel lost and so alone. Only Daniel treats me like a real person and I’m not allowed to like him back the way I want to. Soooooo sad today.


Kelly’s diary…


Dear Diary.

I let Nick finger me again after football practice. His hands were dirty and I felt disgusted with myself for letting him feel inside me like that. Why can’t I say NO?

It’s so stupid the way I have to act and behave for the good of the team and our squad. Jenny sat with me and pretty much told me I should go all the way with Nick because it was getting to be a topic around school that I was frigid.

I’m soooo NOT. I masturbate over Daniel and wish he was mine.

I feel so bad about doing nothing when Nick and the team pulled off his underwear and put it on the flagpole. Dan looked so sad it broke my heart.


Daniels diary…


Shit me and fuck this fucking world. I wish they would all just die. Kelly’s the only one who seems to care and I can tell she’s too scared to change. I wish she wasn’t popular. I really think she likes me.

Fucking Nick told everyone she lets him finger her and that he’s going to nail her soon. She too good for him and really nice. Kelly is like an angel from heaven and I wish I could talk to her instead of stammering whenever she looks at me.

I watched from under the stands as she went through her routine with the other cheerleaders, god she’s amazing and so much better than that bitch Jenny. Kelly should be team leader not that nasty bitch. I’m sure she would change things if she was head Cheerleader.

Kelly has the BEST body too. Her boobs are freaky awesome and her legs are so LONG. I think she saw me watching her too and I had to run fast to avoid her seeing my boner.

Lunch was a blast. That’s being sarcastic… Nick and the team hoisted my whites up on the pole. So fucking hate them. Kelly saw it all and probably thinks I’m a looser.


Kelly’s diary..


Dear diary.

Today was kinda cool because the band played a mix of modern songs for once. Daniel looked really cute in his uniform but I think he got the wrong size because it looked a bit stretched over his tummy.

The other girls say he’s fat but I don’t think he is, he looks so cuddly and cute that I just wanna hug him all the time.

I think he played the Tuba really well too. Not exactly a romantic instrument but it’s a start and he’s so committed and talented… plus his hands are always clean. I wouldn’t mind THOSE fingers inside me.

Nick watched with me and for once didn’t try it on… maybe he’s getting the idea of being respectful? I know it sounds silly but a girl can hope.


Daniels diary.


Kelly waved at me today. She looked so hot in her cheer uniform. Nick was sat next to her and looked bored.

Kelly waved.

Can’t get over that she waved at me.

Down side as always. The word around school is that she going all the way with him this weekend. I feel so frustrated and wish she wouldn’t. he’s a real asshole and tells everyone what he’s done with her. I just KNOW that if she does this he will tell Antep Bayan Escort everyone.

The other cheerleaders can get away with it. Kelly’s from the trailers and if she does this she’s gonna be labelled. It’s not fair and I need to stop it happening.

Fuck yes… that’s it.. I need to stop it.


Kelly’s Diary.


Mom and dad left me alone with Nick. I think they think he’s a catch… Whatever.

We did our studies and he got handsy. That’s normal I guess but then he got on top of me and pulled my panties down.

I was so scared I wanted to pee as he pushed inside me. It hurt like hell when he did that and I bled.. still can’t believe how much blood there was.

It was over really fast and I think sex is overrated. Feeling a bit down and even more dirty. He left after and seemed happy so I guess I did okay. Still feel it was wrong though and wish my first time had been with someone who really liked me for me.

Nice surprise though when Daniel turned up and sat with me. He’s so cute and kind.


Daniels diary.


I can’t believe I was too late.

Should I hate myself for getting hard when I saw what they were doing? Yes I should.

God it’s such a fuck up. I should have gone earlier.

I can’t erase the image of Kelly and Nick doing it. She looked so afraid and sad as he did it with her. It was nothing like what I imagined having sex was. She looked away from him as he did it and her eyes were sooo HOLLOW… What the fuck does it mean?

I looked for answers and knocked on her trailers door.

Fuck me she was so CALM… Like nothing had happened to her.

We shared a Dr Pepper while we talked about shit that doesn’t matter… poor Kelly. It’s going to be all around school by Monday. And I couldn’t find the words or courage to tell her.


Kelly’s diary.


Oh wow what a great day. Went to the mall with Jenny and she told me I was into the first cheerleading squad as of from today. So pleased that my hard work on the routines have paid off.

Daniel was loitering around too. He looked kinda sad so I made a point of trying on some stuff where he could see. I know he likes looking at me.

I made like it was an accident as I bumped into him at the milkshake stall and he stammered as normal when I made a point of licking my straw… I know it’s a blowjob reference and kinda liked the way he stared as I looked into his big green eyes.

Gotta say it was a bit annoying that he looked away when I dripped some between my boobs. Maybe he doesn’t’ like me as much as I thought he did?

On a positive note. Jenny said I looked great and used her dad’s credit card to buy us both a really cute dress.

Much shorter than I would normally wear, but it was kinda cool and she said we would match at Tony’s party on Tuesday.


Daniels Diary.


I think I’m turning into a stalker. I’m pretty fucked up in the head right now and wish I wasn’t so in love with Kelly.

I watched as she tried on stuff at the mall and she looked so good. I guess I’m not that good at stalking because she bumped into me at the milkshake stand. I also guess that now she’s not a virgin anymore the way she licked and sucked on her straw is normal. But it looked like she was sucking a dick and I hated it while at the same time loving it.

I’m so fucked up and don’t know what to think. I watched her get a dress that was really slutty looking too. Jenny the bitchy slut paid for it and I could see her in it but not my sweet Kelly.

I’m in despair and lost. Kelly should have been mine.


Kelly’s Diary.


Dear diary.

I feel so stupid. Nick has told everyone we did it and I feel like a slut. He even said I cried like some immature girl. Right now I hate him and wish he was dead.

Jenny has been nice though and says I did good. she’s dying to show off our outfits tomorrow and while I think it’s a kinda overly sexy look for me I’m also eager to see the reactions of our class and the senior collage boys when we turn up to the party.

On a sadder note, Daniel has ignored me all day and I wonder if he has heard the rumours about me doing it with Nick. I kinda guess he has and I understand. If one day he reads this… “I’m sorry it wasn’t You.”

It’s so good to be honest and I really wish that that my first time had been better. But I know it can’t change and that I didn’t resist. Nick is workable and maybe I can change him… I hope so anyway.


Daniels Diary.


Everything I feared has come to pass. Jaime is on the football team as a standby but he’s a geek like me. He told me everything and all I want to do is stop writing this and run to Kelly’s trailer.

I know I can’t. My parents would freak out and Kelly is probably too upset to see anyone.

So far as I can gather. Kelly went to the collage party with Jenny and turned up in that slutty dress I saw her try on.

Jamie says she tried to brave it out but got cornered by some of the football team.. I .. I can’t really believe she did what he said she did and am praying to whatever gods might be out there that she didn’t.

I know in my heart that Kelly is a nice person an has a soul as pure as snow. If she did do it then it wasn’t her fault and I still Love her with all my heart.


Kelly’s Diary.


I’m so wasted and feel like I wanna puke again. If this makes any sense when I read it in the morning I’ll be amzed.

Jenny’s such a lier. … she didn’t wear the same dress as me and I looked a total slut… OMG I hate myself right now.

Nick and the team looked after me… HA.. more like USED me.

I got stuck with them in my slutty dress and they gave me a ton of vodka. Yeah I’m stupid… what’s new dear diary?

I guess I’m a slut. I mean … hell… I let them ALL tke turns…

FYI… if I wake up and read this I’m gunna hate myself more…


Daniels Diary.


Kelly didn’t come to school today and I’m kinda freaked about what people are saying. The rumours are crazy and Nick is strutting about and telling everyone she’s the biggest slut ever.

He and the rest of the team have been telling everyone that Kelly went for a gang bang and took it in her ass too.

I tired to deny it but they had pictures and shared them on Instagram. I could clearly see it was Kelly with cocks in her. She looked helpless and was crying. But the evidence was clear… she had let them do those things to her.

Can I LOVE a girl that does that?


Kelly’s diary.


Dear diary..

It’s been while and as I look at my last entries I realise that I have not just been duped by Jenny and the cheer squad. I have also let myself be stupid and very selfish.

Nick never even LIKED me let alone loved me. Jenny used me and pimped me out like I was nothing. They have their own little clique and I was never really going to be a part of it.

Am I angry? Yes… fuck yes I’m angry.

I had hopes and dreams of being a top cheerleader, of winning the championship and cheering the football team on as a team. I dreamed and thought I was respected. BUT NO… I was candy. I was from a trailer park and it didn’t matter how pretty I was or how much I trained. What mattered was that I wasn’t the ‘RIGHT’ people.

It’s been a month and I have the grades. I’m not stupid and I’m going to graduation AND the prom. I’m going to ask Daniel. He’s good and kind and I don’t care that he’s meant to ask me.


Daniels diary.


What the fuck just happened?… my heart is going to fucking explode.

Kelly walked up to me as I opened my locker and asked me to PROM…WTF?????

She looked so perfect, jeans and a sweater, nothing fashionable yet totally HOT.

I think I might have stumbled over my answer. Okay yeah.. it was totally uncool.

I don’t care. I’m going to prom with Kelly.


Kelly’s Diary.


Dear Diary.

Oh god. I was soooo nervous. Danny looked so cute and cuddly that I nearly didn’t walk up to him.

I nearly DIED waiting for him to answer. He looked like he was going to say no and I wouldn’t have blamed him. My reputation is shot to hell and it didn’t matter to anyone that I had worked so very hard at being the best cheerleader I could.

Daniel looked into my eyes and said yes… okay, it wasn’t’ a straight forward YES. He stammered a lot and looked nearly as nervous as I felt.

You know what?… he never once looked at my tits. Just stared into my eyes like I really meant something to him.

I’m not a virgin anymore and I haven’t done ‘IT’ since that party.

Whatever… if Danny wants me on Prom night I’m going to give myself to him like he was my first. … because deep down he’s the one I wanted all along.


Two weeks later…Kelly’s view.

Mom and Dad had worked hard to afford my dress. Our neighbours had pitched in to get materials and I stood outside of our trailer with a thankful and big smile as Daniel drove up.

My dress wasn’t the greatest, but to me it felt like it was as I swished it’s hem back and forth.

“momma. Ain’t it pretty?” I said happily.

Pa looked at me with a big smile.

“Purdidest thing I eva saw poppet.” He said as my mother scowled and hitched up my boobs.

“This ya Fella?” she asked as she looked Daniel over.

It was a bit silly. She knew Daniel. We had studied together enough times for my parents to know him well.

I rolled my eyes at them.

“Yes Momma.. you KNOW Danny.” I said a little exasperated.

Our neighbours crowded around as Pa got his old camera out. Danny looked as nervous as I felt as he gave me a corsage and with fumbling hands put it on my wrist.

I tried to give him a reassuring smile, but the butterflies in my tummy were going crazy and I think it looked a bit off.

No one seemed to notice though and Pa took our picture with a proud look on his face as Ma shook her head. I knew she had preferred Nick for me, but she didn’t know what I did.

Danny held open his passenger side door like a real gentleman and I felt myself blush. Not because it seemed out of place. No, my blush was because he made me feel special all over again and I knew that if he pulled over on the way to prom I would let him have me.

Danny wasn’t that kind of boy. In fact he was a MAN and didn’t pull over to take advantage of what I was pretty sure were obvious signals.

Instead he drove us to prom and insisted on making me wait as he ran around his old Ford car to open my door.


Daniels view.

What the fuck was I thinking? These hicks are gunna fucking KILL me.

Holy shit… Kelly?

She looked amazing and my jaw dropped as I tied to look cool without much success and got out of my beaten up old car.

Everyone was there. The mad old lady with the twitchy eye, Kelly’s parents and a whole crowd of well-wishers that looked seriously intimidating.

I could see GUNS… fucking lots of them as I walked up to Kelly.

My fingers felt numb as I tried to give her the corsage I had bought. Her eyes were big as saucers and so blue that I felt mesmerised by them.

“Calm down.” She said softly.

Calm? Calm?… these people had fucking GUNS everywhere and her mother was looking at me like I was a deer at the height of hunting season.

We posed for a couple of pictures and her father seemed kinda nice.

It was like god had given me a reprieve when we made it to my car and headed down the highway towards Prom.

I was kinda twitchy but liked the way Kelly touched my hand and thigh. If I didn’t know her better I would have thought she wanted me to pull over and do ‘IT’ before we had even got to prom.



Kelly’s view…

Danny was so shy. Yet so very cute and protective as he took me for a dance. I kinda doubt he danced much as he was silly and a bit goofy.

I didn’t mind and felt happy to let him twirl me around and try to keep to the thumping beat. Music that wasn’t really romantic but being close to him made it so.

His mouth looked really kissable and I felt happy with his arms around me. Jenny and the others looked at us with distain as we danced. I didn’t care anymore. Danny was my man and he treated me like a princess.

The song ended and as we walked off the dance floor a few of Daniels friends crowed around.

“Hi Kelly.”… “wow you two looked great.” … “Guess you won’t be online tonight?”

Their voices, compliments and questions seemed to roll into one. But I focused on the geeky guy that had asked if Danny would be online tonight.

“Really?… oh I think you can COUNT on Danny being online tonight.” I said waspishly.

Daniel swallowed and then pushed his friends back with a look.

“Come on guys, you know I NEVER miss game night.” He said with a sigh.

Inside I felt a bit giddy. Unlike Nick he hadn’t made any assumptions about being with me and right then and there I was even more sure I wanted him inside me. I knew everyone thought I was a slut and that if Danny had brought me to prom they all expected him to ‘get some’ from me. I didn’t care anymore what they thought. If they found out I did it with him it wasn’t going to be like what I had already done and couldn’t damage my reputation more than it already was.

My momentary flare of anger towards the geeky boy that had made that comment was gone and I let Danny escort me to the punch. Someone had spiked it with a ton of vodka and I made sure to sip it slowly.

Nick was on the other side of the gym. His football guys were crowded around him and so were the rest of the cheer squad. One pointed at me and they all looked over. They laughed at me and despite telling myself I was okay with everything and that I was going to handle it well I felt myself go red and turned away from them in a fit of shame.

“Hey, they are just assholes… lets go outside.” Danny said gently as her took my arm.

I nodded and went with him. Hating my weakness and that all my self-assurances had run off and left me feeling lost.

We walked outside and he rubbed my back in a comforting way as we sat down on a bench. His hand felt good against my skin each time it brushed high enough to touch above where my dress top ended.

“Everyone thinks I’m a slut.” I said matter of flatly. I felt dead inside and only Danny’s hand on my back felt real.

“I… I don’t… I think you’re awesome.” He stammered out.

“Really?.. how can you?… you know what they are all saying.” I replied with a glimmer of hope in my voice.

He gulped and shook his head.

“yeah… and … and I don’t care, I know you’re not that kinda girl… okay I know what you did, everyone’s seen the pictures… but it doesn’t change how I feel about you.” He said with an honesty I found painful yet good at the same time.

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