Kelsey’s World Ch. 04


Kelsey took a long, looping way home after she left Koop’s shop. The sunset was pink and pale yellow above sprawling farm fields, and the wind whipped her hair into a wild mess again. Driving fast in the open Jeep was making her, for the first time in her life, seriously consider a short haircut.

At about the halfway point in her journey she angled off toward Brie’s house. The sun was down but the sky was still bright when she got there — daylight in the North East puts up a long fight on early summer evenings.

Brie heard the thumping music coming up the long driveway when Kelsey pulled in. Brie and Charity had both had job interviews that day, at the elementary school Brie and Kelsey had attended. She and Charity both thought they went well. They’d promised each other they’d be happy no matter what the outcome, but Charity knew it would be awkward if she got a job in Brie’s hometown and Brie didn’t. It turned out they didn’t have to worry. There were four openings in the district that year, and with Olivia Bartlett’s recommendation they were both hired. Olivia had an ulterior motive — Kelsey’s mother Kay had told Olivia that Brie might be joining the swinger group. Olivia liked the idea of having another woman of like mind working at the school.

Of course Brie didn’t know she’d be joining the group, but she did remember that Kay and Bobby had always said she and Raymond could attend a party when they were college graduates. She hoped it would happen someday soon.

“You look happy,” Brie said to Kelsey in the driveway.

“I’ve got a new friend,” Kelsey said, smiling coyly.

Brie’s eyes opened wide. “Did you fuck that guy?” she asked.

“I wasn’t really planning to, but yeah. I mean, I wanted to. It just sorta worked out, right in his office.”

“Charity’s gonna want to hear. Come on in,” Brie said.

Brie poured three bourbons at the kitchen counter. The girls went out to the chairs on the pool patio to gossip in the twilight.

“Kelsey got with an older guy,” Brie said to Charity.

“How old?”

“He’s like early fifties I guess,” Kelsey said.

Charity’s eyes were big with wonder. She thought about Kelsey’s father’s naked ass. She thought he was exotically old, but he was only forty-one.

“What’s he like?” Brie asked.

“Super nice,” Kelsey said. “And pretty hot. He’s in really good shape. Some nice gray in his hair, real pretty eyes, with those, like, lines when he smiles, you know? His arms are all covered in tattoos. Well, not covered, but lots of cool ones.”

“Nice,” Brie said. “Kel was modeling for those pictures I told you about,” she said to Charity. “For the Jeep website.”

“Oh,” Charity said. “So you were like…what were you wearing?”

“Bikini’s for most of it. And some lingerie for a little while. You should see the cute boy who took the pictures. He’s gonna be eighteen in like a month or something. I’m gonna get him here for a pool party. He’s adorable!”

“Nice,” Brie said. “So what’s your friend’s name?”

“Koop,” Kelsey said. “He works with his friend Happy. Happy’s wife died a while ago and he’s really bummed. I’d love to cheer him up, but I don’t wanna be too much of a slut. He’s good looking too. Super tall,” she said, holding her hand up as far as she could reach.

The girls all imagined the size of the cock on a guy that tall. Kelsey told them that she was worried about how she’d left things with Koop, telling him at the last minute about her porn career.

“Is he gonna watch?” Brie asked.

“Oh. No. I guess he’d have trouble finding it. I didn’t tell him about Tucker or my porn name or anything. Think I should? I can text him.”

Brie and Charity shrugged their shoulders. Charity thought it’d be good to wait, but she didn’t say anything.

“I guess I’ll let him think about it first,” Kelsey said. Brie and Charity agreed.

“So what’d you guys do last night?” Kelsey asked.

“You missed it,” Brie said. “But I guess I can’t blame you, with your dad walkin’ around naked all the time. I’d stay home too,” Brie winked.

“Hey!” Kelsey said, faking outrage. She wondered what Brie would say if she knew about the handjob she gave her father. “So, what did I miss?”

“Raymond came over,” Brie said. “He brought a friend of his from college who was passing through on his way to a new job. Raymond calls him Tube, because he builds stereo amplifiers or something. He’s, like, super nerdy, but when he takes off his glasses and his nerd clothes it’s like superman or somethin’,” she said. “Especially after he got his hair wet in the pool, right Char?”

“Yeah,” Charity said. Her coy smile spoke volumes.

“So, you know Raymond’s fun, but Tube, oh my God, he went nuts on us. Fucked our friggin’ brains out. I’ve never seen a boy so happy. Raymond had to drag him out of here so he wouldn’t be late getting to his job. It was fun, right?” she said to Charity. Charity’s face lit up. She clearly agreed.

“Nice. Wish I coulda been here,” Kelsey said. Escort bayan “But I had fun though.”

“You turnin’ into a daddy’s girl?” Brie teased.

“Maybe,” Kelsey smirked. She really did enjoy the thrill she got wrapping her fingers around his hard cock, stroking it through the bed sheet. It was amazing how something so simple could be so wickedly hot. “How come we got clothes on, anyway?” she asked the girls, feeling a sudden flush of warmth.

She untied her bikini and draped the pieces over the arm of her chair. Charity was hit with the same sense of horny wonder Kelsey’s body always invoked in her. She and Brie both stripped off their clothes without thinking too much about it. Without realizing it Charity was becoming and enthusiastic naturist. Kelsey could see it in her, and it made her happy. She wanted to help Charity take the next step.

“We should go up to The Dunes tomorrow,” Kelsey said.

“Where’s that?” Charity asked.

“Up at the lake. It’s a wildlife preserve with a nice sandy beach. There’s a cool spot called The Willow’s way out at the end. There’s usually nobody around, so you can be naked and swim and stuff.”

Charity looked very unsure. “What do you mean usually nobody around?”

Kelsey smiled. “It’s cool. We’ve done it a few times. We spent the whole weekend there a few years ago. There was like eight of us, right Brie?”

“Yup. Nine I think. Super fun. Remember that older woman we met?”

“Oh my God! Sharron! I loved her!” Kelsey said. “I wonder if we could find her!”

“I doubt it,” Brie said. “There’s a ton of camps along that shoreline.”

“What if we rent a boat? You can do that, right?”

“Yeah. I think Donny and Sarah did it one time,” Brie said. “It might be better to try and find her on a weekend.”

“See, that’s why you’re gonna be a teacher and I’m just a dumb artist,” Kelsey said. “Day after tomorrow, bright and early. I’ll pick you guys up.”

“I’ll get some food tomorrow,” Brie said. “We can bring a cooler.”

“Wear your bikinis,” Kelsey said. “I wanna flirt with the truckers on the highway.”

A big air horn blew as the waving girls passed a tractor-trailer. They all giggled, but Charity got the biggest thrill. She was in the back seat, wide open to the wind and sun, her bikini top literally flapping in the breeze. It felt like the wind might rip off of her at any moment, carrying it away like a fluttering butterfly behind the speeding Jeep, leaving her bare breasts on display to the world. Her nipples were hard, as they often were, and her whole body tingled when the trucker ogled her from his lofty perch.

Kelsey had recruited Austin and Raymond for the trip, partly to have boys to fuck on the beach, and partly to help spread out the cost of the boat rental. They were following her red Jeep in Raymond’s old Toyota.

By the time they got to Sandgrass Pond — the protected body of water behind the dunes — Kelsey’s hair was a wild mess again.

“I’m cuttin’ it,” she announced as she tried to finger it into submission.

“No way!” Raymond said. He’d known Kelsey almost all his life and couldn’t remember a time when her hair wasn’t long.

“It’ll be cool,” she said. “You can pretend you’re fuckin’ a whole different girl.”

“You’re really cutting it?” Brie asked.

“Yup. This is nuts,” Kelsey said, trying to get her fingers through the rat’s nest.

She and Raymond went into the marina to rent a boat. They were lucky to get one. Most were reserved on weekends, but there was one left, a twenty-four foot pontoon boat with a sixty-horsepower outboard motor. The gang piled all their belongings onboard and shoved off, up a winding creek between tall cattails, toward the open water of Sandgrass Pond.

The boys took off their shirts and the sunscreen was passed around. Beer cans were opened. A bottle of whiskey was swigged. Kelsey’s idea was to cruise slowly near the shore, looking for Sharron. She had a feeling Sharron had mentioned being near a waterfront bar, but she couldn’t remember for sure.

“She might be on the water too, you guys. She had a yellow kayak,” Kelsey said. “And don’t yell at her if you see her. She had a husband, so we need to get her attention somehow on her own.”

The whole endeavor seemed crazy to Charity. There looked to be hundreds of camps along the lee shore of the big pond. The chances of finding a woman they’d only met once three years ago seemed minuscule.

Twenty minutes went by.

“There’s a yellow one,” Brie said, pointing to a kayak that was leaning up against the side of a run-down camp.

“There’s a bar,” Austin said, pointing a tenth of a mile ahead.

“Cool!” Kelsey said. “I don’t see anybody. What should we do?”

“Let’s use the anchor and swim a little,” Raymond said. “Maybe we’ll see something.”

They dropped the anchor about two-hundred feet offshore, switched off the motor and jumped into the warm water. It wasn’t long before the girls were Bayan escort bare breasted. Charity was the last to toss her top onto the boat, but she loved the feeling when she did.

Kelsey was the first of the girls to climb back onboard topless. It was just for a moment, so she could dive back in, but it started something. Brie was next, lingering while she had two swigs of her beer. When another boat looked like it was coming near she dove back in the water. Charity wanted to give it a try, but it wasn’t easy for her. There was a fisherman in a bassboat closer to shore, and there were patrons on the deck at the bar. They were far enough away that they wouldn’t be able to tell her nipples were hard, but they’d certainly be able to tell she was topless.

Kelsey climbed up again and dove in. Charity swam to the ladder, gathered her courage and climbed the steps to the deck of the boat. Goosebumps erupted on her skin as water cascaded off of her. She felt like the world was moving in slow motion, and surprisingly, she didn’t want it to speed up. She just stood there.

Kelsey whooped. “Charityyy! Whooo-Hooo!”

Charity looked at the fisherman, who was looking at her. She heard a couple of men whoop over at the bar. She smiled and dove into the clear water.

“Yeah, girl!” Kelsey cheered. “That’s how you do it!”

Kelsey climbed up the ladder and stood at the bow of the boat, surveying the shoreline. Her bigger tits drew more whoops from the bar. “You guys better get up here and show yourselves or we’re gonna have company,” she said to Austin and Raymond.

That’s when she saw Sharron. The screen porch door opened at the camp with the yellow kayak, and a woman walked out, looking right at her. Kelsey was pretty sure it was her. Kelsey made a motion with her arms, like she was using a kayak paddle.

“Come on you guys, we gotta go,” she said quietly. “We found her.”

Everyone climbed aboard. The girls put on their tops and Austin took the wheel, following Kelsey’s directions to a little cove they’d passed down the shore a quarter of a mile. Kelsey watched Sharron go back in the camp. She came out with her life-vest and paddle. As the pontoon boat went out of sight around the corner the kayak was on its way.

“Oh! My! GOD!” Sharron said as she approached. She was as emotional as she’d been in years. When she saw Kelsey’s beautiful smile tears started rolling down her face. She was embarrassed but didn’t care.

“Sharron! We found you!” Kelsey yelled.

“I can’t believe you wanted too!” Sharron said. She was gliding up to the side of the boat, wiping tears from her eyes. Everyone said hello to her as they grabbed her paddle and pulled the kayak in close. “Oh my God, you’ve become men and women!” she said, looking up at the gang. “Three years ago you were girls and boys, and now you’re men and women.”

“We didn’t get boring yet though,” Kelsey smiled.

“God, I hope not,” Sharon said. She made the awkward transition from kayak to ladder and climbed aboard. “I can’t believe I’m crying,” she said, wiping more tears. Kelsey hugged her. “Oh, Kelsey,” she said softly. “I’d convinced myself you weren’t real.” After a long, tight hug she let Kelsey go and wiped away another tear.

“Let me see if I get your names right, although I don’t know how I could possibly forget you,” she said to the others, hugging them one at a time. “Raymond……Austin……and Brie.” She turned to Charity. “I’ll hug you too, even though I don’t know you.”

“I’m Charity.”

“Charity?” Sharron chuckled. “I’m sorry, Honey, that just seems so appropriate. I’m in such need of help.”

“You look so good Sharron,” Kelsey said. “You lost weight?”

“I did. Not that it helped any at home.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Kelsey said. “I promise we won’t loose you again. We’ll take care of you.”

Sharron’s eyes welled up with tears again. She opened her arms to Kelsey and hugged her. “I just need to feel that you’re real,” she whispered in her ear.

Kelsey was sad that Sharron’s life hadn’t improved, and was determined to do something about it.

“Remember when you said you wanted to join the Slut Club? You’re in. All we gotta do is keep in touch,” Kelsey said.

Sharron couldn’t remember saying exactly that. It was Kelsey that had said something about the club, and Sharron had laughed it off. This time was different though. She wasn’t going to let the only excitement she’d experienced in the last decade slip away again. Kelsey picked up her phone and entered Sharron’s information.

“I’ll text you, unless email’s safer. Or we can text in code or something.”

“Code?” Sharron chuckled.

“Yeah, like once we figure things out, we could just have a word or something, so you know when we’re getting together. We don’t have to worry about it now. Raymond, tie that kayak so we can tow it. Let’s get outta here.”

Austin fired up the motor and pulled out of the cove. Kelsey pointed out where she wanted to go Escort and they were off, skimming across the small waves at twenty miles-an-hour.

“Can we get to The Willows from this side?” Kelsey asked Sharron.

“We can, but there might be people there today. I know where there’s another spot that’s boat access only. It’s a small beach, so if we anchor there I don’t think anybody’ll bother us.”

“Nice! Go sit with Austin and tell him where to go.”

Kelsey sat next to Charity and put her arm around her. Charity was feeling a little overwhelmed, what with having a new person join in for what was probably going to be an intimate day on the beach. She lay her head on Kelsey’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

Kelsey watched Sharron. She was sitting next to Austin, smiling, chatting with him about something or other. She looked good in her bikini, not a sexy one, but not too bad. Kelsey remembered her round hips and her warm thighs, mostly from the quiet sixty-nine session they’d had in the darkness of a tent, all alone with each other after the others had fucked themselves to exhausted sleep.

Kelsey remembered how disappointed she was when she woke in the morning all alone. She understood why Sharron had left — the married woman had to get back to her real life — but she wished she’d had a chance to tell Sharron how much excitement she’d brought to the Slut Club’s second night on the beach.

Austin pulled back on the throttle. The boat slowed, aiming toward a bend in the shoreline. The tiny beach didn’t come into view until they were right on top of it, hidden as it was by a small point of land. Thick, scrubby bushes and overgrown trees hemmed in both sides. The nearest camp was more than half-a-mile away.

“Nobody’ll bother us if we anchor right in close,” Sharron said over the quiet buzz of the motor. “There’s no other way to get here.”

Raymond threw out the anchor in three feet of water. There was splash after splash as everyone jumped in to have a look at their private little beach. Kelsey was naked before she hit dry land.

“Come on babies, show me some skin,” she said, smiling beautifully.

Charity giggled. Brie and Austin stripped down, throwing their suits on the pile Kelsey had started. Raymond was next, moving a little slower. His lily-white ass made Charity giggle again.

“Looks like it’s you and me,” Sharron said to her. “Ready?”

Charity nodded, glad to have another shy person in the group. They watched each other as they took their tops off, and both smiled shyly when they slipped their bottoms down their legs.

“Whoo-hooo!” Kelsey whooped. “Now we’re partyin’. Let’s get the drinks and stuff.”

Two blankets were spread on the soft white sand and everyone relaxed, either sitting cross-legged or sprawled on their side. Beers were opened and the whiskey bottle was passed. The first little whiskey buzz hit Sharron. She hadn’t felt so relaxed in years.

“So Sharron, remember Josh?” Kelsey asked.

“Of course,” she said coyly.

“He talked about you for weeks. He really loved fucking you.”

Sharron looked surprised. The ease with which Kelsey talked about sex was part of it, but her heart soared when she thought about Josh thinking about her that way. She had thought about him often over the past three years. His was the first cock she’d ever let in her asshole. It was a thrill she’d never forget.

“Tell him I loved it too,” she said, trying to be open about it the way Kelsey was.

Kelsey smiled. She knew it was the anal that was so good between them, because that’s what Josh went on and on about. How tight Sharron’s dark hole was, and how amazing it felt on that star-filled night.

“I won’t have to tell him. You’ll be seein’ him,” Kelsey smiled.

Sharron’s eyes flared when she realized all the dreams she’d had the past three years were about to come to life.

“Austin, I’m horny, Honey,” Kelsey said. “Let me suck your cock.”

All eyes went to the redheaded nymph as Austin knelt in front of her. He was growing fast when his length slid all the way past her tongue to her throat. The horny bug infected everyone almost instantly. Kelsey could see it in their eyes.

“You guys,” Kelsey said when the wet cock came out of her mouth, “Sharron’s way overdue for a nice orgasm.”

Brie smiled and took the lead. She pushed the older woman down on her back and nestled herself between Sharron’s thighs. Raymond joined them, offering Sharon his long, quickly growing erection, which she eagerly took in her sweaty hand. So close to home, she thought, when Brie’s tongue licked her already wet pussy. Heaven is so close to home.

Charity sat and watched for a few minutes while things ramped up, but she was powerful horny too. Kelsey could tell she needed a nudge.

“Lick her titties, Char. She likes that.”

Charity smiled sweetly. She crawled closer. Sharron sighed and her back arched up when Charity’s hand cupped her tit. Charity’s head lowered to it and licked the nipple, soft and gentle. It had only been a few minutes since they all sat down and Sharron was already flying off to orbit.

She pulled Raymond closer to her, taking him into her mouth just moments before Brie’s tongue finished her with a clit tickling flourish.

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