Kelsey’s World Ch. 39

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A few days after the long holiday weekend, Bill Mitchell stopped by the farm to visit his daughter Margie. It was a lovely, sunny, early summer day. When he arrived, Ryan was inside one of the ramshackle barns working on some equipment, and Margie was out in the field on a tractor. Her t-shirt was off, draped over the steering column for easy access. She pulled it on over her bare, nicely tanned breasts when she saw her father’s car, wiped her sweaty hands on her faded jeans, and steered the tractor toward him.

“Hi Dad,” she said. She switched off the ignition and climbed down off the big machine, it’s yellow iron ticking from the hot engine’s sudden cool-down. “What brings you out our way?”

“Oh, I just thought I’d say hello.”

Margie read his face and called him out. “You’re snooping on your tenants again, aren’t you. I told, you, they’re the nicest girls…”

“Landlords don’t snoop. It’s my house after all, isn’t it?”

“Dad, when you sign a lease it’s not one-hundred percent yours anymore. You know that. Tenants have the right to use it.”

“The lease is for three people. You can’t tell me…”

“Let’s have a cup of coffee, Dad.”

Sunlight filtered in through Margie’s kitchen windows, softened by all the green houseplants she nurtured. She shooed her purring cat off the counter and poured two cups of coffee.

“I told you I’d keep an eye on things over there, and I have,” she said. “You’re right, they’ve got two friends living with them. Two boys. Now, before you get all wound up about it, Ryan and I have gotten to know them all and they’re really nice kids. You know how nice and polite the girls are. The boys are the same way. One’s a college student and the other works full time teaching kids sports. The girls are all responsible young women, with their own jobs. You know that.”

“So there’s five in there? The lease is for three…”

“Dad, it’s a four bedroom house! It’s no different than a mother and father and three kids. It’s better, really. You know how little kids can damage things. And I know for a fact the septic field is sized for a large family. You told me so yourself.”

“You’ve been inside?”

“Yes. Quite often. We’ve all become friends.”

“Well, all right then. You’ll let me know if anything looks wrong? I still have a funny feeling about it all.”

Bill didn’t tell his daughter that the ‘funny feeling’ came from seeing Kelsey outside the house naked. He’d also found out about her porn career, thanks to his best buddy’s google skills, but he didn’t want to tell Margie about that either. It would’ve been too awkward.

Bill left after his cup of coffee, feeling better about things but still with that nagging feeling that something was a little off. Kelsey had just arrived home from work and was the only car in the driveway when Bill drove by. He still felt the need to see for himself, so he turned onto the long gravel driveway and parked by the side door.

“Afternoon, Miss Jonston. I was wondering if you’d mind if I look around a little. Margie’ll be mad at me for doing it, but…well, this house means a lot to me and as landlord I’ve got the right to…

“Sure, Billy! Come on in! How have you been?”

Kelsey’s bright, warm smile made him feel foolish for not trusting her. Bill stepped inside, immediately noticing men’s sneakers by the door, left there by Austin and Richie. He wondered about all the bathrobes hanging by the door, two short ones like the one Kelsey had on, and two longer, more manly ones. It seemed an odd place to keep them.

“There’s often five cars here,” he said, getting right to the point, “so I asked Margie about it. She told me about the two boys you’ve taken in. She thought it might be temporary?”

“Oh. It might be, yeah. Is it a problem? The house is so big…”

“Well, technically the lease is for three,” he said, looking around observantly, “but the place looks good. More picked up than I thought it might be.”

“Yeah, Charity keeps after everybody. She likes things neat and tidy.”

Bill wandered into the kitchen and was impressed by the lack of dirty dishes. His inspection continued out on the long screened porch, where his eyes landed on the new addition to the furnishings — two queen-sized beds, pushed together to make one big soft surface, with rumpled fitted sheets, a few pillows and no blankets.

“You know, sleeping porches used to be popular in Victorian times,” he said.

“Oh! Yeah! It’s super nice out here. We love it,” Kelsey said. She didn’t tell him his daughter had dubbed the new play area “the fuck lounge,” or that the fresh, crusty stain the rumples were concealing was from a Margie/Austin creampie, mixed with burning intensity just the night before.

From the moment Bill had walked in the door he was distracted by Kelsey’s little robe, or rather, the way she wore it. The sash was loosely tied and barely holding it together, and if she was wearing anything underneath it could only have been panties. görükle escort bayan Her big breasts were quite obviously unencumbered by a bra; they were noticeably loose, jiggly and nippley under the robe’s thin, drapey fabric. Bill had seen them bare, at a distance from his moving car, and more recently on his computer monitor, watching Kelsey’s porn, with his pants down around his thighs and his hard cock in his hand. She didn’t know it, but she’d singlehandedly brought his sex life back from the dead, even if it was only his own single hand that did the deed.

Kelsey caught him looking at her little robe, so he quickly said something to her. “I can wait out here if you’d like to get dressed. I really should have called ahead I guess.”

“Oh, No, Billy. It’s fine. It always feels good to get out of my work clothes when I get home. Wanna see the rest, Honey?”

Bill blushed for the first time in a decade. “The rest?” he said.

“Yeah. The rest of the house,” Kelsey said, smiling coquettishly at the look on Bill’s face. Her smile faded when she remembered Richie’s and Erin’s photographs upstairs, some hanging in frames on the walls and some on dresser tops and bedside tables, all of them sexy and some of them very, very naughty. “We did some weeding the other day,” she said, hoping he’d go out through the porch’s screen door to the backyard. “Under the bushes and around the trees and the mailbox. Margie keeps the lawn looking real nice.”

Bill did as she’d hoped, walking out onto the back steps for a look around. “She tells me she and Ryan have gotten to know all you folks,” he said. “That’s what I like about country living. Everybody takes care of everybody. It’s comforting.”

“I love that, too,” Kelsey said.

“Maybe I could just take a look at the basement. I always worry about that sump pump. You haven’t had any water down there, have you?”

“No, it’s nice and dry,” Kelsey said, suddenly remembering Richie’s photo studio, with the bed-like mattress surrounded by lights on tripods. Kelsey wondered if there was any lingerie strewn about, from the last photo shoot. “The pump runs after it rains,” she said, “but it’s supposed too, right?”

“Yeah, that’s normal. Do you store anything down there?” he asked, walking back into the kitchen, heading for the basement door.

“Richie’s a photography student at the community college,” Kelsey said, trying to get ahead of the situation. “He does some work down there, for school projects.”

Bill switched on the light and walked down the steps. Kelsey followed nervously. Her worst fears were confirmed — not only was there lingerie strewn about the little photo studio area, there were big enlargements spread out on the mattress, of Barb in all her sexy glory, including one Richie must have separated out as a favorite, propped up against the wedge-shaped fuck cushion where it could be easily studied — a stunningly captured, close-up action shot of Barb’s intensely lusty face, with her hungry, saliva-dripping mouth devouring Austin’s huge, glistening cock.

“Some of the projects aren’t for school,” Kelsey said nervously, as Bill walked slowly toward the display.

He was at a loss for words. He knew Barbara. She cleaned his teeth every six months at the dentist’s office.

He paused and took everything in, trying to gather his thoughts. “Are you doing anything…illegal? Are your friends of legal age?”

“Oh, sure,” Kelsey said. “Yeah, we’d never mess with that.” Her heart was pounding as she gathered the big photos and placed them face down on the table that held the printer and paper supplies. She started picking up the sexy lingerie. “I guess Charity hasn’t been down here. She’d hate this mess.”

“I’m not as shocked as you might think,” Bill said, sensing Kelsey’s nervousness. “I know about…your former career.”

“Do you? Billy, I’m sorry. It must seem like we’re keeping all kinds of secrets from you, and I’m not like that at all. So you’ve seen my porn?”

Bill nodded. It seemed the nervousness had melted away from Kelsey and infected him.

“I’m proud of it, Billy. I’ll talk about it all day if you want; watch it with you, give you all the inside scoop. We’re all proud of the photos we do here, too, but these are private. We’re careful about that, because the other girls and our friends, most of them shouldn’t have this kinda stuff too known, you know?”

“Oh, yeah. I can understand that,” Bill said. “I’m glad you’re careful about it. I’m the one who should be sorry, I shouldn’t be snooping around in your private things.”

“So you didn’t see what you saw, then? I mean, that woman, she’s a good friend of ours but she’d be really mad at me…”

“Pictures? What pictures? I didn’t see any pictures.”

Kelsey smiled. “You’re super nice just like Margie, Billy. I totally love her. She’s got this earth-mother aura that’s just perfect. Was her mom like that?”

Kelsey switched on one of the photo lights to brighten up the altıparmak eskort space and climbed onto the blanket-covered mattress, sitting casually with her legs crossed, either aware or unaware that her smooth pussy was visible. She didn’t seem to care. She patted the empty spot next to her with her hand. “Sit with me.”

Bill didn’t know why he did it, but he did it, crossing his legs like Kelsey. It was the first time he’d sat ‘Indian style’ since his youth, and on a normal day he would have marveled that he could still do it, but sitting there with Kelsey wasn’t normal at all. He was talking about his dear departed wife to a porn star whose pussy was showing, and it felt as normal as going to church on Sunday.

“Yeah, I had a feeling Margie was chip off the old block,” Kelsey said, after Bill had told her that Margie was very much like her mother. “Tell me more about your wife. Was she sexy?”

Bill was at a loss to know why he was answering such a question, but the words just seemed to flow out of him. “Mona was the sexiest woman I’ve ever known,” he said. “It was all so effortless for her. You remind me of her, sitting there like that.”

Kelsey glanced down at the way her short robe draped over the crease at her hips, letting her slightly spread-open pussy be seen. “Can you keep a secret, Billy? Your Margie’s sorta the same way.”

Bill’s eyes twinkled as he put two and two together. That explained seeing her topless on the tractor, and the time he watched her pull her pants down and let Ryan fuck her right out in the middle of the farm field. “I used to wonder if Mona would enjoy making porn,” he said. “Of course this was back in the sixties, when the good stuff was coming out of Europe, and even the good stuff was pretty tacky. By the time we’d see something it was a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, but the poor quality added to the mystery of it.”

“Wow,” Kelsey said. “That’s so cool. But you never did it, huh? Film her, or take pictures of her?”

“There’s a few pictures. You had to be brave in those days, because the processing labs got to see everything.”

“Do you still have ’em? You should show them to Margie. I’ve seen sexy pictures of my mom from the old days and they’re so awesome. It changed my life seeing them.”

“Really? You think I should?”

“Absolutely! Especially since Mona’s gone now. It’ll make Margie feel closer to her.”

Bill nodded. “You’re right. I never thought about it, but you’re right.”

“So, since we’re talkin’ about nudity and stuff, and we’re tellin’ each other secrets, do you know what naturist is? Some people call it nudism.”

“Ahh, don’t tell me, I’m finally going to learn why I saw you sweeping the side steps without a stitch of clothes on when I drove by one day. I thought maybe I was dreaming.”

“Would you dream someone like me, Billy?” Kelsey asked, letting her already loose robe open completely and slip down her arms.

“Good Lord,” Bill said under his breath, taking in the enormity of Kelsey’s womanly beauty.

“The girls and me, we don’t wear clothes when we’re home. I hope that’s not against your rules.”

“No, that’s…okay,” Bill nodded, stupefied by what was happening.

“I grew up naturist, but my girls have only been at it for a while.”

“Well, you’re…very good at it,” Bill said, struggling, and failing, to find words that sounded intelligent.

“How often were you and Mona naked together? Just in the bedroom?”

“After Margie was born, yeah, mostly the bedroom. We enjoyed skinny dipping together, whenever we could. We did that right through Margie’s toddler years.”

“Nice,” Kelsey said.

“Before we got married we spent a summer out West living at a commune. Mona’s parents were furious, but it was magical. I’m embarrassed to say there was more than just nudity. It’s funny, but I don’t think I’ve ever admitted that to anyone but you.”

“Oh my God, free sex, you mean? That’s so awesome! My mom and dad wanted to do that, but it never worked out. Well it sorta did after that, but they missed out on the commune thing they wanted to try. Oh my God, Billy, I wanna hear all about it.”

Bill didn’t know why, but in that dark basement that day, under the soft, diffuse glow of a single photo light, in the presence of Kelsey’s stunning but unpretentious nakedness, he wanted to tell all about it.

“It was the spring of ’68,” he said. “The country was just in a mess. Johnson was president, the Vietnam War was just as awful as can be. Mona and me, we were pretty active, joining in protests and marches all around New York State and down in the city. When Martin Luther King was assassinated it was just the worst. We were young and had never experienced grief like that. That was in April, early on. The weather was getting nice and we just wanted to run. Get away from everything. I had a rusty old Volkswagen that always started and got pretty good gas mileage, so I stole my father’s World nilüfer escort War Two duffel bag, we filled it with a few thing and headed West. We called our parents from the road to let them know our plans, so they wouldn’t be able to stop us.

“Mona was so amazing all during that trip. We stole a book from the Cleveland Library that told all about foraging for food. I swear to God we lived for a week on wild leeks, fiddlehead ferns, wild mushrooms and all types of berries. She got to be a real expert. As we got further south we raided farm fields and had beans and sweetcorn and even some tomatoes one lucky day. Best tomatoes I’ve ever had, sun-warmed, right off the vine. We didn’t bathe much, but when we found clean water we splashed around like little kids.” Bill’s lip started to quiver and his voice broke. “She was so beautiful…”

“Oh, Honey!” Kelsey said, tearing up a little herself. She put the wedge-shaped fuck cushion against the wall. “Sit back. Relax.”

Bill sniffled and got his bearings again, settling in against the cushion. Kelsey sprawled out on her back, resting her head on his lap. “Keep goin’ Honey. I’m lovin’ this.”

Bill’s cock responded to the new positioning — the feel of Kelsey’s head against his crotch, and the magnificent way her breasts oozed off her sides with a freckly fleshiness that just begged to be touched. He was shocked that he’d gotten hard so easily. It wasn’t something that happened often to him at his age, and he was worried Kelsey would feel it.

“We sort of zigzagged across the county, finding kindred spirits here and there, but mostly we were on our own, sleeping on a blanket under the stars, or curled up as best we could in the car when it rained. In New Mexico we met another couple. We hit it off and stuck together, angling up toward San Fransisco to meet some friends of theirs who supposedly knew about a commune that would take us in. They were traveling in a ’58 Chevy station wagon, turquoise blue with rusty white down on the bottom half. It was pretty worn out; cars didn’t last as long back in those days. There were blankets on the seats to cover the torn-up upholstery, and the whole car smelled musty. Xander said it was from water coming up through the rusty floorboards, so we ripped all the moldy carpet out one day and left in a gas station trashcan. We taped up all the rust holes to keep the dust out. It doesn’t rain much around there.”

“Who’s Xander?”

“Oh, sorry. Xander and Jewel. Xander was a real wirey guy, always looked like he hadn’t eaten in a month. Mona took to him right away, which made me a little jealous at first, but she was just that way, liked everybody, as long as they were mellow.”

“What was Jewel like?”

“Jewel. Her name fit her, so perfect. She was one of a kind. A little bit of a thing, a real feather-weight, with long, strawberry blonde hair. She nurtured everybody, in a quiet, sweet way. I’m getting ahead of things but later on, one of our friends did too big of a dose of mushrooms, the psychedelic kind, you know? He was havin’ a real bad trip. She got him comfortable on the floor and spent the whole night sitting next to him, holding his hand, stroking his hair, singing to him real quiet and pretty. She was like a gift to us.”

“Did you fall in love with her?”

“Every man that ever met her fell in love with her. But yeah, I did. Mona knew. She understood.”

“So, you’re in New Mexico,” Kelsey said. “Four young hippies headin’ North.”

Bill smiled. “You really want the whole story, don’t you.”

“Yup,” Kelsey smiled. “I wanted to write a paper for high school English about free-love hippies, but my mom wouldn’t let me. I’ve always been fascinated.”

“Well,” Bill said, looking down at her gently heaving bosom, “you’re not a girl a guy can say no to, so, let’s see. Xander wanted to go through Colorado to try and find a friend we never found, so we headed North all the way to Wyoming before we turned West. We had to re-tape the Chevy’s floor a bunch of times because it started raining a lot up there. The nice thing was Mona and I didn’t have to scrunch up in the Volkswagen anymore on rainy nights. That old Chevy wagon was big, with plenty of room for the four of us to be comfortable, so we bunked with them when we didn’t want to sleep outside.”

“Nice,” Kelsey said, lying still with her eyes closed and her hands together on her belly. “I think we’re gettin’ to the good parts.”

Bill smiled. “You would be right. Xander and Jewel were freer with their nudity than anybody we’d ever met up to that point. We’d seen them bathe in a stream one time before that, but there was some distance between us. When things started happening in the close confines of the car it sort of surprised us.”


“They had sex, totally naked. They were in the back with the back seat folded down, and we were on the front seat. The look on Mona’s face — surprised and excited and…happy — I can still see it clear as day. We’d positioned ourselves for the night with the duffel bag propping us up, because there wasn’t quite enough room to lay down flat, so we had a clear view of everything. It would have been awkward to cower down where we couldn’t see, so we just stayed like we were and watched.”

“Nice. I love watchin’ people fuck.”

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