Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 02

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Next day was great. After Jane left. Ted could not hold himself, pulled Stacey in a tight embrace.

After having a body squeezing embrace with lip crushing slippery kiss, Stacey asked – “Won’t you kiss my armpits, honey? Lick and taste the juicy nectar in my sweet underarms?”

“Of course, sweet honey” – said Ted, and started tasting, licking and kissing her shoulders and armpits.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm………, the taste of your armpits is so great. And the smell is so intoxicating!” – said Ted. Her underarm stink made him mad. Stacey then tightly hugged him from behind, kissing his back. They started mutual armpits-kissing. Then Stacey’s friend Valencia entered, wearing a shoulderless sleeveless and backless blouse, and joined them.

Valencia loves sleeveless and backless dresses. Her dress revealed a lot of her armpits, arms, shoulders and waists. Her shoulder skin is soft and glowing. As they entered, she showed her plump armpits to them, by pretending to do her hair. The muscles of her bare upper arms are very arousing. Tufts of black hair covered her underarms.

The flesh of Valencia’s shoulders, armpits and waist are glowing and enticing. She said – “I haven’t washed my armpits for sometime”. Then she raised one hand, lowered her face and sniffed and said – “just the right smell. Want to see?” – and brought the armpits near Ted’s nose, and he sniffed the aroma of her broad juicy hairy armpit. One or two beads of sweat are visible. The nice pungent aroma of her underarms is very arousing.

Valencia’s armpits alongside her large boobs are a sight to watch. After some preliminary talks, she made known her intention to have armpit-love together. She said she loves her armpits to be fondled and kissed. She craves for lots of armpit-kissing. They first sniffed and kissed her armpits briefly.

Then she held out her hand to Ted, with the other hand raised and folded above her head. “You are crazy ‘bout my armpits, aren’t you, dear honey? Come, taste my armpits, kiss `n lick them hard, munch those little hairs, sniff the lovely aroma. The more you taste, the more you’ll like them, luv” she said. Ted hugged her tightly at the waist, and she pressed her exposed armpit on his face.

He pulled her to him and raised her one hand and pushed his face in her armpit. She held his head inside her armpit.

After allowing him to kiss and sniff her armpit for sometime, she released him, and ran away from him. Ted followed, and caught hold of her from behind. He had an extreme hard on. “Wanna have a long underarm sniff and kiss” – he said rubbing his nose on her shoulder. Then turning her around to face her, and lifting her left hand a little, buried his face in her armpit. She sniffed and bit his left armpit. With their faces buried in each other’s smelly armpits, they stood locked in a lusty tight embrace.

In the afternoon, they all went to a rest room in the garden. As soon as they entered, Valencia raised her arms and locked them behind her head. Ted squeezed Valencia’s boobs, and munched her armpit hair. She took off the blouse. Now her armpits are more visible. The area around her armpits is wet with sweat. She raised both her hands and brought them close to his nose. Ted licked her armpits, and cleaned all the grime and sweat. So tasty….. He licked and kissed and bit into her fleshy armpits.

He sniffed the fleshy, smooth and perfumed armpits for a long time, then tongued both her armpits in turn, tasted, kissed and sucked both her armpits. She cried out in passion – “Oh! Oh! your underarm kisses are great, see how tasty are my ripe armpits” and pressed her armpits repeatedly on his face. Valencia’s armpits are very ripe and sexy. The pits are concave and hairy. She rarely cleans her armpits. She loves the musky sexy aroma of both her sweaty armpits.

She gets aroused by smelling her own armpits, and craves for wet lips on her wet armpit flesh. Ted is now sucking on her wide, sexy armpits, munching her armpit flesh. After planting lots and lots of love-bites and kisses on Valencia’s armpits, Ted engaged in a wrestling hug with Valencia and Stacey in turn, and made their armpits red escort bayan bursa with his hot bites and kisses, while Valencia kissed their armpits in turn.

Ted kissed, licked, sniffed and tasted Valencia’s hairy and smelly armpits for a long time. Stacey tightly embraced Valencia and they kissed, bit and tasted each other’s armpits, and lapped with their tongues. Stacey kissed Valencia’s waist and licked it away. Valencia was very much stirred. She cried out in passion. All of them changed places and went on and on with armpit kissing and licking. Ted lingered on Valencia’s armpits longer than others, as he liked to taste her armpits with his nose, lips and tongue.

Ted sniffed Valencia’s and Stacey’s armpits endlessly. He went mad with it. The pungent smell and taste of their armpits were very intoxicating. After a long time of sniffing and tasting, he stopped, only to get some breath.

They put both their feet in his mouth in turn, and made him suck their feet and toes. Ted put his nose between each pair of toes, and sniffed and licked to his heart’s content.

After sometime he stood up, kissed and bit into Valencia’s shoulder flesh and rubbed his nose in the area near her armpits. He kissed and licked the sweat collected in her waist flesh for a long time. He rubbed his **** in her sexy waist folds. She caught hold of his **** in her oily hand and rubbed, and pressed her armpit on his face.

Ted rubbed his nose in her armpits, and was almost bursting. She brought out her long tongue and licked away at his smelly armpits. Ted rubbed some body oil in her armpits. She opened her armpit a little, asking him to insert his **** in her armpit. The opening was deliberately kept so small that Ted had to force his way into her delicious creamy massive and bushy armpit. Valencia pressed her arm tight with her body, and he moved in and out, using both armpits in turn.

After a long time, they could not hold any longer. She came into his lap, they smelled, licked, kissed each other’s armpits for a long long time, no amount of such armpit eating seemed to be enough, and then they could hold no longer. Ted entered Valencia. They tightly clasped each other, biting into their armpits, kissing and sucking, smelling and licking, kissing….., sniffing……., sucking……, licking………, nose rubbing……., biting……., smelling……….. and had an oscillating prolonged quickie.

Then Stacey wanted her share, and came into his lap. With a tight embrace, they engaged in vigorous armpit sniffing and licking. Shoulder licking with long strokes of the tongue, fierce underarm sniffing, biting and kissing soon led to cozy and snug oneness, each tasting and licking the other’s armpits, enjoying the tightness and the slow rub. Then they had a massive release, quickened by their underarm sniffs and licks.


After her return from her outstation work, Jane arranged for a ladies’ party in her house in one weekend. Jane is wearing a thin laced sleeveless blouse, showing off much of her soft, glowing fair skin, shoulders, armpits and the curves & folds of her plump waist, bare back and breast cleavage. She did not need to wear a bra. So her large boobs are oscillating inside her blouse. Sight of her open back, waist and bare upper arms would arouse any male. Her lips and armpits are a real turn-on. All the other ladies are wearing similar exposing dresses.

There was an Italian lady Alicia in a shoulder open, sleeveless dress. Her large armpits and bare upper arms are a treat to watch. Ted watched the ladies mix amongst themselves. He noticed a lot of informal intimacy going on. Many were gossiping with arms around each other’s neck, faces close, lips to ears when talking, and sometimes hugging and kissing. Ted was longing to put his arms around Alicia.

He was introduced to a tall and curvaceous lady Yvonne. She clasped Ted for a while. When she raised her arms to do her hair, Ted got a glimpse of her beautiful armpits with generous stubble. She noticed his looks, but was in no hurry to lower her hands. Likewise he got introduced to many other ladies. Jane told him that he could be free bursa sinirsiz eskort with anybody.

Alicia came to him and suddenly raised her hands before him, and said – “I did not have time to remove the hair here. Do you like them?”

He replied – “very much”. Then hugged her tight, and gave her prolonged armpit-kisses, which she enjoyed very much.

Before start of the dance, it was announced that, everybody would welcome Jane’s special guest Ted in a special way, i.e. by embrace and kiss. Ted got an instant hard-on, thinking that each of the ladies will now embrace and kiss him.

Ted gave each of them a tight hug and a kiss. He gave the tightest hug to Yvonne and kissed her armpits. The dance was on. Some of the ladies were dancing with their arms up. Many were embracing each other. A few of them started sniffing and kissing their partners’ armpits. Jane brought both of her armpits to Ted’s nose and he sniffed them for long.

Embracing Jane, he was moving his palm on her fleshy waist, while sniffing and kissing her armpits. Jane wanted more armpit-kisses. She hissed in Ted’s ears – “let’s go to my room upstairs”. But before that, other ladies wanted to dance with him. Ted sniffed their fleshy smelly armpits for a long time, then tongued their armpits in turn, kissed and sucked the armpits, and licked their shoulders. Ted sometimes was rubbing his face and nose on Jane’s broad and sexy shoulders and taking in the smell of her perfumed shoulders and kissing and licking her shoulders. They ran to her room and tightly hugged each other.

Then each raised the other’s arm a little and pushed their nose inside, the smell drove them mad. They sniffed and sniffed, kissed and licked their armpits. Jane put her sharp nose in Ted’s right armpit and was licking and kissing it. Ted was kissing and licking her armpits, bare shoulders and waist. He now hugged Jane from behind and was kissing and licking her upper arms, armpits, shoulders, back and neck.

As Jane turned her face, Ted caught hold of her sharp nose by his lips and was sucking her nose. She raised her right hand, when he put his **** in her sexy armpit, she pressed her hand tightly to her side, and Ted started pumping violently in her sexy armpit. Later Ted had a session with Alicia, in whose broad armpit, he buried his face, and licked, sucked and bit. She bit into Ted’s armpits. They were biting, licking, kissing each other’s armpits.

Ted noticed two buxom beauties in halter tops swaying in each other’s embrace, kissing fervently. One was fair skinned. The other was a tanned brown. The soft glow of their skin was very inviting. Looking at their entwined bodies, boobs touching, lush growth of thick black hairs in their lickable wide creamy armpits, and lips rolling in a lusty kiss, Ted got aroused.

They signalled to him to come to them. One of the two ladies introduced herself as Helga, and her tanned companion as Martha.

Helga pulled him to near her. She whispered to him – “Come, kiss and sniff my armpits. My underarm smell will make you crazy”.

Saying this, the two ladies resumed their kissing. They opened their big mouths and sucked and squeezed each other’s mouth in a ferocious lusty kiss. Each one’s tongue was darting into the other’s mouth, and played with the other’s tongue.

Their tongues were entwining each other in their mouths. This tongue play was slippery with balls of saliva flowing from one mouth into the other. Helga broke the kiss, brought a load of saliva near her lips, and as Martha opened her mouth, Helga shot the heavy load into Martha’s expectant mouth. Martha enjoyed and swallowed the spit. Martha then spat a heavy load into Helga’s mouth, and she drank it up.

After this enjoyable spitting game, they got into their fiery and lusty tongue-kissing, their hands feeling their breasts and underarms.

Their tongues were dancing in the joint cavity formed by their kissing mouths lustily engaged in a slippery lip-lock, with cheeks hollowed in, while their bodies entwined in a tight embrace..

Their slippery tongues getting escort bayan into each other’s mouth, the sounds of their kisses became very sensuous. Bursting with passion, they hungrily relished their saliva. Their cheeks dimpled, as they sucked each other’s tongue.

Their bodies were oscillating in lusty embrace, with passionate lip-locked tongue kisses. Ted was relishing every bit of the show.

Their sensuous lips were sliding and slipping against each other. Their heads rolled from side to side. Their mouths opened and tongues shot out like arrows into each other’s mouth, the tight lip-lock continued.

They were squeezing their bodies in the lusty tight embrace, nails dug into the skin of upper arms, shoulders, and hands squeezed each other’s boobs and caressing traced the sweaty armpits, pulling the armpit hair.

Ted started sniffing the underarms of the two ladies. They had a sexy underarm smell. Helga’s wide armpits were dripping with salty sweat. Martha’s underarms attractive pungent tart smell was particularly liked by Ted. Soon sniffing gave way to licking.

Ted inserted his tongue in their armpits from behind, licking and tasting the nectar of their smelly underarms.

Martha lifted her right arm so that her armpit was exposed to Helga’s full lips. Helga pushed her lips onto the sweaty armpit hair under Martha’s raised arm, and lustily french-kissed her sweaty pit. Martha raised one arm of Helga and inserted her mouth into Helga’s smelly underarm, lustily licking and kissing the juicy underarm.

Helga brought up her head from Martha’s armpit and asked Ted – “Hey! Won’t you like to have some of my sweet spit? Come get it in your mouth”. She formed a big load of saliva on her half open lips.

Ted placed his arm around Helga’s ripe shoulders, placed his open mouth near hers. She spat out the big load of saliva into his mouth, and he swallowed and tasted the spit. He asked for more. Martha spat again in his mouth another big load of saliva. The two buxom ladies lustily fed him their saliva for a long time. He lustfully enjoyed drinking it to the last drop.


Next day Helga, Martha, Stacey, Jane and Ted went to the sauna in the house. As soon as they entered, Martha and Helga sandwiched Ted in between them in a tight embrace. Martha was facing Ted whose lips were locked with Martha’s in a slippery kiss. From behind, Helga caught hold of him and rubbed.

He turned his face and his lips were attacked by Helga’s in a biting kiss. Meanwhile Stacey engaged Jane in a long and sensuous kiss and embrace. Ted enjoyed being sandwiched between two buxom ladies’ huge soft mounds. He bit into Martha’s shoulders, while squeezing her boobs.

Then Helga turned him around to face her. The sandwich tightened again, but this time his lips were sucked into a fierce kiss by Helga’s mouth, while Martha’s lips were roaming around on his shoulder muscles. As she nibbled his ear, Ted broke the kiss with Helga, and turned around his face to be engaged in a hot slippery kiss with Martha’s waiting lips. Meanwhile, Stacey was giving Jane a super-tight embrace and a full throated kiss. Each opened her mouth as big as possible and was devouring the other’s mouth. Saliva was dripping out of the sliding mouths. Jane was enjoying every nook and corner of Stacey’s big body. Each raised her arm, and they started sucking out the flesh in a fierce underarm kiss, while kneading each other’s boobs. With long and vigorous strokes, they licked each other’s armpits, and sniffed hard. Ted saw them kneeling on all fours, and sniffing each other’s armpits and kissing and biting their underarms.

After a long time, they came towards Helga and Martha, wrested out Ted, and caught him in a sandwich embrace between them, just as Helga and Martha did. The huge boobs of Jane and Stacey were piercing the chest and back of Ted. He exchanged tight slippery kisses with both of them. Then he made them raise their arms, and enjoyed for a long time sniffing, sucking, tasting, licking, kissing their hairy and smelly armpits. The armpit sniffing would never end……

Now Martha and Helga were kneeling on all fours, and sniffing each other’s underarms, and kissing, licking and biting their underarms, and munching the armpit hair. Each had her face buried in the other’s armpits, and sniffing, sucking, tasting, licking, kissing the extremely smelly armpits…..

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