Knicker Fun with Marie and Julian Pt. 02

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Swinging each of her legs over Julian’s and mine, respectively. Marie settled back and started to stroke between her knicker-clad thighs with her agile fingers. Her peach coloured directoire knickers glinting in the light from the television.

“Mmm.. Watching you both spurt your loads has made my gusset ever so wet. I don’t think I will need my buzzing pussy-eggs, with you two lovely men at hand, will I?” She sing-songed, with a playful smirk on her full, sexy, dark red lips.

Julian was still breathing heavily, recovering from what seemed like a very intense orgasm. I nodded to Marie in agreement. I looked down at my hand caressing her shapely, sheer tan nylon-clad legs. Recollecting the photograph that accompanied their advertisement we made contact through.

It was of Marie, her back to Julian’s camera, bent over, touching her toes. Dressed in very sheer and shiny tan tights. So much so, they looked almost wet. Her Rubenesque figure and form accentuated by this delightfully, glossy hosiery. Marie’s gorgeous, plump cunt clearly visible through the hose.

A moan from Marie startled me from my reverie. I looked to see her visibly flushed and with the vibrating eggs from her pussy in hand.

“Nice daydream, Rich?” Marie smiled. I laughed, as I explained my pleasurable distraction to her.

“Ooohh! I do remember that well! My dear Julian couldn’t contain himself after that particular photography session. Could you dear?” Marie smiled lovingly at her husband.

“I certainly could not, my love.” Julian turned and nodded with a dirty smile in my direction.

“He gripped my hips and thrust his lovely, hard penis against my big nylon-covered bottom. Didn’t you dear? He shot so much creamy spunk over my new tights, Rich. They were absolutely soaked! Very expensive Wolford ones too, I might add!” She laughed.

I giggled and admitted that was my impulse too, upon seeing the photograph of her fabulous nyloned bottom.

“He Escort Maltepe is so like you, Julian! Don’t you think?” Before Julian had a chance to reply, she continued.

“Anyway, boys.. I think this lady is due some pleasure from you both. Right now.” Marie softly commanded.

Julian and I nodded eagerly, as we stood up and discarded our knickers. Julian, slowly and gently, pulled his wife’s down too. Marie pushed herself forward a bit more and raised her legs, akimbo, into the air.

Julian handed me her damp knickers. I eagerly took them, lifting the gusset to my nose to inhale her musky scent. My cock immediately started to twitch back to life.

I remembered Marie having quite a prominent vulva and clitoris. Demonstrated to me, when they sent me a video of her queening Julian.

But, when I gazed upon it then. It was far more vivid in reality. She wasn’t shaven, just trimmed very close. And, her cunt lips were beautifully engorged and red.

Julian caught my admiring stare, as I wrapped Marie’s discarded directoire knickers around my stiffening prick. It twitched frantically. Reacting, as the silky, rayon material cocooned my erection.

“She is fantastic, eh Rich?” Julian asked. Looking with approval as I started to rub myself with Marie’s peach DK’s.

“Well, our young friend, have a peek at this!” His tone full of evident pride and love for his beautiful wife.

He spread her bum cheeks to expose Marie’s anus. At the sight of her lovely, puckered bum hole, I just could not help myself. I dropped to my knees and started to sensitively use my tongue to rim her inviting anal rose.

“You’re right dear.. He is a lot like me!” Julian laughed at my eager response.

“Ooohh, Rich! That is nice!” Marie joyously exclaimed. “Our new young knicker friend is very naughty. Isn’t he, Julian?”

“Just how we like our play mates, my dear.” Julian chuckled.

I pushed my tongue in further. Delighting in Marie’s reactions to my exploration of her anal passage. Julian proceeded to expertly frig his wife’s excited clitoris. This had her moaning, uncontrollably.

The whole situation, the taste of Marie’s rear hole and of her pussy juices trickling down from her husband’s administrations. Had me stroking my cock, frantic with desire, into Marie’s lovely directoire knickers.

“Come up here, Rich. Beside me.” Marie panted. Patting the empty space on the sofa next to her.

I got up and knelt beside her, as she unbuttoned her cardigan to release her breasts. Lovely, big pendulous orbs with very stiff nipples and large, brown areolae.

I noticed Julian had become hard again and was slowly fisting his lovely looking cock. Marie took and gently guided my hand to her sopping cunt.

Without any further prompting, I slowly slipped three of my fingers into her easily. And, started to ease them in and out of her pussy whilst, at the same time, massaging her slippery clitoris with my thumb.

“That’s it, Rich. Frig-fuck your Aunt Marie’s horny cunt!” She cried out. Making an excited reference to a fantasy we shared in our explicit correspondence.

I looked up to see Julian lubing his hands and prick, before kneeling down in front of Marie.

He started to carefully nudge his stiff member against her bum hole. Teasingly pushing, just slightly, in and out of her lovely anus. Stimulating Marie to yet more moans and sighs of delight. Whilst, at the same time, locating my own anal cherry with his free hand and fingers.

“Oh Julian! Yes!” Marie urged her husband on. ” I want both your lovely, big cocks in my juicy cunt later!” She brazenly exclaimed, clearly in ecstasy.

Writhing sensually, her hand reached out and cupped my balls. Tantalisingly massaging the sensitive area between them and my anus, with her finger.

I gasped, as Julian proceeded to insert his lubricated finger in my anal cherry. He was, thankfully, very gentle in his administrations to my tight back passage. As, besides self-pleasuring on my own, this was the first time I had experienced somebody else’s touch in my young bum hole.

“Uncle Julian is very good with his finger, isn’t he, Rich?” Marie breathlessly murmured. Her eyes misty and glazy with arousal.

Nodding in agreement and panting with pleasure. I concentrated on fucking her sopping wet cunt, faster, with my fingers. I leant forward, taking her right nipple into my mouth. Eagerly, yet tenderly, suckling her breast like some kind of lust-driven offspring.

Marie suddenly stiffened as the orgasm took her. She shook, her pungent juices gushing over my fingers and hand. It took me quite by surprise, the force and intensity of her climax.

The stream of cunt juices that ebbed and flowed from her pussy. Led me to think, for a brief moment, that she had lost control of her bladder. Marie looked beautiful as she spurted her musky wetness. Nor, would I have minded if she had relieved her warm, golden nectar instead!

I withdrew my hand and righted myself. So, as best, to position myself to match the motions of Julian’s expert fingering. I stroked my stiff, pulsating cock. Moaning, as they both tended to my anus and balls.

Marie leant forward to kiss and lick my throbbing, red cock-head. Just, as Julian slowly withdrew his finger from my back passage. Both actions causing me to shudder, gasp and groan. I ached for release and to shed the creamy cum from my balls.

Marie looked up at me, smiling.

“Mmm.. Well, I think we could all use a shower, after that, don’t you?” She winked at me.

“Shall we take our young friend upstairs, my love?” Julian asked, as he started to slowly stroke his eight-inch prick.

“Good thinking, Julian. We do have some fabulous undergarments in the bedroom, our sweet, naughty Nephew. Amongst other things!” Marie purred delectably.

“I think they will look quite adorable on you. Come on, now. Look sharp, both of you. The night is still VERY young!”

To be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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