Lap Dance

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My best friend (Todd) invited me to a tittie bar one night. I told him that my girlfriend (Nicole) and I had plans to play volleyball that same night so I wasn’t going to be able to make it. He suggested that I ask her to come along too. The thought of my girlfriend getting off on another woman has given me an infinite number of erections and gallons of expulsed semen as far back as I can remember. I had periodically planted seeds of the idea in her mind. Sometimes she responded positively and other times she wasn’t very responsive. I knew that she entertained the idea of having sex with another woman or having a threesome with another woman and me and she was definitely turned on by the idea. So I decided to ask her to go with us to the tittie bar.

She didn’t hesitate to agree when I invited her; my heart thumped my chest, my stomach churned and my cock reminded me of its existence. So it was all set. After our volleyball game we would meet Todd at our apartment, shower, get dressed and head to the tittie bar.

It was packed, too crowded. It took five minutes to move five feet. We squirmed our way through the crowd, gathered three chairs that may or may not have been taken, ordered some drinks ($5.00 each) and tried to relax. Nicole was noticeably nervous and self-conscious. On our way to sit down all the horny men were ogling her. I can’t blame them, she was wearing skin tight, black clam diggers and a thin yellow, cotton top. The pants hugged her full ass and thighs and the shirt barely contained her laden breasts. I got hard watching all the guys staring at her tits and ass, all them having to realize that I was lucky enough to fuck her.

As we sat there we were surrounded by lap dances. Directly in front of us a sexy Arabian looking woman was grinding and rubbing her crotch against some guy, her tits smashed against his face, she was staring right at me, licking her lips, seeming to be begging me to do her. Nicole noticed this, made eye contact Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort with me to let me know she noticed and was gently rubbing my cock. I was hard as soon as we walked in and now my balls were aching. In the distance I could see a girl with her hands against the wall in a police frisk position, she was squirming and rocking her ass and hips, giving some guy a great show. She had a great ass and she was a real pro. To our left a woman was facing away from her customer. Everything exposed except her ass hole and pussy. She was rubbing her ass on his pants constantly. I drank two beers and she was still there, still doing a fuck simulation on this guy.

She was blond, maybe thirty, with a wonderful ass, and unfortunately, she had fake breasts. I don’t like fake breasts but she had a sexy navel and her ass made up for the breasts. She just kept rubbing and rubbing. Nicole and I watched her for several minutes and she finally noticed our interest. I whispered into Nicole’s ear asking if it was ok for me to rub her crotch while the tittie dancer watched. Nicole blushed and hesitated before answering but then she put my hand on her crotch as the tittie dancer alternately looked into my eyes, Nicole’s eyes, and my hand on her crotch. I could feel Nicole’s damp heat and I noticed a tiny wet spot on the upper leg of my pants. The bulge of my erection was in plain sight down the leg of my pants, halfway to my knee. You could even see the ridge where the shaft met the head. I could have brought myself to climax in two or three pulls.

The crowd died down a little after an hour or so. Todd, Nicole and I made our way to the main stage. The MC announced each girl and she did a routine to the song of her choice. Other dancers were working the crowd, soliciting lap dances. Todd had a lap dance. Nicole and I watched Todd’s lap dance as Nicole worked on my bulge in front of Todd’s dancer. She was about 5’5″, shoulder length Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort blond hair, tan, the best ass you could hope for and perfectly shaped, small, firm breasts, real breasts. Todd really got the treatment, his approval showed through the crotch of his pants.

I really wanted to buy Nicole a lap dance but I didn’t know if she would go for it and I knew better than to put her on the spot without asking her first. The crowd got even smaller as another hour passed. We were good and drunk. Todd had stood up to get another drink and take a walk around the place and see what else he could find. I noticed some empty private booths in the back of the bar. I licked and breathed hot into Nicole’s ear and whispered as I rubbed her pussy. I invited her to an empty booth and she accepted. As we made our way back to the booth I asked Nicole if she would mind if I had a lap dance. She said that seeing me get a lap dance would make her hot and jealous at the same time. She liked the idea and agreed.

When we were nearing the private booth I noticed Todd’s lap dancer approaching. She introduced herself as Nikki and offered a lap dance and of course I accepted. She pushed me into one of the seats, Nicole sat next to me commenting that she wanted a good view. The dancer started by wiggling out of her short cut off shorts and then her tube top. She was fully naked except for one of those frustrating thongs. I noticed how hot her body was before when she was dancing for Todd but this time, in the dim light of the booth, with Nicole sitting next to me moistening her panties this young slut’s tummy, thighs, tits, and eyes had precum dripping down my leg. I was pretty drunk and feeling really nasty, I reached over with one hand and rubbed Nicole’s crotch, right in front of Nikki while rubbing my cock with the other.

Nikki wasn’t just putting on a show at this point. She mounted me and helped me rub my cock. From Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort my lap, she reached over and started rubbing Nicole’s breasts and then her crotch. Nicole didn’t even flinch. She didn’t look at me for approval, she put her hands on the backs of Nikki’s hands and guided her all over the curves of her own body. Nikki told us to hold on. She stood up and closed the curtain to the booth. I was getting really excited. Nicole told me to put my hand down her pants and finger fuck her. I had no shame. By the time the curtain was closed and Nikki was back in position, Nicole’s clam diggers and panties were at her ankles and my middle finger was soaked. Nikki had my belt undone, my shirt was pushed up to my chest and my pants were at my ankles within seconds. She lowered her head on me and took my cock into her throat. I felt her teeth on my balls and abdomen and felt my head being squeezed by her throat. Nicole was watching us and guiding my finger into her slit.

I was at the brink of an orgasm so I pushed Nikki off and guided her body in Nicole’s direction. Nikki was biting and sucking the insides of Nicole’s thighs before I knew it. Nicole laid back and pushed her pussy forward against Nikki’s mouth. I was stroking myself with Nikki’s saliva and watching a life long fantasy. After about five minutes Nikki took my hands and pulled me out of the seat. She pushed me on top of Nicole. Nikki reached around from behind me and gripped my cock. She gave it a few strokes and pushed it into Nicole. Nikki was pushing me by the ass forcing me to pump Nicole. I followed her lead matching the rhythm of her hands, poking and banging Nicole quickly. Nicole pushed against my thrusts and was whimpering and moaning; I didn’t think about it then but I know that the other customers must have heard us. Nikki backed away from us and lay back on the seat opposite us. I turned my head and could see her with her index finger in her cunt and her middle finger in her ass hole. I got Nicole to look too and when she saw what Nikki was doing she screamed and started fucking me even harder. She bloodied my back with her fingernails as I filled her with cum. When I was finished I pulled out of Nicole and turned around. The curtain was opened a crack and Nikki was gone. I didn’t even have to pay for the “lap dance”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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