Late Night Meeting Ch. 01

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Writer’s note: Arin is an andyne – andynes are bird-winged people from my other work, like Arthur Deepuin and Digitalis. Grisderms are kind of alien-lizard-looking people, and for a grisderm man to be “matronly” is considered a good/normal thing, since the male grisderms are the ones who give birth.


Arin’s sparrow-colored wings twitched uneasily. She stood in the overcrowded break room of her airship’s galley around 2:00 in the morning for a quarterly meeting with the galley staff, regarding orders and productivity. There were a few issues to work out, but the meeting had been short and sweet, mainly because the galley staff needed to start work for the day’s first breakfast rush at 5AM.

Arin stowed her notes away in the pocket of her white, ruffled dress; she’d dozed off at her desk in Accounting sometime between 8 and 10pm, and woke just in time to sprint down to the galley in her socks for the meeting. Her sleep-tousled shoulder-length crimson hair was somewhat tamed, held back like a headband by her thick-framed cokebottle glasses, and there were dark rings underneath her eyes. In addition to forgetting her shoes, she’d neglected to use the bathroom in her hurry to make it to the meeting. Arin’s notoriously large andyne bladder was painfully full, and her sleep-deprived brain couldn’t even recall the last time she’d used a bathroom, though she knew it had to have been at least twenty-four hours.

“Take some fresh donuts with you, Captain, you’re looking a little peaky,” said the galley head, a matronly old grisderm, fastening his hairnet. There was a bag of fresh donuts on the table for Arin, and she took it gratefully, thanked the galley staff for their time and shuffled out of the break room. She had to get back to her quarters, three decks up on the opposite end of the ship. There was a long hallway that ran almost the length of the crew deck, an elevator ride, and another three corridors between Arin and her quarters. There would be bathrooms on the way on the crew deck, but they were all off of rooms that had been locked for the night.

The pattern of the dark, freshly-mopped linoleum of the crew deck was a repeating design of dark blue squares against a slightly darker green background. The subtle geometry fatih escort of it gave it an odd, cascading quality, almost like a waterfall-

Arin looked up from the floor: waterfalls definitely weren’t the mental image she needed at the moment. She quickened her pace, tightening her kegel muscles in order to further delay the inevitable, but her effort backfired. The pressure on her bladder was too great and a small, hot drop of piss leaked out of her, soaking into her underwear as she jogged along. Arin briefly tried to use her wings to propel her a little faster up the hall, but she could already feel herself starting to lose control: she couldn’t hold it. She stopped and glanced desperately at the signs nearest to her in the hallway: “Calligraphy Club,” “Office Supplies,” “Bio Disposal Facilities,” and “Swimming Pool.”

Arin tried the closest door first: the calligraphy club. It was locked. She tried bio-disposal next since it would at least have a bucket, but that was locked too, as was the office supplies door. The last – which Arin approached with a hand clamped between her legs – was the door to the swimming pool. Arin pushed hard on the door in frustration and it opened easily, clattering against the wall behind it and breaking the early-morning silence like a gunshot. Arin barrelled forward into the pool area. The main lights were off but the pool lights had been left on, giving the room a soft, bluish glow. Arin immediately spotted the door to the showers and ran for it, yanking up her white dress to pull aside her soiled underwear. She pulled on the door handle with the hand holding her bag of donuts. It didn’t budge.

Arin wanted to scream in frustration – but if she did she’d lose what little control she had left of her bladder. Instead she turned around, facing the pool. It was a large saltwater pool with a new, efficient filtration system – she knew because she’d had to replace it. She dropped her bag of donuts next to the door, hitched up the remainder of her dress and squatted on the edge of the pool. A small, hesitant splash preceded an explosive jet of bright yellow piss from her quivering, unshaven vulva. Arin leaned back, sticking out one of her brown wings for balance and aiming her pelvis upward. istanbul escort sending an impressive arch over the calm blue water.

The splashing was louder than Arin had expected, but didn’t quite drown out the long moan of relief that escaped her. It felt good, like she was draining all the tension she’d built up over the past weeks with the contents of her bladder. Her arch wavered a few seconds later before ceasing suddenly. Lights from the ripples in the water danced on the darkened tile walls and ceiling as Arin spread her legs wider and forced out a series of smaller arches, each lasting five to ten seconds, until it stopped coming out.

“Phew,” sighed Arin, letting out a final jet into the salt water of the pool. She let herself flop back on the warm tile floor, breathing deeply. For the first time in months, she felt truly relaxed.

Arin lay on her back, with her wings folded neatly on either side of her. She watched the light from the surface of the pool dancing faintly on the high ceiling and listened to the soft swishing of the water. She felt good. Arin slid a hand across her thigh, closing her eyes. There were cool droplets of liquid in her crimson pubic hair. Arin neither knew nor cared whether these droplets were pee or splashback from the pool; they were cool and refreshing as she slid two fingers into her soaked pussy.

It didn’t take much to start feeling good: Arin’s clitoris was already hard. She stimulated it, tracing small circles around it with her fingers with one hand and penetrating herself with two fingers of the other.

“MmmMMMM!” Arin’s voice echoed off the walls. It made her glad she was alone. Her wings tightened to her sides and she lifted her buttocks, adding in a third finger and speeding up her hands. She was hot, and her heart was racing. Her body began to tighten, and a warm sensation began building in her middle with the tension. She moaned again, not even caring how loud she was. “MMMMMMhhh!”

Arin cried out when her orgasm hit her. The contractions came in waves, spreading through Arin’s body and leaving her warm, relaxed, and a little shaky. She was still sensitive, and continued playing with herself for a few moments before lying back, panting contentedly.

Arin kağıthane escort rested on the floor for what felt like at least an hour, but according to the clock on the wall, presiding balefully over the pool, had been less than five minutes. Arin wanted to fall asleep there, but she needed to get back to her quarters to start the paperwork for a new hire to the ship, who was scheduled to meet her at 5:30am. She managed to put off sitting up for several long seconds before her bladder spasmed: she’d always needed to pee after masturbating, and this time was no exception, she supposed. Slowly, Arin pulled herself up. She pushed her hips out carefully, spread her swollen labia and let loose. A heavy flow of urine sprayed out over the water, lasting almost twenty seconds. Arin sighed again: she didn’t think she’d had to go that much. As the small torrent slowed, her eyes wandered upward, only to meet the last thing she’d been expecting: another pair of eyes.

Standing next to a pile of pool floats between the doors to the locker rooms was a petite young woman. She was human, and with a thick braid of pink hair trailing down past her waist, clashing with her bright red face and wide blue eyes. Arin didn’t recognize her.

The young woman mumbled something and stared at the ground awkwardly while Arin scrambled to cover herself and stand up.

“I’m…” Arin looked down at herself: there was a large wet spot up the side of her dress, and she was standing in a puddle of her own urine, mixed with pool water. “Um…hi. I’m… really, really sorry you had to see that.”

“Hi,” said the girl in a quiet voice. “I’m sorry. I really am. I’ll go now.” She came forward shyly, toward the door to the hall, but stopped short of Arin, her eyes down.

Arin’s stomach dropped. This was not a first impression she’d wanted to make. “You’re the new hire, aren’t you? Tawny? ” she blurted out.

“I…Yes-…” Tawny’s voice trailed off. “…I was just taking a nap before going to meet the captain.”

Arin took a deep breath. “Well, you’re meeting with her now. If you like, you can come back up with me and nap on my couch while you wait for our meeting. I guarantee that it’s more comfortable than pool equipment. And I have some donuts if you’re hungry.” The bag of donuts still sat next to the women’s locker room door, completely dry.

Tawny took a deep breath, looked Arin in the eye very briefly and nodded. She followed Arin back out into the hall, sidestepping the puddle on the floor.

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