Late Night With Coworker And Intern

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this story, be it true or false, takes place after a party at a prestigious film festival on the west coast…. my first story, I do hope you enjoy.


so after a late night of partying… we had an office party, and you know how those go. the bar-owner invited me and Jim (the film’s co-producer) up for some lines and use of the restaurant’s oxygen machine (exactly what you’d expect at a party during a film festival.) we partied a little too hard, and then trudged home thru the snow. we were… how shall I put this… fucked up.

back at the lodge, which we were sharing with a dozen people (some who we knew, some we didn’t), Jim and I ended up initiating a game of truth-or-dare. at first, things were silly and juvenile, but we were all in our 20s or 30s… we were past “tell me about your first kiss.” quickly, someone jokingly dared Jim to taked off his jeans. He quickly complied. WIth nothing underneath, his hairy cock sat out obviously in the room full of drunk coworkers. There was some awkwardness — how would this feel tomorrow? or back in the office? But we moved past this with some jokes, and moved on to other simple truths.

but it soon became obvious that the people most interested in this game were me and Jim and Sarah. Sarah was a voluptuous, younger, PA. A few nights before, she’d gained fame in the house for having sex with another PA while others watched, and took photos. While I wasn’t there, I’d seen the photos of her riding his cock, smiling for the camera.

All of us were fucked up, and while I hadn’t been so tempted before, now her obvious interest became far more attractive.

Jim and Sarah and I moved into another of the condo’s bedrooms.

We had a little coke with us, and I announced: “the first person to do a line has to submit to a dare.” Sarah, who’d missed out on the bar fun, volunteered. I told her “we can only do this if you’re naked.” She looked and me, and then at Jim, and then responded “I can only be naked if you take my clothes off.”

Jim and I looked at each other. At this point, he and I had worked closely for a year. We’d been good friends and comerades during problems and troubles, but had never come across anything like this.

We closed the door.

While I took off Sarah’s shirt, revealing her heavy, large breasts, Jim pulled down her track-suit bottoms. And she was completely naked underneath. Completely. Her large tits, her closely shaven pussy, her large and voluptuous ass. Everything was on view.

Meanwhile, I was completely clothed. Jim, however, was still missing his trousers and underwear. His cock was hanging between his legs, just begging to be touched.

But we let her do the line.

So where do you go, from there? Surrounded by coworkers, after a night on the town?

“Dean, I want you to kiss me.” I came close, and held her tight, her huge tits pressed up against my shirt. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths. My hands ran up and down over her reubenesque body. Her ass felt like gold.

And it was my turn. “Sarah, I want you to kiss Jim.” She looked at him. She looked him up and down. She pulled up his shirt, so that he was completely naked, and started kissing him… his mouth, his neck, his chest…

But it was so much. Soon, the dare was over.

“Dean,” he dared (for we were far past the ‘truth’ section of the game), “I want you to suck on Sarah’s breasts.”

She and I both grinned at each other. We barely knew each other, but there you do. I moved over to hear, and cupped my hands around her large tits. I ran my mouth close to the nipples, breathing, letting my lips barely touch her skin. But soon, I couldn’t resist any more, and took her nipples full into my mouth, licking and sucking. Sarah breathed heavier, wile I held her right breast in my right hand, my left hand moved down towards her well-shaven pussy. I caressed her labia, letting my hand float barely above the remaining hairs. She moaned louder, as my lip continued to lock around her tits.

And before I was ready, the dare was over. My fingers were so slightly wet from her pussy, but her eyes begged for more. “More, soon…” I promised.

But this was still children’s play.

I was now in charge. I looked over. I was still clothed, while Jim and Sarah were both pretty-much naked. It was time to move on. “Sarah,” I decided, “I want you to play with Jim’s penis. I want you to get him erect.”

An evil glint took over her eyes. Jim sat back, smiling, showing off some of his stomach muscles. And spreading his legs to let his soft cock poke out through his bushy pubic hair. Sarah smiled at the (small) challenge, leaned in, and softly began to stroke his cock. It didn’t take much work at all. Before long, he was standing completely upright. He closed his eyes, and laid back, a smile taking over his face. She Pendik Fetiş Escort grasped his rod firmer, and began to jerk up and down its length. His cock was shorter than mine, but certainly wider. Still, she was able to wrap her fingers around it, and run hr hand up and down and up and down. As she did, I felt my own hand caressing my semi-erect penis, still in my jeans.

As with all dares, it soon came to an end. But, ignoring the order of things, Jim jumped in. “Sarah, I want you to take Dean’s cock into your mouth. I want you to suck Dean’s cock.”

Sarah chirped up, “But isn’t it my turn to assign a dare?”

Jim responded, “Can you think of a better dare?”

Sarah smiled, and leaned back. She looked down over her round body, her large and firm tits, her shaven pussy. She locked her eyes to her hand as she ran it up her inner thigh, along her ready cunt, up her stomach, along the curve of her left breast, caressing and tweaking her own nipple, and finnaly ending up at her lips. She ran hr fingers along her lips, and then licked what remained of her own juices from them.

“You know what?” she asked, smiling, “I actually can’t.”

She turned to me with hunger in her eyes. This game was moving so quickly… all my fantasy games of trust-or-dare move so much slower… but in reality I guess thing are different.

Jim continued, looking at me… “if Dean is okay with this, that is.” I was the only person fully dressed. I was the only person even partially dressed. I was the only person in the room not completely naked. I nodded, with a huge grin on my face.

“I’m okay.”

Sarah, a grin on her face, moved over. “Then I guess that’s the dare.”

I laid back on the bedm and she crouched below me, and, eyes locked to mine. She slowly, not losing my gaze, undid my fly. I looked over at Jim, and he was watching as eagerly as she was. His hand was wrapped around his still-hard cock.

Now, I wish I could say I was hard as a rock. I wish I could say I was erect like a flagpole. But this isn’t a fantasy. This may be a true story. With all the coke I’d been doing, with my nerves at being naked with a coworker, who I’d hired, and an intern, I was just… well… a little nervous. Frankly, I was soft. I may have been turned on like nobody’s-business, but I was still soft. My mind raced… what would they think, when I came out soft? Would they laugh? Would they make fun? Would this affect my professional relationships?

Sarah slowly pulled down the zipper of my fly. I was wearing boxer-briefs, with a tight slit, and she reached inside. I felt her hand caress my right inner thing, and then my left, running against my soft dick. “Aha,” she whispered, and let her hand wrap around the currently-small tool.

“I’ve been partying a little too hard,” I excused.

“Don’t worry,” she said, as she plucked it out of the cave of my pants. All of a sudden, the stakes had changed. Up until this point, I was above my coworker, fully clothed. But now that my cock was visable, and he was watching her caress it softly, we were complete equals.

“I want to see you hard,” she whispered, as she kissed the head of my soft dick. I felt a tremor. She looked up at me, and, smiling, put her mouth around the cock. She sucked the inches inside of her, and let her tongue play with the head and shaft. I closed my eyes, and simply enjoyed the absolute pleasure. She completely enveloped my flacid cock in her oral wetness. It was so wet.

Fuck. Yeah.

As she let her mouth run up and down the shaft, blood began to rush into my cock. She took it out of her mouth, and whispered “fuck, yeah,” as she started to play with it with her hand. Blood began to rush into it. She looked at me, and, one hand wrapped around my now-semi-erect cock, Sarah started to play with her pussy. She leaned back to let me watch her fingers dip into her wet pussy, and then leaned forwards to continue sucking. I looked over at Jim… he was watching, playing with his own hard cock.

Jim smiled at me. “Sorry, Dean, but this, this I have to watch.” Sarah nodded excitedly. I was too trapped by her mouth to consider what was going on. Before I knew it, I was completely hard. She released me from her wetness. I was longer than Jim, but not as wide, and she looked back and forth. She smiled at our cocks. “This is fucking hot,” she panted, and went back to sucking.

But before I could even consider cuming, Jim announced: “Sorry, guys, dare is up.”

I glared at him. “Next dare,” he gingerly spoke out.

Sarah interrupted. “No. It’s my dare. And I dare myself. I’m going to suck both your cocks.”

My eyes bulged.

“At the same time,” she added.

I looked down at her, wide-eyed. The situation was already a little beyond standard business practice, but this was taking it far beyond. Pendik Gecelik Escort But, at the same time, how could I resist? I did another line. So did the others.

I was breathing fast and heavy, but leaned back, trying to act casual. Jim eagerly shuffled alongside me on the bed, to get his member within Sarah’s reach. Holding my cock in her left hand, Sarah wrapped her right hand around Jim’s throbbing erection, and opened her mouth wide. As she stretched her mouth around both of our cocks, I had to let out a gasp. The soaking wetness of her mouth, combined with my coworker’s shaft alongside mine, was just too much. Jim gasped alongside me.

Sarah moved her mouth up and down the length of our cocks, and, feeling his body moving next to mine, hearing his breaths and his gasps alongside mine, I tried not to focus on the office. I focused merely on the physical. Focused on how much I wanted to cum right now. Down her throat, on her chest, all over her…. Just to cum, hard.

But I held myself back. As hard as I could, I held myself from cumming. This late night was too much to allow to end.

Sarah let our cocks from her slippery mouth. She leaned up and kissed Jim, and then kissed me. I could taste cock on her breath. My tongue eagerly reached for more.

“I fucking love this,” she panted, and then leaned back down and wrapped her hands and mouth around the two cocks again.

Jim and I caught each other’s eyes, held, and — for the first time — laughed.

“This is fucked up,” I announced to no-one in particular.

“Bigtime,” he responded. We couldn’t help but giggle. My mind flashed back to his job interview… who’d have expected it to end up here?

The intern looked up and joined in on the laughter. “What did you expect?” she asked. “Anyhow, my dare is up.” She sat upright, he full tits bounching lightly. “The next dare is for you guys, finally. Instead of for me. It’s a double dare.”

“A double dare?” Jim asked, dubiously.

“This dare is for both of you. So far, this has been all about you boys.” I couldn’t help letting a smile escape my lips. Of course it had been. She continued, though, “This dare is for me.”

“Dean,” she said, looking at me, “and Jim,” as she turned to him, “I want both of you to go down on me, together.”

Jim and I glanced at each other. I guess our cocks had been rubbing in her mouth, and — hell — we’d been naked next to each other for the last hour, but… this was too much like kissing.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll have fun. Do another line.”

We shrugged. What the fuck, I figured. I guess Jim felt the same. I finally took off my shirt, and was fully naked. Jim and I both did another line, and then moved down between her legs. My tongue lightly caressed at the left side of her pussy, and Jim sucked on the right side. It was clumsy at first, uncoordinated, but it was still sexy. Soft, and sexy. We slowly moved towards the middle. And met each other in a rhythym. Dipping into her pussy, and rising at the top, licking at her furiously wet pussy, licking against my coworker’s tongue… it was fucking hot. It wasn’t simple, but it was delicious. Sarah’s juices ran down our chins. She moaned with each lick, moaned with each oral caress. Her pussy was absolutely dripping with wetness. Our faces were so enmeshed in her wetness, finally tasting her, fully, and feeling my coworker working away with me… I was so fucking hard. With my left hand I held open her thigh, with my right I jerked at my erection.

Her moans became louder.

I quickly wondered what the coworkers in the condo’s other rooms were thinking. They’d seen us run into the room, Jim half-naked at the time. and they’d seen the pictures of Sarah the previous night, but… well… to tell you the truth, at this point, I really didn’t care. My tongue was buried deep inside of Sarah’s wet cunt. I was playing with my hard cock. I could feel Jim jerking himself off. And this was fucking hot.

But I wanted to watch. The dare must have been over.

I moved back, and continued to pump at my erection while Jim continued to bring her to orgasm. Sarah moaned, and moaned, and screamed. If anyone was asleep in the condo, they were wide awake now.

Watching him lick and suck at her wet cunt, and watching him play with his cock, I was so much more turned on. Watching my coworker, my employee, jerk himself off as he ate out a hot full naked chick… I just wanted to cum all over the two of them.

But the dare was finally, for real, over. Jim ran out to go pee, and Sarah and I cuddled. As I ran my fingers softly over her still-pumping pussy lips, and she played with my hard cock, we talked about what was happening. It wasn’t a dare, but she moved down, and started sucking my cock.

“I want you to tell me a secret,” she urged, Pendik Genç Escort moving her mouth back onto my cock.

I barely knew this girl. She was but a company intern. I was, essentially, her boss’ boss. But I wanted to tell someone.

“I was really fucking turned on watching Jim play with his cock while he ate you out. Really.”

She lifted her head. “Did you like watching him lick my pussy?” And then she put my cock back into her mouth, and leaned into it, swallowing it whole.

“Yes,” I gasped.

“And did you like watching him play with his dick?”

At this moment, I couldn’t lie. “Fuck, yes.”

She grinned, my cock still in her mouth. She thought, and then moved her mouth back. “Do you want to touch his cock?”

I was too fucked up, and too turned on, to lie.

“God, yes.”

I blanched at this… I know I’ve said this before, but this was my coworker. And I was telling this to an intern!!!

“And do you want to feel his cock in your mouth?”

Our eyes met. She wrapped her lips back around my cock, and returned to sucking furiously while she kept her eyes locked on mine. I couldn’t say yes. I couldn’t.

The door opened, and in came Jim.

Her eyes were still locked on mine. My erection was still in her mouth. Her tongue was still running up and down the underside eagerly.

“Aha, I see you guys have continued without me,” he said with a smirk.

I looked up to him, wrapped in a towel which he dropped to reveal his semi-hard penis. I looked at him, and then looked down at Sarah, who was still sucking furiously, waiting for an answer.

I nodded. “Yes.”

She smiled, and, still holding my pulsing erection in her hand, sat up.

“Okay, boys, it’s my turn again.” Jim smiled. “But first,” she said, “I was you both to do a line off of my tits.” Jim and I caught eyes, and smiled. It had been years since I’d done something like this.

We cut a couple of lines out on her tits, running from the center of her chest to the nipples, and ran the straw along the lines, sucking up the powerful drug. It hit me like a train. This was strong shit.

“Fuck,” panted Jim. I agreed.

“Sarah, you should do a line,” urged Jim. “And now that Dean’s so hard, I want you to do one from his cock.” A grin came over her face, and she took the end of my rigid cock in her hand.

“Stay still, now,” she urged. She tapped out some drugs along the length of my cock. Jim ran his loose fist up and down, along his own penis, as her watched. Slowly, it grew to full length. Sarah carefully managed to snort up the drugs from my cock, tilted her head back, and moaned. “Mmmmm.”

“Okay, now for the dare. It’s multi-part. Dean, I want you and Jim to kiss.” Jim and I looked at each other. I’d hired him. We’d worked together, side by side, for the last year. But it was a dare. And thus far, we’d done all the dares. So, at the naked intern’s demand, we kissed. This was crossing lines. So we both did another line.

I moved close to him. We were both naked. We were both hard. I’d kissed other guys before, as part of college truth-or-dare games, but this was the first time in a decade. I closed my eyes. Our lips met. And our tongues caressed each other. I held the back of Jim’s head, while he pressed up against me. After these hours of sexual activity, it felt natural. It felt okay. We awkwardly parted, and there was a pregnant pause.

I looked at Sarah, and she was playing softly with her clit.

“Okay… now’s the full dare. Dean, it’s for you. I want you to make out with me,” she said.

“Okay,” I responded, nervously, knowing there was more to come.

“While I suck Jim’s cock.”


At this point, I’d been naked with my coworker for hours. But this was just…. insane. But at the same time, each and every dare to this point had been acted upon. And I’m not going to say I hadn’t given it some thought. Sarah had already dragged it out of me.

It helped that Jim laid back, calmly, with a broad smile on his face. His cock stood up. Harder and thicker than I was, he was sure of himself.

I watched Sarah start licking the head of his penis, and then start to embrace the head in her mouth. She started going down on him… watching me, waiting for me. She took her mouth away, and kissed the head of his erection, then continued sucking away…

I leaned in, and kissed the side of her face… I could see his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. But this wasn’t enough.

I moved, and kissed her cheeks. I could feel the width of his cock bulging out from her cheeks. Again, this wasn’t enough.

Finally, I moved, and began to kiss her lips. They eagerly spread, and gave my lips room to wrap around the width of Jim’s cock. Soon, Sarah and I were making out furously, Jim’s cock inbetween our mouths. My coworker’s cock between our mouths.

It was… as I said before…. insane.

While I have no desire to date, or to be with, my coworker… to have his erect cock against my lips…. it was something akin to bliss.

The evening continued. But this is the end. For now.

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