Learning to Live with Magic



This story, while full of incest, also contains a lot of magic, so if that is not to your taste, you might not want to read it. It is my second entry to the Halloween Contest of 2017. Please vote, especially if you enjoyed the story! Comments are very welcome, too. And I do hope you enjoy the story.

Here is a summary of the previous story, “Magic Leads to Out of Body Incest.” Annabel and her brother Mark each notice the middle finger of their right hand gets weird on their 18th birthdays. They only gradually realize that whenever their finger touches the bare skin of someone of the opposite sex, both that person and themselves are enchanted, and “forced” to have spectacular sex repeatedly with each other. This leads to horrible consequences for Annabel, who endures a gangbang the first weekend of college, and becomes known as the premiere college slut before she figures out what is happening and covers her finger. For Mark, it is less dramatic, and he ends up finding a girl, Melissa, whom he loves.

Their father, Donovan, also has a similar talent with his finger, and this leads to family incest, some welcome, some not.


The Dad

Donovan Smith sat at his desk, compulsively tapping his pencil on the table. He idly thought about his pencil being yellow. Only the European pencils were not yellow, it seemed to him. European pencils typically were black, or blue. His secretary, Brianna, came into his office just then, interrupting his reverie. He had asked her to work late to finish the reports; he needed them tomorrow morning.

Brianna was not yellow, nor was she blue, nor was she European. She was a strikingly sexy and pretty Black American.

Donovan knew a lot about Brianna. She reminded him of his daughter Annabel, even if she was 24 and Annabel was only 19. Brianna had the exact same body as Annabel: the same swell of her breasts, the same bubble butt, the same amazingly shapely long legs. Even better, she wore short, tight skirts, and he loved looking at her ass, as the tightness of the skirt revealed each cheek and gave hints of the crack. Brianna, like Annabel, had a quite pretty face.

The major difference between Brianna and Annabel was that Annabel’s skin was snow white, and Brianna’s skin was dark brown, the color of chocolate with 72% cocoa. Donovan often fantasized about taking each of them, albeit not at the same time!

Part of Donovan’s job was to verify the good behavior of the employees he supervised. This meant he had to survey Brianna’s email, texts, and anything she sent from the company. Brianna foolishly used her company smart phone as if it were her personal phone. Donovan had to survey it anyway, her privacy be damned. She should have bought her own, personal phone if she had wanted privacy. The company was paranoid in regards to its secrets.

Donovan knew, just from her phone, that Brianna had been juggling two lovers. He also knew each had discovered the existence of the other, and they had surprised Brianna, and somehow each had sex with her, one after the other, for several hours. He was unsure whether Brianna’s role was willing or forced. The idea that she may have been forced by two large men was fuel for his most erotic fantasies. Then they dumped her, telling her to go to Hell. This was two days ago: two days before Halloween.

Brianna had had a long series of text conversations about that sexual extravaganza/particular horror, with her best girlfriend. He knew she was upset, and vulnerable. But there was no sign of that in her demeanor as she entered his office. She was the personification of the professional woman. Her heels clicked sharply on the marble floor.

“Here are the reports, Mr. Smith. Will there be anything else?” Brianna said, quite professionally, with her customary bright smile.

“You looked stressed, my dear,” Donovan replied. “Would you like me to message your neck for a few minutes? Then you could go home.” Donovan often offered to message Brianna’s neck, and about half the time she accepted. He was really good at it, and it relaxed her super tight neck muscles. Sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day takes a toll.

Last time, however, he ended up fondling her breasts, too, over her clothes. Startled, shocked, and outraged, she nevertheless passively let him, since she needed time to figure out a response. Today she was wearing a super thin, cashmere sweater, and he would be able to thoroughly message her breasts, perhaps even tweak her nipples right through her clothes. Maybe he would try to undress her, too? She would be grossed out if he did any of that, and she would have to report it. She did not want that. Mr. Smith’s neck messages were history, as far as Brianna was concerned.

“That’s very kind of you, Mr. Smith, but I need to get right home today. Good night, and have a good evening,” purred Brianna’s professional voice, as she turned and began to walk out of the office, her heels clicking sharply on the hard floor.

Donovan thought about using Escort bayan his finger. Like his two children, the middle finger of his right hand had a special magical power: If he touched Brianna’s skin with it, she would fall into a spell, and relentlessly go after him sexually. Probably she would strip off her clothes herself, in her sexual frenzy, revealing her gorgeous, sexy body that he had so often seen in his fantasies. Except for her skin color, he could even easily pretend she were his daughter. He was sorely tempted, he truly was. This was the moment to do it, if he were ever to do it.

Of course, if he did do it, there is no question they would have sex, and have it most likely for hours, as Brianna would not be able to get enough of him. That’s part of the spell. He knew this. But then he would have to fire Brianna, and he might get fired, too. His fantasy life of plundering the body of his daughter, using Brianna as a body double, would forever be over, in exchange for around 5 to 10 hours of magnificent sexual pleasure.

He could handle that. He rose from his chair and began to walk towards Brianna, even as she was leaving. But suddenly his rational mind prevailed. What he could not handle is losing his job. He picked up a book as an excuse for his behavior, and he returned to his desk. The crisis over, he let his shoulders sag. He would simply enchant his wife that night, as he routinely did, and plunder her magnificent body, over and over again, while she screamed out her orgasms. He had a good life.



After his over the top wild time with his sister Annabel, Donovan’s son Mark Smith returned to his college. He was swamped with work. He had taken off two weekends in a row: One to go home and to ask his Mom what was going on concerning his finger, and the second to check on Annabel and to finally fulfill his dream of making love with her. Consequently, all the schoolwork he had saved up for the weekends, he now had to do. Mark had to work all the time, day and night, for two weeks to catch up.

Now caught up, Mark relaxed in his only armchair. He was surfing for some good porn on the Internet, when his phone rang. He did not recognize the number, and he figured it was someone selling something, so he answered a bit gruffly. “Hello,” he grunted.

“Hello Mark. This is Melissa,” a sweet voice said over the telephone. Mark immediately sat up straight. After the usual pleasantries, Melissa suddenly said, “I’ll be frank. I can’t get you out of my mind. Can we meet, just for coffee or something? I need to talk with you, if you’re even willing to speak with me, after the way I treated you. I hope you are?”

Mark had already got an erection, just from hearing Melissa’s voice. He realized just then that he really did care deeply her, in spite of Gail having tried to convince him it was just puppy love, because Melissa was the first girl he had had sex with. Or maybe he was just horny, and was remembering how good her pussy felt, and how lovely her body was. No, he thought, it’s more than just sexual attraction. She is in fact a wonderful girl.

“I’d love to meet with you, Melissa. When are you free?” Mark said. He could not hide his excitement. It came through, he was sure. Revealing his excitement embarrassed him.

Melissa in contrast was thrilled. She had dreaded calling Mark, not knowing how he would respond. She knew that she had been his first, and she had dumped him the very next day, in spite of the spectacular marathon sex session. Or maybe she dumped him because of it? She would not blame him if he hated her, but she could tell Mark’s emotions were anything but hate just then.

“In an hour? We could meet at the new coffee house on Washington Street, across from Mudd Hall?” Melissa proposed.

“Great, I’ll be there,” Mark said. Then he added, “I am looking forward to seeing you Melissa, to look again into your eyes.” Mark immediately hit himself for having said that. But luckily, Melissa seemed to eat it up.

Melissa now had to decide what to wear. Something sexy, or something that simply made her look pretty? Or should she wear clothes as body armor? She remembered how she had fallen head over heels for Mark the first time she saw him; he seemed to have way too much power over her. She had even lied about being on the pill so that he would make love with her. It was not so much making love, though, as just downright fucking. It was need based fucking, and she needed it even more than he did. And fuck her he did! Wow! Five times. And she had so intensely needed every single fuck, she just could not believe it. And every one of those fucks was so amazing, she just could not get them out of her mind.

Melissa had no idea she had been enchanted, with a spell that forced the two of them to want sex with the other to such a degree that it was impossible not to partake.

Melissa settled on a sartorial compromise. She would wear her leotard, with no bra. She looked at herself once she had donned it, and she could see Bayan escort a clear outline of her breasts, and a nice reveal of her nipples, poking at the fabric. The leotard gave support, so her boobs would not bounce around.

Melissa added a pretty T shirt over the leotard, giving her modesty, and a sweater over the T shirt. She finished the outfit with jeans. The jeans were skinny jeans, showing off her bubble but and even a hint of a camel toe, but all her jeans were like that. It was the best she could do. It did make her feel protected, anyway, and that was the point. If Mark liked her, it would not matter. Besides, as Mark himself had said, he could not wait to gaze into her eyes. How romantic!

For Melissa, the coffee house meeting was a success. All they did was talk, and get to know each other better. At one point, Melissa asked Mark what religion he was. He remembered she was Jewish.

“I’m not religious,” Mark said. “My mother is a little religious, and my Dad probably worships the devil, if anything at all,” and he gave a small, slightly bitter laugh as he said that.

“Well then, what’s your religious heritage? I’m asking for a reason,” Melissa said.

Mark saw no reason to keep it secret, so he answered frankly, “My father is Catholic, and my mother is half Lutheran, half Jewish.”

Melissa sat up straight. Her eyes sparkled. “Is it your grandfather or your grandmother who is Jewish?” she asked, holding her breath while waiting for the answer.

“My grandmother is Jewish. Her family name is Cohen, by the way. Why do you ask?” Mark knew enough to know why she was asking, but he wanted her to tell him.

Melissa could not stop smiling. “Oh, it’s not important,” she said, smiling from ear to ear, even though it clearly was very important to her. “Judaism is inherited through the mothers,” she said. “Your heritage makes you Jewish, in the eyes of religious Jews, and for Jewish law.” Melissa was so excited she could barely contain itself.

“Are you a religious Jew?” Mark asked.

Melissa shook her head. “No, Mark. I’m Jewish, but not very religious. My mother, however, is fanatical that I date only Jewish men. And you qualify!” Melissa blushed. What she had just said, and her excitement, had revealed she wanted to date Mark. Before then, Mark had hoped it was the case, but he surely did not know if it was.

The two students continued talking for another hour, and then Mark walked Melissa to her dorm room. At her door, he gently pulled her toward him and he kissed her. She kissed back with such enthusiasm that it startled Mark. They ended up kissing for at least 5 minutes, and when they hugged Melissa felt his erection, which was so hard it felt to Melissa as if it were pulsing.

The two potential lovers agreed to meet again the very next day. Melissa had worn much sexier clothes for this second meeting. She was no longer afraid of Mark’s power over her. She even welcomed it! This time when Mark kissed Melissa at her door, he felt up her fabulous butt, and Melissa uttered “Mmmm” in mid kiss as he did so. Mark turned Melissa around so that her back was to him, and he held her against him with his arm. He kissed the back of her neck and Melissa moaned. He moved his hand up and fondled her breasts through her clothes. Melissa moaned louder.

Mark stuck his hand down her yoga pants, and underneath her panties, feeling the sweet skin of her stomach, and his hand moved slowly south. Melissa did nothing to stop it, and soon Mark was fingering her right there in the dorm’s hallway. Melissa’s moans became quite loud. A girl walked by them, but neither Mark nor Melissa stopped.

Finally, Melissa pulled away from Mark. She was breathing heavily. “Want to meet again tomorrow?” she asked.

“God, yes,” Mark said. “Melissa, I want you. I want you bad.”

Melissa smiled. “Tomorrow,” she said, and she kissed him goodbye. It was a kiss filled with lust, but laced with affection, bordering (it seemed to Mark) on love.

When the morrow came, Melissa was ready. She met Mark with her diaphragm in. She was wearing a thin cotton top with no bra. Mark could see the shape of her boobs underneath it. Her nipples poked at it prominently. She was wearing a skirt that was so short it was almost obscene. It had been a short skirt before Melissa altered it. Her mother had taught her some advanced sewing skills.

Standing, the skirt cleared her privates with maybe an inch or two to spare. Sitting it was difficult not to show off her blue panties. She always had to sit perfectly. She ended up inadvertently flashing Mark. Maybe that had been her plan? Even Melissa did not know.

Mark smiled when he saw that her panties were blue. Blue seemed to be his lucky color. The two took a walk in the nearby woods. Before too long, Mark helped Melissa to become naked in the woods. His hands were all over her. She smiled radiantly at Mark, “I’ve never done it outdoors, Mark. Will you be my first?”

Mark said nothing, but it was clear he agreed, since in Escort a flash he was all over her. Thirty seconds later Melissa was on a blanket she had bought. Mark spread her legs as wide as he could, and he gazed lovingly at her pussy. “See anything you like, lover?” Melissa said.

Mark said nothing, he simply placed a finger inside her. She was already thoroughly wet, so he climbed on board and thrust his cock deep inside her. Melissa gasped. “Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me lover, fuck me good!” she said as Mark began to pump. Melissa began to moan, and boy could she moan loudly!

They were deep inside the woods, so nobody could hear. Nobody, that is, except another student, Jim, who was there to birdwatch. He moved closer to the sounds of Melissa’s moans. Using his telephoto lens, he took around 20 pictures of Mark and Melissa copulating. He was patient, and his patience was rewarded, when Mark finally finished. He got off of Melissa. Jim was then able photographically to capture her prone naked body. He took a few telescopic close-ups of her cum filled pussy, as well.

The birdwatcher was further rewarded when after lying there, legs spread, just ravished, smiling and nude, Melissa finally sat up. Melissa’s perfect boobs were now on full display. The curve of the bottom of her breasts appeared to be a perfect parabola.

Eventually the birdwatcher also now had a better look at Melissa’s face. He recognized her! She was in one of his classes. He smiled, wickedly. Mark and Melissa kissed. The voyeur, Jim, then skulked away, leaving Mark and Melissa ignorant of his spying and photographing activities.

Jim had taken a video of some of the copulation. He debated posting it on the Internet, but thought better of it. That would be a really scurrilous thing to do.

After that time in the woods, Mark and Melissa made love almost every day, usually in Melissa’s dorm room. Finally, Melissa asked once again about why Mark’s finger had its high-tech glove, and why did he always wear it?

“I’ll tell you my love, on two conditions: you keep it secret, and no matter what you think, you still love me, okay?”

Melissa looked at him as if he were crazy. It could not be that dramatic. But she agreed. Mark told her the entire story. Well, not about what happened with his sister, only what happened with her, Gail, Abby, and his lab partner Mary. He told her how when each girl touched his finger, she would turn blue, but only to his eyes, and she would feel an overpowering need to have sex with him, and he would feel the same way about her.

Mark did not add that this spell also gave him superhuman sexual powers, allowing him to fuck and to cum repeatedly, much more than a normal, non-enchanted man could have done. When Mark was done, there was silence for a minute or two, and then Melissa burst into uproarious laughter. “Mark, you have an amazing imagination,” she exclaimed. “Now tell me the real reason, okay?”

“I know it sounds ridiculous,” Mark said. “But dammit, it’s true. Swear to God.” Mark was so serious, that Melissa stopped laughing, but only for a moment. She was waiting for Mark to smile or something, revealing he was continuing the joke. That did not happen.

“So, you wear the glove so that you will not accidentally touch girls, or they touch you, and then be forced to have sex with them?” Melissa said, not laughing as she said it, but only through a Herculean effort. “I thought you guys craved having sex, at all times, every day, 24/7. And still you cover your finger?” Melissa giggled.

“I don’t want to have gratuitous sex with random girls, Melissa. I want you,” Mark said.

“Okay, Mark. You can prove it. I’ll pick a girl, and you touch her with your finger. We’ll see what happens!” and she giggled again.

“No,” Mark said. “I won’t. You’ll lose respect for me when the girl and I fuck like animals. And we’ll be fucking because we’re both enchanted, not because we lust for each other.”

“Well, I want to fuck you as much as possible, because I love you, you hunky stud. Take off that silly finger glove and touch me. Prove it on me, if you can!” and Melissa giggled again. “Will I even remember the sex?”

“Remember our first time?” Mark said.

“Of course! Best sex imaginable, and….oh my God….you’re saying…oh my God, oh my God,” Melissa said.

“You get it, now,” Mark said. Curious to an extreme, Melissa kissed Mark and as she kissed him she slipped off his finger glove. She touched his finger. She went into shock for a minute, and stood perfectly still, just as she had done that first time in the movie queue.

“Oh my God, you were telling the truth! How extraordinary! Come to my room lover, right now!” As Melissa pulled Mark towards her room, she was undressing, even though they were in public. When they got to her dorm, she was in bra and panties. When she got to her room, she was just in panties.

Jim the birdwatcher had seen them, and he was following at a respectful distance. He was amazed that Melissa was undressing in public! But then, she had fucked naked in the woods, after all. She must be the queen of sluts, or something. Was this the same lucky guy? He couldn’t say; he had never even looked at him, just at his cock going in and out of Melissa’s luscious pussy.

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