Learning to Love Ch. 02

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Our learning to love experience continues from Part 1…..

As we walked to our rooms we all commented that this was the best experience that we had ever had and couldn’t wait to see what was next. We looked a fine trio walking naked, our penises fully erect while carrying our clothes. We each went to our rooms and waited in anticipation.

Anne knocked on our doors about five minutes later and invited us to return to the room. In our absence she had dimmed the lighting, changed the music and placed a variety of items including the toys we had selected and a variety of condoms next to the bed. She lay on the floor and then asked that the three of us as gently and erotically as possible lift her and place her in the middle of the bed. We knelt next to her gently rubbing her body and moving our hands under her so that we could lift her. Steve took a leadership role in this movement and we soon had her floating across the room to the centre of the bed — a bed that seemed even bigger now we were all on it. We were kneeling around her our penises protruding out from our bodies.

Anne moved to Steve and asked him to lie down and for the two of us to move up near his head and shoulders on each side so that we had a good view. Anne then said that she wished to show us a number of ways to stimulate a person and that we should watch, listen and participate if we wished. Anne spread Steve’s legs and leant over him kissing his nipples and then using her tongue moving down to his belly button and then to base of his shaft. Pre-cum dripped from the tip of Steve’s engorged head. Anne said to us that it was important to find out from a partner whether they liked kissing, licking, nibbling etc as some people felt uncomfortable. Anne then began to use the end of her tongue to manipulate Steve’s large testicles eventually placing them both within her mouth and moving her tongue around them. Steve moaned and his penis began to pulsate. She then released his testicles moving to the base of his penis making long slow strokes with her tongue up and down the shaft. She then moved to the tip of his head licking at the tip of his circumcised head — Steve withered in ecstasy. She then with increasing rhythm concentrated on the underside of the penis increasing the speed and strength of the licks — Steve’s thighs began to raise themselves from the bed, his muscles tightening and testicles contracting. As he came his sperm shot into the air several inches landing onto his chest and stomach. His moans subsided and he relaxed breathing with increasing control. Ann then leaned over to his stomach and began to lick up his sperm moaning with enjoyment. She then invited Mike and myself to also taste the sperm saying that there was nothing wrong with sperm and we needed to know what sperm tasted like so we could appreciate the fears and enjoyment of future partners. We both hesitantly leaned forward and licked some sperm — it tasted surprisingly good. The three of us soon had Steve licked clean.

Mike’s turn arrived. This time Anne said she wanted to show us how we can use our fingers to better effect — we might even like to consider some of these techniques when masturbating. Mike lay on his back. Anne used the point of her nails to run them around Mikes chest and nipples, she moved slowly and seductively down his sides to his waist continuing to his toes before moving up the inner thigh and eventually around the testicles and penis. Mike moaned in enjoyment. Anne then explained that the area around the head of the penis was much more sensitive on an uncircumcised penis and it was important that care was taken. She began lightly running her finger tips up and down the shaft, gently swirling it around the head. Mike’s moans were becoming louder. As she worked Mikes penis with her right hand she fondled Mikes testicles in her left eventually moving down to the base of his ball sack and firmly rubbing. Mike soon erupted sending several shoots into the air which landed around his penis and testicle area. Again Anne began licking the love juice — she encouraged Steve and I to take over. Unwittingly, we both found ourselves licking Mike’s penis and testicles — something we all seemed to enjoy. Mike tasted a little sweeter than Steve and Anne said that diet often affected the taste.

Finally it was my turn. I lay down. Anne then said that she wished to show us how toys could enhance the experience. She took from the table a jelly ring with a bean like vibrating cylinder at the base. She placed this over my penis and under my testicles so they were lying on top of the jelly ring. She then took a vibrator in the shape Cami Halısı of a penis about the same size of my own. The jelly vibrator was then switched on sending a vibration through my testicles and seemingly through my whole body. She then began to rub the vibrator up and down the length of my penis and against the tip. I felt like I was in heaven and could feel my penis pulsating. After a few minutes she asked Mike to take the vibrator and continue the stimulation while she took a butt plug and using plenty of lubricant lifted my legs to expose my anus. She gently inserted the plug and lowered by legs returning to the stroking with the vibrator. The butt plug seemed to stimulate my prostate and I quickly tensed sending sperm gushing into the air and over my penis. Mike and Steve didn’t wait to be asked and they quickly began removing the fluid, moaning as the swallowed. Their tongues felt pleasurable on my body and I noted that they were again fully erect obviously enjoying themselves.

After having removed the butt plug and jelly vibrator Anne lay down and said that it was now time for us to use our newly learnt skills to satisfy her. She gave me a cleaner slimmer vibrator and told Mike that he was to use his fingers and Steve to use his tongue. We were then positioned around Anne, Steve between her open legs, Mike on her left focusing on her breasts and myself to the right near her stomach. We were asked to pay attention as each of us learned our skills as we may wish to have a try. Firstly she instructed Mike on how to lick her pussy and encouraged him to try giving him feedback. After a few minutes we rotated and Anne instructed me on the use of the vibrator encouraging me to lightly toucher clitoris and to then insert it deeply in and out in a slow motion. We again rotated and Mike was instructed on clitoral stimulation and inserting the fingers to stimulate the inner regions. When all fully instructed she said that it was now up to us to bring her to orgasm. We set to work taking turns to attend to her womanly needs and within a few minutes she came to an ear shattering orgasm.

As we all lay down and recovered. Ann thanked us and congratulated us on excellent mastery of our tasks. We then left the bed and returned to the lounge chairs. We were invited to get a drink from the kitchen area and a plate of nibbles were put on the table. Clearly we had developed a sweat and eagerly drank a can of coke each and a few items of dried fruit, cheese and crackers. We sat and talked — Anne leading the way asking us about our work, interests and future desires.

Some twenty minutes later Anne informed us that we would soon begin the next phase of the evening which would involve us each returning to our room and eventual sleep. She invited Steve to put on a robe and she put on a see-through night dress. Steve was then asked to go to his room and wait while Anne put on a DVD for Mike and I to watch. She left the room telling us to make ourselves comfortable and to enjoy the movie.

The movie began and we were soon being entertained with a variety of sexual encounters including group sex, bi-sexual relationships and gay scenes. Mike and I became increasingly excited and I soon noted that Mike was rubbing his penis, an act the I soon followed. Twenty minutes went very quickly and Anne returned. She explained that the reason she had taken Steve first was because Mike and I have both expressed an interested in also exploring the delights of the male body. She hoped we had enjoyed the movie and suggested that we come again to her boys night in a couple of weeks if we were interested in taking our interest further. I returned to my room while Anne took a quick shower.

As instructed I went to my room and lay on the bed in the dim light. Anne soon entered and asked be to stand. She whispered in my ear that I was going to lose my virginity this evening and she wanted it to me a both memorable and pleasurable experience. She then began removing my robe while caressing my body. I responded feeling her breasts and enjoying the curves of her body. Once we were both naked I lay on my back in the centre of the bed as she straddled by pelvis. She placed her body so that the opening of her vagina sat over my penis, slowly lowering herself and enclosing my penis in her moist, warm love nest. She told be to relax and enjoy myself and that she would do the work — she began by sitting back and reaching around to fondle my testicles – I was again in heaven. She then began to lift her body up and down my shaft stimulating me to even higher pleasures as she tightened and released her pelvic Cami Halıları muscles. Leaning forward she nibbled my earlobe and then my nipples. My breathing was becoming heavy as I neared a climax — Ann whispered that I should start to push against her. I began thrusting slowly and then built up to a steady pace driving my penis higher and harder with every thrust. I felt my orgasm begin as I felt my testicles tighten, my sperm being delivered deep within her body. As my orgasm subsided Anne dismounted me and lay at my side gently rubbing my chest.

Anne soon left telling me that I should sleep and to be alarmed should she return to my bed during the night. I could hear running water as Anne showered again and then heard her get Mike and take him to his room next to mine. I feel asleep to the moans of Mike drifting through the wall as he lost his virginity.

I was soon in a deep and relaxed sleep. At some point during the night I became aware of Anne’s presence next to be. As I awoke I felt her hand massaging my testicles and my penis began to responding quickly rising to its glory. Anne moved between my legs and began to massage my shaft with her tongue. Eventually she engulfed my entire length in to her mouth increasing the rhythm of her movements. Her hands massaged my testicles and having remembered how much I had enjoyed my anal stimulation earlier she inserted a finger into my anus quickly finding my g-spot. I soon erupted, Anne swallowing all that I had to offer. Anne whispered good night into my ear and left the room — I quickly returned to a deep sleep and once again to the sound of Mike now enjoying Anne’s oral abilities.

I awoke and it was light outside — I could hear music from the large bedroom. I left my bed, put on my robe and headed to the room where I found Steve and Mike enjoying some toast and Coffee with Anne. I was greeted with a kiss on the cheek by Anne and a huge smile from the other two who had clearly enjoyed the previous evening’s events as much as I had.

After we had eaten and had a coffee Anne suggested that we might like to shower. She lead the way to the ensuite and started the showers. Soon the steam was rising and we each disrobed and entered the shower. Anne suggested that we might like to help each other — suggesting that she attend to Steve while Mike and I team off. Mike quickly nodded and so we began cleaning and caressing each other. It was not long until we were all once again erect and looking for action.

Once dry we returned to the main bed Anne congratulating us on our performance the last evening and also acknowledging the fact that we were virgins no longer. Anne wanted us to explore other positions during intercourse and suggested that as each of us was introduced to a position that we pay close attention and make suggestions as to how each method could be enhanced to improve the sensation.

Anne moved to Steve first and asked him to stand on the floor facing her as she sat on the end of the bed. She reached out and putting a small amount of lubricant onto his penis head, she then fondled his penis and testicles. Steve responded with gentle movements while massaging Anne’s neck and shoulders. As Steve’s breathing became heavier and his small satisfied moans louder she stood turning her back to him. She bent over motioning to me to move closer so that she could taste my penis. She then told Steve to enter her from behind . Steve moved behind her and placed his penis at the entrance to her love nest. He then began to thrust his hips, slowly at first getting faster and faster. Steve had his hands placed flat on Anne’s back so Mike told him to massage his own buttocks. Steve moved his hands and his pace quickened as did is verbals — repeatedly saying ‘oh my god’ before letting out a massive sigh as he climaxed thrusting deep and almost knocking Anne onto her stomach. Steve, having planted his seed, withdrew and collapsed onto the bed saying ‘thank you so much — that was the most fantastic orgasm I have ever had.’

Meanwhile Anne had been stimulating my penis and testicles with her mouth and tongue. With Steve finished she put three pillows in the centre of the bed and lay on her back raising her hip up off the bed. She motioned me to come forward while she lifted her legs up into the air resting each foot on each of my shoulders. She then guided my now fully hardened joy stick into her nest. I began thrusting while massaging her legs. The warm moist feeling engulfing by shaft quickly sent me into spasms of joy. I thrust harder pushing against her body, oblivious to anything else except the pleasure being generated within my love organs. I finally reached the point of no return and with one massive thrust exploded within her. I to collapsed onto the bed exhausted and thoroughly satisfied.

Anne then moved to Mike saying that she saved the biggest to last. She moved to the edge of the bed and asked Mike to move against the wall opposite the bed. His nine inches of thick meat stood proud almost pointing to the ceiling as he stood with his back to the wall. Anne then asked Steve and I to lift her in a sitting position, turning her around so her back was to Mike’s chest. She then told us to lift her onto Mike’s penis and for us to control her movements up and down. Her now well lubricated nest dripped with Steve’s and my juices so moving her body onto Mike’s shaft presented little difficulty. As he bore Anne’s weight he leaned against the wall for support and placed his hands under her arms and onto her breasts. We moved Anne rhythmically as Mike also moved to meet Anne’s movements. Clearly, both were enjoying the sensation as their breathing became laboured and moaning louder. Almost simultaneously they reached a crescendo and erupted in orgasm. As they both relaxed Steve and I carefully lifted Anne off Mike and placed her onto the centre of the bed where she lay looking at the three of us. She beckoned that we join her on the bed.

Although Mike’s erection had now wilted both Steve and I were again erect — the electricity of the past few minutes igniting our manhood. We sat facing Anne as she summarised the evening for us and what she had tried to achieve — a knowledge of our bodies and a greater understanding that love was more than having sex. She asked each of us to share our thoughts about the weekend and what stood out as the highlight. We each were frank and forthcoming all agreeing that it was of the most enjoyable and memorable occasions of our lives. To my astonishment Mike shared that he had found the close proximity to other males in such an intermit environment was both exciting and enjoyable. Steve said he had enjoyed his time with Anne alone the prior evening as she had taken his virginity. I was honest and said the although the whole evening had been most enjoyable I, like Mike had enjoyed the sensuality of the moment, although every orgasm was as good as the next it was the feelings that had been emitted within myself that stood out as a highlight.

Anne then said that we had only one thing to further accomplish before we ended the session. She went to her table of toys and one by one asked us to come over to her. I was first. Anne took a cock ring and placed it around the base of my erect penis. Steve came next and she placed a cock and ball ring on him separating each testicle with a ring and then attaching the final ring around the base of his shaft. Finally Mike had a leather strap placed under his testicles and around his penis. The net effect on all of us was to further harden and maintain our erections.

She then lay in the middle of the bed and motioned for us to kneel around her. She took a tube of lubrication with a ‘fresh’ additive as she called it and squirted a generous amount onto the palm of our right hands. She then placed a liberal amount on her finger tips and opening her legs began to stimulate her clitoris. While doing this Anne told us to bring ourselves to orgasm using our right hand on our penis and our left hand to massage our testicles. We all quickly got into the action. Steve was the first to cum spraying his juice over Anne’s breasts. Mike and I became even more excited by Chris’s sounds and the view of his orgasm. We quickly followed suit spraying our love juice over Anne’s stomach and breasts. Anne was equally as excited and vocal climaxing quickly after us.

As our erections subsided and Anne commented that we hard worked very hard. Clearly we were almost out of sperm as the volume on her stomach was considerably less than that delivered the previous evening. Anne thanked us for our efforts and suggested that we should all shower and return to our rooms to dress. She would meet us back in the main bedroom once we were dressed and ready to leave.

Totally exhausted we went to the showers and washed ourselves returning to our rooms and dressing. When I returned t the main bedroom Mike and Steve were already there having an orange juice. I sat on the seat and Anne told us that we were welcome to return. She had a website and gave us each a card with our logon name and password. The logon would give us access to her calendar and booking page as well access to her online toys instructions and ordering site.

As we left Anne farewelled us with a kiss to the cheeks and said she looked forward to seeing us again. Once home I said goodbye to Mike and Steve and stumbled into my bed for a well earned rest and a few hours sleep.

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