Lessons from Sadie Ch. 02

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After that first session with Sadie I couldn’t wait for our next meeting. She had promised more. “So much more,” in that tone of voice that had my eagerly worked member twitching all over again.

At school I was bursting to recount my good fortune to the guys but I had promised Sadie that I wouldn’t. Strangely, everyone, including some girls commented on how much more confident I seemed in my general demeanour. I could only smile at the memory of what had caused that.

Just two days after that first night Sadie met me out in the back garden and murmured, “Tonight would be fine, Jack. If you want.” If I wanted! That night I was bathed, perfumed and ready by six o’clock. My mother frowned at me and asked about my sudden desire for cleanliness. I could only shrug. “Hell, I’m eighteen, Mom. Time to take care of myself.” Which I thought was a pretty neat answer.

When Sadie opened the door I had an initial

wave of disappointment on seeing that she was fully clothed. A neat pink blouse and tight fitting black skirt had replaced the expected revealing gown. She kissed me delicately on the cheek before walking ahead of me into the bedroom, the buttock twitch as hypnotic as ever. Somewhere in another room I could hear jazz music playing. Surely not Vic at home? But then we were in the bedroom and she turned, faced me with her hands down by her sides, and a sort of Mona Lisa smile flickering on her lips. Was she expecting a kiss? Well, I was ready to oblige, although still dismayed that she was fully clothed. I stepped in close, wrapped my arms around her and placed my lips on hers, expecting that immediate electric tongue connection. But her lips remained firmly closed, hard and cool.

I stepped back and her smile had broadened.

“Early lesson, Jack. Handsome as you are, you’re going to meet up with some girls who are resistant to, perhaps nervous about, sexual advances. You have to learn to overcome that and get inside the defences of clothing. Now what would you do next?” So that was why she was dressed. A learning situation. I reached out a hand and ran my fingers down the delicate skin of her cheek and without even thinking about it I touched her tawny shoulder length hair and murmured, “You’re so beautiful.” Surprising myself at how some actions seemed to come naturally if given the chance.

“Good, the right words can help.”

Keeping one hand on the side of her face I moved in and kissed her, just moving my mouth gently over hers.

That kind of touch was pleasant enough and as I let my hand fondle her hair her lips parted and I allowed the tip of my tongue to flutter between them. Already there was a bulge in my trousers as I felt the responding touch of her tongue tip. Within seconds our mouths and tongues were welded together and her arms wrapped around me. I dropped my hand to her Escort Bayan Antep shoulder and moved it slowly down to her left breast. Sadie pulled away from the kiss, her face close, “What if she knocks your hand away?” she asked, her voice husky with supressed passion.

“It’s happened,” I told her, and she laughed delightedly. Then her fingers dropped to my shirt front and began unfastening the buttons, ” Oh, to hell with this part of the lesson. We’ll fill in another time. Let’s jump a few places.” And she had my shirt open as I fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. She quickly helped and spent a few seconds explaining how to remove a bra. “A very delicate manoeuvre,” she whispered. “A girl will know how experienced you are by the way you handle that. But we’ll practice that another time.” And magically the bra was gone and I was gazing at those pertly rounded breasts with the tempting pink nipples. My hands spread over each of them.

“Yes,” Sadie sighed, her hands now tugging at my belt buckle.”I think it’s time to speed up.” While pushing down my trousers she allowed one hand to linger over the bulge in my shorts and that gentle touch had me catching my breath as well as increasing the swelling down there. “I

have a similar need. Come on.” And moving to the bed she slid her skirt to the floor, sat down and reached out to me. I stood in front of her and happily allowed her to pull my shorts down. “Oh, so rampant,” she sighed, and her fingers played gently along my eager cock. Then she leaned forward licking her lips,and, just as my anticipation reached a frenzy, she stopped, and sliding back onto the bed, that familiar lascivious look on her face, she said, “Hey, you’re supposed to be practicing the seduction here. You’ve got the girl to this stage, maybe she’s still nervous. ” And she coyly covered her breasts with her arms. “What do you do?” Initially disappointed that her mouth had not proceded with its promise I suddenly found myself looking forward to the next moves. I kneeled on the bed beside her and kissed her warm lips. Acting tentative, she put her hands on my shoulders and I did the same to her, before allowing them to glide along her arms, and back again, then under her arms and down the subtle curve of her sides to her hips and back. I repeated the action. Touching her skin was playing with electric currents that seemed to flow up my arms and deep into my chest “You have a hell of a touch, Jack.” Her eyes had that clouded look I’d noticed that first night. “Oh, hell,I haven’t the patience to play the innocent.” And her hand dropped to my lower body, her fingers playing through my pubic hair but maddeningly avoiding any direct contact with my cock.

I allowed my hand to slide over one breast and let the fingers nuzzle around the nipple before ducking down to grasp it between my lips flicking at its engorging pinkness with my tongue as she had advised me on our first encounter. I heard her breath catch. Emboldened I lay her back and allowed my lips to travel on down over her flat belly until I was tonguing through her pubic hair. Her thighs were tightly closed. “Find the key, Jack,” she murmurred. Once more lessons from that first time stood me in good stead. While my fingers drifted up and down the incredible smoothness of her thighs, I probed my tongue at the mere suggestion of crevice where her thighs met. That tip of the fuzzy triangle. Tongue probing, fingers stroking. It took only seconds. My lips and tongue recognised the swelling of her only partially accessible labia.

She gave a low helpless chuckle and murmured huskily, “Oh God, Jack, you’re at degree standard already.” And her thighs slowly parted allowing my hands to caress the incredible smoothness of their inner surface, while my tongue probed more deeply along her labia. Ah, that delicious creamy moistening.

And there was that little button suddenly erect for my tongue to lavish attention upon. Sadie’s breathing became more harsh, more rapid, and she began to give off little grunting noises. “Turn yourself this way, Jack. Let me have some of you.” Without moving my lips from their task

I shuffled my body so that my feet were back past her head and I felt her hands close around my thrusting cock. Then her tongue was licking the whole length before tickling at the bulbous head. I’d have loved to watch her doing that, but I had other duties. I allowed my tongue to move deeper into her, sending it in frantic circles around the walls of that delicious opening, that secret place. Her hips rose up to meet my efforts. Then I moved back to her clit and allowed my fingers to push and stroke into her velvet depths. She stopped her oral ministrations to gasp “Jack, spread your fingers. Feel further back. Further.” I wasn’t sure what she meant—further back was her— “Yes, Jack, my ass—do it Jack, please.” Was that allowed? Was that anything to do with sex?

With my index finger ploughing her vagina,

I spread my fingers to feel that tight little hole. My third finger traced around the outside rim. “Yes, yes, Jack. Go on.” Without breaking any concentration from her clit or vagina I gently worked my finger into her ass, heard her sharp intake of breath. Not knowing what to expect I pushed further, tight and smooth —and exciting. Sadie’s mouth had closed around my cock and her tongue was working furiously, and I could feel the pressure building in my scrotum

Then her head started to roll, so that her mouth lost its grip on me.

“I want it inside me,down there, Jack. Quick, oh, quick.”

I scrambled around between her thighs and, with desperate fingers, she held my cock and directed it into her vagina. Oh, that moment. No matter how good the foreplay, nothing can ever beat that moment of entry. It was a feeling

born of only my second experience but was to last the rest of my life. Male and female coming together in that most intense moment. Nothing beats it. Well, maybe the climatic moments but still, that moment is special. As I made my first thrust she moaned and our mouths ground together, as she raisedher hips to mine and her vaginal walls drew at me. We plunged and growled like two animals lost in each other.

Thrust and

pull, deeper, harder. The gasps of

mutual cumming seemed to shake the walls around us. I seemed to be spurting into her minutes. As our breathing returned to normal I lay my head on her wonderful breast. My face was towards the door and the next moment I was jerking upwards, ready to leap from the bed.

Vic was standing there, watching us! Sadie placed a restraining had on my back as I tried to leap away. I looked down at her and when I looked back Vic was gone. “It’s all right, Jack. He likes to watch—to see me enjoying myself. He knows my needs—my history. Watching is all he has. Can you handle that?” Although unnerved, I nodded. I couldn’t imagine being watched doing it. Would I have been able to perform if I’d known?

“Let’s talk about you,” Sadie said, as I lay snuggled against her breasts. “Jack you have a weapon there that women are going to fight for. You have the touch and your becoming confident. You need only a little refinement but I think you should try yourself out.”

“Try myself out?”

“With a girl of your age.”

“But won’t you—-“

“Mind? Be jealous? Maybe if she’s better than me. But you need to test yourself.” And her eyes held mine as she added,”I have others.”

She saw the dismay on my face and kissed me,”It’s a need, Jack.” Finding a girl? I hadn’t even thought about it. In my mind Sadie was all I could ever hope for. The callow girls at school wouldn’t be anything like her. “As your experience grows you won’t need me. When you’ve had a couple of successes I’ll let you into a little secret that I’ve shared with nobody—except Vic” “What secret?” “How I got to be the way I am—with sex. But first you—you need to try yourself on somebody easy first of all—just to establish yourself. Any girls at school with reputations?” Immediately my mind went to Jan Vickley, the one that all the boys talked or bragged about.Tall, with a robust figure, a full mouth and hooded eyes that suggested erotic things. I told Sadie about her—or what I’d heard about her. “Think you could set yourself up with a date?” The school dance every Thursday night seemed to be the place that most assignations started. I hadn’t frequented it much myself–in my old persona. But now? I told Sadie about it.

“Sound the ideal set up.–Good practice–you’ll see. Now let’s do it again.” And her fingers caressed my scrotum.

End of part three.

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