Let’s Get Ice Cream Pt. 01

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Let’s get ice cream. Pt 1

Did you ever ask yourself; “What if …”?

Well, Last summer I was at a local shop that features over two dozen flavors of ice cream. There was a young woman, pretty, maybe late teens or early twenties, working behind the tubs of cold product, when the thought occurred to me; “What if …”


All players are 18 and up


This began as a standalone story, buuutt, sometimes things happen.


“Hey Babe, let’s go get some ice cream”

“Ok, do you have any place in mind?”

“I’d like to go to that small shop on the Ave.”

“Sounds good, but shouldn’t we put something on? I don’t mind running around the house bare ass, and I sure don’t mind looking at you neckid any time, but the locals might get a bit upset.”

“Oh pooh on the locals … but I do have just the outfit …”

Ten minutes later Mark sat in the den, dressed in shorts, shirt and sandals, expecting another twenty minutes of wait time when Katy flowed into the room. She wore just a diaphanous caftan and sandals, her auburn hair brushed to a glow, and fresh makeup.

“Damn woman, I didn’t know we were going to that kind of place! Or do you have someone in mind?”

“Well … there’s this girl …”

“At the shop?”

“Um hmm … you’ll see …”

Five minutes later they parked in front of the shop, there was one other car, and they could see two young men at the counter making selections.

The girl behind the counter gasped and said quietly; “Oh my …” As Katy entered.

The men turned and their eyes popped; the caftan flowing about Katy’s body, excited nipples virtually poking through the material, her mound prominent.

After a moment they gathered themselves and inched to the door, never taking their eyes off the vision of sexuality.

“Ahh, can I help you?”

“Hi, um yes, Melissa?” She said, reading the name tag. “I’m Katy, and yes you can help me, but I do have to know; just how old are you?”

“Eighteen, why?”

“Eighteen. Going to school?”

“Community college, I’m studying business management. This job helps with my rent.” She said with a half smile as her eyes scanned Katie’s face.

“You’re not from around here?”

“Arlington, but this school has the programs I wanted. Now why all the questions?”

“That’s easy, I want you.”

“Wha … What?”

“The first time I saw you I wanted you. And I’m not into women. I’m into Mark here. In everything I need sexually and emotionally, Mark has met all my needs. And then I saw you; and my pussy just started flowing. I had to leave before you saw how wet my jeans were. And it’s been like that every time I came in here. I even wore a pad just so I could make it through a visit. I. Want. You.”

“I noticed you every time … and I wondered why you’d come in then leave so quickly. But why that outfit?” Melissa’s eyes now scanning Katie’s body before fixing on rock-hard nipples.

“Melissa, I’ll come in here naked if it gets me you. I want you. I want to discover every kind of love a woman can make with another woman. I want explore every inch of your body, then while we’re resting I want to know all about you. What do you say?”

“I get off work in an hour, then I have to go home and change …”

“Never mind all that. I can’t wait that long. And besides, you won’t be dressed very long when you get to me any way. Here’s our address and I’ll be waiting. Should we order a pizza or something?”

“No, yes, pizza’s fine.”

All the way home, Katy kept one hand busy on her pussy, while the other had pulled Mark’s cock from his shorts and softly stroked him.


Mark, 36, and Katie, 26, had been together for three years; she just beginning a career in marketing and Mark a reasonably successful private attorney. They had met at an outdoor concert when she ‘fell’ into his lap. To say they were the perfectly matched couple would almost be an understatement; there wasn’t anything either could dream up that the other wouldn’t try.


“My god, you must be so turned on, I can smell your pussy over here.” Mark said as they waited for the pizza. “Lay back, and I’ll clean that up for you.”

“Shall I take this off?” As Katie held up the hem of the caftan.

“No, leave it on. We don’t want to totally freak Melissa. Besides, think of the thrill you’ll give the pizza guy.”

“If it’s the same kid as last time … hmmm … I’d love opening the door bare.”

“Another time. Now, lay back and let me do my duty.”

He gently eased her back onto the coffee table, admiring her; gently flowing hips leading to a softly rounded belly, on up to medium sized breasts topped by pink nipples. On to her reddened lips, grey-green eyes, and auburn hair.

He lifted the hem of her gown, slowly, so as to admire her beautiful legs, but also draw out her wait, heightening Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort her arousal. Dropping to his knees, he bent to worship at her feminine altar.

Softly he blew on lips already open, on a clitoris extending from it’s hood, on juices sliding from her lips to her puckered rosebud.

Unable to wait, Katie grabbed Mark’s head and forced him to her. “Eat me damn it! I’m going crazy! Eat me!”

Instantly his tongue flicked out; swiping juices all the way from ass to clit. Sucking as he went, Mark did his best at cleaning the thrashing woman under him. finally he concentrated on the flowing well of her pussy – juices flowing as fast as he could gather, Katie moaning and pulling him deeper into her cunt. And then the door bell rang.

“That must be the pizza. Will you get it while I wash my face?”

“Damn! I was that close! That kid better be damn cute.” Flush faced, Katie opened the door.


17 year old Brad Williamson stared in wide-eyed wonder at the nearly naked woman before him. This was only his third day delivering, but the other drivers had told him about this house and the woman that answered the door, but until this moment …

“Here you go honey, and nice tip. Hope you see me again.”


Melissa drove up as the pizza driver departed. She sat in the car for several minutes, in one sense debating if she wanted to do this, and in another just letting herself accept she was about to make love to woman for the first time.

Finally with one deep breath, she stepped from her car, walked up the walk, and pressed the door bell.


It seemed to Katie that she had just turned from the door when the bell rang again. Thinking the boy was back, she decided to really make his day, and tossed the caftan to the couch.

Wearing nothing but sandals and a smile, she threw the door open and took a pose against the jamb. Only then did she realize who was really there.

“Oops. I thought you were … never mind, come on in.”

“May I help you get comfortable?” Katie asked after closing the door. “Here, let me help you with that shirt, it looks awfully uncomfortable.”

Stepping up to the silently compliant Melissa, she undid the buttons one by tantalizing one, gazing into her brown eyes, wide open in wonder, and more than a little excitement.

As each button released, the shirt gapped a little more, and Katie blew softly onto the exposed skin. With the last button undone, like a tigress circling her prey, she stepped behind Melissa. She pulled the material up from the pants, and was about to draw it over her shoulders when Mark stepped out of the kitchen.

“Starting without me? Katie dear, you are the impatient one.” He stepped forward; “Did she even kiss you ‘hello’?”

Melissa could only shake her head.

“Well, let me properly greet you.” And he laid the softest, sexiest kiss on Melissa, who leaned in for more.

Katie wasn’t idle however. She had managed to remove the shirt and slid her hands around to cup Melissa’s breasts through her bra. As Mark pulled away, Katie released the clasp, and Melissa, feeling the cups loosen, shrugged her shoulders to let the gauzy material drop to the floor.

“Your breasts are just as beautiful as I had imagined. Turn and show Katie.”

Melissa turned, but Katie’s hands never left her body, dropping to her waist, and then holding Melissa by the hips. The women gazed at each other’s exposed body, and then, spontaneously leaned it to kiss.

Both groaned as desire swept over them. Lips pressed tightly, tongues dueling, hands roaming over each other, the women acknowledged their mutual desire.

“I have been wanting you since day one!” Katie whispered, mere inches from Melissa’s lips.

“I … I have too, I just didn’t know it ’til today.”

“Ladies, shall we move to somewhere a little more comfortable? Say, the den?”

He scooped up the discarded clothing, only to toss them on an arm of the couch in the den.

“Why don’t you sit in your chair.” Suggested Katie as she led Melissa by the hand.

She posed her about midway between Mark and the couch, standing behind her, breasts crushed into her back and caressing Melissa’s breast – bringing them to sharp points, the nipples hardening quickly.

“Mmm, baby, you should feel her tits; so soft, and so firm. Her nipples are so hot … I’m so going to love them.”

She breathed lightly into Melissa’s ear, sending shivers through the young girl. “Do you like this? Should I do more?” When Melissa nodded, Katie dropped a hand across her belly, and then wiggled fingers under the tight waist band.

“Loosen them, I want to play in your pussy.”

With shaking fingers Melissa struggled to loosen the button, then the zipper. Her hands moved to her sides and pushed down on the pants and panties together.

Mark had been watching intently, only when Melissa’s jeans hit the floor did his gaze shift from her face to the light bush on her mound.

“Mark honey, please help us … she needs to lose her shoes and pants.”

Mark knelt before Melissa, still in Katie’s grasp, one hand sliding down a leg and then lifting by the calf. He fumbled off the shoe, then pulled the pant leg down and away.

He followed with the other leg; carefully removing shoe and pants. Then he finished with the pink panties; Melissa lifting each leg delicately.

Mark, his nose within inches of a pussy flowing with juices, first inhaled a deep breath, savoring the aroma, and then leaned forward and slipped as much pussy juice as he could find.

Melissa’s legs quivered, only Katie’s grip keeping her up. Mark stood, and pressing against Melissa, offered a kiss to Katie.

“God. She’s delicious.” Katie whispered past Melissa’s ear. “I’m so going to love having you.”

Mark retreated to his chair, shedding shirt and shorts, freeing his rock hard cock.

Melissa had a moment to admire the cock Mark was stroking to hardness before Katie took her by the hand and led the way to the bedroom.

“Mark honey, give us some time, will you.” She said over her shoulder. “Don’t worry, he’ll be more than happy to share it with you.”

Katie led her prize to the bed and gently laid her across it, legs dangling over the side.

“I’ve … I’ve never done this before.”

Katie laid next to her, fingers brushing strands of hair away from Melissa’s face, and then laying gentle kisses on her cheeks and lips.

“You mean girl and girl? Neither have I … well except for a little experimenting in high school. So we’re going to learn together. I know what I like, and you’ll tell me what you like … and we’re going to have a great time.”

The kissing intensified, Melissa responding with an increasing urgency as Katie’s hands caressed downward from cheek to throat to breast. Soon Katie’s lips followed, and when she reached Melissa’s breasts, she had to pay homage to the young and firm cones. She drew the pink nipples in, one at a time, suckling upon them as if a dainty fruit.

“Oh god,” Moaned Melissa; “More. Do it more. I love that …”

“Soon, but first …”, said Katy as she slid back up, kissing as she went, to spend more time deep kissing with Melissa. Their moaning clear to Mark in the other room.

Each whispered to the other how much they had wanted this, how soft the other felt, how much they craved the other.

Finally, unable to wait any longer, Katy ran a trail of kisses down her new lovers body; searching between breasts, over belly, and down to her prominent mound. But she didn’t just dive into it, oh no, first were lapping kisses on the left thigh – just beside Melissa’s flowing slit, then a slight breath as she crossed to the right – again more lapping and kissing, this time accompanied with small, delicate nips.

Melissa gasped, lifting to meet the sensations, fingers clawing at the bed, heels digging in.

“No more. Don’t tease me any more. Fuck me, suck me, do something, anything, please …”

“Mark will do that to me. I drives me crazy, and I love it. So, here we go … are you ready for a woman to eat your sweet pussy?”

“Gawd! I couldn’t be more ready! Yes, eat me …”

Mark heard the plea from the den and smiled.

With one quick – butt hole to clit – swipe, Katy sent Melissa into orbit, only to be bounced back again and again as Katy locked onto her clit and thrummed it with her tongue. Melissa’s ass bounced continuously off the bed, while Katy clasped her butt tightly, forcing her mouth to the nectar flowing slit.

Melissa, unable to make even a squeak, finally pushed her new lover’s head away and collapsed in a sweat soaked heap, panting and gasping.

Katy sat back on her heels admiring her handiwork. After giving Melissa several minutes to recover, she leant forward and softly kissed her on the lips.

Melissa, tasting herself, licked her lips, smiled, and said; “Mmm, I do taste good. But I’ve never, and I do mean never, cum that hard or that long in my life.”

Katy smiled. “Would you like something to drink? Beer, soda, water?”

“Just water please.”

Mark whistled as Katy padded past the den. “You guys are driving me crazy in here. “

Katy smiled. “Don’t worry, your turn is coming. Just a little longer.”

The girls cuddled together as they sipped water, exchanging life stories, likes, dislikes. Soon they moved to light caresses, and then kisses.

Melissa slid down, tracing fingers along Katy’s face as she placed light, sucking bites across her breasts. But when she came to a nipple, she sucked heavily, then released with a sharp ‘plop’.


“Ah, you like that.” And so the other nipple received the same treatment.

Katy squirmed, moaning; “Mmm, more. You’re driving me crazy.”

“You mean like you did me? Just wait; I remember what you did, now it’s my turn.”

Her lips trailed down Katy’s belly, through her navel – bringing a giggle – and on to her mound.

Melissa remembered alright, she blew gently as her lips crossed Katy’s opening slit, evincing a shiver and another moan. Katy tried directing her, but Melissa forced her hands up and over her head.

“No, no. Keep them up there, now I’m in charge.”

Again with the light, sucking bites, not enough to leave marks, but perfect for sending Katy into near orgasm. “Oh shit. You’re driving me crazy. Let me move my hands, I have to …”

“Oh no. Right now you belong to me.”

Melissa stroked one, then two fingers through Katy’s slit, and then lifting them to her mouth. “Mmm, you’re delicious. Very soon I’ll have it all … but not yet …”

“Nooo, no more, I can’t wait …”

“Ahh but you will. Don’t you move, your pussy is mine.” She drew back for a moment, studying the pussy before her. “I’ve never seen a vagina before. Well, mine … in a mirror, but never like this. It’s beautiful. And now …”

She dipped forward, blowing a cool breath across her new lover’s opening lips and up to a clit stretching for attention. Her tongue flicked first one outer lip, then the other. Then a light brushing between Katy’s inner folds – causing them open as petals on a flower.

Melissa sat back, in awe of what she had done.

But Katy’s clit called to her. First a light breath, bringing a shudder to her target, then a swipe with her tongue, and a corresponding gasp … and then … a bite, a nibble, a suck … and Katy arched up, choking out some sort of scream/cry/wail.

Mark almost ran to help, but then realized Katy was having the experience of her life.

Now Melissa had her rhythm, licking all around the now puffy lips, then down to a juice coated anus, and then back up to capture a hardened clit that strained at it’s hood.

Katy, now totally in the moment, unable to do anything but clasp her tormentor’s head hard into her, rocking her hips up and down, while her legs clamped tightly to Melissa’s sides.

Finally, Melissa pulled back, fascinated by Katy’s pussy reacting to all the stimulation. Not only was Katy shuddering in orgasmic bliss, but her cunt, even her ass hole were clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing. Melissa watched as the tremors slowly eased and when Katy’s eyes opened said; “You just lay here, i’m going for some water.”

Melissa padded her way to the kitchen, waving at Mark as she passed, pulled a bottle from the refrigerator, and emptied it in three swallows, then turned to Mark.

“Wow, I needed that. I didn’t know sex could make you that thirsty.”

“Hah, you should try sitting out here, I must have lost a gallon of sweat listening.”

“Maybe I can do something about that.” Melissa said as she sauntered into the den.

She stood before Mark, letting him see the juices sliding down her parted thighs. She stroked a pair of fingers through her gapping pussy, and then fed them to him.

“Do I still taste good? Would you like more?”

“Don’t move.” She ordered as Mark started up from his chair.

Straddling his thighs, Melissa moved forward, and when her pussy lined up with his cock, she lowered herself onto a rod so rigid it didn’t need guidance.

She paused as his bulbous head opened her passageway; “Oh my, this feels like another first for me.”

“A first?”

“Yes, my first man-sized cock. The others were boys in comparison.”

Her eyes widened more as she took more of his man meat, even holding her breath at first. When she was all the way down, her butt cheeks on his thighs, she exhaled with a rush, not moving, but quivering with the feeling of fullness.

” Okay?”

“Just give me a moment. Gawd that feels so … good. I could get used to this.”

“I know.”

“Really? How?”

“The first time I took a cock in the ass, I thought he would split me, but by the time we’ed finished I knew I wanted that again.”

“And have you?”

“On occasion, but it has to be with the right guy.”

“Well that’s all interesting, but right now I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked hard. And I want to be fucked now!”

“May I point out you are the one sitting on my lap. Fuck away, and I’ll just try to keep up.”

Flexing her thighs, Melissa began a slow rise and fall, every move sending tremors through her. Once she felt more comfortable impaled on Mark’s rod, she picked up the pace, posting on him like a jockey on a race horse.

Mark kept one hand on her hip, and grasped a thrusting tit, squeezing and twisting to Melissa’s weight. But it was when he pinched a nipple that she went into her first orgasm.

Mark pinched harder, causing Melissa to scream in a combination of pain and pleasure.

Katy, hearing the scream, moved to the den, enthralled with the scene before her. In moments she stood directly behind Melissa.

She fell forward, onto his chest. “Jeezuz, what did you do to me?”

“Did you mind?”


“Good.” And he thrust upward.

“Oh SHIT.”

Mark, who’d been hanging on a ragged edge since Melissa came through the door, blasted spunk deep into the gripping pussy. Shot after shot, until he had nothing left and he sank back into his chair, totally spent.

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