Lily’s Awakening Pt. 07

Big Dicks

(A special thank you to Raginghamster who helped me edit the text).


A shudder of disgust shook my body at the thought of what I had just seen. Maggie’s saggy breasts and Father Leon’s little cock did nothing to me. I stopped by the kitchen, picked-up a bottle of cold water, and headed to the Theater hoping to find a good movie to watch to stir my mind in a direction other than sex. My first orgasm less than a week ago had opened a door to an entire new world I had no idea existed. My life had been until then pretty straight forward: school, studies, homework, eating and sleeping. I had been raised by a pretty affection-less Mom. She worked all the time, never told me about sex, aside from the fact that sex was a duty a wife needed to perform. I was not to touch my body or let anyone else touch it either until I was married.

My Mom had never lied to me so I took what she said as being the truth and felt bad for my friends at school who felt they absolutely needed to have sex with their boyfriends. Pier pressure they called it. However, my mind changed that faithful day, shortly after my 18th birthday when my grandpa brought me to the gates of ecstasy by giving me my first orgasm. Mom was wrong and now I felt bad for Daddy. If she was this frigid with him, poor Daddy was missing something.

I couldn’t help but wonder if my Grandpa, her Dad, had done to her what he had done to me last week. If so, how could she be so cold? That first orgasm had been so intense that it had literally changed my outlook on life and my own sexuality. Daddy on the other hand was a warm and gentle man. His beautiful smile and gentle hugs seemed to make up for the lack of affection my Mom provided. He was very protective of me. However, if truth be told, I didn’t need much protection from boys. They never gave me a second look. Although I had just turned 18, I was only 5′ tall, and looked like a child with tiny breasts. Nevertheless, I didn’t feel like a child anymore. I knew what I wanted and that was to feel someone’s touch. Better yet, to feel what it was like to have a cock inside my tiny and constantly burning pussy. I needed relief and I would find it before I went back home. Note to self “get yourself some cock”.

I arrived at the viewing room and went to the console to input my password on the computer. A message displayed on screen:

“Hello Little One, welcome to my world. I have granted you access to some of my most prized collections. However, before we begin, I think it is fair you understand what this implies. For one thing, all the farm buildings as well as the mansion and its surrounding buildings are equipped with highly sophisticated concealed camera equipment. Everything is recorded, both for our safety and for our pleasure. I was told you had the opportunity to notice that we are a loving and highly hypersexual family. If you choose to go forward and I really hope you do, you are agreeing to let me seduce you and take your virginity. If you choose to forgo, simply tap ‘Exit’ and the program will terminate”.

“What will it be Little One? Go back to your room or let me do really, really bad things to you? If you choose my rapture, these little videos should help you prepare for what’s to cum.” And it was signed “With Lust and Affection — Michael.” Thank God I was sitting because I felt a small but yet very perceptible wave of electricity go through my body.

Michael! The mere thought of him sent chills down my spine. He was the one I wanted and he knew it. I had been lusting over his beautiful cock since my first night here when his sister Michelle had made him cum to relieve his aching member. My mind made a leap and I wondered if the -Auction- had started already. Uncle Joe and Aunt Leslie’s part in it had been made clear, but what was the involvement of my little cousins? I hadn’t seen pictures of them anywhere in the promo booklet. Maybe they were one of the slaves. I shivered at the thought of Michael collecting stranger’s sperm.

“Tap ‘Next’ if you wish to continue” the computer prompted.

My head was spinning and I couldn’t understand what was going on. I sat down, took a deep breath, then another. I had to think this through. If I went along with this, what was I going to see? Most of all, what did Michael mean when he said he would do bad things to me? I could feel my burning pussy telling me go ahead, tap Next! My head on the other hand was trying to be more rational. Was I ready to lose my virginity to a man who proclaimed to do bad things to me when my parents had told me I should remain a virgin until I married? Thinking about my parents made me think of Grandpa and the sexual discovery he offered me right after my birthday. Going back to my room would mean not feeling him touch me. I needed him to touch me. I needed it bad. There was no turning back. I had no choice but to tap “Next”.

“That is a very wise decision Little One. I will not let you regret it sweet little thing. Now take a seat before bahis siteleri the show begins. May I suggest the middle row, center seat? It is so comfortable, I’m sure you will enjoy it. Once you are comfortably seated, press play on the digital remote in the armchair. Lustfully yours – Michael”.

Obviously, everything had been planned, carefully, by my gorgeous cousin to turn me on. I didn’t understand what the purpose of making me horny would accomplish with him away for a few days. But it became crystal clear that my life was about to take a direction of no return.

I reached the center seat; sat down and agreed mentally that it was indeed an amazingly intricate yet comfortable seat. I wasn’t sure what all those gadgets and buttons were, but at this point, my main intention was to see what was coming next.

I pressed ‘Play’ on the remote. The lights dimmed and the first thing I saw on the screen was Michael’s beautiful round and firm ass. My heart started beating. I had never seen his naked ass before, but I knew it was him by the shape of his body, his beautiful black curly mane, and his tight hips. Those hips were moving, back and forth. His hands where holding something in front of him. It was obvious this was shot before his accident because he did not have a cast.

The camera changed angle and there she was, my Aunt Leslie, in all her perfect nakedness. She was breath taking. Her son’s cock was deep down her throat and he was holding her head tightly and fucking her throat, just as Father Leon had done to Maggie earlier, but this sight was something else. She was grabbing his ass and helping him pump her throat. He seemed to enjoy it and he started accelerating his movement. She did the same and inserted her middle finger between his butt cheeks, right up is anus. I could see the imprint of his glorious cock in her throat and I almost chocked. How could she take his entire cock in her throat was beyond me. I did not have much cock experience until a week ago, but his penis appeared to be at least 10 inches long. Nothing like his Dad’s humongous piece of meat, but in my mind, certainly a more than respectable length, and most definitely way too big to swallow without gagging. “Fuck Mom…oh fuck I’m cuming, oh FUCK!” and with lean muscles in his back stretched to their limits, he shot his load in her beautiful and eager mouth. Then she sucked him, swallowing each drop of his cum, licked his beautiful long shaft and balls. She then got up and lustfully approached her magnificent son and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long sensual kiss. I would have given anything to be in her place at that exact moment. I had never been kissed. Or licked, or fucked or anything. Oh my God, my pussy was on fire. I unzipped my shorts and slipped my hand in to touch myself. Wearing shorts was not a great idea!

On the screen, Michael broke their embrace, picked her up, put her on the bed, spread her legs, and applied a slow sensual lick from her hole to the top of her slit. She shivered and her toes curled.

She lifted his head and said “I love you so much baby”.

He kissed her clit, turned her around, she positioned herself on her hands and knees. He was still hard and the head of his beautiful cock was glistening with a thick liquid. He moved forward and his cock hit the back entrance but he did not push. Instead, he put both his hands on her breast and started teasing her nipples. As she moaned with pleasure, her anus dilated like an invitation to cum in.

As the thought entered my mind, Michael licked his Mom’s anal canal, stood up straight, put his glistening cock head in her entrance.

“Oh yes baby, fuck your Mommy and make her cum baby” as he entered her in one hard thrust. “Oh I love you baby, fuck me hard, I love your cock, I love everything about you my baby, OH, OH, OH FUCK!”.

He was pounding her hard, holding on to her waist with one hand and massaging her clit with the other. Their thrusts became intense as he was pounding her ass.

I was befuddled. It was too much information for my virgin little brain. I had seen Max fuck my Uncle Joe in the ass on my first day here. Max’s cock was similar in length as Michael’s. Max had easily fucked Uncle Joe’s ass as far as his cock would take him and both had seemed to enjoy it tremendously. Aunt Leslie was a tiny woman compared to Uncle Joe not so much in height as in body size. Aside from her huge perfect breasts, her waist couldn’t be more than mine and even her butt wasn’t that wide. How could she take Uncle’s Joe’s cock in her pussy completely? How could Michael’s hard and pounding member not tear her anus apart?

“Mommy’s cuming baby, OH GOD!” said Aunt Leslie.

Michael moaned loudly, his body arched like a werewolf and they both exploded in mutual pleasure. I had been rubbing my clit vigorously and as I was about to cum, the image faded and a screen popped up that said:

“I hope you didn’t come yet Little One, canlı bahis siteleri the show is just beginning. Take a deep breath and press Enter to continue.” My heart was beating a 100 beats a second. I took a deep breath, a sip of water and pressed Enter.

“I hope you enjoyed the preview Little One. Make yourself comfortable. Why don’t you take off your clothes to make yourself more comfortable? Just put your beautiful legs on the individual leg rest and your arms on the arms rest and press Enter.”

Snap, snap, snap, and snap. In a fraction of a second, a padded contraption that came out of nowhere locked both my arms and my legs. The chair tilted back in a resting a position. The legs rests spread apart wider leaving my pussy in clear view of the screen, as it appeared to become a spectator. My heart skipped a beat and I panicked.

“Don’t worry Little One; this experiment is your initiation and it is important you don’t play with yourself just now. These restraints will make sure of that. Don’t worry; you will be set free soon enough. Just relax and enjoy your show!”

I could not believe it. What the hell was going on with my life these days? Was this a dream? I felt violated, but most of all, I felt helpless. Thank God no one was around to see me in this position. I would die of embarrassment.

Fade to black and then appeared a new video. The first frame was that of my gorgeous cousin Michelle. She was lying on her back, her long blond hair framing her face. She was biting her lips and tilting her head back. She was panting. The camera slowly lowered to show her round and perky breasts with nipples fully erect. It then lowered to her stomach. It seemed to be shivering. Her hands where holding someone’s head in pretty much the same way Michael had held his Mom’s in the previous video. Her legs were wrapped around the man’s neck and she was pushing and pulling back his head while he was fucking her pussy with his tongue. You could hear the sound of his mouth sucking and licking her and just as her body started to spasm uncontrollably, she said, “Oh Daddy, please don’t stop.” Her lover of the moment was her Daddy, my Uncle Joe!

I looked down at my breasts and my nipples where so hard I could have cut paper with them. My clit was out of its sheet, throbbing and seeking relief. Not letting me relieve my painful clit was cruel. What was the point? I mean, really? The screen faded to black and then went to the next scene. We were in the stables. I recognized the place right away. I had been there a few times and had caught a few steamy shows. The following frames showed my Uncle Joe. He was petting Zoey, his young white filly and whispering in her ears. As the camera closed in, it became very noticeable that Uncle Joe was using is other hand to massage his huge piece of meat. In the video, we could hear steps and see Uncle Joe turning around to see who was coming. The visitor was his gorgeous daughter Michelle. She came in, grabbed his cock, tip toed to give him a kiss on the mouth and said “Let me help you Daddy”.

Let me remind you that Uncle Joe is a tall and strong man. We all look pretty much like little people next to him and Michelle is no exception. The top of her head is about the same height as his chest. His cock is so long that it was basically stuck under her chin. As she was rubbing the top of his cock, he undid the straps of her halter top liberating her round breasts, took his cock and stuck it between her boobs, pressing on each side, and started fucking her boobs. It did not seem to faze her. She took her hands and started massaging his balls, playing with them as I used to do with stress balls before an exam. He was fucking her boobs faster and faster, his moan got louder, and he took Michelle’s head, pushed the head of his cock in her tiny mouth, and shot his load that she lovingly swallowed until the last drop. When he was done, he pulled her up, she wrapped her legs around his body, and the top of her dress was still hanging on one side. She held him by the neck and kissed him.

“Do you feel better Daddy?” “Yes baby girl, Daddy feels much better.” — Fade to black.

The next frame was of me, having an orgasm while humping a pitchfork. Flashback of my second day here, which I obviously did not know, was being recorded. What the heck was going on here? My heart started pounding so hard I thought I was having a heart attack. I felt violated. How could they film me? You are watching them do nasty things too, why can’t they do the same told my other inner voice? Now I understood why Michael was so sure of himself. If he witnessed all my spying and solo pleasure sessions, no wonder he knew I was more than ready to take it to another level. It was too late now anyway, there was no going back.

Then I saw Michael, in his bedroom, with his full body cast. A guy I have never seen before was sucking his cock alternating into jerking him. There was no sign of lust in Michael’s face, güvenilir bahis but it was clear he was about to cum and what he said confirmed my thoughts:

“Swallow it man, I don’t want cum on my cast”.

The stranger put Michael’s head in his mouth and started to suck on my gorgeous cousins beautiful cock. Michael’s lower body jerked and his head tilted slightly, as much as his cast allowed him too, biting his lower lip as he poured his white stuff down the stranger’s throat.

“That was nice Jimmy, thanks man,” said Michael to the stranger. “I wish I could return the favor, but I’m kind of not fit to do so. I’ll owe you one.”

“Actually Mike, your cock really did a number on me, would it be OK if I used one of the milking machines? I really need to empty my balls” said the stranger.

“Sure Jimmy, if that does it for you man, go ahead, and please yourself. Just don’t use one that is in service, you know”.

“Of course Mike, thanks man, I’ll see you later,” said Jimmy with a hand on his crotch, almost running out of the room.” The picture faded to Michael’s beautiful face shaking his head with a smirk on his face. My mind was all over the place, it also jumped at the idea of Jimmy putting his penis in an automated milking machine. Brrr.

The screen lit up again, this time there was a knock on the door, and Michelle entered her brother’s room, completely naked. Again, he did not have a cast yet. Her perfect round breasts were barely moving as she approached his bed. Her pussy was completely shaved but her pussy lips are much bigger than mine are. They looked like a small hot dog bun, stuck to a perfect tight body. She had long beautiful legs and you could tell she worked out as her quads were flexing as she approached. She bended over his face and gently kissed him on the lips, pulled back, rubbed one of her breast on his face and said:

“Mimi needs her pussy eaten baby bro and there is no tongue like yours on this planet. Wanna tongue fuck your little sis”?

He said nothing; he only smiled while she slid her body over his, slowly and provocatively. Her face was now over his, I had never noticed before how different they looked. She was a beach blonde beauty; he was a dark hair Greek god. You would never think they were brother and sisters. As she slithered her pussy up to his mouth, the camera kept going down showing his chiseled body, displaying his long hard and beating cock ready to ravage its prey. He opened his mouth and stuck out a long and pointy tong glistening with saliva and she sat on it giving full entrance to his hungry tong.

“OOOOh my God” said Michelle.

Her grabbed her waist, pulled her down, flipped her on the bed and licked her pussy in one long and precise lick right between her luscious pussy lips. He then opened her lips with his fingers and gently bit the top of her clitoris; she moaned loudly and arched her back. The camera went down Michael’s back down to his tight butt cheeks and back up to his bobbing head on his sister’s pussy.

I so wanted to touch myself and make this intense burning sensation go away. Just as I was thinking that, I was trapped and alone, I felt a breath in my neck and a voice say:

“I must admit, we really are beautiful together, don’t you think?” said Michelle. My heart skipped a few beats as she came around, hit a switch and the seat in front of me flipped, and was now facing me instead of the screen. Michelle sat on it, looked at me in my restraints, tilting her head as if evaluating the merchandise.

“Wha…what are you doing here Michelle” I said panting. “Did something happen?

“Well obviously, you didn’t miss us much did you!” said Michelle giggling.

Before I could say anything, she continued as if we were having a normal conversation.

“Daddy doesn’t want me to be in the show yet and Mike, well, he still has a cast on and Daddy knows he would rather be here. He’s having the cast removed in the morning and Mom and Dad can easily handle the rest. They have been doing it for years now.” As she was talking to me, she started stroking my legs and worked up from the knee. She was looking and licking her lips while she kept stroking, slowly until her hands reached my pussy but she didn’t quite touch it. Instead, she got up, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked and I felt my pussy drip just from watching her, her breasts where large, but not as enormous as her mothers were. Her nipples, nothing like mine were looking straight at me.

She started rubbing her nipples between her fingers, rolling, and pulling on them. Just looking at her, I was feeling my pussy throb from the arousal. All the while, the video of Michael ravaging her pussy with his mouth was still playing on the big screen behind her. She got on her knees and resumed her slow and sensual stroking of my legs with the tips of her fingers. The chills sent an electrical charge to my entire body.

She pressed a button and my restraints unlocked. I was free, and naked. She gave me her hand and helped me get up. My legs were wobbly. She pressed another button and seats next to ours converted into a full size bed. She took me to the bed, lay me on my back and started kissing my inner thighs.

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