Magical Incest Ch. 04: The Talisman


All characters and the story itself is purely fictional. All parties in the story are 18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank Todger65 for taking the time to review my story.


Come the next morning Dean awoke with a raging boner. The imaginary masturbation session he had with his mother last night still danced in his brain as he rose from his bed.

Dean half awake staggered his way to the bathroom. But before he got there his mother stepped out of her room wearing a long white sheer night dress.

Dean’s mouth dropped open as he focused on her round firm globes that where plainly visible under the translucent material.

“Oh Dean!” Macey shouted as she covered her chest with her hands. “I didn’t hear you up.”

“I was ah. Heading to the bathroom.” He muttered.

Dean noticed his mother peering at his hard cock with a smile. Then unforeseen lowered her hands away from her chest which caused his dick to jump.

Macey looked at her son and teased, “Did seeing me like this get you hard?”

“Jesus mom! I was all ready. Um. Never mind.” He shouted in frustration as he quickly passed by her.

The truth was it did get him very excited, so while he was hidden away in the bath room he wanked off quickly to the image of his mother’s mouth watering melons before meeting her for breakfast.

Dean entered the dining room and noticed his mother had changed out of her sleep wear. She wore a pair of tight fitting cut-off blue jeans and a white tank top that hugged her chest hard enough to reveal that her perky nipples projected out through the cotton material.

Macey walked over to her son and kissed him on the cheek and said, “Sorry about before. I don’t know why I said that.”

“It’s ok mom.”

Just then the house phone rang. “I wonder who would be calling us this early?” Macey said as she picked up the receiver.

“Hello! Yes this is she. You’re who? Oh oh oh. Yes… Dean told me about your son. You’re having a what? I don’t know if we could… Well if you insist maybe we can come by for a little while. Wear my what? Oh ok. Yes that will be fine. I’ll make sure. Bye.”

“Who was that?” Dean said with a puzzled look.

“That was Cathal’s mom Miranda. She invited us over to their place for a pool party today.”

“Oh. Hey wait a minute. You said yes?”

“Of course I did.”

“Why mom? I mean I barely know the kid.”

“She was very insistent and besides I would like to meet this Cathal and his mother. She seems very interesting.”

Dean rolled his eyes and grumbled. He knew all ready it was useless to try and talk his way out of going.

Macey was the first to finish her eggs and sat up saying, “I’m going shopping for a swimsuit for the party would you like to come?”

“Nah I’ll just hang here until we have to go.” Dean said.

“Ok. I’ll try and be quick.” Macey said as she leaned over to kiss his forehead.

But as she did Dean’s hornyness quickly re-emerged as he glanced down and saw his mother’s hard nipples, only inches from his face. The sweet aroma from her hair filled his senses and her extreme closeness made him reach out and grasp her hips without thinking.

Macey stood up smiling and placed her hands on Dean’s shoulders and said, “I better go before that gets any bigger.”

Dean looked down to see he was semi hard all ready and let go of his mother’s waist.

Macey turned and Dean watched as she sashayed out of the room.

Fuck this is getting worse. He thought as he heard his mother yell she was leaving.

Dean peeked out the window and admired his mother’s ass as she made her way to the car. Then as she drove away he rushed back into his room.

This is crazy. Why am I eyeing up my own mother? He thought as he looked at his laptop.

His inner demon once again urged him to read more and he helplessly turned it on and read another forbidden tale called “The Talisman.”


Once upon a time there was a boy name Peyton. That’s me. Who lived with his lovely thirty nine year old mother Lynette. Who in my mind is the hottest woman around. Lynette is about my height at five foot ten and has a sleek body. Her ass is well toned and her b size bust is firm. I know this for a fact since mom likes to go bra less under her tight fitting tee shirts when she’s loafing around the house. Mom’s hair is curly, auburn, and cut at shoulder length. And lastly her eyes are sapphire blue.

Lynette has been divorced and single since my father thought his younger secretary was actually sexier then mom and left us. What can I say my father is a loser and has poor taste.

Ever since that happened I couldn’t stop thinking that all mom needed in her life was me. Not just to help around the house but to also fulfill her sexual needs.

I tried giving her little hints by saying how attractive I thought she was but it was obvious the way she thanked me for the complement she was just seeing me as her eighteen year old son and not a future lover.

So kilis escort I figured I should explore other ways as to open mom’s mind into realizing she could feel the same way I feel about her.

After many hours of searching blogs and forums, I finally came upon an online add that a female mystic had placed. It seemed interesting enough for me to fire her an email and inquire about her product. Come the next morning I got a response explaining how she enchants a talisman with a magical spell that draws a woman to the wearer.

Now I wasn’t born yesterday and for sure I figured this was some kind of a hoax to just part me from my money. But after mulling the idea over in my head, I decided if there was any chance that it might be genuine I should give it an honest try.

Supposedly the charm also came with a guarantee which I figured was just another gimmick to get me to buy it.

I sent the mystic the money via PayPal and figured at least I might have a slim chance on getting my money back if it didn’t work and then I received a tracking number the next day.

Two days later my magical talisman arrived and I quickly put it on under my shirt.

Maybe it was my dire need for mom to see me differently that I thought I noticed a slight change in her. But in just a couple days she did seem more touchy and attentive towards me. I think I even detected a subtle change in the way she kissed my cheek.

But after a month of wearing the talisman nothing further progressed. So I emailed the mystic and told her how I would like to return the item for a refund.

I don’t know why but when I got her response the next day she talked me into letting her put a more powerful spell on it. So I agreed and shipped it back to her and five days later I got my new and improved talisman.

To tell you the truth I really didn’t figure it would work. That was until three nights later. After dinner I watched a movie with mom and as we sat on the couch mom moved and cozied up next to me. I was flabbergasted at first but quickly recovered and placed my hand on her leg. Mom in return nestled her head into my arm. We stayed like that for about an hour and then I ever so slowly began to rub mom’s thigh.

“Mmm that feels nice.” Mom sweetly said.

So I increased my hand pressure on mom’s leg and heard a soft contented moan come from her. I rubbed mom’s thigh for another five minutes before gracefully dipping my palm down between her inner thighs. Mom’s lips parted and I heard a soft sigh as I worked my hand ever so slowly between her legs and towards her treasure spot.

Mom’s breath becomes heavy. But just as I almost reach my prize mom put her hand on top of mine and whispered, “That’s far enough young man.”

“Oh… Ok mom.” I said and adjusted my hand back on her upper thigh.

Mom snuggled back into my shoulder, but then placed her own hand on my leg and slowly massaged it also.

It felt so good having mom rub my thigh that my cock quickly hardened.

So there I was rubbing mom’s leg as she rubbed mine and then I noticed mom’s hand was moving in sync with my own. I turned my head cautiously and seen mom’s eyes were closed and her lips were partially parted. Her breathing quickly became long and heavy and I decided to try once more to take this further. Once again I patiently strolled up mom’s thigh and became ecstatic when her hand did the same thing on mine.

I ventured closer and closer to mom’s crotch and then felt her leg twitch and part slightly open. Moms own hand was almost at my groin and I brazenly worked my zipper down and released my stiff wood with my free hand.

Moving just a smidgen at a time up her thigh I began to feel the heat that was generating from her pussy. Then it happened and I felt her fingers lightly tap the back of my shaft and cause my dick to twitch.

This only added to the fire that was burning inside me now, and without hesitation I dipped my hand down between her legs and moved forward. The outside edge of my palm brushed across mom’s pants covered pussy and she inhaled deeply and then moved her hand up. This caused a sudden rush of pleasure to race through my body as her palm ran across my shaft and up to the tip of his cock.

Slowly I rubbed the outer edge of her hidden treasure with my palm and mom parted her legs further while gingerly rubbing up and down my excited dick. I could feel my sperm building quickly and I moved my entire palm onto her precious mound.

“Mmm… Oh…” I heard her moan as her ass lightly rose up and met my hand while her hand enclosed completely around my swollen shaft.

I rubbed faster on mom and her moans become louder as she jerked me harder matching my tempo.

Mom whimpered louder and her legs lightly tighten on my hand while she feverishly wanked on my dick.

Suddenly mom bucked and wiggled just as her legs snap shut on my hand. Just as I was going to explode I felt her quickly let go and gasp saying, “Oh my god. What are kırıkkale escort we doing?” She quickly stood up and rushed out of the room.

Quickly I fixed my pants and ran after her but she was already inside her room and I could hear her crying inside.

I knocked on the door and said how sorry I was but never got a reply back. I felt like such a heel knowing it was me that made her cry, and I slowly walked to my own bedroom.

I sat quietly at the breakfast table the next morning and when mom finally came out of her room, I noticed she never made eye contact with me.

I knew I had to try and apologize once more but mom quickly spoke up and said she didn’t want to discuss it so we both finished our breakfast in silence.

School that day was just horrible since all I could do was think of how I made mom cry. I then realized that the only thing the talisman had done was make my life horrible. My dream and desire of becoming my mother’s lover was now being replaced with the hope that she could still at least love me like a son.

That even at home, mom was waiting for me and called me into the living room for a talk.

“Sit down.” She sternly said and then went on, explaining how wrong it for us to be doing what we did last night.

Mom once again began to tear up when she said, “I’m not blaming you for all of what happened. God knows I wasn’t in my right mind either. I still can’t fathom that I was jerking my own son off.”

Mom started to sob and I quickly knelt in front of her. I placed my hand on top of hers and sweetly said, “Mom I promise I’ll never try anything like that again. I feel so bad that I upset you. I hope you could someday forgive me for what I did.

Mom sniffled and took my hand into hers and replied, “There’s nothing to forgive honey. We both made a horrible mistake. I think the best thing we can do is put it behind us and move forward.”

Mom leaned forward and I hugged her hard and said, “I love you mom.”

“I love you to honey.” She said as she embraced me back.

That night I wrote another email to the mystic and told her all that had happened and once again asked for refund. However when I got a reply the next morning I was shocked by her response. Since I never mentioned to her that the woman was actually my mother she said the talisman would of course not be fully capable of having her do such an act and followed by saying all was not lost. Now that she knows the truth she could still help me achieve my goal but it would cost me some additional money since it involved a totally different approach.

I thought about her response that day at school and replied back that evening. I said I would have to think about it since the money was so much more than the original talisman. I also promised my mother I wouldn’t try something like that again.

Over the next couple of weeks things seemed to be back to normal. After a month my old incestual feelings once again flourished and I couldn’t help but admire my mother’s ass and breasts at every chance I got. I then started to jerk off nightly reminiscing back to when mom toyed with my dick.

Finally I let my dark desire get the better of me and I wrote back to the mystic telling her she had a deal and sent her the money. A week later a new package arrived and inside were two talisman with a note taped to each. The notes said his and hers and at the bottom of the box was a hand-written note that explained how the two talisman had a very strong magnetic appeal to each other and that whoever wore one would become drawn to the person wearing the other.

I immediately put mine around my neck and wrapped the other as a gift. After dinner that night I presented it to mom.

Mom opened the box and with a questionable expression and asked, “What kind of necklace is this?”

I came up with a bullshit story how it’s an ancient version of a mizpah and that it was supposed to keep the wearer safe when she and I were away from each other.

Mom smiled and put it around her neck and said, “Thank you honey. I’ll wear it always.”

The next day at breakfast his mom appeared to be perkier than she usually was and instead of sitting across the table from me she plopped in the chair beside me. And if that wasn’t surprising enough mom either touched my hand or rubbed my arm every time she spoke.

I had to wonder if all this was caused by our talisman because I sure didn’t feel any different. My question was answered soon when I said good bye to mom before going to school. She insisted on giving me a kiss which she planted square on my lips followed by a super big hug. Then when mom broke the hug she grabbed both my arms and leaned herself back which caused her mound to push into my groin and said teasingly, “Have a good day honey,” before slowly letting go of my arms and straitening herself up.

“Okay mom I will.” Was all I could muster at the time.

That evening at dinner mom did the same thing she did at breakfast and kırklareli escort sat next to me as she chatted about her day. I had to say it was one of the most memorable meals I ever shared with her. Just when I figured the night couldn’t get any better mom shocked me by saying, “So honey you want to watch a movie with me?”

I was stunned since this hasn’t happened since our first brief sexual encounter and paused before softly saying “Yes.”

“Okay but no funny business like last time.”

“Sure mom.” I replied.

Mom smiled and kissed my cheek while she placed her hand on my thigh and said, “Good boy.” She then squeezed my leg before she got up to leave.

Mom stopped at the doorway, turned around and said, “I’m going to change first incase I get tired. Maybe you should do the same.”

“Okay mom I will.” I replied as I watched her ass wiggle while she walked away.

Quickly I finished my plate and put it in the sink: then dashed to my room to change. Swiftly I found my pj’s and forwent wearing any underwear and immediately went back downstairs.

“Wow!” I said to myself when I noticed mom already on the couch wearing a very short black satin robe that exposed her milky flesh between her breasts down to the satin synched knot holding it closed. Slowly I traced my eyes further down her slender body and noticed her silky bare legs tucked to her side exposing half of her lower thigh to me.

“Dim the light will you honey.” Mom said and leaned back stretching her arms out across the back of the couch which pushed her chest out and parted the robe even more. I noticed the talisman between her breasts and couldn’t help but wonder if mom finally saw me in a different light.

Dimming the lights I sat next to mom and started the movie as she nuzzled closer. Mom put her right arm behind my head and began playing with my hair as her left hand dropped to my lap and she rested her head on my arm. I placed my left hand on top of her lap right where the robe met her bare thigh and mom once again announced, “Remember no funny business. We’re just enjoying a nice evening together.”

“Okay mom.” I said and patted her leg back.

As we watched the movie mom played with my hair and I kept my hand still on her thigh. I figured that would put mom’s mind at ease. But halfway through the movie I began to fidget around.

“You getting uncomfortable?” Mom asked as she removed her arm from behind my neck and leant forward.

“Yea kind of.” I replied and maneuvered my left hand over mom’s neck and said, “This might be better.”

Mom laid her head back against me nestling it into my arm pit as she placed her right hand upon my thigh and we settled back into watching the flick.

I kept still for ten minutes before I lifted my arm up and played with mom’s hair like she did to me and felt her lightly rub her cheek against my body as she softly squeezed my thigh.

“Like that mom?” I said as I twirled her hair around my index finger.

“Mmm yes.” I heard mom whisper as her hand slowly rubbed my thigh.

Controlling my actions I kept things slow. After I toyed with mom’s hair for another fifteen minutes I gingerly moved my hand down to mom’s ear lobe and lightly tickled it with the tip of my thumb.

I could feel mom’s breath becoming harder as it hit my chest and her hand began to squeeze my thigh while she lazily rubbed my leg.

Ever so casually I lowered my hand from her ear to her neck and softly stroked my fingers across it.

Mom made a barely audible sigh and inched her hand higher up my thigh.

I could feel my heart pounding as I moved my hand down to where the robe draped across the base of her neck and worked my fingers under it slightly. Mom didn’t show any signs of objection so I curled my fingers under her robe and eased it towards her shoulder blade which exposed more of moms flesh between her breasts.

As I looked down I would see the talisman centered across mom’s black lacey bra and for some reason it appeared to be glowing lightly. I moved my right hand up to my shirt and undid the top buttons until I could see my own talisman which had the same whitish glow. Then something else happened. The talisman twitched and moved on its own.

As I was looking at the talisman I felt something bump against my balls. Mom’s hand had moved completely up my thigh and as she was slowly rubbing my leg, the outside edge of her hand would graze against my nuts.

The same rush of excitement I felt last time quickly built inside me and I forgot all about the talisman as I eased my left hand inside my mother’s robe and began to rub under her neck and cross her upper chest. Mom made a light contentment moan as I did this and her hand ventured further up until I felt her palm rubbing up and down my now stiff shaft.

Slowly I eased my hand lower down her chest until I was lightly brushing my palm over her lacey bra and could feel her hard nipple through the material.

Mom whimpered and squeezed my cock. No more being cautious I worked my hand under her bra and began to toy with her areola and alternating with pinching her nipple. Mom was breathing heavier and moaning more frequently as her hand squeezed and rubbed hard against my pecker. Then I felt mom’s fingers fumbling at my fly until she had worked my cock out it.

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