Marion’s Story Ch. 03

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Credit here to my friend and fellow author EM Kay (Marina Kelly) who helped with the story and kept me on the straight and narrow and of course did all the editing so thanks Marina….

A few days later I picked up my new guitar and it was perfect. Walking home you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I locked myself in my room and spend the rest of the night playing… I loved it, it felt and played fantastic even without an amp, and that was going to be the other side of this coin, the money I had been putting aside and saving for a new guitar could now go towards an amp. Hiding on the school notice bulletin board, I had noticed and drooled over a VOX AC 30 advertised for sale, because I had been saving for the guitar it had seemed out of reach but now, it was almost there. I could just about afford it. When I went for a look the girl selling it obviously knew very little about it. It belonged to her ex-boyfriend and man was she pissed at him. The good news for me was I ended up getting it for five hundred bucks… shit I still had money left over. I was in heaven, although I knew I was now going to be very unpopular with my roommates.

Thursday the girls arrived at the studio and I helped them get set up. I walled off the drum kit using sound deadening boards to get some isolation and used only a kick drum mic, a snare mic and a pair of overhead stereo condenser mic’s.

I mucked around for ages getting the levels right as they warmed up. By the time they were ready to go I was ready to record.

After four hours of takes and re- takes mic moves and lots of cursing I was happy we had three useable tracks.

I played them back for the girls and they appeared to be pretty happy with the results, well all except Mel that is, she seemed despondent. “Fuck it’s still not going to be good enough, there’s still that god damned hole in the sound, can you do something to fatten out the guitar, make it sound fuller?”

I played around with a few plug in’s changed the distortion levels, added delay and a stereo track but in my opinion it just sounded muddier. Mel agreed. “Shit maybe we do need another player?”

Jasmine nodded. “I agree, Marion we need you to pull on that skirt and put on your makeup, we need you babe.”

Cindy sniggered. “Yeah come on dude let’s see it, I reckon you would look hot in a dress.”

Mel laughed. “Maybe we should think about including Tamsin and her keys.”

“Oh hell no!” Jas laughed, we aren’t that desperate she is stuck in the seventies.”

“If you get her, I’m leaving.” Cindy snorted.

“Yeah, yeah I get it, it was just a thought.” Mel grumbled.

They left and I spent another hour mixing down the tracks. As I did I couldn’t help but nod my head, Mel was right, there is a huge hole in their sound where the second guitar or a soloist of some kind needed to be, and harmony’s they needed vocal harmony. Mel has a wonderful voice but it is limited, she needed help and Jas seemed so reluctant.

I decided just for my own benefit to over dub the tracks adding me playing guitar and a harmony vocal track over the top. I saved them separately as my own recordings. By the time I got back home it was late and I was surprised to find Jas sitting on my doorstep. “Hey Marion.” She greeted jumping up with a big smile.

“Hey indeed, what are you doing here?”

“I want to talk to you.”

“Well why didn’t you wait inside?”

She smirked wickedly. “Your roommates are dicks.”

I nodded in agreement. As we walked in, I saw the looks of jealousy on their faces as I led her into my room.

“Okay Jas what’s up?”

“Don’t be mad, but I spoke to Molly, she really misses you by the way. Anyway, she said April and her were telling the truth and you do still dress up, is that right?…… Look babe you don’t have to be embarrassed, I am not judging you I’m not here to make fun of you. I am just thinking about what’s best for the band.”

I flopped down on the bed sitting staring at her. “Not here to embarrass me… Yeah right… Jeez don’t you get it I am already embarrassed just talking about it?”

She smiled coquettishly. “So it’s true! I am not here to embarrass you or laugh at you I just can’t help but think if you do like to dress up maybe we could make it work… you know for the band.”

Feeling embarrassed and a little humiliated I admitted. “Yeah….. Okay when I was a kid I used to dress, but it’s in the past, I don’t do it anymore!”

“Marion I’m serious, we could really use you in the band and if you did dress up we could keep our all girl status that Mel is so worried about.”

“Jas I am uncomfortable even talking about this, I have never been comfortable with it and I certainly aren’t prepared to do it in public.”

“So what… you only dress in private, here in your room?”

“Yep that’s pretty much it, sorry Jas but it’s a no from me.”

She sighed. “Oh well, I just hoped it might work I would love to hear what it sounds like with you in the mix.”

I handed her my phone. “Now that I can do…here have Kartal Grup Escort a listen to track one and then track two.”

She played track one which was just them. She smiled as she listened. “Oh wow you did a good job, I reckon that guitar was money well spent.”

Then she selected track two which was the one with me over dubbed onto their track and the moment she heard it her eyes bulged. “Oh my god yes, that it that’s what I meant.” She put the phone down. “Oh honey we need you.”

We sat on the bed side by side and she grabbed my hand. “Oh please, please, please tell me you’ll do it?”

“Jas I only ever dressed in private, never in public, people will laugh and nobody would believe I am a girl, just a guy in a dress. I’m not prepared to become a laughing stock.”

She stood up. “Let me see, right here right now, I promise it will be our secret and I won’t tell a soul.”

Sorry Jas, but no… I am embarrassed just talking about it.” As she was getting ready to leave, the disappointment evident on her face, I rasped. “Remember this is our secret Jas, you promised.”

She nodded ruefully. “Yeah, yeah it’s our secret.”

That night my dreams were full of what it would be like to play on stage with the lips. I could picture it, Christ I could almost taste and smell it the spilt beer, the cigarette smoke. There was no sleep for me it was one of my biggest fantasies and it was right there reaching out for me.

The next few days I was a wreck I couldn’t sleep the moment my eyes closed my mind was full of those visions it was impossible to hold back and I started to think… Could I do it? could I walk out onto that stage and fool everybody?

The next day when I got home, surprise, surprise Jas was waiting for me again. When we walked through the living room I got the thumbs up from the flat mates. Safely locked in my room I asked. “Okay Jas, what do you want this time?”

“I want to see the other you, the one you are so embarrassed about, the one you hide away.”

I shook my head. “No Jas I said no and I meant it.”

“Please just let me see, let me make up my own mind.”

“Why can’t you understand it’s not yours to make, it’s my life we are talking about here.

She brought her hands together as if praying. “Please, please please……”

We argued back and forth for ages and in the end she wore me down I was sick of the argument and like a wet napkin I folded. “Go for a walk and come back in an hour, and I will try.”

“No way babes, I want to watch, I have never seen this before and I want to see.”

I sat down at the dresser and started with my makeup. I went through the whole routine until I was sitting before her in full make up. I expected her to laugh but she sat there mouth gaping like a drowning guppy. “Holy shit… Marion you look… you look… incredible. Let’s get a dress on you.”

I donned my corset and clipped it up as tight as I could, then the little bra and the first thing I found was a red velvet dress. As soon as I finished Jas shook her head. “Un fucking believable…babe you look prettier than me. God damn it’s just not right.”

I laughed shyly. “Don’t be ridiculous you are gorgeous, so damn pretty.”

She smirked. “Thanks, sexy, that’s a compliment and a half coming from a babe like you.”

As she spun me around she chirped. “This could work it really could, with some sexy stage costumes we could go all ‘Joan Jet’ or ‘the slits’ maybe even ‘Soiuxsie and the Banshees’ really sex it up.”

I flopped back on the bed. “No I couldn’t do it, I have always struggled with stage fright, standing up there in drag wouldn’t help one little bit, then there would be people laughing at me dressed up, no I would just freak out…”

Shaking her head violently she said. “Nobody would know, honestly we will think of a sexy name for you, no one would recognize you.” She grabbed my head between her hands and kissed me on the lips. Taken by surprise I recoiled but she held me tight and as the kiss continued, she slid her tongue into my mouth sexily snaking across my own and a contented little purr escaped her pretty mouth. “Oh yeah this is going to work great.”

I went to kiss her again but she put her hand up in my face. “No not until you talk to Molly! She’s hurting big time. Fix things with her and then maybe…. Just maybe I have never been with a guy before. But then again you aren’t really a guy are you?”

“I don’t want to talk to Molly, I told her if she slept with April, we were over.”

“Babe I don’t mean you have to get back with her but you have to talk to her she is hurting, she misses you and now I know why.”

When I didn’t answer she pouted. “Please just talk to her make things right.”

“Yeah Okay but she hurt me as well you know.”

“Babe she hurts everybody she’s a bitch.”

“Then why do you care?”

“Because I love her… She is my friend and I know she is hard work but I have never seen her get cut up like this, she likes you a lot.”

“Yeah well she has Kartal Manken Escort a weird way of showing it.”

“That’s just her, she is a free spirit.”

After Jasmine left I sat down in front of the mirror staring at my image, why was this so hard, the world just isn’t fair. I did my usual thing all the usual soul searching before I realized I couldn’t hide from Molly forever at some point I was going to have to talk to her. Yeah I was going to have to call her. I didn’t know what to expect, but what I wasn’t expecting was the cold shoulder she gave me. “Yeah what do you want?” She growled after many rings.

“Hi Molly, I thought we should talk.”

“Talk… What do you want to talk about? You haven’t even bothered to call so why now?”

“I wanted to see if you were alright.”

“Well I’m not my boyfriend dumped me and cut me out of his life so no I’m not alright.”

“Well maybe if you hadn’t fucked his sister he would still be talking to you!”

“I told you I was going to see her, you had your chance to say something but you had a stupid little tantrum and stormed off in a petulant sulk.”

“I wasn’t staying there to be humiliated by my sister and girlfriend.”

“Humiliated my ass, what was there to be embarrassed about. She made a great suggestion.”

“She should have asked me in private before blurting out my private life in front of my friends, I didn’t want anyone else finding out and you know that, you know how I feel. How would you feel if I told all the guys at work you are lesbian?”

She laughed loudly. “Jesus you are a dummy, I bet most of them have figured it out already, if you told them I would just say yep, that’s me I love eating at the Y.”

Astounded by her openness I mumbled. “Yeah well I don’t feel like that it was supposed to be a secret damn it.”

“Oh don’t be such a fucking sissy so now the girls know, big deal, who cares … You know what happened after you ran off in a snit? After you left Mel asked if it was true, because she was interested.”

“Yeah she told me.”

“What… when?”

“I am recording a demo album for them.”

Sounding impressed she whispered. “Shit that’s great, I am pleased you guys are working together. Well what did you say?”

“I told her that April was lying, just like you.”

“Dumbass, she knows I don’t lie…. Mel was excited she knows you would be a real asset in that band, she thinks you could take them to the next level.”

“All I have been doing is recording their new demo, and she told me they were planning to get another member.”

“Well? Is it going to be you? Are you going to do it?”

“Molly I struggle with my self-confidence, shit I am embarrassed to dress in front of you how the hell do you think I could I do it in front of a room full of people?”

Her voice throughout the conversation had been slowly losing its confrontational edge and now she purred. “Duke babe the beauty is nobody would know… believe me you would be just another girl in an all-girl band. You just need to be brave, if you can win Mel over you can convince anyone, Jasmine thinks you’re the best damn thing to come out of Dodge.”

I chuckled. “Yeah she seems nice.”

“Nice….. Hmmm Okay buddy what’s going on, C’mon spill hot shot.”

“Nothing happened, she helped me find a new guitar, that’s all she is just nice.”

The conversation was broken by a very pregnant drawn out pause. “Did you kiss?”

Reluctantly I muttered. “Yes, but it was just a friendly kiss, not sexual.”

“Jeez Louise you are a real chick magnet aren’t yah.” She laughed. “Duke can we get together and talk, I know you didn’t want me to hook up with April but hon she is such a sweetie.”

“Molly I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering who my girlfriend is sleeping with behind my back.”

“Honey, I like you a lot… but the rest of our lives…. Wow that’s a commitment. All I want is for us to find out who we really are and enjoy each other’s company make the most out of life and at the moment I don’t think you are being honest with yourself.”

“Molly I thought you liked me I thought we had something special.”

“Babe we do… we really do it’s just that I have never wanted to limit anything. April is a gorgeous sexy chick and she loves you so much she just blurts stuff out without thinking. She doesn’t see your dressing as a problem so she isn’t embarrassed by it and she doesn’t think you should be either.”

“Yeah well ask her why she hasn’t told Mom she’s a lesbian? Why is it alright for her to be embarrassed and worried but not me?”

She sighed deeply and I heard her gears grinding. “Can I come around my phone is going to die? Please Duke I want to see you.”

I said yeah without really thinking, she had already hung up when I realised I was still in drag. By the time she arrived I had touched up my makeup and pulled on my stockings and fixed my hair into a tight bun the way I liked exposing my neck with just a few long strands falling to frame my face. Kartal Masöz Escort I smiled as I looked at my reflection, I liked it, the fuchsia lipstick set off the light silver colors I had used for eyeshadow.

Molly came charging in like she always did, I heard her in the lounge talking to the guys. I guess she was expecting me to go out but eventually she knocked on the door and I cracked open the door just enough to let her squeeze in, the moment of realization illuminated her face like a Macey’s neon sale sign.

She grabbed me like a bull on steroids her lips crashing into mine in what was a scintillating kiss. “I’m assuming this was for me and not the boys out there.”

I laughed. “Well it definitely wasn’t for them.”

She kissed me again and this time I didn’t fight I had an erection that was taking up way too much space in the little panties I was wearing. After our lips slipped stickily apart, she kissed my neck biting and nuzzling. “So, if it wasn’t for them and I sense maybe not for me, then who?”

I giggled girlishly. “Jas stopped by and she wanted to see me.”

“Jas huh, so now it’s Jas, well what a little slut and you kissed, so who was seducing who?”

“There was no seduction, she was here as a friend and it was her idea that I call you.”

Her eager teeth kept nibbling away at my neck inhaling my perfume. I took great pleasure in reciprocating pushing aside her t-shirt as my lips left sticky little stains on her exposed flesh emboldened, I opened my mouth and sucked on her neck like a feeding vampire. “Ooooh fuck yes.” She moaned her voice wavering.

Her hand quickly found its way up under my velvet dress, up along my stockings until her fingers were tracing over my naked thighs, up until her hand cradled my pulsating throbbing cock in its little silken purse.

“So, what did little miss Jas think of Marion did she like what she saw?”

With all the blood rushing to other parts of my body I whimpered softly. “She seemed to, she said nice things.”

“And let’s not forget she kissed you as well didn’t she.”

“Yes……” I breathed against her neck admiring the huge hickey I had left behind.

“Was there tongue in this sexy kiss?”


She squeezed my throbbing boner. “And did you get this for her….. Or is it just for me?”

I shivered unwittingly. “Just for you.”

She laughed almost maniacally. “Don’t bullshit me, but don’t worry babe I am not upset. Let me tell you if she kissed me I would have a hard on all day, she is just gorgeous, I’m jealous.”

Her hand softened its grip on my erection and returned to a caress through the thin silk. Her other hand busily slid the dress down over my shoulders, her wet sticky lips attacking every exposed new bit of flesh. Soon her lips were sucking wantonly on my nipples sucking them deep into her mouth, biting and kissing, pinching and twisting. Fuck I was lost in pleasure my nipple poking out sharply red and swollen.

Molly released me but only for an instant before literally ripped my clothes off leaving only my stay up stockings on and she knelt before me my throbbing erection poking her in the face. “Do you want me to suck it babe.” Her lips gently caressing it as it bobbed up and down in front of her.


Her mouth opened and accepted just the head into her pursed sexy lips, her fingernails tickling my tight thumping balls. Her tongue swirled across the head as she held it gently in her mouth. “Hhhhmmmmm she moaned around the head as she slowly sucked it in, then spat it out, in and out, in and out like warm oil sliding over metal.

“Are you thinking about Jas, do you wish this was her?”

“no….. I love you, I want you.”

She giggled. “Right answer babe.” Her mouth opened and she sucked me deep into her wet mouth. “Oooh fuck.” I whimpered lost in the moment her hot mouth bobbing up and down my shaft.

She stood slowly her body sliding inexorably up mine and her lips locked back onto mine as her hands stripped off her own clothes. We fell back on the bed and her body wrapped around mine, I was trapped by her arms and legs as they held me tightly between her legs. Her crotch wriggling and writhing as she tried to get my cock into her engorged beaver.

God it was torture her hot juicy slit sliding over my boner and I tried to help to get it in as she slid up and down it her lips sucking my tongue out of my mouth then suddenly I was inside her and she was hot, like being dipped in boiling oil hot. I couldn’t hold back, I didn’t care about her pleasure I pumped and thrust my aching straining dick deep into her our ears assaulted by the squelching squishy sounds of her sex giving up to me her body.

It was short and animalistic my urges taking us on a frantic ride to an explosive explosion of bodily fluids.

Afterwards we lay together her head on my shoulder our makeup smudged and smeared across our flesh. “Babe I am sorry about April but I like her and if you let it evolve, we can all be happy. I’m not running off with her, we only see each other occasionally anyway and it is purely sexual. You might not believe me and it is hard for me to say but I love you.”

Hearing her say those words eased the stabbing pain of her admission about April. “I love you to Molly which is why I want you all to myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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