Mark’s Sister Ch. 02


It has been weeks since that unbelievable night. All I have been thinking about was”what if?” Every night I go to bed I close my eyes and have these vivid images of my sister in her satin robe, sliding it off and showing me all of her beauty. Every time I imagine that memory, I get to the part when she touch’s me I cum!

All this time that has gone by Lisa has been very distant from me. She has only talked to me as needed. It was just so strange. How can we have been so close to what happened and get so distant? I tried to talk about it, but she would never give me the chance. The only thing that stayed the same was her walking around in her underwear, and that was just fine with me!

After a few weeks something finally happened, but I was not ready for this! It was a tuesday, and I had just arrived home from my friends house. It was about 11 pm. I was sleepy and dirty, in need of a shower, but I thought that it would be a good time to give myself a trim in the bath. I run myself a bath with some oils and salts and give myself a soak. As I lay there I think about my sister again! I slowly get harder and harder, feeling my almost fully erect penis poke threw the water, feeling the cool air above. I began to shave my cock and it’s surroundings. I took my razor and took all the hair off right to the skin. I just love the feeling having just bare flesh, and just as I finished I lay back and could hear something…..

My sister’s room is right beside the bathroom, and I was hearing her say something, and some moving around. I sat in the warm tub listening in anticipation. Her bed was moving and the noise was the sound of my beautiful sister moaning. WOW! Lisa was masturbating and I could hear point blank!

“Ahh Mmmmm Fuck.” She moans in a soft voice. I put my hand around my cock and lightly rub the tip.

“OOOHHH YYEEESSSSSS” Lisa is getting louder and the bed started to shake and bounce. It didn’t take me long, ramping up speed I stroke myself, splashing the water, small bursts of glory cumming from me. This was a just too much, I so wanted to be in my sister’s room sharing that intense moment.

I got out of the tub and dried myself off. And for a moment of quietness, I could still hear my sister getting off. When I left the bathroom to go to my room I heard much more than my sister! Across from my sister’s room was my parent’s. My room was next to my parent’s. Anyways, my parent’s door was partially open and they were having sex! I couldn’t trabzon escort believe I didn’t hear them while I was bathing, but as I stand in front of they’re bedroom door, I can not only hear them, but see them. My sister’s door was also a wee bit open, but I could not see her in the dark room.

I went to my room, and was in a state of mind that just took over me. I was so aroused at what I had heard from my sister and to see my parent’s fucking…… this was so much to take in! Thoughts of incest was so wrong, but felt so intense! It felt just right!

Laying in my bed, right against the wall next to my parent’s room, I began to fondle myself again, listening to my parents make love. I didn’t get to see very much,but the sounds was all I needed. My mother moaning, my father grunting, fucking, and pounding her into orgasm after orgasm. I was feeling that maybe I should go and watch. I am not sure how good of an idea this was, but I was so horny. As I was just about to get up and go spy on my parent’s my cell phone rang.

“Hello?” I quietly answered.

“Hey it’s me…. Lisa. Can you hear them?” She asked.

“Yes I do. I saw them too, did you?” She didn’t reply right away, I could hear her moving around in her bed.

“I could hear them all night, and I am getting a little bit…. well you know?” Yes I do but do I tell her? Does she want me to play this game for real? I decide to get brave and daring.

“Yes I do know…. I heard you for a while. I was in the bath, and I have to say, you are pretty loud.” She quietly laughed and replied.

“So what were you doing little brother? I heard that water splashing around. So don’t play all innocent with me buddy. You are not the only one that needs to get off.”

At this time I felt very comfortable with where this was going. She was talking about masturbating with her own brother. I knew now was the time to make this more interesting.

“So if you don’t mind me asking… when you get off, what do you think about?” She just sat on the other end of the phone…. no words. And then she replied softly.

“Stuff… things that happened…. things that I wish could happen.” She was talking in such an erotic tone, I was instantly hard.

“What do you mean sis? What kind of things?”

“You know, guys I want to be with. You know stuff.” It seemed that she was resisting. Maybe I should lay off? Maybe this is not what she tunceli escort wants…. and just then.

“Do you ever think about that night?” I couldn’t dream of a better prelude.

“Ever night! I have that night in my head all the time, thinking of how beautiful you look, and how you made me feel.” I was so hard at this point. I had my hand all over my cock, talking sex to my sister over the phone.

“I think about that night all the time too!” She started to breath heavier.

” All I want is to feel you inside me Mark. I want all of you inside my pussy… mmmmm.” I was about to cum just thinking about her masturbeting to me. I needed to be with her.

” I am so hard Lisa. I am seeing you naked, you beautiful breasts, your perfect pussy. Mmmm I want to taste your pussy.” Lisa stopped the breathing for a moment. There was a silence on the phone. I felt very alone, but excited and was wondering what she was doing?

“Are you touching yourself right now?” She questioned.

“Yes…. listening to your voice.” I try to keep my breathing quiet. I really wanted to hear her talk, and hearing my parents fucking in the background was adding so much to all of what was happening.

“Do you like my voice? Do you like hearing you sister getting off?” I couldn’t dream of anything better than this! Having phone sex with my sister was too great!

“Maybe you don’t realize it, but you made me cum little brother, but I am thinking I want more from you. Meet me out in the hall way.” She said.

I hung up my phone, got up put on some boxers and went into the hallway. Lisa was wearing a red lace and satin thong and a red satin camisole. Her hair was a mess and she seemed very edgy? She was sweaty and had this look.

“Come here.” She whispered. “Come see what they are doing!” I walk to the door and look. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

My father was in his 40’s and in not too bad of shape. But what I did find out tonight was he was well hung! My mother was skinny, and small breasted. She was 5’9 about 110 lbs. She was a natural blonde and my father had black hair. When I looked threw they’re door and focused on exactly what there were doing I saw my mother on top of my dad….. riding him, grabbing her breast’s pulling ever so hard on her nipples. Lisa was so engaged in what my parent’s were doing on they’re bed I was startled when my sister grabbed my hardness over top of my underwear and started zonguldak escort to stroke it. I quickly look at her face, but she was gauged on my parent’s. I look at her panty clad pussy and put my hand on it. You could feel her wetness seeping threw the satin on her underwear. I then too looked at my parent’s keep fucking, stroking my sister’s pussy over her pretty panties, as she pet my penis over my stretched boxers. I am getting so excited now I look at her again and she looks at me.

“Let’s go!” Lisa grabs my hand and pulls me into her room. Without a second to spare she grabs my face and deeply kisses me; her tongue on mine lips pressed hard, not able to catch my breath she stops. Stares into my eyes and touch’s my still hard cock. I place my hand over her right breast, still with her camisole on I squeeze gently, lightly rubbing her swollen nipple underneath the delicate satin. Her head tilts back with a slight moan, her eyes closed…. I place my other hand back down on her panty covered pussy. She opens her eyes, opens her mouth and comes in for another deep kiss.

Lisa takes me into her bed, moves into an 69 position, she pulls down my underwear and begins to lick my cock. I then pull her panties to the side and pull her lips apart with my finger’s, watching her drip all down the inside of her leg, I lick it all up. Now she puts her mouth on my shaft, feeling her hot mouth up and down, getting deeper and deeper down all of my 7 inches! I put my tongue on her pussy, sucking her clit putting my fingers gently on her asshole…. rubbing and probing.

“MMMMM Don’t stop Mark, don’t stop sucking your sister’s pussy…ahhh yesssss!!!” I now put my whole index finger in her ass.

“FUCK YESSS” She blurts out load.

“All the way in big boy, all the way innnnn, YESSSS!!!” She is in heaven, not able to suck my cock anymore she starts pulling on my cock, licking it when she can. I keep sucking on her nub and finger her ass, building up speed she starts to buck! Her legs tense up, load screams of joy, it was too much! She cums in my mouth, and man she came!

“Fuck Mark, YES, MMMMM….” She starts to relax now, still jerking me off, and now I am about to cum. She puts her mouth over top, still stroking, faster and faster….

“OOOOHHHH MMMMM YYYYYYAAAA!!” And then it happened. Lisa tasted all of me, not leaving a drop! I was exhausted!

“Wow little brother, that was amazing!” She looked up at me, drowsy and spent. Little strains of cum around her beautiful lips. In the background you could still here my parent’s go at it, but at this point, I was just so happy to cuddle with my sister. We layed there for hours before I went up to bed. This started something great, and let me tell you, about the next time……..

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