Meet Angel


She walked into the bar her shining red hair caressing her pert firm buttocks. Her emerald eyes gazing …She smiles at the bartender asking him in a low sensuous voice for a glass of red wine. Staring at the television. She turns hearing a soft sexy voice ask her if the seat next to her is taken a soft smile curves her mouth as she looks appraisingly at the tall blonde beside her she smiles and softly tells the young woman that the seats free.

She watches as the blonde slides onto the stool her tight black jeans melding to her firm thighs. Her eyes graze over the young woman’s breasts rising with each breath her pert nipples straining against the soft cotton of her shirt. She smiles sensing the heated passion the young woman is feeling. She sips her drink eyes devouring the softly silky view of the beautiful woman’s neck watching the soft throb of her pulse. She looks to the woman’s eyes and asks her name in a low sultry voice. Sarah the woman tremulously replies. She Smiles and softly says hello Sarah my name is Angel. Sarah sighs her breast heaving and whispers that’s a lovely name. Angel smiles a sensual smile and holds her hand out to Sarah “Let’s go dance ” Angel whispers. Nervously Sarah accepts her hand and they walk slowly to the dance floor.

All eyes are on them as they slip over to the dance floor walking slowly their hips swaying. A soft slow song embodied with desire begins to play and slowly they both begin to sway to the music. Angel stares intently at Sarah her emerald eyes caressing the sweet curves of Sarah’s lush young body. Looking at her firm breasts Angel decides that Escort bayan she’s going to have this hot woman writhing under her tongue this very night. Angel slips closer to Sarah, she moves behind her slipping her hands around Sarah’s tiny waist pressing her hips into her back her breasts pushing into her back she slowly runs her hands up Sarah’s arms caressing the silken skin…feeling Sarah’s sensitive skin warm in response. She feels Sarah strain nervously against her …but she knows her desire…she feels it in the heat of her body… the slight trembles and gasps… each time her breasts rise quickly as Angel’s hands slide down her skin. Angel bends and softly bites the soft milky white skin at the nape of Sarah’s long shapely neck she hears a soft moan slide out of Sarah’s full red lips.

A sly grin creeps over Angel’s mouth. She whispers into Sarah’s ear ” I am going to have you” a shiver runs down Sarah’s body and her eyes widen with fear but desire burns hot within the cool blue depths. Angel turns Sarah and looks deep in her eyes …Jade eyes flashing with hot sweet passion Angels body burns under the confinement of her clothes …she needs release. She pulls Sarah against her burning hot body …feeling breasts crushed together, hard nipples stroking against each other, She slides a hand between Sarah’s legs and feels the sweet heated moisture of her pussy. She softly strokes her clit through her tight black jeans pressing the coarse material into the tender sensitized skin. A soft moan brushes over Angel’s neck as Sarah leans into her hand.

She looks deep into her eyes Looking Bayan escort for an answer. Seeing her enflamed eyes, Angel kisses her their soft moist lips clashing their tongues dancing, Softly biting the tender flesh of her lips tasting her passion as her swift hot pants glide into her mouth. Feeling the burning gazes of others in the bar Angel deepens the kiss Sarah’s sexy moans making her grow wetter. She takes Sarah to a dark corner of the Bar.
She looks deep into her eyes, meeting in an enflamed clash of green and blue. She pulls Sarah close and slides her hand over her breasts pinching softly one pert nipple and then the other. Angel leans down and slowly pulls a nipple into her mouth swirling around the areola, Sarah’s soft hands gliding through her fiery hair drives her mad and she sucks harder on the perfect nipple her body quivering madly as the soft wet cotton slips sensuously over her hot skin.

Angel reaches down and slowly unbuttons the tight black jeans and slides her hand down caressing her hands slipping over the satin of her red panties. She slowly slides her hands down over the panties dragging a long red nail over Sarah’s hard erect clit feeling her hips push into her hand. Moving further down over the panties feeling how moist she has grown makes Angel moan softly her breath coming in hot pants.
Angel slowly slides her jeans down hotly aware of the eyes glancing over at them in interest and desire. She slides the moist red panties down and stares in blatant desire at the sweetly moist shaven pussy before her heated gaze. She looks up into Sarah’s eyes burning Escort with desire and slides her moist red tongue out to taste the sweet nectar of her pussy.

She wraps her tongue around the pretty pink clit and begins to suck softly hearing Sarah panting above her staring at her breast as they rise and fall with each quickening breath, Angel reaches a hand up to cup the soft globes running a finger over the sensitive nipples…Squeezing. Angel slides her tongue down licking the soft wet slit sliding her tongue deep inside the tight pussy, licking, sucking, feeling the soft tugs on her hands her pussy surrounding Angel’s delving tongue. Angel slips her tongue deep inside Sarah’s sweetly scented pussy tasting the tangy flavor absorbing the musky odor of hot wet sex. Feeling legs wrap around her head Angel pushes deep and hard into the awaiting pussy tongue fucking it madly loud moans greeting her ears.

Angel pushes Sarah onto her back and hikes her skirt up turning her pert ass in the air and sits softly on Sarah’s face while continuing to tongue fuck the dripping wet pussy that’s being pressed urgently into her face. Feeling a cool wet tongue hesitantly flick her clit Angel moans loudly into the wet slit her hot breath soaring inside the wetness cooling it in a gust of air. Angel begins to ride the sweet tongue within her hot wet hole moaning loudly squealing out as her body comes closer to sweet wet orgasm. Feeling sweet wet cum gush over her tongue Angel arches her back and screams loudly as her cum drenches the sweet tongue of the girl beneath her. Trembling she collapses her hair sliding between the wet fold of Sarah’s cum soaked pussy. A sly grin slides across her face and she slips off Sarah. Looking around the bar she walks to the door pulling down her skirt as she exits her flame red hair swinging her eyes bright with satisfaction.

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