Mike and Becca Ch. 02


Mike lay there, satisfied for now but already wondering what would happen next. Then as his stomach grumbled he realised that they’d gotten a bit distracted and hadn’t eaten yet. He’d need to keep his energy up! So he got off the bed and headed to the kitchen.

‘Do you want something to eat?” he asked through the bathroom door.

“I’ve just had nice mouthful. What are you offering now?”

“You can have seconds if you want.”

The door opened and a grinning Becca appeared. “I’ll take you up on that, but for now some food would be good!”

Mike barely registered what Becca said because he was transfixed by what she was wearing. Still not very much. Her lovely boobs where still on show but instead of her suspenders and stockings she was wearing a small pink thong. An item of clothing that had been the topic of several horny chats. She brushed past him and headed back to the bedroom, showing her pert buttocks and trim legs, and paused in the doorway, looking back at him.


“Oh yeah, right. A sandwich OK?”


Mike quickly put together a couple of sandwiches, his mind more on the half naked woman in the bedroom than on the food. He poured a couple of glasses of juice, shoved it all on a tray and headed back, trying to make it look like he wasn’t rushing too much!

Based on what had already happened already today he certainly didn’t expect much more in the way of surprises but when he got back to the bedroom he got one. Becca was leaning over the desk, which was an amazing sight in itself, most of her lovely arse on show, just a thin strip of pink material between her cheeks that was pulled tight to clearly reveal her lips through the stretched fabric. But the surprising thing was that there was a laptop on the desk and she’d set up a webcam. She turned as he came in.

“Hope you don’t mind an audience? I’ve been thinking about this for ages and every time I do I get so horny.”

Mike wasn’t averse to a bit of cam fun and at the moment anything that could make Becca even hornier was all right by him! But he decided to play it a little coy.

“Christ. I’m not sure. It’s a bit out of the blue.”

She turned and pouted but then smiled. “If you’re not so keen why is your cock hard again?”

Unfortunately his stiff member seemed to tell the truth better than any lie detector test would have.

“Eat your sarny and I’ll come and persuade you how good it will be in a minute,” she said turning back to the laptop.

He lay back on the bed, sandwich in one hand, drink in the other watching her arse jiggle and occasionally seeing the curve of a breast. Does life get any better?

“Aren’t you worried this will get seen by anyone you know back at home?”

“I’m one step ahead. I’ve set up a new account just for us and it’s not when anyone I know is on here so it should be OK.”

She turned to look at him. “It’s a risk but life would be dull without a little risk don’t you think?”

He finished his food and Becca was still setting things up so he got up and took the plate across to her. Standing behind her he leaned across and placed the plate on the desk. “Accidently” rubbing his cock across her arse.

“Thought you’d want this.”

She pressed back into him. “Thanks, that’s great.”

Becca leant forward to get the sandwich, opening her legs slightly as she did. Mike took the opportunity to push his cock down so that when she leant back it slid under her, rubbing against her pussy. She turned her head and smiled at him.

“Very nice.”

Becca turned back to the laptop, munching on her sandwich but she continued to push against him, moving slightly back and forwards so that he rubbed across her.

“Right, that’s set up. Lie back on the bed, I want to make sure we’ll be in view.”

Looking forward to what was coming Mike quickly complied. He lay there, one hand behind his head and with the other he started stroking his cock.

“How does this look?”

“Ha, not bad. You’re nicely trimmed down there.”

“Well I like to make an effort but not as much as you!”

Becca pulled her thong to the side exposing her beautiful pink lips.

“You like?”

“It’s pretty cool that I can see all of your pussy”

Mike was still slowly wanking as they talked.

“Try going a bit quicker just to make sure there’s not a blur on the screen.”

Mike moved his hand quicker, going from the head down his shaft.

“That’s good babe. Keep doing that for me.”

She watched intently for a few seconds, and he saw her rub her pussy a couple of times before turning back to the laptop. Music started playing, Mike didn’t recognise it immediately but is was slow and sensual. Becca turned back to him raised her hands above her head and started swaying in time to the music. She slowly brought her hands down and slid them across her body, her left hand paused at her breasts, moving across to cup and squeeze her right tit. She moved her other hand down across her thigh and then down between her legs Escort bayan where she slowly rubbed herself.

Mike watched her, a smile on his face. He was now stroking his cock at a slower pace, matching the music and her. Their eyes locked and they watched each other’s faces as they both masturbated.

“We’re on by the way.”

Mike glanced at the camera. “Cool. Let’s give them a show.”

Becca walked slowly towards him and sat on the edge of the bed intent on his dick that Mike was still wanking. Mike moved his other hand from behind his head and caressed her side, circling her breast and then cupping it, squeezing her nipple.

“Do you want a hand there?” asked Becca and without waiting for a reply she put her hand above Mike’s and slowly moved it in time with his so they were both wanking his hard cock. This felt good but Mike wanted more. Becca was side on to him now but facing down his body so he moved his hand down onto her leg and gently pulled it towards his head. Getting the gist of what Mike wanted Becca moved her leg across his chest so that she straddled him but still faced towards his cock. Leaving his dick in Becca’s capable hands Mike brought both his hands up to caress the arse that was now directly in front of him.

The thin strip of pink fabric from her thong was just visible in her crack. Mike ran his fingers down this and then slid his thumb between her legs to rub her mound. Obviously liking this Becca moved to a kneeling position and lifted her arse off his chest. With better access Mike continued to rub Becca’s pussy thru her pink thong. He could feel that she was wet again and using one hand he moved the fabric to the side to expose her shaven lips. With his other hand he gently caressed her, slowly sliding his thumb into her pussy and using his fingers to rub her clit. All the while Becca was stroking his cock. Moving her hand up and down the shaft, occasionally stretching her fingers when she was the base of his shaft to rub his balls.

Having this gorgeous, glistening pussy in full view was too much for Mike to resist so he edged down the bed until his mouth was directly under it. Keeping her thong pushed to the side with a couple of his fingers he raised his head slightly and kissed her lips. He then flicked his tongue out onto her clit and as he did so Becca moved her head down and took his cock in her mouth. They both moaned in pleasure and their tongues seemed to respond to each other. Mike licked and kissed and Becca sucked and licked.

Mike could just reach her clit with his hand and when he was exploring around her with his tongue he’d gently rub it. Becca couldn’t take his full length in and keep her pussy on mike’s face so she made do with rubbing her tongue around his head and taking his first few inches into her mouth as she wanked him from the base of his shaft.

Mike was moving his whole mouth over Becca, alternating between licking, kissing and rubbing her. He could feel her juices all over his face, something he loved. The sensation is his dick was great. A wet pussy on his face, a warm mouth on his cock, nothing else like it in the world!. He could have kept like that for ages but Becca moved off him. She turned to him with an intense look on her face and said.

“I want you inside me.”

Mike sat up and with one hand on the back of her neck kissed her deeply. He reached over to where Becca had put the condoms on and she took the chance to pull her wet knickers off.

“It’s a shame we have to use these. I’d like nothing better than to feel you cum inside me sweetie, but in this case better safe than sorry.”

“No worries. I think I’ll still enjoy it a bit.”

“I’ll make sure you do!”

Becca reached over and took the condom from Mike. She gave his cock a last quick suck and then slowly pulled it down over his shaft. Facing Mike she straddled him and with one hand on his cock she slowly lowered herself down. Even through the condom Mike could feel the warmth of her pussy. She paused as his head first pushed against her lips and then moved down quickly until he was several inches into her.

“Fuck yes,” she panted.

Mike agreed. He looked up at this gorgeous woman who was slowly moving up and down on his dick. Each time he entered more deeply into her. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of concentration and pleasure on her face as she savoured every second of him entering her. Her dark hair hung down, partially obscuring her breasts but he could see the curve of her tits and the pink erect nipples standing out, accentuated by her slightly arched back. Her toned body glistened with sweat, and her belly button piercing swayed as she moved up and down.

He finally felt her full weight settle on him as she took his full length into her. She paused there and wiggled a bit, full enjoying the sensation of having a hard cock inside her. Mike took the opportunity to move his hand down and rub his thumb onto her clit, while squeezing her tits with his other hand. She opened her eyes and grinned at him and then leant down and Bayan escort have him a long lingering kiss and then started moving again up and down his cock.

Every time she raised herself slightly he could see the base of his cock with her shaven lips around it. Lost in her own world she found a rhythm and continued to move up and down. Raising herself 4 or 5 inches of him before sliding down till their bodies touched. Mike was content to let her do her thing he lay there enjoying every second and taking in the view. He glanced over at the laptop occasionally where he could just make out the horny vision of Becca riding him, caught fully on the cam.

Becca kept going for several minutes, occasionally letting all her weight rest on him and gyrating slowly but generally bouncing up and down, increasing her pace as she did so. She’d let out the occasional pant or moan and Mike thought she might be close to cumming but she seemed in control so he didn’t offer any help yet. Suddenly at the top of her movement she came off him but in a practiced move she turned so that she was facing away and knelt with one leg either side of him. She grabbed his cock and holding it down a bit she slid backwards on to it. She turned to look at him,

“Hope you don’t mind babe but reverse cowgirl will do it for me every time.”

“Go for it. Ride me however you fucking want Becca.”

Becca leant forward so her hands were between Mike’s legs and began to move slowly backwards and forwards. Mike could feel that his cock was in nice and, deep and Becca was making the kind of noises that suggested she loved it like this. She continued to move slowly, sliding along his dick, he could almost feel her muscles inside tense and relax as she rode on him.

Mike placed his hands on Becca’s perfect arse and caressed it in time to her movements, gently pushing as she moved forwards and squeezing her cheeks as she came back. Becca reached one hand back and gently cupped and stroked his balls, as she slid along him, running her fingernails over the base of his cock. Mike could feel that he was close to cumming but the recent blow job and the effect of the condom meant that he wasn’t there yet. Becca resumed sliding along the full length of his dick. Mike could see that her hand was still moving but he couldn’t feel it so presumably she was rubbing her clit as she rode his cock.

After several minutes Becca started to up the pace. Mike hear her mutter, “Oh God,” as she did. Looking over at the laptop he could see that this was also giving anyone watching an amazing view of Becca’s tits, jiggling as she moved back and forth.

Becca started to move even more vigorously. “Yes, fuck yes,” she said.

Mike held off as he wanted to continue this fuck but Becca shuddered and he could feel her pussy tighten as she came, pounding down onto his dick. She slowed and pushed hard into him, lowering her head onto the bed and panting. He could feel her twitch as her orgasm ran its course. She turned and looked into his eyes. “That hit the spot.”

Mike smiled.

She jiggled her arse and said, “Still hard? I’m impressed.”

Mike grabbed her thighs and lifted, moving himself up at the same time so he stayed inside her, until he was now crouching. Becca had taken her weight onto her hands and from here Mike lowered her back down so she was in front of him and kneeling. He was still a good four inches inside her despite all the manoeuvring. She looked back round at him, but before she could say anything he thrust hard into her. He pulled out and then thrust in again.

“Yep, still hard.”

Mike continued to fuck Becca hard from behind. Not violent in any way, but he gripped her arse tightly and thrust in and out very firmly. Although she’d just cum, Becca was making appreciative noises to this, and Mike was enjoying the sensation of his cock moving rapidly in her tight pussy. He thought about shagging her like this until he came, which wasn’t far off, but wanted one more thing.

He pulled out and grabbing her thighs he turned Becca onto her back. Still kneeling he pulled Becca back towards him, holding her legs in the air. He manoeuvred himself so his cock was rubbing on her lips and slowly moved forward. He slid in easily but she still felt nice and tight with her legs in the air. Becca repositioned herself slightly so she could rest her legs on his shoulders.

“I want to look in your eyes as I cum.”

Becca smiled up at him. “Cum for me Mike.”

Mike leant forward and gave her a lingering kiss, taking the opportunity to caress her tits as he moved in and out of her. He was close now and so thrust hard but slowly, concentrating on trying to get as much sensation as possible, even through the condom. He stroked slowly for a few minutes, his hands moving over her tits, belly and occasionally rubbing his thumb over her clit, before building up the tempo. Holding on to her ankles he increased his speed, thrusting his hips hard so that his balls slapped against her as he reached maximum penetration. Becca was panting again Escort and so was Mike. With one final thrust he came.

“Oh yes,” he groaned as he continued to move into her, his cock spurting and twitching several times until he was spent. He knelt there for a few seconds, luxuriating in the post-orgasm glow, then he withdrew. Becca lay there, a vision of loveliness, a sheen of sweat only enhancing her beauty to him. He leant forward and licked from her belly upwards before giving her a kiss. As he did so his now semi-erect cock swayed against her, which would have been nice except for the condom, which was full of his jism, hanging down.

“I’d better get rid of this,” he said heading off to the bathroom.

When Mike came back into the bedroom with a couple of drinks Becca was putting the cam away.

“We had over 4000 people watching at the end!”

“Hope they enjoyed the show. I certainly enjoyed participating!” Mike said as he grabbed Becca around her waist and pulled her close.

“I’d kinda guessed that,” Becca said smiling, “what have you got planned for us for the rest of the day then?”

“Well I’ve got us booked in to a Jamie Oliver restaurant at 7 and then thought we could hit some pubs and then a club.”

“Wow. Sounds good, good job I brought something nice to wear.”

They decided to head out for an hour or so and have a look around the town in the winter sunshine, both dressing causally but warmly (Becca looked very cute in her furry hat and scarf). They wandered down towards the cathedral, chatting about nothing in particular, decided against checking out the Roman remains and headed for a coffee instead.

Conversation was easy. It was one of those rare times where almost total strangers just click and can chat as if they’d known each other for years. The subject of phones cropped up and Becca mentioned that she had been nervous about texting Mike when she arrived as it mean giving out her number and understandably she didn’t want unexpected calls after the weekend. Mike told her about the app he’d found that hid messages and calls from certain numbers but agreed that they shouldn’t call each other unless they both agreed a time and were OK with it. After sorting out the details of how to protect their subterfuge they changed the subject to more mundane things.

As the afternoon drew to a close they decided to head back and get ready for the evening. They arrived back at the flat and as Becca took off her coat Mike leaned in and gave her a lingering kiss.

“Do you want to hit the shower first? I’ve got a call to make.”

“OK, but only if you promise to come and do my back,” Becca replied.

Mike briefly felt a bit guilty as it was his girlfriend he was calling but almost straight away she started having a go at him for working away at the weekend. Realising he could get nagged for the next ten minutes or join Becca Mike decided to end the call.

“Sorry babe, something’s come up, call you tomorrow.” With that he hung up and to be safe turned off the phone. Barely giving his girlfriend another thought Mike headed to the bathroom.

Luckily he could still hear the shower running so he stripped off and walked in. Becca was just rinsing off her hair and had her back to him so he paused to take in the view. Despite seeing her naked for a large part of the day it seemed like he couldn’t get enough of her body. She had another couple of tattoos which he’d not noticed before. Too busy looking at her flesh!

As Mike opened the door to the shower Becca turned and smiled at him. He grabbed the soap and started to run his hands over her back and shoulders.

“That’s nice babe.”

He built up a nice soapy froth and rubbed all around her back. She moved forward so her hands were resting on the wall.

“Rub harder will you? I’ve got a knot in my shoulders from the drive down. “

Coincidently her arse had stuck out towards his groin when she leant forward and rubbed against his semi-erect cock.

Ignoring her firm cheeks rubbing against him he focused on giving her a proper massage. Using the soap to help his hands glide over her, only occasionally moving them round to caress the side of her breasts. After several minutes of this Becca gave a contented sigh.

“Thanks sweetie, you’re definitely good with your hands.”

She turned back to him and taking the soap began to rub her hands through the hairs on his chest, feeling his firm muscles. Her hands moved down.

“I think we should make sure you’re properly clean.”

“Be my guest.”

She took his cock in her hands and gently began to rub it. Her tender soapy ministrations quickly bringing him back to full hardness. She began to stroke it, gently teasing back his foreskin and rubbing her fingers over his exposed head.

Mike cupped her breasts in his hands and rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, gently tweaking them. He let her play with his cock for a minute and then moved closer to her so he could take her head in his hands. He kissed her as the warm water ran over their naked entwined bodies, one of her hands was around his neck, the other rubbing his back. Mike had both of his hands cupping and squeezing her arse. When they finally broke their kiss Mike moved behind her and moved his hands to her shoulders.

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