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For those who read AUNT FRAN this a continuation of the same characters. Maybe you should read AUNT FRAN first.

MIN Aunt Fran and Min seldom missed a card playing day that, somehow or other, sexual innuendo did not enter the conversation. Aunt said she did not care to discuss the topic but she usually brought it up. As much as she said she did not approve of Min’s outlook on the subject, she seldom missed an opportunity to steer the conversation in that direction. I believe Min was the only person in Aunt’s sheltered life that ventured mention of the forbidden subject.

That afternoon Aunt brought up Min’s long dead husband, Harmon. “He’s been dead a long time, I guess.” “Harm left me with an empty space in my heart and a wanting in my nether places” sighed Min.

Aunt feigned shock. “What a terrible thing to say.

“My man popped a mighty fine boner when he was alive,” croaked Min as she lit another cigarette. “Yes, old Harm’s hard-ons got stiffer than a poker till the day he got sick on me and died.” She shook her head wistfully. “What a banger that man had. He took my breath away, that’s for sure. He could slam it up me till my knees wouldn’t work to hold me up.”

“How can you talk like that?” gasped Aunt. “I’ve never heard a woman talk such things in all my born days. It don’t seem fit talking about what the dead done in their bedroom.”

“Sheittt!” exploded Min. “Twern’t necessarily in the bedroom. Sometimes we wound up on the kitchen floor or in the backyard grass under the stars.”

“I can’t believe it.” Aunt’s was voice a mixture of awe and disapproval.

“No doubt about it,” chortled Min, “Harm was one fancy fucker, God rest his soul.”

“Great heavens!” whispered Aunt who had probably never heard the “F” word spoken out loud. “I can’t believe a grown woman would talk that way about the dead and the sinning she done with him.”

“Yes ma’am,” bragged Min, “my man had himself some hunk of gristle tween his legs and, let me tell you, he knew how to use it.”

“Well,” said Aunt. “I always tried to avoid looking at Joe but there were times when there was no missing it. He’d leave his clothes in the bathroom and come parading in, naked as a jabbered, that ugly thing pointing out in front of him. Those nights I’d know I was in for a pounding and he’d keep at it till I was rubbed sore. I always felt I was walking funny next morning and people knew what he done to me.”

“Sounds like you didn’t cater to getting humped,” said Min. “Me? I’d bed down Scrooge. If he come scratching at my parsley patch I’d let him at my goodies for sure.”

“Whatever you want to call it, I dreaded it,” said Aunt.

“I’d say fucking’s a knack. Some men got it, some don’t. It’s a shame you didn’t get a live one.”

“I think it was me.” said Aunt. “I always thought it was my fault.”

*** Another day I came home early and slipped upstairs. I heard the women talking in the kitchen. I took off my shoes and went in to my little den and went to the grating where I heard the Min and Aunt in serious conversation.

“Speaking of boners,” said Min casually, as she shuffled the Canasta Deck, “you had anymore sightings of Jack’s working out the big one?”

“Good Lord!” sighed Aunt. “Once was enough for these tired old eyes to see that.”

Min snorted. “Har! Reckon if I saw it once I’d be hankering for another viewing.”

“Since Jack come home, I been having nasty thoughts and nasty feelings down there,” said Aunt. “I feel so ashamed of myself.”

“I reckon you got a thrill or two coming in your life. From my way of thinking, you ain’t had many.

Aunt shuddered. “I can’t get the sight of him out of my mind. Especially since I told you about it. Sometimes” she confessed, “when that boy teases me by smacking my backside, I get moist down there. In all my born born I never had those feelings so strong.”

“Aw Hon, you got to know that’s your old pussy weeping for attention.” Min let her hand drop to Aunt’s thigh. “Sheeit, Hon, such feelings is normal in a woman. Everybody gets ’em or ought to.”

“They happen, sometimes, when we’re doing our nasty talking like we are now.” “It’s not nasty,” insisted Min, “We’re doing some straight from the shoulder, honest talk. I got to admit I wouldn’t mind having a big bone put to me one more time.”

“Good Lord! How you talk,” gasped Aunt. “And at your age.”

“Age has got nothing to do with it,” declared Min. “If I was to get a glimpse of his thang, I’d go after it tooth and tongue.”

“That’s a terrible thing to say!”

“Meant every word of it. I got to tell you it’s been some time since a man had me on my back.” Min winked at Aunt. “Now you already admitted that thinking about Jack’s thang has give you the weeps down below. I reckon I’d be wanting some if I was to get a glimpse of it.”

“..Why. . .Why. . . I raised that boy. He’s like a son to me. That would be just terrible.”

“A good solid boning would do both us old gals a world of good.”

“Disgusting,” breathed Aunt.”

“Put a little color in your bottom cheeks,” declared Min.

Aunt Uzun porno was speechless.

“If it was up to me,” declared the old woman, “I’d be giving that boy all the nookey he could handle.”

Aunt shook her head. “I’m seventy-two years old. I haven’t had relations with a man in nearly twenty years and glad of it.”

“About time you got something stiff rammed up your cooze,” said Min. “Clean out your pipes. Stoke the fire before it goes out completely.”

“Never had much fire,” confessed Aunt. “Having a man on top of me never done it for me.”

“Bet Jack could give you a good poking,” teased Min.

“You’re getting me all upset,” said Aunt. “You’re making me feel strange in places that never felt much.”

“Har!” said Min, “I’ve had a moist crack of my own since the subject of the boy’s boner came up.”

“Comes from unhealthy thinking.” declared Aunt.

“Makes for some fine screwing,” said Min. “Tones up the system, puts spring in your ass.”

“That don’t seen natural to me.”

“Hon,” said Min, “You got to tiddle your wink ever once in a while to keep it in trim.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Min squeezed Aunt’s thigh a little harder. “What you got to do is scratch what itches. Rub where it does the most good.”

“Are saying I should abuse myself?”

“I talking about tickling that place tween your legs any way that feels good. You got to exercise yourn like your boy exercises his.”

I couldn’t,” said Aunt.”

“Course you could,” soothed Min. Her hand dipped below Aunt’s knee and pushed up under the full skirt of her dress. Aunt froze. She watched, spellbound, as pale, bare skin was exposed and the bony, brown hand crept along the inside of her heavy, milk white thigh. Her voice was a bare whisper, a croak. “What on earth are you doing?”

“Now don’t get upset. Fixing to make you feel better,” croaked Min. “I’m aiming to make you feel like you never felt in your whole miserable, lonesome life.” “Your hand,” breathed Aunt. “It’s giving me the nasty feelings.”

“Aim to give you a lot more,” said Min. “Now raise that fat butt and let me drag those pantaloons off your sorry ass.”

“How you talk, ” gasped Aunt. But, as if hypnotized, she raised her hips and let Min tug the rayon bloomers all the way off.

Min tossed the pink, underpants on the floor. She pushed the dress up until Aunt’s sparsely foliated cleft was exposed to another for the first time since her husband had stopped sleeping with her twenty years before. Min’s fingers combed the sparse, blond/gray kinky curls and one finger lightly stroked the small clit at the top of Aunt’s puffy slit.

“That tickles,” breathed Aunt. “You’re making me all quivery.

“Gonna tickle you a lot more.”

“Tickles something awful,” protested Aunt.

“Good,” said Min. “Gonna tickle you right out of your panties.”

“My panties are already off.” giggled Aunt. “You took them.”

“So they are,” agreed Min. She slowly lowered herself to her knees between Aunt’s legs, pressing the meaty thighs further apart. She moved forward and placed her head between Aunt’s fat thighs.

“You shouldn’t,” moaned Aunt, but she did nothing to stop the other woman.

“You know you’re wanting it,” hissed Min. “Now I don’t want you telling about this to nobody,” warned Min. “This is between us.”

“What on earth are you doing,” gasped Aunt.

“Setting to make you see stars and hear the bells ring.” Min’s face disappeared between the massive, white thighs Her voice became muffled as her mouth neared the target. “Fixing to taste your nasty, old pussy,” breathed the skinny woman. “Going to lap at it real good. Gonna lap pussy till you cream and scream.”

Aunt’s bottom raised off the chair at the first contact with Min’s tongue. Her in drawn breath was so sharp I swear her whole chest swole up. Her hands griped the seat on both sides of her chair. Her thighs fell further apart. “Oh my God!” moaned Aunt. “What you’re doing is so nasty. So nasty.”

Min’s head bobbed steadily between the thick, white thighs. Her hands came around to clutch a fist full of Aunt’s fat ass on either side.

One of Aunt’s hands came to rest on the other woman’s head and seemingly guided it to where the sensations were most intense.

Aunt’s squirming grew stronger. She could not control her little squeals and moans as Min kept to her task. Suddenly Aunt shuddered. Her thighs clamped tightly on the old woman’s head. She screamed. “Oh God!!!” Her head shook from side to side. Her hips rocked in a fucking motion up and off the chair then plopping down to rise again. Min held on. Her tongue never lost contact with the sensitive core of the writhing woman.

Aunt’s feet braced on the floor. She arched and froze with her fat buttocks clenched, hanging in space. She remained suspended for several seconds before settling back onto the chair. Her head listed to one side, her body completely limp.

Min freed her head from the trap of Aunt’s heavy thighs. Her face was red and her lips Öğrenci porno glistened from Aunt’s juices. She looked up and smiled sweetly. “Have a good cum, Hon?”

“Oh God! What would we have done if Jack had walked in!”

“Reckon we’d have had to let him screw the both, of us,” tittered Min.

“What you did to me. Soooo nasty,” moaned Aunt.

“Liked it a lot, didn’t you?” tittered Min as she licked her lips.

“Thought I was going to die,” breathed Aunt. I never even heard of such goings on, leave alone having it happening to me.”

Min wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Just proved you can learn something new every day.”

Aunt shook her head. “Using your mouth down there. I don’t see how you could do that.”

“Aw, You don’t taste all that bad and it was worth it hearing you make all those happy noises.”

“I made noises?”

Like to have screamed your head off when you come. Probably roused the neighborhood.”

“Oh my God!” gasped Aunt. “Suppose the neighbors heard. What would they think?”

Min grinned. “Reckon they’d figure you was doing the nasty with a man and getting the bejabbors tickled out of you.”

“Never had such a feeling in all my born days,” said Aunt. “I don’t think my heart is ever going to stop pounding.”

Min withdrew her hand from the gap in her dress and patted her own crotch. “Fingered my myself into a good one too.”

“You was playing with yourself?”

“Figured I might as well. Wasn’t counting on you to return the compliment.

“I wouldn’t know where to begin and that’s the truth.”

“A finger or two works when there’s nothing else.” Min shook her head. “Course something longer and stiffer would hit the spot a mite better.”

“You put things inside yourself and don’t feel no shame in doing it?” asked Aunt.

“I don’t brag about it to the neighbors,” said Min, “but I’ve shoved a few brush handles up the old puss.” She lay a hand on Aunt’s meaty thigh. “Don’t tell me you’ve never.”

With Min squeezing the bare flesh high up on her naked thigh, Aunt became suddenly aware of her exposed crotch and of the old lady still on her knees staring into it. “Can’t be pleasant eying what you’re looking at.”

“Ain’t seen many of them things besides peeking at my own in the looking glass,”confessed Min. “I’d like you to know I ain’t in the habit of doing what I done for you just now.”

“Never thought you was,” said Aunt.

“Thank you for that,” replied Min. Now answer me. Tell me that you’ve shoved a thing or two up that old snatch and made it feel good.”

“Never thought I’d admit doing that, ever.” whispered Aunt.

“I just knew you had,” tittered Min triumphantly and patted Aunt’s pussy. I’m proud of you.”

“There’s an old, round wooden potato masher,” confessed Aunt. “I sometimes use the handle. Afterwards, I feel so guilty.”

“You work it up inside you?”

Aunt nodded, shamefully.”

“It’s only natural, wanting something to fill that empty space,” said Min.

“It’s so gross.”

“Pleasuring yourself,” said Min. “Every lady needs to pleasure herself if there’s nobody to do it for her.”

“Nothing ever made me feel the way you did just now,” said Aunt. “There’ll be other days.”

“I’ve never seen another woman, you know, down there.”

“I got to say,” said Min, “You got the hairiest snatch there old eyes ever saw.”

“Is it that ugly?” asked Aunt.

“Next time, I’ll give a peek at mine,” promised Min, “maybe even let you kiss it.”

*** I went around to the back of Min’s house and opened the gate in the high fence surrounding the backyard. Min lay on her stomach, on a faded blanket. Outside of a broad-brimmed straw hat and a pair of dark sun glasses, she was as naked as the day she was born. Her brown skin was surprisingly smooth over round, thin tapering thighs and a taut, nicely rounded butt.

“Like what you’re seeing?” cackled the old woman.

“You look great,” I stammered.

“You’d loose your pants and join me,” Min licked her lips, “that is, if you was any kind of a gentleman.”

“You mean it?”

“Course I mean it.”

“What if somebody should stop by?”

“Let ’em find their own fuck party.”

I reached for my belt. “I’ve never done it outside.”

Min licked her lips again and raised her shoulders, displaying her small, rounded breasts with sizable nipples that pointed outward. “I’m figuring your woodie will like a breath of fresh air.”

“You mean it?”

She nodded approvingly as I shucked my clothes. “You’re hung real nice.” Min chuckled. “You know that thing of yours shocked the shit out of your aunt.” My heart pounded. “She told you about that?”

“I think she was overwhelmed. Her hubby had a little parlor prick that would no more than tickle a more experienced woman.”

“I wouldn’t know, but he wasn’t a very big man. I remember that.”

“Well there’s little men what has big cocks,” said Min, “but your uncle wasn’t one of them.”

“You’re talking like you were acquainted with the fact.”

Min shrugged. “He dipped his wick in my honey pot a time or two. He was no big deal.”

“I guess Aunt doesn’t know about that.”

“Ain’t about to mention it. Wouldn’t accomplish nothing and might make her unhappy. No sense in doing that.”

“Guess not,” I agreed.

“That man had a preference for the back hole. Figuring his size, I guess that place was a lot tighter.”

I whistled. “So, that being the case, Aunt got it shoved up her rear place some too.”

“Probably why he never begot any children,” observed Min.

I got down on the blanked beside her and ran my fingers over the raised, taut globes of her amazingly smooth buttocks.”

“I can see from the start that you’re an ass man,” cackled Min.

“Feels good,” I murmured.

“For me too,” said Min. “but I can tell you like it by the way your pole is pointing up. And I can feel for a fact that you appreciate this old ass.”

“I do for sure.”

“Well now,” purred Min, “Is all old asses you have yen for or is it just mine you get the hots for?”

“Yours is the one I’ve thought about for a long time.”

“And you pulled your pud, thinking about me?”

“I’ve admitted to doing that.”

“You ever thought about your aunt’s fat butt and doing her.”

“Not really.”

“Maybe you should.”

“I like your butt.” I worked my fingers down until my fingers found her pussy crack and the moisture she was making there. “You ever see your Auntie’s”

“When I was a boy, I peeked through the keyhole when she was taking a bath.” “And you saw it?”

“I remember it being real big and white.”

Min squirmed on my fingers and worked them up inside of her lubricating channel. Her hip began a gentle fucking motion. “I got to say you’re getting this old lady in the mood for some young man fucking.” She pulled away from my hand and rolled onto her back. She parted her legs and opened her lower lips with her fingers. “Come on, Boy. I’m ready for you. Are you ready for me?”

I crawled between her legs and aimed my cock for her opening. I entered and sank down until I was full in her.

“Whooee, Boy. You are a load.”

“Like it?”

“Love it. Come on, my boy, fuck this old lady good.”

*** Like every other Wednesday afternoon, Aunt Fran and Min played Canasta.

Min shuffled the cards. “What say, Hon, want to make the game more interesting?”

“What have you got in mind?” asked Aunt.

“Let’s say the loser of each hand has to take off some of her clothes.”

“Till somebody’s naked?”

“That’s right.”

“That sounds right nasty,” tittered Aunt.

“Bashful?” teased Min.

“I reckon I am, some.”

“No need to be,” said Min. “Basically, us girls got the same equipment”

“Mighty old girls,” said Aunt. “Too old to be playing privy games and exposing ourselves.”

“Oh I don’t know,” croaked Min. “I thought you might be interested in seeing what I got down there.”

“We ain’t mentioned it since,” said Aunt, “But you got a mighty good view of mine last week when you went and pulled off my bloomers. Maybe I’m entitled.”

“You didn’t do much objecting at the time,” parried Min.

“When you done what you done, I was too shocked to move. I got all quivery inside.”

“Didn’t hear no complaints.”

“I never heard of a woman using her tongue where you did, the way you did.”

“Eating pussy?” said Min. “I reckon that was a first for me, being on the giving end, that is.”

“You’ve had that done to you?” “There’s been a few men that’s had a nibble or two at my hair pie.”

“My man would have never done that.”

He was a Arab, weren’t he?

“A Syrian,” acknowledged Aunt.

“I guess he done things different. I hear they didn’t wait for their women to get their pleasure.”

“He never gave me none, that’s a fact.”

“What pleasure you got you had to find yourself?”

Aunt nodded. “I always felt guilty.”

“So, do we need a game to get us out of our clothes or should we just go ahead and get naked and do what we’re both wanting?”

Aunt giggled. “What would that be?”

“Well now, I reckon that would be showing our hairy cunts and making something happen.”

“We shouldn’t.”

“But you’re wanting to.”

“Oh GOD! Yes.”

Min stood and opened the top button of her dress. “Lets be shucking our bloomers.”

Aunt Fran suppressed a giggle. “To tell the truth, I haven’t worn none since you pulled them off.”

“Do tell?”

“I case you wanted to do what we’re doing, I thought I’d surprise you.”

“You’re admitting you liked old Min’s tonguing of your hairy twat?”

“I never had such feelings.”

“Was you planning on returning the favor.”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“Turn about is fair play,” said Min.”

“I know. It’s just. . .”

“So dirty?”


“Well,” Min slipped out of her dress and let her fall to her feet. “Getting down and dirty is what makes it fun.”

Min wore no panties or bra and her small, rounded breasts sagged but little on a bony chest. Her big nipples were semi-erect, whether from the the cooler air or her excitement only Min knew. The old woman stood naked in her shoes and cotton stockings that stopped below the knee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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