Mirror Pt. 02


Chapter 8

Josh said, “Jenifer you speak the truth.”

“Josh my brother, I love you and am so sorry for the way I treated you. I want to live with you always and have your babies you are my master, you control me and I love that to. Ple…” and she dropped to her knees and takes up slave position exposing that sweet pussy and those gorgeous tits.

I look on the glistening pussy, bead drops forming on her clit, as she looks into my eyes.

Judy is sucking Fred off getting a good load of sauce.

I decided, and said, “Alright girls we are going to the island for the day. Girls make lunch sandwiches and we will stop at the store for some supplies.”

Fred said, “what about Mr. Zulu lawn?”

Josh said, “I will call him told him we had a family day planned and could we come in two days?” It was agreed and we were off we got dressed and I took three pieces of new glass just in case. The four of us arm in arm walked down to the store Judy had a lot of make up so she stayed outside. We got our supplies and went back out. Brad was talking to Judy as Fred came out and put his arm around her. Brad said, “This is your boyfriend?” laughing. Jen and Josh came out holding hands. Brad said, you’re kidding your holding hands with your twerp of a brother. “Brad I was wrong, they are so sweat we did them a great injustice all these years,” Jen said.

“Really,” Brad said, in a mocking way, and as he went to hug Judy. Josh stepped in front, “Not a good plan man, that’s my friend’s girlfriend.”

Brad said, “Hey it was just a hug.”

Fred stepped up said, “There is a tree over there, hug that, leave my girlfriend alone.” Brad seeing the two of them backed off, and said, “We will see you soon,” as Brad left seething that these two had the hottest chicks. He was also one of the guys that kept putting me in with the garbage. I thought, “Maybe I should make him my personnel cocksucker or have him seek out every guy from his old class and beg to suck them off.” I decided that would be a later project I was looking forward to having fun with Fred and my girls didn’t want this asshole to get me down.

We headed down to the shore and loaded our boat and off we went as soon as we cleared the first bay Josh said, “Ok girls get your bottoms off we like the view.”

“Yes master” they said and slipped their miniskirts off and panties exposing their beautiful pussies.

Judy was looking at Fred’s crutch watching it bulge.

Fred said, “See something you like my dear.”

Judy said, “I see the bulge but I dream of seeing what’s under it and feeling it inside me.”

Josh drops his pants because he knows from last time he was out the longer Fred sees his cock the more he wants to suck it off and Jen looks at Joshes cock with her shoulder her head twisted she is drooling to get at Josh’s cock.

Josh said to himself, “This is going to be quite a landing”

Reaching the island we stepped out of the boats and I said, “We strip here no clothes for the weekend.”

“Yes master,” Fred said, “we won’t need them anyway”

We unloaded the boat and pulled it up into the bushes so we didn’t advertize we were there. It was fun watching the girls do the work while Fred was sucking me off as I watched, their tits bouncing and their pussies glistening as they wanted to be fucked.

It was fun watching them fumble to put the tent up. I put that on hold and said, “Judy come over and help your boyfriend suck me off. Jen get the whip out and give Judy her two whacks as she is working on my cock with Fred. I will take care of your punishment later.” Judy flinched but kept her mouth on the side of my shaft as Jen raised some welts on her ass. After an hour I gave them both my load and then had Jen and Judy kiss and then do Fred’s cock and I gave Jen her two whacks with the cat of nine.

When Fred came we all went back to putting the tent up as their dicks were swinging. The girls wanted them more. We went into the tent and Fred and Jen sucked my cock, one working on each side, while Judy sucked off Fred.

Josh cum and it felt wonderful as Jen and Fred ate my cum then Jen French kissed me feeding me my own cum Fred stopped Judy and French kissed her feeding Judy Josh’s cum and he fucked her while kissing her and for the first time she cum, while Fucking Fred.

Oh my second master that was wonderful I love you Fred Judy said. That mirror really rewired their brain and although I have not had a lot of experience, we all seem to recover and be able to orgasim again very quickly. That night we had a campfire We were roasting marshmallows and the view of the flickering fire dancing of the skins of Judy Jen and Fred. Jen was saying, “I am so happy now, I can’t believe I was so shallow before and now so full of love for my master.”

They could hear the waves as the tide is going out and locking up at the million stars in the sky no street lights or traffic pure silence other that the crackling of the fire. The girls wondered at the beauty something the boys had Escort bayan seen many times spending a lot of weekends here over the years.

As the fire wore down the four of them crawled into the tent and were making love Josh was using his shorts for a pillow but the stones he brought were hurting his neck so he took them out and placed them by his head just under the sleeping bag.

Jen fell asleep half on top half on the side when we heard the girls scream and be pulled off us. I grabbed a stone but a knife was on my throat and my arms taking behind my back. Brad and three of his buddies had attacked us. The girls were hog tied and the guys said, “We were going to be deal with you faggots first.” They had tied Fred up like a hog and gag him. The girls were crying and begging, “Don’t do this to us.”

Bill slapped Jen across the face and Brian did the same to Judy saying, “Harry tie josh’s legs together”.

Brad said, “Now twerp I am going to fuck your face and if you try to bite me I’ll cut your bag off and shove your balls down your throat and watch you die. Then I will cut the nipple off that bitch sister of yours and watch her bleed out, so you will do everything we say won’t you fag.” “Yes Brad I will do whatever you want but please don’t hurt the girls.”

Harry had his knee in my back holding me in the sitting position as Brad pulled his cock out and rammed it in my mouth. “Suck it you fag make me cum and you swallow and don’t lose a drop.” I did as I was told and it didn’t take long for Brad to cum I drank it all and swallowed. He had a fat cock fatter than Fred’s but not as long maybe five inches but still a mouthful. As he pulled out he went over to Fred and started toying with his cock and running the blunt side of his knife up Fred’s cock.

Brad said, “Give me a reason to cut this cock off Josh you fag.”

I said, “Brad I give you my word I will do as you ask please don’t hurt them.” Brad laughed, “go ahead Bill the faggot will suck you off.” Bill put his cock to my mouth it was all of seven inches and fat like Brads he rammed my face and gagged my throat he was right in my throat and I almost passed out ant he fucked my face hard and cum within a few minutes. Bill took over in my back and Harry did my face he lasted a good fifteen minutes before he blew his load.

Brian came up and said, “I don’t want sloppy seconds I am going to take his ass and make him my pet for the summer.”

They lifted my legs and Bill let go my arms but straddled my face over my head and was holding my legs. Bill said fagot suck on my cock while a real man fucks you. Bill put his cock in my mouth and I felt this cold liquid on my ass and then a finger started fucking my as the two then three then the cock entered hurt like hell but then started to feel good I was finally being fucked I licked and sucked the cock and moaned I couldn’t help it

Brad said, “Look the fag likes it.”

Bill said, “I want next.”

“Fine,” Brad said, “But I am going to have this fag lick Brian’s cum out of his ass. You will do that won’t you Fred,” as the sharp end touches his bag.

Fred said, “Yes sir.”

Brad said, “This boy knows his place he might even survive the next few days.”

Brian finally cum in his ass then told Bill to move and Brian put his cock in Josh’s mouth and said, “Suck my cock and clean it good fag.” I sucked Brian’s cock clean.

Brian grabbed Fred drug him over and said, “Start licking his ass boy.”

Josh managed to free his hands while Bill straddled him. Brad drug Judy outside and Harry drug Jen outside they were tying them to the logs so they could fuck their brains out.

Brian and Bill said, “They were going to play with these fags till morning they had all day after they finished with these two. Brad said yea I want them staked out to bake and we will throw some saltwater on them every few hours see how well the faggots tan.”

Bill laughed, “Suck it good faggot “

I started bobbing my head to cover my hand movement and I managed to get the second piece of glass. I kept my hands closed and had to wait to get light to make sure they could look into the mirror. After Fred licked my cum they had Fred fuck me and then eat his own cum out of my ass, then Bill fucked me while Fred had his cock in my mouth I could hear muffled screams from outside Brad and Harry must have been having their way with my slaves.


Soon it was light enough to see and Bill had just finished cumming in my mouth while Brian was fucking my ass. As soon as Bill got off I showed both them the pretty mirror and they froze with that blank stare.

Josh said, “Brian you are my slave forever”

Brian said, “Yes Master.”

Brian you can never hurt me or drug me you must protect me with your life and always tell me the truth. Brian said, “Yes Master.”

William, “You are my slave forever.”William said, “Yes master.” “You can never hurt me or drug me you must protect me with your life and always tell me the truth. And Bayan escort you will answer to William or Bill.” William said, “Yes master.”

Josh said, “Slaves untie us.”William and Brian said, “Yes master.”

“Bill you walk out and say you want Brads knife to carve some initials in the fags.” Brian follow Bill out here is two pieces of rope one for each of you choke Brad and Harry out to unconsciousness. Then we will tie them up.”

It worked like a charm we had Brad tied and I went over the knots to make sure and Harry. The girls wanted to kill them I figured I would leave them tied to cool down. They were wild. “Hey Fred fuck your girl and I will take care of Jen.”

“Bill, Brian have our tied friends suck you off make fags of them.”

William and Brian said, “Yes master.”

I said to Brad and Harry, “Of course if you bite you will own no balls I have the knife.”

I fucked my Jen and made her cum many times before I cum in her and I said.” this was fun having my love tied.” “We well have to do this more often,” Josh said.

“Please my love my master I am sore, they hurt me,” Jen said. I cut her lose and said, “You may not do anything to them without my permission.” “But Master I want to castrate them.” Jen said.

“Jen my love they will never rape again I promise you. Bill and Brian are my slaves now. So they will never hurt us and we are going to play with Brad and Harry and make them big faggots.”

I went over to Judy and had her suck my cock and Fred made her cum she had a orgasm over and over. As much as Brad and Harry fucked her she couldn’t cum I looked at Brad, “You couldn’t even make them cum, you really are a faggot.”

Judy hugged Fred, “Oh my love, I love you.” She just then realized she was free. I had cut her free while she came. She got up and threw sand in the eyes of Harry. Well never thought of that.

“Harry screamed. “I can’t see.”

Judy said, “Good now you can go blind and never see the beauty in life. We were on one of the most beautiful spots on the planet and it will be the last thing you will see for the rest of your fucking, worthless life.”

Josh said, “Judy my love is that what you really want that is permanent no coming back in a few hours or days this is a life time decision.”

“Oh master I don’t know, I want them dead for what they did to you and all of us.”

“Judy as for me they broke my cherry ass in, boo hoo if it had not of been them it would have been Fred or you two with dildos just happened sooner.”

Josh said, “I am upset what they did to you and I ask you, do you want Harry permanently blind living off welfare the rest of his life.”

“No Jen cried I am sorry master.”

“Fred take care of him rinse his eyes out.” “Yes master.”

“Bill, what plans did you have for me and Fred?”

Bill said, “There wasn’t much talk about Fred. You however Brad wanted you broke to his obedient pet to suck him on demand or give up your ass whenever he wanted he wanted to make you a mindless idiot.”

Brad said, “Shut up you bastard you’re supposed to be my friends.”

Josh said, “They are my slaves now and we are going to do just as they said only in reverse you will be my obedient slave.”

“Fuck him good guys. Fred how is Harry doing? Are his eyes going to be ok?”

“I am no doctor they are scratched for sure.”

“See you got him blindfolded. Ok girls what do you want done to this blind guy?”

“Master, fuck his virgin ass at least.”

“Ok Fred, fuck Harry.”

Later that day we staked Brad out on the sand in the noon sun. Every hour we poured some salt water over is body and cock. By two o’clock he looked like a lobster we put a wet towel over his head he was starting to babble. His cock started to get blisters on it so I had Bill jerk him off.

He screamed, “Please stop.”

I walked over to him and knelt down and said, “What do you want.”

“Please master don’t hurt me I will do anything please don’t hurt me.” “Open your mouth I want to piss down it.” “No master I can’t.”

I took the towel away and by four he was baked blisters all over his front including his bag

“Girls he need some water. Come piss over his face and body.” “Yes master” and Judy and Jen pissed on him as he screamed back to life.” “Please master I am yours I will do as you ask I am a worthless slave.”

“Open your mouth I am going to piss down it.” “Yes master” Brad said without hesitation he opened his mouth. I pissed down his throat then Brian, Bill and Harry with Jen aiming Harry’s cock. “Thank you my master how can I serve you”.

“Fred cut him loose.” and soon as he did Brad crawled to my feet kissing them, “I am so sorry master I will never hurt you again I am your slave forever.”

“Bill take him to the stream and help him bath.”

“Bill come here, if he says anything negative just agree with him and tell me when you return.” “Yes my master”

“Brian get that swinging dick moving and go make supper for us all.” “Yes master Escort and Brian got the fire going and cooked steak and eggs for us all.”

Then when Bill came back Brad went between my legs and started licking my cock. Bill said, “All he talked about was serving you and how he was so wrong about you and wants your forgiveness.”

“Fred, take Harry over to the stream rinse his eyes see if he is doing better.”

“Master may I go with them,” Judy said. “Go my love.”

Jen said, “Master I want to leave this place. It was so perfect now I feel like a prisoner I shut my eyes I see them hurting you.” “Let wait see what your sister and Bill want to do but yes my love we will go back tonight but even so these four will now be part of our family they will never hurt us again but also will never leave us.”

“Surely not my master those creeps are part of our family?”

“Jen they were no more creeps than you and Judy were.” Jen started Crying remembering again how bad they treated Fred and I. Josh put his arms around her and kissed her and said, “It’s all right my love, you and Judy have changed and it will be the same with these four, trust me my love.”

Fred came back and said, “Harry can see but his eyes are still sore and I think there is still sand in his eyes. He needs proper flushing.”

“Ok that settles it we need to head back”

Fred said, “Judy and I would like to spend the night, Master come in early in the morning.”

“Fred my friend, Jen needs Judy she is very unstable right now, probably not a good idea to separate them tonight.” Fred said, “You’re right, Master we should stay together we will head back.”

Josh brings out the third stone and has Fred take the bandage off Harry’s eyes. Josh shows him the mirror and Harry takes that blank stare and Josh says, “You are my slave forever, Harry.”

“Yes Master I am your slave forever.” Josh said, “You can never drug me hurt me you must protect me with your life any threats against me or my family you must tell me.” “Yes master,” Harry said.


“Anybody ask you were playing with your friends and got sand in your eyes.” “Yes master,” Harry said.

Josh felt the mirror light up a strange green shining in the eyes of Harry. His eyes started watering like a tap was turned on. Josh let the light continue although he didn’t have much choice his hand was frozen the mirror had control.

When the green light stopped Harry said, “I can see, my eyes are not sore master Thank you my master” and he fell to the ground and kiss Josh’s feet. Josh had learned a new feature to the stones a healing property. He also found it strange that everybody would start kissing his feet. Oh well, who am I to argue.

We loaded up the fifteen foot boat sent Harry and Fred on ahead. Fred was to go get dads car and bring it down to the wharf while we packed the boat beach I went in the Brads 40 horsepower speed boat with Brad, Jen, Bill and Brian. We give Fred a tow, as he did not get far and we caught up with the smaller boat.

Once in the inner bay we stayed out running around the bay had Brad blow me and swallow my special cum If he was acting it was a grand performance even when he was done he ask if he could stay between my legs he felt safe there. It was getting dark when Fred returned with Dads car we put the naked Brad in the back seat with Bill and Brian on either side of him we drove to the house while the rest unloaded the boats and moved the stuff up to the parking lot. At the house we pulled into the garage I told them, “to bring the faggot in to the kitchen,” while I went to my room for a new stone.

I come back down showed Brad the stone and he went to that blank stare and said, “Brad you are my slave forever,” he didn’t answer. Bill what is Brad’s real name Bradford the third I think Master.

Josh repeated, “Bradford you are my slave forever.” “Yes master,” Brad said. Josh said, “Bradford you will answer to Brad. “Yes master.” Josh said, “You can never drug me hurt me you must protect me with your life any threats against me or my family you must tell me.” “Yes master,” Brad said.

The stone turned a bright green all over Brad’s body and my head was tingling as it did before. In a few minutes all the blisters were gone and Brad looked like a well tanned body in front and a white back kind of cute actually.

“Brad every day you must get fucked by two guys then you can beg to fuck me and every time you fuck me you become more subservient to me.” “Yes master”

“Bill and Brian you like to fuck Brian and you enjoy Fred’s and my cum the more you get the more you desire it and will do anything the family says to get it.” “Yes Master,” they both said.

Josh thought, “He was getting quite the house full of slaves.” Brad had opened a web site development company and Bill Brian and Harry worked for him. As long as they had a computer and internet access they could do work from anywhere. Brad made me senior vice president with a six hundred a week salary and my job was to give him my ass once a week, what a hard ship. I really enjoyed being fucked by him his cock filled me and he massaged my prostate and made me cum with no touching of my cock. The next day they were working on the computer at my house.

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