Mitch Meets The Jenkins’


Chapter 1

Mitch’s head was pounding. He knew he should have stopped the car a good hour earlier than he did to retrieve the sunglasses he had accidentally packed in his suitcase. Instead, he drove a good two hours with the sun low in the western sky and staring him right in the face. His desire to, “not stop” and just, “get there” coupled with the anxiety of meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time and now, with the added challenge of the bright sun glaring in his face gave Mitch a massive headache.

The perpetual drum cadence in his head was interrupted by further instructions from his lovely traveling partner, “Turn right here and then it’s another mile or two before the next turn.”

Mitch could hear the excitement in Connie’s voice and it briefly took his mind off of his headache. He knew they would be at her folks’ house in less than a half hour and she was getting as giddy as a little kid on Christmas Eve. Even with the pain in his head, he smiled at her.

Mitch and Connie had met about 3 months ago. Having just been promoted and transferred from a regional position to the corporate HQ in downtown Cincinnati, Mitch signed the lease to an apartment that was right down the hall from Connie’s. Mitch had met Connie’s roommate, Sandy first and in short order was invited over for dinner.

From the onset, it was obvious that the dinner was a ruse for Sandy to introduce Mitch to Connie. While Sandy was real “cute”, Connie had no difficulty getting Mitch’s attention. Her blonde hair, green eyes and perfectly proportioned body were impossible for Mitch to ignore.

That first dinner, assisted by an early exit by Sandy led to a night of great sex and a relationship between Mitch and Connie that appeared as natural as a hand and a glove.

Now, it had progressed to the point where it was time for them to travel through Kentucky to meet Connie’s folks who lived in the little town of Albertsville, which sat, just outside of Louisville.

With ever growing enthusiasm, Connie interrupted Mitch’s thoughts, “Slow down a bit Mitch as the turn-off is just ahead.”

“No problem.”

Mitch slowed the car and turned right down another dirt road.

Mitch, head still pounding couldn’t resist teasing Connie for the thousandth time, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

And for the thousandth time, Connie playfully slapped his arm and with obvious playfulness in her voice responded, “Ok, Mr. Smarty Pants, this little road becomes their driveway in just another mile so if you can stay focused on just keeping the wheel straight, we’ll be there safely in just a few more minutes.”

Even with the headache, Mitch let out a little giggle. He loved how they were always so playful. He casually reached over, cupping Connie’s hefty left breast and said, “How ’bout a quick blowjob before we get there?”

In response, Mitch felt the “thousandth-and-one” slap to his arm.

They both giggled.

Soon, a clearing appeared and Connie’s childhood home came into full view.

Connie exclaimed, “Oh I’m so excited to see everybody.”

Privately, Mitch was excited to see Connie’s mom Emily, and her sister Susan as well. Having only seen pictures, he knew that both women were quite attractive. Connie had a picture on her bookshelf of her mom and sister wearing pretty skimpy bikinis on a beach in the Bahamas and while being careful to not let Connie ever see him, he had found himself staring at this picture on more than one occasion. While it would have really embarrassed him if he were caught, he couldn’t help ogling the bodies of these two women.

Connie’s Mother, Emily Jenkins had honey brown skin just like Connie. Both had a breast size of 36, and they also shared the same shade of shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. Mitch knew that Emily had Connie when she was just 19 years old and now even at 42, Emily, looked more like a sister than a mother to both Connie and Susan.

In comparison, Connie’s sister Susan Jenkins had a much darker complexion. Her skin tone was so dark that it almost appeared that she was of Spanish decent and her blue eyes were just dazzling. From other pictures, Mitch could tell that Susan favored her father, Joe’s who apparently had a fair bit of Mediterranean blood on that side of the family.

From the pictures, he had memorized Susan’s body. It was long and smooth and while her breasts were a little smaller at 34C, there was no doubt that they were as firm as the rest of her body.

Mitch pulled up close to the house but before he could put the car in park, the front door of the house opened up and he could see Connie’s mom and sister race down the front porch to meet them. Mitch immediately noticed that both women wore shorts displaying great legs with nice tans. Susan wore a halter-top that accentuated her youthful figure and her mom, Emily wore a blouse that was tied up around her tan waist with one too many buttons undone at the top that allowed a great deal of cleavage to be seen..

As Mitch put the car in park and erenköy escort switched off the ignition, he caught a blur of movement to his right as Connie leapt out of the car and into both her mother and sister’s outstretched arms. Mitch could see the excitement on all three women’s faces and not wanting to interrupt their greeting of one and other, Mitch slowly and deliberately took his time getting out of the car and to buy them even more time to greet one-and-other, he walked the long way around the car while waiting for introductions.

He didn’t have to wait for long.

As Connie started to turn to present Mitch to her mother and sister, Connie’s younger sister, Susan raced up to Mitch, threw her arms around him and gave him a warm embrace. Susan took an instant liking to Mitch. Most women did. At a sliver over 5’10” and weighing in at near 200 lbs., his strong build was easily displayed in his shorts and button down cotton shirt. Mitch had played tailback at a Division II College and even started in both his Junior and Senior Years. Even at 25, Mitch still started nearly every day with 100 push-ups, 200 crunches and a series of leg stretches. His boyish good looks were perfectly framed by his sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes and near-perfect physique.

As Susan’s grip tightened around his waist, Mitch could immediately feel Susan’s 19 year-old breasts boring into his chest. In fact, he had the feeling that Susan was pushing her breasts into his chest on purpose and while as a man, Mitch liked it, he immediately passed it off as, “youthful exuberance” and nothing more.

With her arms still around Mitch’s neck, Susan said, “Hi Mitch, I’m Connie’s younger and p-r-e-t-t-i-e-r sister, Susan. I’ve heard so much about you!”

Mitch giggled at Susan’s playful rhetoric and Connie, equally lighthearted chimed in, “Hey little sister, he’s mine!” Then after placing her hands on her hips in mock anger, she continued to playfully chastise her little sister, “And by the way, you are not prettier than me!”

Undaunted, Susan responded, “Am too and I think Mitch likes me better than you, anyways!”

“Am not and no he doesn’t!”

“Am too and, yes he does!”

After they both stuck their tongues out at each other, Connie’s mother Emily walked over to Mitch. Instinctively, Susan retreated from Mitch’s arms to give her mother some room.

Even though Emily was a good deal older than Mitch, his physical presence was hardly lost on her. She thought, “Hmmmm…., he’s quite a young stud now, isn’t he?”, but instead of verbalizing such a thought, Emily continued with the comical tone of the moment while continuing her pace toward Mitch.

“Pay no attention to those two Mitch”, and then with a big grin, continued, “Once we get into the house, I’ll make sure they behave.”

As everyone giggled at Connie and Susan’s moms playful, “reprimand” Emily elegantly slid into Mitch’s arms and she hugged him as well. Emily liked the feel of his strong arms around her body and his chest was as solid as an oak.

From Mitch’s perspective, he could easily feel the breasts of another member of the Jenkins’ family thrust into his chest. He thought, “Hey, a guy could really get used to this.”

Still in their embrace, she spoke, “Mitch, I’m Connie’s mom, Emily Jenkins. We have all heard so much about you and please be sure to make yourself at home.”

Mitch felt very at ease with both Emily and Susan and any trepidation he had about the trip was quickly fading away. Even his headache started to feel a “little” bit better.

As Emily slid out of his arms, she reached out and took Mitch’s hand to lead him into the house. Mitch could feel Emily’s fingers entwine with his and it gave him a most unexpected, “chill”. Walking just in front of him and up the stairs to the house, were Connie and her sister Susan. Mitch’s eyes inadvertently gazed to Susan’s backside.

In a word, the view of her ass in her tight cut-offs was, “magnificent”. Her hips swayed in a way that was well beyond her 19 years of age. Similarly, Connie’s backside looked equally appealing. As he gazed back and forth at the fine asses in front of him, he felt two things, his cock twitch, and Emily’s hand squeezing his.

Looking quickly to Emily’s face, he saw her giving him a knowing smirk as they too, proceeded up the stairs.

“Busted”, he thought.

All four of them walked into the house and sat around the kitchen table.

Connie started, “Mom, Mitch has a terrible headache. Do you have any aspirin?”

“I’ve got better than that”, replied her mom. “Susan, get over there and do your best to rub the stress out of Mitch’s neck while I prepare my special headache remedy for him.”

Mitch thought, “Special headache remedy? What’s that?” Then he watched as Emily went to her cupboards and started pulling all kinds of jars onto the counter. At the same time, Susan got up from her chair and walked over so that she was now standing directly behind Mitch’s chair. Looking down gebze escort onto his seated form, she slid her hands from the base of his neck and up to the top of his head. Then, she used her long fingernails to softly rake up and down the back of his scalp.

Mitch felt a surge of electricity run through his body and involuntarily, Mitch let out a little moan, “Emmmm…..”

His eyes fluttered open long enough to see Connie’s mom take a handful of leaves and flowers that she pulled out of a variety of jars and then she vigorously rubbed them between her palms as his eyes closed to enjoy Susan’s massage.

Susan bent so that she was speaking directly into Mitch’s ear, “I bet that feels good now doesn’t it Mitch?”

Mitch could feel her breath on his ear and the twitches in his pants started to resume.

Susan used her hands to guide Mitch’s head so that the back of his head was now resting between her lovely, 19 year-old breasts.

Susan could feel some resistance from Mitch as if he were embarrassed to lean his head onto her chest so in a reassuring tone, she said, “It’s ok Mitch, just lay your head back onto me. It won’t hurt me and it’ll make your headache feel a w-h-o-l-e lot better.”

In an equally reassuring voice, Connie also said, “Lean back Mitch, it’s ok”, then sticking out her own chest to accentuate her point followed with, “I mean, it’s not like you haven’t had your head on a set of breasts before.”

Soft giggles floated around the room as he allowed his head to fully rest on Connie’s sister’s tits.

With his head resting on her bosom, Susan ran her hands over Mitch’s forehead and down over his cheeks. The extra pressure pushed his head further into her cleavage and Mitch could feel that he was easily at, “full mast” and was grateful that his “lower half” was situated under the table where no one could see.

Susan’s fingers twirled and danced on his face and scalp and in the background, he could hear Connie’s mother, Emily continuing to rub even more leaves and stuff in her hands.

Mitch heard Emily speak to her daughter, “That’s enough Susan, I’ll take over now.”

Mitch felt one set of hands disappear and another take their place.

Emily continued, “Now rest your head back onto me Mitch.”

Mitch could feel his head now resting on Emily’s large rack of tits. While it felt great and his head was starting to feel better, he was still hoping that no one would notice the tent in his pants.

As Emily’s hands slid all over Mitch’s head and face she spoke, “Now breath in deep while I rub your face Mitch. The scent of these herbs in my hands will make that headache go away.”

Mitch could smell the herb mixture on Emily’s hands while they traced up and down from his neck to the top of his head. It smelled kind of like mint but there was more to it than that and in short order, he could actually feel his headache start to subside.

As Emily’s hands continued to massage his face, he heard Connie and Susan talking.

Connie asked, “Where’s daddy?”

Susan responded, “He got stuck out of town and won’t get home until tomorrow. There was some kind of problem with the plane and he had to delay his flight home by one day. He sure felt bad about it but there wasn’t anything he could do.”

The two sisters continued to discuss their father and a variety of other topics but Mitch really wasn’t paying too much attention to that. Instead, he was concentrating on the breasts his head was laying on and the hands that were now tracing down the, “front of his shirt”.

Mitch was both surprised and further aroused by Emily so matter-of-factly, sliding her hands inside the front of his shirt. She even undid a couple of buttons to allow her easier access to massage his pectorals.

Soon her hands were making wide circular motions all over his chest and upper stomach. Then she would glide them back up his neck and up over his cheek and forehead where he’d get another nose full of scent from the herbs and then she’d slide right back down to his chest again.

Mitch could feel his cock strain hard against the zipper of his pants and he had to fight to stop from squirming in his seat at this woman’s incredible touch.

Connie and Susan conversation was totally unfazed by their mother’s attention to Mitch’s body. In short order, Emily pushed Mitch’s head forward so that it rested on his arms, on the table.

Then she started rubbing the base of his neck and shoulders.

About 5 minutes later, she stopped and Mitch’s headache was gone – that is, the headache, “on top” of his shoulders was gone.

Chapter 2

They all ate a quick lunch and afterwards, Mitch dragged his and Connie’s luggage up to their bedroom. He was thrilled that Connie’s mom and dad were “cool” about their sleeping together. Truth-be-told, Mitch was so horny from Connie’s mother and sister’s massage that all he really wanted to do was drag Connie upstairs and fuck her senseless but that was going to have to wait göztepe escort as the “ladies” all wanted to go to the creek for a swim.

Mitch pulled down his pants and desperately wanted to quickly bring himself off with his hands. Unfortunately, after giving his erect cock only a couple of pulls, he heard Connie yell from the bottom of the stairs, “C’mon Mitch we’re all ready to go!”

Mitch pulled on his bathing suit and put back on his loose button down shirt that hung un-tucked over his erection in hopes that it wouldn’t be so noticeable.

On the walk to the creek, Mitch and Connie held hands and all three ladies filled him in on the property.

Emily and her husband, Joe built this house over 20 years ago. They had over 50 acres of heavily wooded land that was very secluded. Within their property was a creek that was spring fed. It was cool on a hot day and clean enough to drink.

Since the temperature was all of 90 degrees, jumping into a creek seemed like a pretty good idea to everybody.

After walking up a sloping hill, Mitch got his first look at the creek. It was a beautiful site. Apparently, Joe had put in a small sandy beach that bordered the water and made for a comfortable place to lie down without getting dirty.

As they walked onto the beach the ladies laid their towels onto the beach area and proceeded to disrobe.

Over the past 3 months of their relationship, Mitch had gotten pretty used to Connie’s “liberal” ways regarding clothes. She rarely ever wore clothes around the apartment and was always very comfortable with her nudity. Now watching her mother and sister at the water’s edge, he was about to learn why.

First, he watched as Emily pulled her shorts down to the ground, followed by her underwear, blouse and bra. He couldn’t believe that she was literally standing in front of him, “naked”. Her neatly trimmed blonde bush seemed to sparkle in the afternoon sun and as she turned to walk to the water, his eyes drifted to her fine butt. Sure there was a little spread in the hips from childbirth but, there was nothing wrong with any part of Emily’s 42 year old body. “Most definitely, fuckable”, thought Mitch.

This surreal moment was further magnified as Susan’s 19 year-old, “clothes-less” form also came into view. Her breasts were firm enough to use as a bookshelf. Her tummy was, “perfect” and her brown snatch made his mouth water.

However, paying Mitch no mind, whatsoever, both Emily and her daughter, Susan proceeded to walk naked into the cool water.

Looking up, Connie noticed that her mother and sister were sans clothes and she whispered to Mitch, “Honey, this is how we have swam in this lake since we were little kids. I hope it doesn’t bother you.”

Then Connie undressed and as she too started for the water, she looked back at Mitch wearing “only” her smile and said, “Like you always say Mitch, when in Rome…”

Mitch then watched Connie’s bare ass twitch with each step as she entered the water.

Now with three beautiful and very naked women all cavorting in the water, Mitch stood dumbfounded on the sand.

He heard Emily call to him from the water, “C’mon Mitch, lose the suit and come into the water. We won’t look!”

Then one by one, first Emily, then Connie and then Susan, stood up in the water facing Mitch with breasts hanging above the tops of the water and cupped hands around their eyes as if they were holding binoculars to stare at him.

Then all three girls started laughing uproariously while Mitch simultaneously turned every shade of red imaginable.

Trying to cut Mitch a break, Connie then said, “C’mon, let’s turn our backs so he’ll get into the water.”

With their backs now facing him, Mitch couldn’t stand the teasing any longer and as he reached the water’s edge, he kicked off his suit and jumped into the water every bit as naked as Emily, Connie and Susan.

To Mitch’s relief, nothing was said and the ladies all acted as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Also, the coolness of the water seemed to take some of the “sting” out of his erection.

After a short time, Mitch actually started to even forget that he was naked but he never lost site of the fact that the women were. Any time they stood, he got a great look at their nice, juicy tits with protruding nipples caused by the coolness of the water. Every time they swam, their asses poked above the water’s surface and when they floated on their backs, well, Mitch got to see, “everything else”. Essentially, the initial “coolness” of the water had clearly worn off and Mitch was once again, trying to manage a massive erection.

Connie swam over to Mitch and hugged him from the side. As she draped her arms around him, her hand slid down until she found his very hard dick.

Leaning forward so that only he could hear, she lightheartedly said, “I hope that’s for me?”

Mitch didn’t directly respond because at this point, he wasn’t really sure of the answer himself.

Connie laid her head on Mitch’s shoulder for a moment and gave his cock a couple of pulls before loudly proclaiming, “Chicken fight!”

Without having an opportunity to actually register what Connie had said, she was already climbing up his back so that her legs were over his shoulders and her bare cunt was placed firmly on the nape of his neck.

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