Molly Ch. 24: Dread Lobster


“I am so very sunburnt.”

Molly Indrabooty winces heavily at an aching rash of peeling skin. Within the confines of her bedroom she examines herself thoroughly in her dresser mirror. Completely nude at the moment learning swiftly that underwear or anything tight hurt like a bitch. She knew the possibilities when she and her family joined the Houser clan at sea on their yacht. Sex outdoors in the sun led to a darker complexion. Her skin nearly black at the moment. She was sorely tempted to call off sick from school and remain at home to ease her agony. Two days in a row looked bad, considering all of her family called off Monday to recover from their trip to Key Largo. It would not be in the cards.

A knock at her door leads her to hold a towel in front of her as she answers. Opening it she finds her Mother Marjorie holding a curled tube of Aloe Vera, “You’re so very lucky I’m a Botanist.”

“Enter Mother. I am in need of your caring hands.”

“Only because I know you can barely move. I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson. I burnt badly myself on the way there. It really didn’t feel horrible until the next day. How I got through my massage without bawling my eyes out is beyond me.” She shivers at her shameless beach massage at the hands of a dashing Carlos. So she thought. What began with Carlos ended with Caleb Houser eating her out without her even suspecting it was him. Blindfolds and music to drown out exterior voices made certain of that. Still, something seemed off about Carlos. It didn’t feel as if he had a moustache. Unless of course his brother ate her instead. Either way she was ashamed of herself for secretly enjoying it. It had been awhile since Sahseej graced her pussy with his loving lips.

“Hurry Mommah, before Father checks on me.”

“You’re lucky your Father went to work before you woke. Calling off yesterday meant pushing his intern’s into performing lesser surgeries on patients with scheduled appointments. He cannot do that again. Being a lead brain surgeon means you cannot just do as he did. Outside of renting a seaplane to get home early we were all stuck with the Housers.”

“I had great fun until today. May I stay home from school for the rest of the week?”

“Today yes. I’m staying home too. Campus can live without me a few days. We can both care for one another and soothe our wounds.”

“I must text Caleb and tell him I miss him.”

“You really like this Caleb don’t you?” Marjorie ever so carefully dabs aloe on Molly’s worst areas. Namely those she was unable to reach. Even the slightest pressure made Molly tense up. Poor thing.

“Very much. At first I disliked him much. But, he has shown me how much he adores me.”

“I think all of the Houser’s adore you.”

Molly winces both at the tenderness of her burns but at her Mother’s observation. She worried her Mom might be picking up signals she tried to keep hidden. Namely Caleb’s Father giving her too much attention. Unless confronted Molly would keep it too herself. Not only did she never want Caleb mad at her but she actually liked being told what to do. Caleb certainly had a spell over her.

“I like them. Kayla even.”

“She seems like a sweetheart.” Marjorie would not have said that if she knew the girl had seduced her Husband more than once. For now she was as blind as a dumbfounded bat.

“We must need many tubes of Aloe.” Molly lifts the tube to realize not much was left.

“I know.” Marjorie hisses, “I used some selfishly. If I have to I’ll go out and buy more. There is a drugstore just down the street.”

“You must hurry Mommah. I cannot move.”

“I’m not even dressed yet. Do you think I like wearing clothes over my burns either?”

Marjorie frowns at her daughters disappointed glare. With a huff from held breath she smiles. “Of course I’ll go buy more aloe. I’ll just wear something loose and silky. If only I could wear this nightie.” She pinches the soft pale pink silk of her night gown. It was short and very sexy.

“People would look at you and call you Victoria.”

“You think you’re funny. How about I just let you snap, crackle, and pop?”

“No Mommah. Call the school and excuse me if you please.”

“You want a lot from me this morning. You know I will. Give me time to find something to wear that doesn’t hurt me. That is going to be a challenge.”

Leaving Molly expressing a grimace at her own agonizing burns Marjorie goes to her bedroom and first procures her cell. Dialing the University first she awaits a reply from her assistant Bella. It took five rings before her youthful ally answered.

“Good morning Miss Kenwood. I hate to do this to you two days in a row, but frankly my burns hurt so badly I might not even be available tomorrow. We shall see. My daughter Molly is in agony, the poor girl. I think Sahseej was the only one lucky out of our mini vacation. Can you inform Dean Callahan I won’t be in today? Thank you Sweet Bella. Carry on without me.”

Hanging up Marjorie then dialed Molly’s school. “Hello. This is the Mother of Molly Indrabooty. bonus veren siteler I’m calling to let you know I’m authorizing her to stay home today and tomorrow. Pending on how she feels of course. Our entire family got very bad sunburns over the weekend. Thank you Henrietta. Give Principal Chavez my best.”

Once done she takes another moment to text Sahseej at work. “I’m daring to go get more aloe for our burns. We are both miserable. Have a better day than us my love.”

Text sent she pilfers through her closet seeking something to wear.

Six miles away at the Hospital Sahseej Indrabooty preps for surgery. Before washing his hands he feels his cell vibrate. Not once but twice. Grimacing he chooses to look at the texts. One was from his wife. The other…Kayla Houser. Staring at both he fans his fingers indecisively. Sadly, he chose to read Kayla’s text. What he found was not just words but a picture of her pussy up close. Her fingers prying her hole wide with an invitation. Her text read. “She misses you as much as I do.” Glancing about he quickly closes it from prying interns. He would read his wife’s text three hours later. Surgery came first.

At home, Marjorie Indrabooty concluded that nearly everything she owned was a burden against her tender red flesh. Deciding that her nightie was her softest option she left it on but dared to wear a very thin silky coat over it. The coat draped only as low as her upper thighs. Even that felt miserable to her flesh. “Good lord! I look like a hooker.”

Wearing sandals on her feet she snatched up her purse and car keys. Passing by Molly’s door she observes Molly laying nude on her tummy weeping as she texted Caleb.

“Everything alright?”

“No Mommah. Even my fingertips hurt.”

“Awww! I’ll hurry back. Don’t move.”

“I will be exactly as I am now.” She whimpers.

It hurt to move too fast so Marjorie crept a bit. Opening her door she steps into the hallway. Turning after locking her door she fumbles with her keys squealing as they slipped from her grasp toppling to the carpet. Eying them she just knew how badly it was going to hurt bending to pick them up. Using the wall as support she crouches low and grits her teeth every inch of the way. She hadn’t noticed the elevator open until she was fully crouched and prepared for the stretch to pick up her keyring. Hearing the door open she looks up to see their neighbor Eric. For once he didn’t have a different girl on his arm. She couldn’t move.

With groceries in his arms he eyes her predicament. What she hadn’t even thought about was the fact her coat was open, her short nightie wide. Eric Champion looked right up into paradise.


“You could say that. Nasty sunburn. Dropped my keys on my way out.” She realized after looking at her knee span that Eric was admiring her inner thighs. Eyes wide she quickly closed her legs. The pain shooting through her made her lose balance and fall backwards. Hearing her shriek Eric swiftly sets his bags down and rushes to her aid. Directly in front of her of course. He wanted an up close visual of her puss. There was no hiding it.

“Rather compromising isn’t it?” She hisses tossing her coat over her front. Neither side covered her. There was no masking her loveliness.

“Alright! As pervy as this might sound…very nice. Here let me help you up.”

She blushed but accepted his gentle lift to her feet. Marjorie tried to smile but knew he was now looking at her cleavage. Eric made a sudden, decent move and pulled her coat closed.

“I know it can’t be helped, but you do realize it’s 95 degrees out already. Fucking Miami, what can ya do?”

“I know but I can’t wear anything more than this. My daughter’s worse yet. You wouldn’t by chance have any aloe?”

“I don’t.” He really did but wanted to offer her help in other ways. “Can you even drive anywhere? I know you’re not walking to the store.”

“I can barely keep my legs closed. Please don’t make a crude comment. I am happily married. Even if it is nice to be noticed.”

“Oh I’ve noticed you. Ever since you guys moved in to 8-1.”


“A guy can dream.” He winks at her. “I suppose 8-1 does sound a tad cannibalistic.”

“I need to go Eric.”

“She remembers my name. I have to ask Margie…”


“I heard awhile back that your maiden name was Lovett. Marjorie Lovett-Indrabooty,”

“Yes it was.”

“So do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Love it in the booty?”

“At a time like this you’re being a dick?”

“Yes or no?” He charms her.

With a tense glare that melted in his big blue eyes Marjorie sighs. “I recall enjoying it. I haven’t done that since my college days.”

“Your hubby against that?”

“I will not discuss my husband with you Eric.”

“Gotcha! Let me put my frozen goods in the freezer and I’ll drive you wherever you need to go.”

“I’m sure I can manage once I get a good start.”

“Don’t be silly. Give me five minutes.”

“My daughter is probably bahis bawling her eyes out waiting on me.”

“Back in three. Hang tight.”

“Fine!” She watched him walk backwards looking her over from head to toe. His smile was intoxicating. Eric Champion was a Greek God. It was no wonder he had a different woman every day. Marjorie could never deny that she did indeed find him attractive. A minor fantasy kept to herself. As he grabbed his bags and unlocked his door she holds a hand to her chest. “Oh my lord! Eric saw my vagina.” She fanned herself with her hand then panicked. Walking awkwardly to the elevator she hit the button whispering, “Hurry it up.”

Before the elevator rose to their floor Eric charged back out of his apartment. Locking up just as the elevator door opened. “See that didn’t take long.”

She closes her eyes at her irritated flesh rubbing together. “No it didn’t.” Damn him! Into the elevator they went. He pushed the button for the underground garage then settled back beside her.

“You’re sweating up a storm. Sure you want to wear that coat?”

“Eric, I’m in a nightie with obviously no underwear. I cannot possibly go without something to cover myself.”

“You’re firecracker red everywhere. If I were you I’d ditch the coat. The material is scratchy.”

“I didn’t have a choice. Maybe I should just call and have someone deliver me what we need.”

“Or, you can lean on me and I’ll get you where you’re going.”

“Or, you could be a gentleman and just go get it for me.”

“Stop being so nervous around me. I won’t bite.”

‘I never said you would.” She rolls her eyes and confronts him, “Admit it Eric. You’re only helping me because you’ve seen my…”

“Sweet pussy?”

She drops her jaw and stares without blinking. As he smirked back at her she took a deep breath and withheld a smile. Blushing she whispers toward him as if she had an audience. “I’m dehydrated enough without you making me wet.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing.” She was not going to repeat herself. He heard her quite well. As the elevator reached the garage the air conditioning of the building vanished like oxygen being sucked awat. She fanned her coat flaps at the heat.

“I told you it was hot for 9AM. My car is over here.” He hit his remote which beeped informing him where it was.

“You’re he tenant with the red Jaguar convertible. Me likey.”

“Top coming down.” He uses his remote to send the canopy reeling back.

She shivered imagining her own top coming down. “Damn it! Why does he have to be so gorgeous?” She kept to herself as he opened the passenger door for her. Seating so low it was agonizing to her flesh as it stretched. At the halfway point Marjorie cried out her pain. Between that and the long coat bunching up beneath her entry.

“Enough! Take that coat off already.”

“I don’t think I can argue with you Eric.” He assists her in removing it and tosses it into the back seat. From there he carefully helped her inside one leg at a time. “Please stop looking up my nightie.”

“Not gonna happen Lovett.”

“I cannot possibly be that irresistible.”

“Nicest pussy I’ve seen in quite awhile.”

“I cannot believe you’re speaking to me like this.”

“Gonna tell the Doc?”

“Definitely not. His hands pay the bills. I do not need him breaking any knuckles on your chin.”

Eric laughs and eases the door shut. “I think it’s more because you like my flirting with you.”

“Is that what they call sexual harassment these days?”

“Sue me.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“I’ve been tempting you since the day you and I waved in the hall months ago.”

“HA! How do you fit that ego into this tiny little car?”

“The same way I fit my big fat cock into tiny little spaces.”

“Oh my God! Eric stop.” She blushes laughing. He starts the car with a cheesy grin and backs out. Squealing tires they jet through the garage and come out on to a relatively busy street. It was then Marorie felt naked. Covering her chest was a mistake. Both spaghetti straps on her nightie slipped down over her biceps. Her scarlet hued melons mashed together in a dramatic cleavage that made Eric swerve in traffic to catch a glimpse. “Watch the road, not me.”

“Damn those are beautiful.”

“Why did I agree to do this?”

“Can’t tell me you don’t like the wind in your hair. Coolness on your sunburn has to feel good.”

:It does actually.” She points at the Pharmacy that Eric just passed by exceeding the speed limit. “The drugstore was right back there. Where are you going?”

“Cooling you off.”

“Not if my temper flares.”

“I’ll swing back in a few. Enjoy the moment. Put those arms down.” He reaches over lightly easing her arms away. Her pale pink nightie had developed very painful nipple erection stabbing through the silk. In lowering her arms one hand went to holding her hair from her mouth. The other in her lap. Eric smiled as her nightie slipped lower over her breasts. In her sudden enjoyment she hadn’t given them deneme bonusu a thought. He constantly darted his eyes from the road to those perky tits.

“My daughter is suffering and we’re joy riding. I’m a terrible Mother.”

“I’ll head back.”

“No. Go out a few more miles.”

“Bad Mommy.”

“I know.” She winced. “This is exhilarating.”

“Know what would be more exhilarating?”

“What would that be?”

Eric reaches over and gently tugs her nightie down revealing both tits. Her eyes bulge and look down at his bold move. “Those are fucking gorgeous.”

“Oh my God!” She flared her eyes at the traffic around her. Marjorie Indrabooty blushed heavily but did not cover up. “Five miles out, then the drugstore.” Those college memories came flooding back. In her enjoyment she hadn’t heard her cell vibrate in her coat in the backseat. Call waiting.

Molly gave up trying to call her Mother and texted Caleb of her misery. She cried as she crawled from her bed and slowly moved toward the bathroom. She needed to pee, even sitting on the toilet hurt. Eying the bathroom tub she decided to run cool water and wait for it to fill. Not too cold, not remotely warm. Once the level was half way up she shut the water off, and defied her stretched flesh in order to drag her legs over the side. Crying out she sat in the tub very slowly and soothed the fire. The water did help.

Hearing her cell ping she realized it was still on the sink behind her. “You are so stupid.”

She punished herself lifting out to reach for it. Drawing it closer with her fingertip until grasped she sat back down. Calming her pain she hears it ping a second time. An invite to face time Molly just opened it. She needed a caring smile. “Good morning Caleb Houser. How is school today?”

He was sitting in class with his friend Wyatt waving at her from behind. “Hey Hottie”

“That is not a name I approve of with such bad sunburns.”

“Dang! You look…darker.”

“This is what happens when I tan. You could not find me in the dark.”

“No but by the sound of it I’d hear you easy enough.”

“Do not make me laugh. I am a lobster in the sea.”

“Wyatt says hi.”

“Hello handsome Wyatt.”

“Lower the cam and show us your tits.”

“If I must.” She pans down at her large breasts with very small nipples. She notes Caleb looking down quite often. “Are you keeping notes in class?”

He chuckles, “Since when have you seen me take notes in any class?”

“This is truth. What is it you are doing?”

“Teacher left the class. I’m getting a blowjob.”

“Oh my! I wish it were me with your big wiener in my mouth.”

“Me too.” He scowls at his caregiver, “Did I tell you to stop? I didn’t think so. Swallow that cock you slut.”

“Such language. Who is this that replaces me?”

Caleb turns his camera down toward his crotch. There knelt Heather, a recent addition to his harem that decided she could compete with Molly for Caleb’s affections.

“Hello Heather.” With her jaw stretched wide and her eyes bulging without a single blink she waves at Molly. Molly winced as she moved a bit in the water for comfort. “Please be to take good care of Caleb until I come back to school.” A thumbs up offers her a confirmation. Caleb turned his camera to let the other students around them wave at her.

“Hurry the hell up and make me cum or I’ll replace you with Jaclyn or Sammy.” He shows Molly both girls across the room with yearning gazes, ready to leap on Caleb with the snap of a finger.

“It must be lunch time. They appear quite hungry.”

“I might feed them later on. Depends on how I feel.”

“I wish I did not feel. I hurt badly Caleb. How is it you or Nathan are not burnt as I?”

“We weren’t naked on the beach.” He chuckles.

“How would be your sister Kayla? She too was naked.”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Damn it Heather. Jaclyn get your fucking lips over here.” He pushes Heather away. In a struggle of seconds Jaclyn Stewart had her mouth on his cock swallowing every inch. Her fingers palming his bulging scrotum. Silent cheers were heard. “Heather!” Caleb snaps. “You aren’t done. Get back there and blow Wyatt.” Caleb allowed Molly to see a pouty Heather kneel behind him. Wyatt stretched back in his seat and let her unzip and drag his beast out. A bobbing head confirmed her obedience. Wyatt nodded smirking like the Devil in heat. Another turn of his cam lets Molly now view Jaclyn.

“She is doing quite well. Her face is turning blue.”

“Yeah! That’s the ticket Jac. I can feel that cum rising. Hell yes!” He snarls and detonates in her throat. The camera jostles about uncontrollably until he finishes feeding the brunette. Panning the camera as Jaclyn reveals a mouth full of Houser froth. Her cheek rubbing sensually along the length and girth of Caleb’s shaft.

Hearing a boy usher, “Gorman is coming.” Caleb closes out the facetime. The Teacher had returned to class. Jaclyn took her seat but kept his cum active. Showing it off as Gwen Gorman taught her class. Heather was glad to have escaped Wyatt. His dick tasted salty and unclean. She would sadly be forced to finish him off after class. At least his cum tasted minty.

Molly pouted at her loss and attempted to call her Mother. She had been gone a very long time.

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