Mom’s New Recipe


My name is Ryan, I am your typical 19yr old who is about to go to college. I played sports in high school, but wasn’t ever the best player on the team, if you know what I mean. I lived at home alone with my mom and sister, my Dad took off when I was young, so I was always the man of the house. I also preferred to hang out by myself in my free time. You could also classify me as someone who would jerk off all the time. One thing I love to pride myself on is that I have a good sized dick (8 inches) and always cum bucket loads. Too bad I’d never been with a girl, so nobody but me knew of my special secret.

You could say all the social skills and overtly good looks went to my mom and sister. My mom, Kim, was a knock-out. She was in her forty’s but looked like she was in her early thirties. Dark brown hair, and she had huge tits, and loved to show them off. She went to the gym every day of the week. My sister, Megan, was her exact clone, but younger. She was in college, but came home nearly every weekend since she went to school nearby. It’s easy to say that I spent a good amount of time staring at them when they were not looking. I barely looked at porn, because I would just fantasize about them. We had a typical family relationship until a new health diet craze swept through the town.


“Ryan! Get down here to eat your breakfast,” called Mom. She was in a hurry to get to the gym on time and always wanted to make sure I ate breakfast since I never do on my own. Kim was preparing herself a smoothie, which she had begun drinking to go along with her intense workout routine. She would put strawberries, banana’s, blackberries, apple juice, protein powder, and blend it all together. Twice a day, every day. She had heard about the craze from her friends at the gym and heard of the great results. The only part she hated about the smoothies is that the protein tasted awful. It almost ruined the smoothies, but the health benefits were worth it. Kim gathered all the ingredients on the countertop in the kitchen, except for the protein.

“Where the hell is the protein?” Kim thought to herself. She couldn’t be out, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

“Hey Mom,” I said while entering the kitchen, still half asleep.

“Honey, you seen the protein? I can’t find it anywhere” Kim said.

“No, I can’t say that I have,” I said back.

At this moment, maybe because I was awake enough, I began to notice what Mom was wearing. She was wearing a sports bra, and tight black yoga pants that end below the knee, and were so tight you could perfectly make out her ass. This always drove me mad, trying to figure out what she was wearing underneath. I knew she almost always wore thongs, but WHICH one she was wearing would invade my brain and never leave. More than once have I thought about a way to walk by and “accidentally” pull her pants down to get a view of what thong she was wearing.

“Here’s some!” Mom said while pulling something out from the back of the fridge.

“Looks like you’ve already prepared it, is it ok if I use it? I am in a bit of a hurry.” Said Mom.

I looked over to see what she was talking about and once I saw what was in her hand, my heart stopped and I almost fell off the kitchen chair I was currently sitting on. Late last night, while Mom was already asleep, I was jerking off downstairs and decided to see exactly how much I could cum and decided to do so in a measuring cup. After I had just cum, I thought I heard my mom coming, so I threw it back in the fridge real quick to hide the evidence. bahis siteleri Turns out I forgot to go back and dump it down the sink. I was too nervous that I forgot to respond.

“Don’t worry honey, I will get some more protein powder tomorrow.” Mom said. And with that she dumped the “protein” into the blender to make her smoothie. Once it was all blended, she poured it into a glass and took a sip.

“Wow! This tastes much better than usual. I can’t believe it!” Mom said about her new smoothie.

“It tastes so much better! Did you add anything to the protein Ryan? Normally it tastes awful, but this tastes amazing!” Mom said to me.

“Umm, I went to the store and got another type of powder. They said it was organic or something,” I was pulling that response out of nowhere.

“Well I love it! I could drink it on it’s own! I can’t wait to tell my friends at the gym today. What brand was it again?” she asked me.

“I don’t remember, it was some strange brand. I have it upstairs in my room somewhere.” I said back.

“Well, let me know because I’m sure they are going to want to get it as well after I tell them how good it is!” Mom said back. And with that my Mom finished her glass, kissed me on the head, and took off for the gym.

Once she was gone, I slowly started to compose myself and think about how lucky I was to not get caught. I guess I was lucky since my Mom never thought of me as someone who jerks off ever. I mean, she’s never walked in on me doing it, and since her and my sister are my jerk off material, she has never seen anything suspicious on the computer. Now that I know that my mom just drank my cum, I was sure that I had some good material for future wanks!


Later that afternoon, I was upstairs in my room watching TV when I heard my Mom get back in the house. I had almost forgot about this morning, but when she called out to see if I was there, it all came rushing back to me.

“Ryan! Are you here?” My mom yelled out.

“Yeah. I’m upstairs.” I replied back. Be right down. With that, I got up to see what was going on.

“Hey Mom, how was the gym?” I said.

“The workout was nothing special. Today I honestly spent more time talking with the girls than anything. They could hardly believe that I found a great tasting protein drink and were prying me for the brand. Did you ever go check to see what it was for me baby?” My mom said.

“Uhhh, I forgot to Mom, I will do it in a minute.” I said back. Great, how am I going to get out of this mess.

“Well, go get it for me. I was going to drink another smoothie. And there is no way I can drink them again without that protein.” Mom said to me.

“Ok Mom, but the container for it is kinda big. Let me take the measuring cup up to get it out for you, ok?” I said.

“Sure thing son, whatever is best for you. I’ll be waiting!”

And with that I went upstairs. I figured that the only thing I can do right now was to go in the bathroom and jerk off into the glass. What else could I do? I went into the hallway bathroom, which is tiny, to jerk off real quick. Once I got in, I took off my shorts and started to jerk off. Probably because I knew somebody was waiting for me, it was harder to get into a good rythym. I was leaning against the bathroom sink, which was right across from the door, which was very close in this small bathroom. After a while, I finally starting going when the thought of my Mom was going to drink my cum again entered my brain. Slowly I started getting lost in canlı bahis siteleri the moment, and just enjoying the feeling.

“Ryan! Where are you? Can you not find the container?” My Mom called out, but I couldn’t hear her while I was busy pleasuring myself.

“Do you need me to come help you look for it?” She said again, and with that she started upstairs to look for me.

I was starting to get close, and from the feeling I was getting from my balls, I could tell this was going to be a bigger load than usual. I grabbed the glass with my right hand, while my left kept jerking away. I was now going at it hard. I knew it was going to be a big one and was ready for blast off. I was in position to catch all the cum, and had just gone past the point of no return.

“Ryan are you in here?” My Mom said as she opened the door to the bathroom.

Her unexpected entrance surprised and scared me beyond imagination, causing me to drop the glass. I couldn’t control my current orgasm and my cum started to fly. The first rope hit my mom right in her sports bra, right down the middle. I could hear my mom scream, but that did nothing to stop this current nightmare from stopping. The second burst hit my mom right on the stomach, getting some into her belly button. The next two bursts of cum hit her in the right leg and covered her yoga pants. My mom quickly reached out and grabbed the head of my cock, covering the tip, in an attempt to stop the cum from destroying her clothes. I kept cumming, and now my bursts were hitting my Mom’s hand and oozing throughout her fingers. She looked on in horror as she was getting assaulted by my seed. Eventually they started getting smaller and smaller, until my cock was still pumping, but nothing was coming out anymore. So there I was, standing naked in the bathroom with my furious looking Mom with her hand on my cock, and she was covered in my cum.

“What the fuck Ryan!!” My Mom screamed. “Look what you did to my clothes! I thought you were getting the protein powder for me!”

“Mom, let me explain.” I said.

“Let me get cleaned up first, and you can try to explain yourself downstairs. Go downstairs now!” My mom screamed.

With that, I put on my shorts and ran downstairs. I went straight to the kitchen table and sat down, awaiting the Armageddon surely to arrive when my Mom came back. I waited for what seemed like hours. I kept trying to think of any excuse that would enter my head, but I decided that the best way was to be honest and accept whatever fate awaits me. Finally, my Mom came downstairs, now wearing a pair of jean shorts and a white top.

“Well, are you ready to tell me what the hell you were doing up there?” My Mom said to me in an angry tone of voice.

“Mom, Let me explain everything. This morning, when you made your smoothie, it was not a protein shake you put in your smoothie this morning. It was actually my sperm. The night before I had jerked off into the measuring cup, and put it back in the fridge when I thought you were coming into the kitchen. I forgot to throw it out before you found it.” I said.

“Bullshit.” My Mom said back to me? “You are trying to tell me that I drank your cum this morning, and that it’s your cum that tastes so great. I can hardly believe that.” She said to me.

“But that’s the truth! I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is. I’m very sorry Mom.” I replied.

“Prove it.” She told me.

“What? How am I supposed to do that?” I asked confused.

“Well, Jerk off again. Get some of güvenilir bahis your cum and if it tastes the same, then I will believe you.” She told me.

“Are you serious? You want me to jerk off so you can taste my cum?” I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

“Yep, that is what I am saying. Whip it out and prove it.” She was not letting this go.

“Ok, if that is what you want.” And with that I stood up and took off my shorts. I wasn’t going to turn down the invitation to show my Mom what I can do. She already got a glimse when she walked in on me earlier.

“Damn Ryan, is it always that big? I can’t believe that belongs to my son.” My mom said to me while I sat down in the chair with my now hard cock.

“yeah, that’s pretty much how it is all day.” I replied.

“Well, I am quite impressed, now let’s see if you are telling the truth about the protein shake or not. Get going!” She told me.

I grabbed my cock in my left hand and started slowly jerking it off. I looked over at my Mom, seated right in front of me, and she was transfixed on my cock and watching me go. I opened my legs up more so she could get the best view possible of my cock. I was working it up and down where my heavy balls would lift off the base of the chair each time I moved my hand up. I have to admit it felt pretty exciting to be doing this in front of my Mom. I knew I wouldn’t last long because of the current situation, and also knowing that my Mom was going to taste my cum after I was done.

Soon after beginning, I was ready to blow. Problem this time is I had not idea where I was supposed to cum. There was no cup, I was not in a position where I could easily shoot my wad. I was looking around for anything, but there was nothing.

“I’m about to cum, Mom.” I told her. “Where should I do it?”

“Just let it go baby, we can clean it up afterwards.” She replied.

With that, I smiled at her and began to climax. My first shot went straight up into the air and landed right back down on my cock and hand. The second shot went up as well, but fell down on my stomach this time. The third and fourth shot fell to the floor in front of me. The rest of the cum that came out rested on top of my cock and hand.

I looked over at my Mom, whose eyes were wide open and staring at the mess before her. She got up from her chair and got down in front of me, on her knees, to get a better view and to see if I was telling the truth that I was the source of her great tasting smoothie.

“Well, let’s see if you are telling the truth Ryan.” My Mom told me while she ran her finger across my cum covered stomach. She got a good glob of it on her finger and put it right in her mouth. I watched her face react to the taste she was experiencing.

“Ryan, I can’t believe it! You were right! I’m sorry I doubted you.” She said to me in an obviously excited tone of voice. “Here, let me clean you up. I can use this for my smoothie right now!” With that, she got up and went to the kitchen for a glass.

“Here honey, just stay still.” She told me. She came over to me and started running her finger all over my stomach and removing the globs of cum off of my stomach. Then, to my surprise, she mover her finger down to my cock and running it from the base to the top, removing all the cum it had collected. After each pass, she would move the newly collected glob of cum into the glass to her side. I was in heaven feeling her run her finger up and down my cock. I wish it never ended.

“Thanks babe! Put your shorts back on while I make my smoothie. Later we can discuss how we can go about me getting my protein from you in the future.”

With that, my Mom went to go make her smoothie. Did I just hear my Mom correctly? She wants to keep using my sperm after all this? I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen!

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