Mom’s Panties


Evan Cook, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, had not experienced the easiest of times growing up. The six-foot-three-inch young man never had the opportunity to meet his father, the stories were never the same about who he was or why they had never met. His mother Ginger could never keep her stories straight from one time to the next; so far, Evan’s father had been everything from a solider, who never made it home to a casual one-night fling. Ginger was not the mother of the year by no stretch of the imagination, but for a thirty-six-year-old adult entertainer who should have never had kids due to a weak maternal instinct, she did her best. The mother and son duo were slightly out of place in their suburban neighborhood, which was dominated by married couples, kids, soccer games and mini-vans.

Ginger moved her and Evan there when he was still reasonably young. The morally questionable mother wanted her son to grow up in a safe area with good schools. Despite being a single mom Ginger made more than enough money to provide, she was the epitome of the term MILF, and for what she lacked in maternal instinct she made up for in knowing how to maximize her money. Ginger cashed in on not only dancing but also working on webcams and a few movie scenes.

School in the suburbs was no picnic for young Evan as his mother was never ashamed of what she did and did not care to be open and honest about being an adult entertainer. This in some areas would not be much of an issue, but in the heart of an upper-middle-class neighborhood located relatively close to the bible belt it meant Even was somewhat tormented by classmates. Early on as a child, it was mostly awkward glances by horny fathers of his friends who seen his mother working in one of her various jobs. The real issue started as the young man reached his later teen years. The easiness in which pornography is accessible while usually a friend of a teenager was rough on the son of an adult entertainer. The eighteen-year-old’s classmates were relentless in their torment of Evan and his “whore” mother as many liked to refer to her as.

Evan became a moody teenager due to the issues at school, the constant parade of men and sometimes women leaving his mother’s bedroom made him question if his mom had found another way to monetize her body. The brooding teen wanted to mad at his mom; he wanted to dislike her for her lifestyle choices, but he could not do it. The brooding young man did feel some resentment for not having a “normal” life, but he worked hard not to take it out on his mother. Evan instead of unleashing his anger often found himself fantasizing about his mother, as he assumed many of his classmates did. These fantasies only intensified when the single mom took to a very open lifestyle as her son aged; she no longer cared if her bedroom door stayed left open when she dressed. Ginger even became just as careless with her bathroom door whether she was showering or using the bathroom; she just did not care about privacy anymore.

The salacious mom started seeing her son as more of a roommate and less of a kid now that he was older. She thought it was freeing not to hide her body at home, she did not hide it for work so why should the home be any different she thought. Ginger did not always opt for full nudity often times she would walk around the house in just her thong panties, maybe a bra but little else. She never believed this could be a bad thing or even questioned if Evan had an issue with it. She in fact often encourage Evan to be just as open and free with his body, and often asked him to at least try the home nudism that she enjoyed so much.

Evan, however, had little interest in this offer, as he could not stop getting hard when he saw his mother in her various stages of undress. Ginger stood at roughly five foot five, her long red hair curled naturally; the thongs she always wore exposed her full round bottom, and her full breasts looked massive on her tight and toned frame. The time-spent feature dancing had kept the middle-aged mother in excellent shape. Evan admired her body he lusted for it, and while he despised the bullies at his school, he knew why they too lusted for his mom. The young man spent most of his time at home either aroused or masturbating while sniffing a pair of his mom’s dirty panties.

By mid-school year the near friendless teen started turning to drug use to help cope with the drama in his life, the near constant state of arousal his mother left him in coupled with his ever-growing panty fetish had left the teen a hormonal wreck. The usage of pot Evan’s primary drug of choice was also something that enabled Evan to bond with a friend something that had often been difficult. He had people he was friendly with, but with Chase, he finally had a real friend. The teenage duo often spent their days after school smoking together in Evan’s garage.

“Dude try this shit.”

“Damn that is strong,” Evan said fighting back the urge to cough as he passed it back to his canlı bahis friend.

“I know, man it fucking makes me horny as hell. Kinda like your mom.”

“Fucking perv.” Evan laughed

“You know it. Let’s watch that shit again.” Chase said as he took the last hit while motioning towards the television in the corner of the garage.

Evan pressed play again on the remote making the television flicker to life. The screen lit up as a title screen prominently played across the screen “Mommy Fetish” it was not just drug use that bonded Evan and Chase but a mutual love of pornography. The pair had taken to jerking off together during their long smoke out sessions sharing fantasies, which often entailed Ginger or Chase’s sister Paige. The couple of older teens could pass for near twins build wise both eighteen-years-old, both about six foot tall, fairly muscular frames, their skin fairly pale due to spending most their time hiding in the garage out of the sunlight, and both endowed with fairly large cocks. Evan the smaller of the two but at the same time no slouch was just over the seven and a half inch mark and almost as thick as a flashlight, but Chase was the monster clocking in at over nine inches and thick like a can of beer. Chase while nearly as much of a social pariah as Evan still managed to have some experience with the fairer sex as once the rumors circulated on how large he was more than a few curious girls would want to at the very least try out what he was packing.

Chase had no issues pulling out his monster at any given moment and today was no different as he was soon stroking himself to the video while sitting leaned back on the couch in which he was seated. Evan had to admit he liked looking at his friend’s cock another thing that caused the teenager to have issues was trying to understand his own sexuality. The brooding teen loved looking at Chase’s cock, but at the same time he loved seeing his mother. The two biggest real sources of sexual feelings in the teenager’s life were either bisexual or taboo, causing his hormones to run out of control through his teenage body.

The pot the pair had shared had similar amorous effects on Evan as he could feel his cock stiffen. The young man took a little more time than his friend in undressing but was soon also pulling down his shorts to release himself. “That’s it pull it out.” Chase said cheering Evan on as he glanced from the television over to his friend sitting in a nearby lounger.

Evan could feel a slight rush of embarrassment rush over his drug-addled mind as he starts pulling on his almost hairless cock. Evan continued glancing back and forth from the scene of a supposed mom and her son to looking at Chase’s massive cock. The young man was not jealous of the fact Chase was bigger but more of how rock hard he always got, something Evan seemingly struggled with himself at times.

“I wish my dick was like yours…” Evan accidentally mumbled aloud before even realizing what he said.

“Yours is nice bro, just not as big or as hard.” Chase said, as he liked that his friend looked.

“I know I think it’s the drugs…” Evan’s voice trailed off in a slight giggle as he thought about even while high the sight of his mom’s panty clad body could have him hard.

“What’s funny man?”

“Thinking about mom’s panties and how they always get me so hard looking at her in them.” Evan spoke with his eyes clenched shut picturing Ginger’s firm round tan ass with just the tiny strip of material covering her butt crack. The imagery was causing the nearly hard cock to come to full attention as the teenager mindlessly stroked.

Chase glanced around the room before unbeknownst to his friend stood and walked to a corner of the garage. “Why not steal them and jerk with them? I bet they smell like her pussy, you might even be able to taste her on them.”

“I never thought about it; I just always stare at her in them.”

“Here.” Chase said as he returned to the couch and threw a small balled up wad of material at his friend before returning to his seat.

“What the hell is this?”

“Your mom’s panties, they’re laying just over there.” Chase said motioning to a small laundry area in the corner of the garage.

Evan slightly dumbfounded that he for one never noticed his friend get up and two that he never thought about using the object of his fetish before this day. The libidinous teen placed the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. The smell was strong, and intoxicating Evan with clenched eyes could picture the thin black material pressed up against his mom’s vagina as he stroked himself.

“Oh damn your like steel.” Chase commented as he moved his attention away from the television and over to Evan who now was stroking himself fiercely. “Come here let me get a whiff.” Chase said as he called Evan over to sit with him on the couch.

This was out of character for the pair as they always had their usual spots, and never kaçak iddaa sat together, as they stroked. Evan, however, was in a heightened state of arousal and just needed to cum. Evan took a spot next to Chase and passed him the panties, as their hands met Chase grabbed Evan’s wrist and pushed his friend’s left hand down to his cock.

“Dude what the fuck?!?!”

“Just stroke it a little, I’ve seen you looking I won’t tell anyone.” Chase desperately pleaded.

Evan’s head spun as his hand was gripping the massive cock, while Chase now inhaled the same intoxicating aroma of Ginger’s crotch. Evan’s own cock was now leaking pre-cum like a faucet as he stroked himself with his right hand and his friend with his left.

“These smell so much better than my mom’s or my sister’s” Chase groaned as he could feel he was getting closer to cumming.

“I can feel your cock pulsating.” Evan said as he squeezed tighter and stroked faster. The teen’s fingers barely able to fully grip the engorged monster cock as the leaking pre-cum from the mushroom-like head leaked down and coated Chase’s veiny shaft, much like Evan’s own cock was doing as he could feel the burning in his forearm muscles.

“Jerk me off man…Uh, oh, fuck…” Chase grunted and groaned as the rush of cum ran up his shaft and erupted like a geyser from his cock head.

Chase pulling the panties away as his body quivered from the intensity of the orgasm shoved them straight into Evan’s face. The crotch right over the young man’s nose. “Smell your mommy’s pussy, cum for it you nasty little pervert.” Chase egged Evan on.

“Yes…Yes…Oh, fuck mommy!” Even cried out as his cock too was soon erupting in a stream after stream of hot cum.

“That’s a lot of fucking cum.”

“I always cum a lot.”

“I know I watch you, just like you watch me.” Chase said in a calm tone as he reached over and wiped some cum from his best friend’s cock head before placing it in his mouth. “I always been curious what yours tastes like.”

The boys decided it was a good idea after the change to the usual routine that their after school session ended not long after this as Evan returned his mom’s panties to the laundry area and Chase and he shared a quick fist bump. A mere few minutes past before Ginger was pulling in the driveway, the red-haired vixen was seemingly dropping clothes from the second the door of the house closed.

“Oh thank god I’m home.” She exhaustively spoke, as she stood clad only in a pair of pink thongs and a matching pink bra.

“Mom, don’t you stay naked for a living, I mean is it that hard for you to deal with the drive home in clothes.” Evan laughed as even though he loved the view his still cloudy brain found his mom’s reaction to be quite hilarious.

“Hush your mouth.” Giggled Ginger as she turned her attention from the stack of mail she was shuffling through to her son sitting at the nearby table. “I worked a scene today for that little amateur company the one that does all that porn hub stuff, and then I had a meeting, so I did stay clothed for that. Thank you very much.” Ginger smiled as she spoke to her sarcastic teenager. “What did you do all day? Get in trouble at school then get lit out in the garage with your little friend Chase.”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Just don’t get in too much trouble or get caught. You’re a fairly good kid, and despite all that crap you smoke you’re getting pretty good grades I’d like to see you do something with your life.”

“I thought I’d get high and fuck bitches on film.” Evan said as he fought back laughing as he could not even keep a straight face as he said it.

“Whatever you goof.” Ginger said as she walked over to hug her son. The single mother immediately noticing the tent pole in her son’s basketball shorts. “Go get cleaned up, I ordered a pizza for dinner.”

The mom and son chatted briefly about their days. Evan’s cock struggled against the shorts as he talked with his mom. The teenager’s brain could not have cared less about the subject of his mom’s meeting as it was far more focused on what the pink thong she was wearing smelled like. As Ginger retired for the evening, Evan wasted little time in retrieving the pink thong carrying it back to his bedroom. The lewd teen soon had the crotch planted on his nose as he feverishly stroked his cock.

“Let me eat your pussy mommy.” He said in a hushed whisper as he inhaled the aroma deeply. The teen knew that this was wrong, but at the same time, he believed that is what made him like it more.

The next morning as Evan exited the shower he reached for his towel but instead opted to leave it and his clothes on the bathroom counter. He could feel a rush of blood flowing to his cheeks and then to his growing cock as he walked towards the kitchen. “Mom said be free…Mom said be free…Mom said be free.” The nervous teen repeated the mantra repeatedly convincing himself it was okay to be nude. The teen’s mouth was kaçak bahis dry as sand as he swallowed hard and pushed the door open to enter the kitchen, where he could hear the familiar humming of his mother.

Evan’s nerves were on high alert as he walked around the small corner from the entryway and into the kitchen itself. He knew his mom was the one who said nudity was okay at home, but up until now, he had never even thought about joining her at home nudism movement. The already rattled teen could feel his erection growing as he took baby steps closer to where his mother was, as he turned to face her he could feel the rush of shock rip through his body. Ginger was not alone much to the shock and horror of Evan.

“Oh my word, hey baby.” Ginger spoke slightly shocked at the site of her teenage son’s fully naked body.

“Oh shit, mom I didn’t know you would have company this morning.” Evan said as the situation while shocking and embarrassing did nothing to calm the flow of blood to his cock. The young teen reached down to place his hands over himself.

“I told you last night over dinner, Candace was stopping by because she and I are working together today for that scene.”

“FUCK!!” Evan’s brain screamed out internally as he knew this had to be something his mom told him as he was fantasizing about her pink panties.

“Hello, Evan, very nice to meet you.” Candace spoke with a light accent as she waved at Ginger’s son.

“Say hi Evan.” Ginger said as she felt her son’s delay in response was more awkward than his nudity.

Evan meekly waved as he stared at the woman sitting at the kitchen table. “I’m sorry I would have dressed if I remembered.”

“Aye sweetie I look at cocks all the time it’s okay.” The large Puerto Rican replied with a grin.

“He still has a little hang up over what I do for a living, I think.” Ginger said with a giggle.

“Your mommy is one of the best moms we got for our little company.” Candace said as she gazed into Ginger’s eyes. “Today I am her naughty Puerto Rican housekeeper who has been stealing from her, and she is going to punish me.” Candace said as she could feel a slight tingle move through her body as she spoke about what the plans were for the scene today, before breaking her gaze from Ginger and moving it to Evan. “You know what they say about us bigger girls don’t you sweetie?” Candace questioned with a devilish grin from ear to ear.


“Once you fucked a fat girl pussy you won’t want a skinny bitch again.” Candace said as she erupted in laughter.

Evan felt as if he could have died on the spot. His mom’s career while no secret was something he rarely discussed with her. The teen either tuned her out and never heard her similar to what happened at dinner or the details were as vague as shooting a scene with somebody be home late. Candace, on the other hand, was being more frank about it than Evan was ready to hear.

“Okay well, we got to go.” Ginger said interrupting the laughter of her friend as she attempted to save her son from literal death from embarrassment.

Candace gathered a few things and headed towards the door. “I’ll meet you in my car, Miss Ginger.”

“I’m sorry she’s foreign, and well she doesn’t understand that well we aren’t as open. I do appreciate seeing you trying today.” Ginger said with a smile as she walked over to embrace her son who seemingly stood frozen in place.

“Its…Well…it’s cool.” Evan managed to stammer out.

“You’re a mess.” Ginger giggled as she pulled her eyes away from her son’s big brown eyes and let them trail down his nearly hairless body to his partially covered hard cock. The mom could not help but wonder if she was the catalyst for his erection as she turned to walk out the door.

The day at school was little more than a haze as the events of the morning kept Evan unable to engage in anything classroom related. He thought long and hard about whether to share the details of the morning with Chase, but knew they would likely end up back in his garage after school and once high it would all likely come out. The pair sat down at a small corner table during lunch.

“Dude, you alright?” Chase asked as he could see something was not quite right with his friend. The concerned teen was hoping he had not pushed things too far, with what happened in the garage the other day. “Hey, I am sorry about what we did.”

“It’s not that man, I was actually kinda liking the panty thing and the other stuff.” Even meekly replied as he heavily sighed.

“So what is it?”

“You know how I told you about Ginger wanting me to try home nudity like she does.”

“Yeah it’s fucking hot your moms kinky.” Said Chase as he nodded in agreement to Evan’s statement.

“Well I tried it today, and her friend was there, and it was a bit I don’t know really fucked up.”

“Did you get hard for her?”

“My Mom? Or her friend?”

“I don’t give a fuck either one, did you get hard?” Chase’s eyes were wide as he questioned the state of arousal his friend achieved during his morning.

“Yeah, I mean like really hard…I think I was like bigger than normal it hurt I was so hard.” Evan said in a slightly whispered tone.

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